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ble: so, you may be assured, that I cannot finish infidels faster than you prepare them for my hands. So get all mankind to read the Bible, then the ninth volume of the Republican, which I dedicate to your notice and support, and then we shall all become of one mind: sectarianism, horrid sectarianism will end! so prays your co-operator.



No. 1.-A Letter to William England, Doctor in Divinity, &c.
Letter to Mr. Peel, with a Petition to the King by R. Carlile.
Correspondence from a friend, with remarks on a letter to the
Rev. Robert Hindmarsh. Riego; an account of his murder.
Mina; notice of his arrival in this country. Letter from a GREEN-
WICH YOUTH. Riego, Spain, Ferdinand, by X.

No. 2.-An address to the Republicans of the island of Albion,

on the approaching birth-day of Thomas Paine. Letter from Mr.

James Watson. Extract of a letter from a friend. Note by R.

Carlile on the controversy with J. E. C. Biblical anecdotes of the

" Man after God's own heart.” Letter from an Edinburgh friend.

Justice of Jehovah. Prospectus of the Artisan. The Captive, a

sonnet, by Allen Davenport. Poetical motto, with a subscription

to Mrs. Wright.

No. 3.-A grand review of pamphlets Letter from a friend,

with an extract from Neal's History of New England, relating to

the persecutions of the Quakers, and observation by R. Carlile.

Letter from and to the Rev. William Wait, of Bristol. Song for

Paine's birth-day. Subscription from Stokesley. Republicanism

contrasted with monarchy, by Mr. Eustace, an extract from his

“ Classical Tour in Italy.'

No. 4.-An address to the Republicans of the Island of Albion.

Letter from Stockport, by Thomas Mackintosh. Correspondence
with Dr. England. Letter to the Reverend Mr. Richman of Dor-
chester. Monarchy, and War, Reflections by R. Carlile. Letter
from and to Mr. James Affleck of Edinburgh. Letter from Mr.
Robert Affleck. Lines to the Memory of Riego.

No. 5.-On the AGE OF THE WORLD. Letter from and to
Mr. William Henry Steuart, of Dundee. To Mr. Robert Williams
Andrews, Keeper of Dorchester Gaol, To C. B. Wollaston, Esq.
Dorchester. To the Christian Judge Bailey. Letter from I. G.
From a Clergyman to his Friend, who had lent hiin a copy of the
" New Trial of the Witnesses;" with an answer by A. B.

No. 6.-Celebration of Paine's birth day in London, Birming-
ham, and Huddersfield. To the Editor of the Republican by
Epicurus. To Mr. R. Carlile, subscriptiou from St. John's
Horselydown. Letter from and to Mr. William Drinkwater, Sal-
ford, Manchester. Subscriptions from Birmingham.

No. 7.—Letter to Rabbi Solomon Herchell, High Priest of the
Jews in London. Dr. Watson to Mr. Carlile, upon mind and
memory being produced by matter in motion, and not by a Divi-
nity. To the Republicans of Albion, by W. V. Holmes. Song
by Joseph Rhodes. Curious history of a calumny on Thomas
Paine, exposed by Mr. Cobbett.

No. 8.-An address to the Republicans of the Island of Albion.
Petition for religious freedom presented to the House of Commons
in the Session for 1823. Celebration of Paine's Birth day in va-
rious parts of London and in Stockport. Letter from William
Cross, of Sheffield. Reason versus Revelation. Letter from and
to Mr. Mercer, of Hyde, near Manchester. Letter from and to
Mr. Bycroft of Bowling near Bradford. Erratum in the article on
the AGE OF THE World in No. 5. Letter from and to Mr. Rich-
ard Hassell of Cerne. From Euphronius of Spalding.

No. 9. - To Correspondents. Discussion with J. E. C. Ode

to Religion. Celebration of Paine's Birth day in Leeds. To

Spaniards, lines by Brian Borhoime of Portsea. Fourth subscrip-

tion from Liverpool.

No. 10.--Lord Byron's Vision of Judgment.--- Mr. Owen to the

British Government. Letter from Stokesly by A.

No. 11.-Letter to the Reverend Robert Hindmarsh. Notes
with £5. from NEMO.

No. 12.-Letter to the Reverend Robert Hindmarsh con-


No. 13.-Conclusion of the letter to the Reverend Robert

Hindmarsh. To the Editor of the Republican by a Partizan of
Free Discussion. From Mr. William Smith of Bolton. To Mr.
Carlile with Twenty Pounds by an Enemy to Persecution. Jove
and the Sinners. Gaol Matters-Letters to C. B. Wollaston, Esq.
To George Garland, Esq., the High Sheriff for Dorset and to
the Honourable Sir James Burrough, Knt., Judge of Assize.

No. 14.—Letter to the Reverend John Davis, of Cerne; by

Richard Hassell. To do. by R. Carlile. Galpins substitute for

argument. Correspondence between Andrew A. Dean and Tho-

mas Paine. Scientific Lectures delivered in a Chapel. On God

and Heaven by B. Letter and subscription from Mr. Willaim

Paine of Bath.

No.15.-To Subscribers. Notice of the new Deistical Sectin Dub-

Jin. Letter from and to Mr. Abel Hellowell of Huddersfield. Song for

Paine's Birth day composed and sung at Bath. To the Editor of

the Republican by Z. Correspondence between Mrs. Wright and

the Nottingham Committe for relieving the persecuted friends of

Reform. Letter from and to Mr. Gavin Park of Glasgow. From

and to Mr. Clark of Ripon. From and to Mr. William Taylor of

Aberdeen. From E. R. Fxtract on Political Superstition from

Barlow's advice to the privileged orders.

No. 16.-Further discussion on the question of intellector no intel-

lect, design or no design, in the arrangements of the Universe, with

J. E. C., with M., and from a Devon Bookseller and Bookreader.

Letter from and to Mr. William Skinner of Kirkaidy. To Mr.

William M Gavin of Glasgow, by John Smith of Falkirk. Ad-

dress to the inhabitants of New Lanark by Mr. Robert Owen. A

specimen of the Friends to Religion. Leiter from Matthew Sut-

cliffe of Leeds.

No. 17.-The Trinity out of Unity, a Dialogue dedicated to the

Right Honourable, and Right Doubtful the Earl of Eldon, Lord

High Chancellor of England, Protector of the Trinity in Unity, &c.

Correspondence between Mr. William Burton, a Methodist

Preacher, and Mr. William Clark of Ripon, Yorkshire. Simpli-

city against Hypocrisy-Indians and Missionaries. Tribute

from C. J.

No. 18.-On the announcement of an association of Deists in

Dublin. Religious Principles of the Society of Universal Bene-

volence. Notice of Sheffield. On Dupuis' Examination of the

Apocalypse by a Friend. Letter from Charles Naseby. Metho-

dism without its mask, or the Gentle Shepherd of Huddersfield

confoundedly angry! Notice of Mr. Nield's death. Letters from

Mr. Robert Armstrong of Stokesly to Mr. Carlile, and to Mr.

Meek, a Unitarian Preacher of Stockton. To Mr. Carlile from N.

W. of Manchester. Cautions against the natural encroachments

of power, extracted from Cato's Letters. Roman Patriotism

founded on injustice and the ruin of mankind, extracted from the

Candid Philosopher.

No. 19.–To Correspondents. Second Letter on Dupuis by a

Friend. Questions proposed by a Searcher after Truth. The ad-

Fantages of freedom of speech, extracted from the Candid Philo-

sopher. Ignorance the foundation of unequal Governments, and

fostered by them designedly, extracted from Barlow's advice to

the Privileged Orders. How to constitute a free Government,

from Cato's Letters. The impossibility of commencing Tyrant

over an armed nation convinced of the universal equality of man-

kind, extracted from Barlow's advice to the Privileged Orders.

Commemoration of the anniversary of the Glasgow Zetetic Society,

with an Ode, to the Memory of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Letter to

the Editor by I. G. Letter from James Watson. Notices of pub-


No. 20.—To the sect of Christians known by the appellation of

Roman Catholics. Discussion with J. E. C. Letter from and
to Mr. Baxter of Sunderland. To Mr. Carlile by William Cam-
pion. To the same by J. Butler Levant. Anecdotes of Mr.
Paine, communicad by Mr. William Carver of New York. On
Dæmonology. Extract of a private letter from a Eriend.

No. 21.- To the discomfited Radical Reformers of Great Bri-
tain. Petition to the House of Commons by Mr. John Duncan
Dawson and others of Beverly in Yorkshire, Proclamation!

Reasons for issuing it. Letter to Mr. Carlile from John Clarke in
the Giltspur Street Compter. Case of Joseph Swan. Notice to
Country Friends and all Agents.

No. 22.–Treatise on Mercury by Belloste.

No. 23.—Letter to Lord Eldon. Letter from William Holmes.
Dialogue between Jehovah and Satan. Conclusion of the Treatise
on Mercury. Letter by Amicus of Middlemarsh near Cerne.
Discussion with Mr. James Taylor of Waterhead Mill near Old-
ham. On the New Church building project. Letter from Mr.
James Penny of Huddersfield. Discussion with J. E. C.

No. 24.--Letter to Robert Peel, Secretary of State. Letter from
Mr. Henderson of Deptford with subscription. Letter from Mr.
William Smith of Bolton. Letter from Yarmouth with subscription.
Correspondence between Mr. John Harper of Manchester and
William Campion. Letter from Mrs. Ellison of Sheffield to Mr.
Carlile. Two Fragments. Narrative of the new Series of Prose-
cutions. To Mr. Carlile from Humphrey Boyle. To William
Campion in Newgate by R. Carlile. Norwich subscription.

No. 25.—The Trial of William Campion.

No. 26.—Trial of Thomas Jefferies and William Christopher,
with Note by R. Carlile.—Trial of John O'Connor, and Richard
Hassell.--Parallel between the cases of William Campion and St.
Paul the Apostle.

No. 27.-Abel Bywater, a Tale. Appendix to the Parallel
between St. Paul and William Campion. Letter to R. Carlile on
Dupuis' Examination of the Apocalypse by a Friend. Letter from
and to Mr. William Holmes of Sheffield.—Newspaper Reports.
Letter to Mr. William Campion from an Enemy to Persecution.

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