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The right of private judgment in the reading of the Sacred Volume,






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Annual Assembly, Proceedings of the 363

Attention to Little Things 113

"Association," Principles of the .. 288
"Association Principles," on giving

Publicityto 204

"Association," on the Success of the 162

"Association," on the Prosperity of

the 7-1

Bible, Excellency of the 421

Boarding Schools, Letter on 204

Connexions! Debt, on the 286

Covetous and Cruel Husband 33

Christian Liberality, on 112

Christian Ministry, on the 323

Christian Ministers, Union of. 203

Devotional Music, on 342

Earthquakes, Account of two 163

Educational Opinions 279

Effective Preaching, on 421

Existence of God, on the 494

Expediency, on 71

Faith, on 105

Finances of the Connexion 203

Goodness of the Creator 114

Itinerant Ministry, on the .... 282, 329

Liberality, Remarks on 239

Letter to the Editor 29

Literary NoticesSee Reviews.

Magazine, on Recommending the 75,456

Model Trust Deed, Remarks on the 242

Ministers of the Gospel, Hints to .. 420
Mission Fund, the Way to Help the 35
75, 163


Biddies, Mr. George, of Leicester 132

Booth, Mr. Thomas, of Rochdale 41

Dent, Mrs. of Darlington 385

Fanshaw, Mrs. Ann, of Eckington 1

Granger, Mr. Thomas, of South

Shields 302

Greenwood, Mr. John, of Stansfield 425
Harper, Mr. Matthew, of Treken-

ner 213

Hay, Mr. Samuel,of Carrickfergus 257

Jervis, Mrs. Amy, of Eckington.. 337

Mabbott, Mrs. Mary, of Lynn .. 340

Martin, Mrs. of Deptford 297

Middlebrook, Mr. Thomas, of Li-
verpool 389

Nicholson, Mrs. Elizabeth, of Ap-
pleby 215

Schofield, Mr. Benjamin, of Hey-

wood 427

Smith, Mr. Thomas, of Leicester 81
Tabb, Mrs. Elizabeth, of St.

Mabyn 169

Uttley, Mr. William, of Lumbutts 209
West, Mr. Joseph, of Brompton . 465
Wills, Mrs. Ellen, of Plymouth ... 129
Wood, Mrs. Anne, of Salford .... 264


Christian, Mrs. Mary, of Liverpool 423
Cope, Mr. James, of Liverpool .. ib


Curtis, Margaret Green 500

Ibbotson, Mrs. Mary Ann, of

Sheffield 375

Moore, Mr. John, of Hartford .. 335

Rowse, Mary Ann, of Trelawder 295

Sanders, Mr. William, of Lostock 375

Warren, Mr. Samuel, of Bollington 79

Offence, on Taking 241


Confidence in God 168

Consolation in God 424

Eternity 40

Isaiah xl. 5 80

I've Oft Heard Tell 120

Reminiscence 296

Spiritual darkness 208

The Christian's Rest 376

The Christian's Desire 248

The Evergreen 168

The Itinerant 336

The Mourner's Solace 464

The Nativity 500

The New Year 40

Popery and Protestantism Con-

trasted 110

Prayer, on 454

Pray without Ceasing 119

Preaching, a Hint on 114

Preaching, Hints on 498


Abann, Mr. David, of Whitehaven 168

Garrick, Mr. Richard, of Dalston 248

Hay, Mr. Samuel, of Carrickfergus ib.

Halcro, Mr. of Hamburgh 120

Hookway, Mrs. Elizabeth, of

Kenn 376

Hutton, Mr. John, of Carlisle.... 248
Lewin, Mr. Thomas, of White-
haven 168

Martin, Mrs. of Deptford 120

Piercy, Mrs. Elizabeth, of Carlisle 248

Piercy, Mary, of Carlisle 248

Richardson, Miss Susanna, of
London 120


Appleby, 77—Brompton 118

Bolton, 118—Bury 266

Burnley, 499—Birmingham 164

Camelford, 383—Carrickfergus 128, 388

Cheltenham 388

Cornwall ...s. 36, 115, 291, 333

Eccleshill, 165—Edinburgh 207

Egremont, 422—Glasgow 37, 167

Hamburgh 127,252,382,501

Helstone, 253, 460—Heywood .. 293

Jamaica 76, 122, 249, 377

Launceston, 78—Leeds 39

Liskeard, 117, 293—London .. 206, 248

Louth, 119—Lynn 266

Macclesfield 255, 460

Manchester 498

May Meetings, Exeter Hall 244

Northwich, 164, 294—Penzance.. 253

Preston, 294—Rochdale 40

Redruth, 253—Salford 77, 291, 460

Scarborough 167

Sheffield, 373—Wales 128, 457

Whithy, 118—Whitehaven .. 208, 422

Worcester, 117, 384—Worle.. 296, 384

Remarks on the Word Reverend 462


Alfred, Memorials of 279

Apostolic Christianity, by Godkin 403

Canadian Scenery, 29, 70, 104, 202

322, 357, 417, 444, 463

Charlinch Revival, by Prince .... 439
Childhood's Duties, by M. A. S.

Barber 239

Christian Happiness by Mannering 493
Christian Patriotism, by Dr. Har-
ris 416

Christian Missions, by Rev. B.

Noel 229

Congregational Calendar and Al-
manac 28

Damascus, by Rev. D. E. Ford .. 434
Daughters of England, by Mrs.

Ellis 103

Dew of Hermon, by Rev. J.

Hamilton 417

Early Piety, by Rev. J. Parrott.. 279

England an Oligarchy, by J. Dun-
can, Esq 444

Finney's Theological Lectures.... 202

Fox's Book of Martyrs, 28, 70, 104

203, 322, 357, 417, 444, 463

Gems for Serious Christians 416

Greek and English Testament.... 357

Harmony of Protestant Confes-

sions 70

Historic Illustrations of the Bible 443

History of the Baptist Missionary

Society, by F. A. Cox, D. D.

L.L.D 492

Identity of Travelling and Local

Preachers 23

Juvenile Scrap Book 443

Kennedy, on Total Abstinence .. 357

Kennedy, on the Wine Question.. 358

Life and Labours of Dr. Adam

Clarke 201

Local Preachers' Journal.... 70, 203

Mary Atkins, Account of. 444

Martyr of Erromanga, by Dr.

Campbell 70, 94

Ministerial Records, by Rev. E.

Morgan 350,492

Missions, Estimate of 28

Modern Immersion, by J. Munro. 492

Moffat's Missionary Labours .... 276

Nonconformist's Sketch Book.... 316

Notes on Scripture Lessons 27


On the Extent of the Atonement,

by Dr. Jenkyn 56

Parson's Mental and Moral Dig-

nity of Women 14

Pastoral Address, by Rev. D. E.

Ford 70

Reproving Sin 494

Roebuck's Lectures, &c 239

Sabbath Evening Readings 493

Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland 29

70, 104, 202, 322, 357, 417, 444

463, 493

Scott's Commentary on the Bible 443

Scott, Rev. A. J. on the Divine

Will 157

Seeker's Guide, by Rev.H. Breeden 69

Sermons, by Rev. J. Burns 444

Seven Churches in Asia 413

Sketches of Sermons 157

South Indian Sketches 239

Study of Creation 417

Suggestions for the Conversion of

the World 187

The Bible Garden 493

The Christian Mother 322

Theodoxa, by M. Rowton 158

The Family Choice 493

The Great Commission, by Dr.

Harris 145

The Juvenile Harmonist 493

The Primitive Doctrine of Election,

by G. S. Faber, B.D 480

The Sunday SchoolTeachers' Class
Register and Diary for 1843.... 493

The Touchstone 104

Tracts on the Old and New Testa-
ment Histories 494

Visit to Clarina 444

What will this Babbler say? by the
Rev. W. Pym 417

Righteousness of Faith, on the .... 158

Self-possession in the Pulpit, on418, 452


Christ our Shepherd, John x. 11... 366

Fidelity to Christ, Rev. ii. 10 392

Jesus Christ the only Foundation,

Cor. Hi. 11 430

On the Work of the Spirit, Eph.

v. 18 176

On Christ's Human Nature Ex-
alted, Rom. xiv. 9 134

On the Name Jesus, Matt. i. 21.. 469

The Divine Authority of the Bible,

Tim. iii. 5 267, 305

The Peace of Jerusalem, Psalm

cxxii. 6—9 218

The Withered Leaf, Isa. lxiv. 6.... 6

Stations of the Preachers 365

Tracts for the Times 358, 445

Young Persons going from Home, a

Word for 331

Vines of Judea 370

Weekly and Quarterly Contribution . 290




JANUARY, 1842.



By Mr. W. D. Harrison.

"The memory of the just is blessed." God evidently designs that "the righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance;" and it is doubtless attributable to his Providence, that the church has been led from time to time to place upon record, the names of those who have been enabled, in the strength of grace, to combat successfully with the corruptions that are in the world, and in the human heart; and who, after having finished as hirelings their day, have left the field, triumphing over death, hell, and the grave.

Among those who have been so favoured, the name of Ann Fanshaw will long be remembered in Eckington, by the circle of her class-mates, and among her religious acquaintance, with feelings of the most lively interest and satisfaction.

Eckington was the place of her birth; and as she was not favoured with religious parents, no attempts were made to lead her infant mind to God, or to implant the seeds of early piety in her tender heart. Hence the corruptions of depraved nature which fhe brought with her into the world, strengthened with her strength, and grew with her growth, until, like mankind in general, she became thoughtless and unconcerned about her eternal welfare. The parents of the subject of this memoir being poor, when arrived at a proper age she was put out to service. Providence directed her path to a religious family in which she lived for several years, and was often observed to be much affected during family worship; but though oftentimes powerfully wrought upon, she resisted the Spirit, and refused to give her heart to God. At length she left her situation and united in marriage with an unsteady man; this proved to her a source of much suffering and trial all through life.

It is now nearly seven years since the Lord so powerfully convinced her of sin, that she saw and felt the necessity of being reconciled to him, through faith in the Redeemer, to an extent which she had not done

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