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your lovely bridegroom will keep his word and his day, he will come and marry you to himself for ever : Therefore ever stand upon the watch-tower, wishfully looking for his appearance ; never Nack thy watch, nor let thy expectation cool, till he come and take thee home to himself, and set you down at the higher table, where he Thall for ever lay aside his vail, and his amiable countenance never more be clouded with frowns; where you shall not have a facramental but a beatifical vision; where

you shall not remember him, but behold him as he is; where you shall feed on him without signs, and fee him without a vail ; where all your sorrows shall be turned into joys, where, for every reproach you met with in God's service, you shall reap eternal honour; for every hour of forrow, you shall enjoy endless ages of comfort. “ Make hafte, my beloved, let the day break and the shadows fly away.

Even fo, Lord Jesus, come quickly." Take me to that place where mysteries shall be turned into revelations, faith into vision, hope into fruition, espousals into embraces, sorrowful sighs into nuptial fongs, drops of tears into rivers of pleasures, transient glances into the radiant and direct beams of the fun of righteousness, short tastes into everlasting feafting and fulness. How small are the comforts of the lower table, if compared with these of the higher table? How dark are the discoveries believers have here, if compared with these bright manifestations above? But, because I have insisted on this head form. crly, I shall add no more here upon it; but with that we may come at length experimentally to know the difference, to our everlasting comfort,


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Direct. IX. Concerning humiliation and mourning

for fin before partaking,
Direct. X. Concerning our closing with Chrift by
faith before partaking,

Direct. XI. Concerning the duty of personal cove-

Advices to young communicants thereanent,

Dire&t. XII. Concerning our cleansing hearts and

hands, and turning to the Lord, before partaking, 45
Direct. XII. Concerning our meditating upon the

death and sufferings of Christ before partaking, 459
Direet. XIV. Concerning Prayer, and what we
should pray for, before communicating,

Direct. XV. Concerning deniedness to all our pre-





Costaining Directions for the right spending of a Com.

munion-Sabbath, when it is come.
Direct. I. Concerning our rising in the morning that

Direct. II, How to get faith and love quickened by

viewing the sufferings and love of Chrift,
And by looking to Chrift in all his offices,
Dire&. III. How to get our souls in a suitable frame
for approaching to this holy table,

Direct. IV. Concerning our ejaculations by the way, 490
Directions concerning our carriage when ibe time of
receiving dotb approach,

Scrupulous communicants resolved,

Ejaculations proper when we go forward to the table, 493
Directions proper for Communicants wben they are fit-
ting al the Lord's Table.

Suitable fubje&ts for our meditation while we fit

The graces needful, and how they are to be exercis-
ed at the Lord's table,

How to employ our thoughts when we see the sacra-

mental elements and actions, and hear the words
of inftitution,

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