Realism and Religion: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives

Dr Andrew Moore, Mr Michael Scott
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2013 M05 28 - 172 páginas

This book draws together a distinguished group of philosophers and theologians to present new thinking on realism and religion. The religious realism/antirealism debate concerns the questions of God’s independence from human beings, the nature of religious truth and our access to religious truths. Although both philosophers and theologians have written on these subjects, there has been little sustained investigation into these issues akin to that found in comparable areas of research such as ethics or the philosophy of science. In addition, the absence of any agreed approach to the problem underlines both the need for fresh thought on it and the fruitfulness of this area for further research.

The editors’ introduction sets the context of the realism debate, traces connections amongst the essays which follow, and proposes lines for future development and enquiry. The contributors present a variety of contrasting positions on key issues in the religious realism debate and each opens up new and important themes. Gordon Kaufman, Peter Lipton and Simon Blackburn provide the opening chapters and the context for the collection; Alexander Bird, John Hare, Graham Oppy and Nick Trakakis, Merold Westphal, and John Webster explore topics that are central to the debate. This volume of original essays will both introduce newcomers to the field and suggest new lines of research for those already familiar with it.

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List of Contributors
Mystery Godand Constructivism
The Immersion Solution
4Religion and Ontology
5Scientific and Theological Realism
Prescriptive Realism
Religious Language Games
Theological AntiRealism
9Gods Aseity
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Andrew Moore teaches in the Theology Faculty of the University of Oxford, UK. Michael Scott is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Manchester University, UK

Andrew Moore; Michael Scott; Gordon Kaufman; Peter Lipton; Simon Blackburn; Alexander Bird; John Hare; Graham Oppy; Nick Trakakis; Merold Westphal; John Webster.

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