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science; and that door never flies open of itself. Either the Association must be in the advancing position-or its opponents will become the pursuers; and the party who is on the defensive, is always at a disadvantage. ? Our influential opponents are even engaged in preaching, as opportunity offers, the heinous crime “sin” of seceding from the Conference body. And we poor mortals content ourselves with saying in trembling accents, that the formation of the Association is justifiable; and this too frequently we say only among ourselves. This course will never do. Not thus is the terrible evil to be put down, and the principles of the Association to be made known. We must meet the foe with his own weapons. We must charge home upon the consciences of men, and exchange the language of apology for that of rebuke. We must be as bold for the truth as our opponents are for error-as restlessly active, as pertinaciously energetic. We must look upon it-that we of the Wesleyan Methodist Association have a noble but an arduous mission to fulfil, and determine at all hazurds to fulfil it.


To the Editor,-Sır, The following questions and answers occur in the Methodist Minutes of 1782; thinking they might be the means of stirring up the members of the Association to their duty in 1842, I have taken the trouble of extracting them for insertion in the Magazine, if you think proper. Bu

I remain yours, very respectfully,


Q. 27. Have the weekly and quarterly contributions been duly made, in all our Societies ?

A. In many it has been shamefully neglected, to remedy this, First, Let every assistant remind every Society, that this was our original rule, every member contributes one penny weekly, (unless he is in extreme poverty,) and one shilling quarterly. Explain the reasonableness of this.

2. Let every leader receive the weekly contribution from each person in his class.

3. Let the assistant ask every person at changing his ticket, can you afford to observe our rules ? And receive what he is able to give.

Q. 28. The Scripture says, If any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, with such an one no not to eat. And put away from among yourselves that wicked person. This is an express command : and it is of unspeakable importance. These money-lovers are the pest of every Christian Society. They have been the main cause of destroying every revival of religion. They will destroy us if we do not put them away. But how shall we know them, without the miraculous discernment of spirits ?

A. 1. By their own confession. Tell any one alone, with all tenderness, “I am to give an account of your soul to God. Enable me to do it with joy. I am afraid you are covetous. Answer me a few questions, in order to remove that fear.”

2. By their fruits. For instance: A man not worth a shilling enters our society. Yet he freely gives a penny a week. Five years after, he is worth scores of pounds. He gives a penny a week still. I must think this man covetous, unless he assures me, he bestows his charity some other way. For every one is covetous, whose beneficence does not increase in the same proportion as his substance.

We just add to the preceding, that as since the year 1782, the value of money has greatly decreased; wages and the price of the necessaries of life have increased; therefore, to keep up the same proportion of contribution as was prescribed by Mr. Wesley, the amount of the contribution ought to equally increase; perhaps it ought to be doubled. In our copy of the Minutes, the questions are numbered 30 and 31.-ED.



his accustomed energy. A holy and TO THE EDITOR..SIR,

quickening influence rested upon all the I beg to transmit to you an account

services, which were attended by of the opening of our new Chapel, in

crowded and delighted congregations. Oldfield Road. It may be necessary

We trust, that by this erection, the to premise, that we had a small, pious,

foundation is laid for the increasing and increasing society in that neigh

prosperity and stability of our society, bourhood, and a flourishing Sabbath and that the chapel will be a real blesSchool, and that they occupied a large

sing to this very important and popuroom in Canal Street, which they had

lous part of the circuit. The public comfortably fitted up for divine wor collections were as good as could be ship, at about .£50 expence. Last expected. Christmas, they were dispossessed of the The chapel will contain about 400 same, receiving only a week's notice to | persons, and is settled on the trusts quit, in consequence of some Roman of the Connexional Model Deed. The Catholics having, discreditably,offered

debt remaining upon the chapel will a much greater rent for the place, that

be but small. May the increase of its they might open a school therein. Our members in numbers and holiness be friends, being thus suddenly deprived

great and without end. Amen. I may of their place of worship, and their

add, that spiritually, the circuit, geneschool thereby scattered, and as no other rally, is in a prosperous state; thank place could be obtained in the neigh

God, we have unity, peace, and conbourhood, they were ready to despond. cord, and our preachers are highly On their case being reported to the

esteemed. Leader's Meeting, in . Bury Street

W. MATTHEWS. Chapel, they were exhorted to take courage, and vigorously to commence

CORNWALL. raising subscriptions for the erection of a small chapel. The Leader's Meet CAMELFORD AND WADEBRIDGE ing immediately subscribed upwards of

CIRCUIT. £20, to commence with. Our friends At Bodmin, the principal county took the advice, and although they town, on the afternoon of Tuesday, the could not expect to obtain much in 14th of June, the foundation stone of these times of commercial distress, yet, a new chapel, for the use of the Wesby the blessing of God, they obtained leyan Methodist Association, was laid, what was considered sufficient to 'war in the name of the Holy Trinity, by rant them to commence building a small Mr. William Hicks. After the cereplain chapel, which, by the good provie | mony of laying this, the first stone, an dence of our God, has been completed, appropriate, and interesting address, and was opened for divine worship last was delivered by Mr. George Robinson, Sunday: on which occasion, powerful the Superintendent of the Circuit, in sermons were preached by the Rev. which he exhibited, in a concise form, J. Townend, Rev. G. Smith, and Rev. the delightful advantages of the present A. Woodrow. On Monday evening, generation of this country, in regard to the Rev, H. Breeden preached with religious privileges, in contrast with the

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ignorance and persecution of bye-gone, for conscientiously refusing to condays; and, also, of the circumstances Form to the arbitrary requirewhich bad led to the erection of ments of THE ACT OF UNIFORMITY : another place of worship in the town, the terms of which were purposely namely, the formation of the “ Wes framed to get rid from the Established leyan Methodist Association,” the chief Church, of a body of upwards of 2,000 object of which is, to aid in the ad of the most talented ministers and suvancement of the cause of Cbrist to perior men it ever possessed, whose greater triumphs throughout the world. history is deserving of being handed In the course of his address, Mr. R. down to posterity. Ministers ejected referred to the circumstances which led by the pressure of legal enactments, to the formation of the “ Association;" bearing on the rights of conscience, and that its rise was occasioned by the thus driven into poverty and want! assumption, and exercise of undue Perhaps history does not furnish an authority, on the part of the Methodist equal number of Christian ministers Conference, which is composed, exclu voluntarily leaving all their temporalisively, of itinerant preachers, &c., and ties for a good conscience, and who, exhibited,--Firstly, the freedom of the | if they did not act from principle, were principle of representation, adopted by the weakest people in the world : being ihe Association; Secondly, acknow active in their own temporal ruin, ledging the Holy SCRIPTURES to con rather than sin against God, and desert tain the only divinely authorised, and the cause of civil and religious liberty, sufficient rule of faith and practice; which, together with serious religion, Thirdly, the independency of our would have sunk to a very low ebb in Churches and Circuits, &c. &c.

the nation, if it had not been for the bold Mr. William Trewin, one of the and noble stand these worthies made itinerant ministers of the circuit, then against imposition upon conscience. gave out the hymn,

Mr. Henry Flamank was one of "Behold the sure foundation stone, these noble minded ven. He was a Which God in Zion lays."

branch of an ancient and reputable After which, Mr. A. Weston, itinerant family in the county; a gentlemanly minister from the Helstone circuit, con- man, of considerable learning, great eluded this interesting service with natural abilities, a clear head, a strong prayer.

memory, and lively affections. His : At five o'clock, a public tea was pro method of preaching had something in vided at Culle's rooms, of which a it so peculiarly convincing, that it selconsiderable number of friends partook. dom failed of some success. Instances

In the evening, a Public Meeting of his usefulness were obvious in most was held in Culle's large room, when places where he occasionally exercised William Grose, Esq., of Penpont, his ministry. He had a most majestic having been called to the chair, suitable mien, and yet a most obliging aftability addresses were delivered by Messrs. | in common conversation. Such a Weston, Trewin, Robinson, Mead, and | happy mixture of seriousness and good Rosevear. Thus closed (by singing nature rarely to be met with ; especially and prayer) the religious services of so recommended by those stated evithe occasion, a day long to be remem dences of sincerity, wbich rendered bered by many.

him unsuspected of affectation, or ill There are some circumstances of an design. He was very much esteemed interesting nature, connected with both by the more serious gentry of the the place and the occurrences of this western counties, and beloved, as well day. On the site of the intended Asso as reverenced by meaner persons. He ciation chapel, about 180 years ago, was called ultimately, and faithfully stood a Nonconformist Meeting House, laboured, with good success, to a conor Tabernacle, erected, it is supposed, siderable congregation, in the exercise for the accommodation of Mr. Henry of his ministry at Tavistock, Devon), Flamank and his friends : he having where he died of fever, in a comfortbeen ejected from the Rectorial living able and assured expectation of a of the adjoining parish of Lanivet, ' blessed change, May 8, 1692.


| of the Lord was felt to be in our TO THE EDITOR-DEAR Sir,

midst. O Lord, I beseech Thee, In making a report of the state of send now prosperity.” The Anniverthis circuit, we rejoice to state that

saries of our Sunday Schools have notwithstanding a considerable num

lately been held at St. Keyne, Pelynt, ber of removals, &c., we shall be able

Liskeard, and Polruan; and at all of to show some increase since the last

them great interest has been manifested Annual Assembly. “Give God the

for the instruction and improvement of praise.” We have opened two addi.

the rising race. We humbly trust that tional chapels during the past quarter.

the children of these Sunday Schools The first of these was at Highway,

will become active members of the Lantegloo, by Fowey, on Thursday,

Church of Christ. On the whole, May 12th, and following Sabbath. therefore, we have reason to be thankOur excellent brother, Mr. G. Robin ful for the good that has been done son, from Camelford, preached to

among us in this circuit : but we feel full and attentive congregations on the

that there is still great need to urge Thursday; and after the evening ser

upon all those that make mention of vice our kind friend, Mr. Mead of

the name of the Lord, that they give Lostwithiel, and T. P. Rosevear, Esq.

Him no rest, until be make Jerusalem of Barn Park, addressed the audience,

the praise of the whole earth." stating the doctrines taught amongst us,

J. SAYER. and the religious ordinances observed by us, to be those of the great Wesleyan family to whom we belong; but

HEYWOOD CIRCUIT. showing that the great distinctive pecu- TO THE EDITOR,—Dear Sir, liarity of the Wesleyan Association I have been asked why it is, that consists in acknowledging Christ as the nothing has, this year, appeared in only Head of the Church: and re our Magazine from Heywood ? I am ceiving the New Testament as con- | compelled to say, that it is a derelictaining sufficient instruction for the tion of duty on my part, arising from right government of that Church, with what I think may be justly termed a out the legislative interference of any false delicacy, which affliction I fear council or synod whatsoever. The is not confined to myself, but several particulars given respecting the rise of my brethren, in the ministry with and progress of the Association were whom I have the honour to stand satisfactory. Mr. Freethy, of Wade connected, seem to be afflicted with bridge, and Mr. T. P. Rosevear the same complaint. I have had the preached on the following Sabbath. great pleasure to hear that the labours This chapel, which is very neat, and of God's servants in connection with capable of seating about 200 persons, us as a body, have been crowned with has been built at the sole expence of success during this year. And I W, Hicks, Esq. We gratefully re- must confess that I have felt disapcognize the hand of Providence in thus pointed in not seeing more Religious raising us up an unexpected friend in Intelligence in our Magazine. But this gentleman, and earnestly we pray this, viewing my own conduct may that the Donor of all mercies will bless easily be accounted for. I believe the him with all spiritual blessings that | best apology for having done wrong, are in Christ Jesus our Lord. The is to do so no more, and at once to begin collections are to be appropriated to to do right, therefore submit the the opening of a Sabbath School. On following statements, on behalf of my Thursday, June 16, a small chapel was brethren as well as myself. also opened at Caradon town, a small I have to say we are truly thankful village in the parish of Linkinhorne, to God, for the blessing he has poured in the neighbourhood of several pros upon us as a Church. Our congreperous mines, where we have the pros gations are very good, and our band pect of a rising cause. The itinerant meetings are well attended, they are preachers of the circuit conducted the feasts indeed at which many souls are services of the day; and the presence ! richly fed.


We have about 800 scholars taught has been enlarged, and a day school in our Sabbath Schools, many of whom connected with it in an improving conare almost men and women; and best dition. of all, many of them have begun to The Sunday schools generally are in love and serve God. Our School is a prosperous state. That attached to regularly on the increase, one week in the Northwich society contains about the quarter we devote every night to 450 scholars, and 50 teachers. Our exhortation and prayer; the class friends there have also a Day school meetings are given up for that week; in flourishing circumstances, where and all the leaders and members are about 160 children are educated. especially requested to meet; we then! In our collections for the Missionary sing through the streets to the chapel, enterprise we are likely to be more changing our route every night; these successful this year than at any former efforts God has especially owned and period; notwithstanding the difficul. many souls have been saved.

iies resulting from the general depres· The members of society have formed sion of trade. And in reference to the themselves into different companies, most important subject-our spiritual and take one night in the week for the condition, we can point to revivals in purpose of canvassing the different several societies, and 10 very many streets, and to pray with the people, who are affording, by their spirit and and invite them to the public worship conduct, the most satisfactory eviof God. This also is attended with dences of the great moral change that great good, and notwithstanding the has been wrought within. We can great depression of trade our income tell of souls going triumphantly to is not diminished! The Lord. has heaven; of backsliders returning to added to our numbers one hundred their once-loved Jesus; of sinners

enquiring their way to Zion with their I am happy to say we have great faces thitherward ; and peace with its peace in the circuit, and signs of life attendant blessings, reigns in all our in almost every place.

borders. Therefore will we praise the W. Ince.

name of the Lord, who doeth great things and unsearchable; marvellous things without number. And from

the memory of his past goodness, we NORTHWICH.

are filled with a lively hope, that The prospects of the Association in through the prayers of his people, and this circuit, are of a cheering character, by the instrumentality of those dear The good work is steadily progressing servants of Christ, who labour in the in our midst, and we are enabled to word and doctrine, He will yet bless adopt the language of the venerable us more abundantly-joining our fruitfounder of Methodism, and say, “The fulness with the prosperity of Zion, best of all is, God is with us."

and our increase with the extension of At the March quarterly meeting, it | the Messiah's kingdom. was found after a careful scrutiny, that

J. Dixon. we had an increase of thirty-six full members, with seventy-three on trial; and after making up for deaths, re CROSTON, PRESTON CIRCUIT. movals, &c, there still remained On Sunday, May 15th, our Suneighty-one, including both the full | day school anniversary sermons were members and those on trial.

preached by Messrs. W. Robertshaw, Our finances were then discovered and H. Holden, the celebrated astroto be in an encouraging state, inducing nomer of Preston. The evening sersanguine expectations of increasing vice was exceedingly interesting : our financial prosperity.

liule chapel was crowded to excess; We are also on the eve of building and scores surrounded the door and three or four chapels in various parts open windows who could not obtain of the circuit, where our prospects are admittance. It was interesting to see of an inspiring nature. One chapel | so many come to hear of that name

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