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The three former volume* of the Panoplist in numbers, or in half binding, may
be had at their Bookstore, price, half bound, 8,50.

Samuel T. Armstrong, Printer, Chorlettown.


J- HE first volume of the Panoplist And Missionary Macazine is now completed- The design of this publication, and the principles on which it was to be conducted, are fairly before the public, and cannot have failed to commend themselves to the approbation of all, who delight in the honor of God and the best interests of men. These it has been our endeavor to hold constantly and sacredly in view; and, whatever judgment may be passed upon our labors in other respects, we have a testimony, we trust, in the public mind, that we have not violated the professions, with which they were commenced.

Illy prepared indeed should we have been for an undertaking of this kind, had we calculated on giving universal satisfaction, and answering fully all the wishes of all our readers. Among six or seven thousand readers, living in all parts of these States, an immense variety of particular humors, tastes, and views must exist; and an attempt to accommodate ourselves to them all would be as chimerical, as the issue of it would be mortifying. Our utmost hope in this regard, has been, to meet with some advantage, those feelings, desires, and objects, in which the greatest number of christians can unite, which are intrinsically the most important, and to which the circumstances of the times require the most general and vigilant attention. This hope we have the satisfaction to believe has not been altogether a vain one. If an increasing discrimination of the essential principles of the gospel and interests of the church—an increasing union and harmony among the friends of evangelical truth—and an increasing public patronage, even beyond our most sanguine expectations, may be regarded as any evidence of success in our undertaking; we pleasingly assure ourselves, that we have no occasion for despondency; but abundant reason, on the contrary, to thank God and take courage.

Happy indeed should wc have been, had no necessity existed for the animadversions and censures, which, by a sacred sense of duty, we have been constrained to introduce, particularly into the department of Reviews. But, when uncommon zeal is displayed, and unusual means are employed, to sap the foundations of the faith once delivered to die saints, and to rob the Son of God of his glory; we deem it incumbent on those, who stand for the defence of the gospel, as effectually as possible to counteract that zeal, and expose and frustrate those means. As from this part of our duty, though certainly the most painful, we hope never to shrink; so our devout prayer is, that we may ever perform it with such a spirit and in such a manner, as shall entitle us to the continued liberal countenance and support of the christian public. Fully aware, however, that this department of our work, highly important as we deem it, cannot be equally interesting to all our readers; our care will be that it shall not engross too large a share of our attention. The edification, entertainment, and profit of many is the desire of our hearts; and to render the Panoplistand Missionary Magazine as extensively agreeable and useful as we can, shall be our unceasing study.

To our numerous Patrons we tender our grateful acknowledgments; together with our fervent wishes for their best improvement and happiness.

Our obliging Correspondents, who have contributed to enrich our pages, are entided to our particular thanks. Still in this way to do good and to communicate, we trust they will not forget.

To the Public at large we pledge our most sacred assurances, that pains on our part shall not be wanting to deserve a continued and even increased patronage. We have no private or party interests to subserve; unless the great interests of the Redeemer's kingdom come under this denomination: but a leading and principal object with us is to promote union among christians, under the influence of that wisdom, which is first pure, and then peaceable, gentle, easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. If successful in our designs, our reward will be abundant, and our everlasting gratitude will be due to Him, whose divine honors we would vindicate, and to whose glory our labors are most devoutly consecrated.


The reader is requested to correct the following errors in the Review of

Recs' Cyclopaedia, viz. P. 132, and 133, for succession read succussion.

P. 216, for ingenuous read ingenious. P. 370,for Dr. Boyle read Dr. Doyce.

P. 371,/or Sarbourne read Sorbonne. For Cyclopaedia read Cyclopaedia/xwmii

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