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disposed to propagate religion. Hence said the Lord of Abraham, 'Gen. xviii. 19. I know him, that he will command his children, and his house. : hold after him, and they Mall keep the way of the Lord, to do juftice and judgment, &c. The wear- , ing out of that so much now, from what it was in former years, is one of the black symptoms of the decay of religion at this day.

7thly, Learn to bear troubles in the world with a Christian patience, meekness, resignation, and holy chearfulness. This doth exceedingly tend to the honour of God; as you see exemplified in the worthies mentioned Heb. xi. There is a despising of the chastening of the Lord, wherein the proud and foolish scorn to be lowered by the rebukes of Providence, wherein the Atheism of the heart, and contempt of God appears. There is a fainting under the rebukes of Providence, where. in unbelief appears. Both are dishonourable to God, and to be guarded against, Heb. xii. 5. The middle course is to God's honour.

Lastly, Walk with God in a conscientious pera formance of the duties of your station. Hence is that exhortation of the Apostle's, 1 Cor. vii. 24. Brethren, let every man wherein he is called, there. in abide with God. That is the sphere wherein ye are set to honour God: and God is much honoured that way. It is exemplified in the case of the priests, Mal. ii. 6. in that of wives, i Pet. iii. 5. and in that of servants, Tit. ii. 10. No man can live to the honour of God, who does not carefully notice, and diligently pursue the duties of his Itation, to the honour of God. . !

I shall give you a few motives to live to the ho. nour of God.

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Mot. Ii

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whereby thou mayst honour him, so his providence lays to thy hand opportunities calling thee to use them, Luke xix. 13. Every opportunity is a providential call, to lay out what the Lord has put in thy hand for his service. And it will be found dangerous to hide one's talents in the earth, and not lay them out for God.

Mot. 5. There are some who are deprived of those abilities or occasions ye have to honour God. So the whole Pagan world is deprived of gospellight, which we all have; the sick of those which the healthy have. The not improving of themi then will aggravate your condemnation, Matth. xi. 21. : It is sad to be cumberers of the ground in God's vineyard, taking up room in it uselessly, which others might improve to good advantage. '

Mot. 6. Ye have forfeited by sin all your abilities, opportunities, and your very life. God might justly have taken them all from us, and made us as incapable to speak or act for his honour, as we have been unwilling to it. But his patience has suffered us long, and he has done us good though unthankful and evil, if peradventure these might lead us to repentance. Shall not this engage us to live . to his honour .. i

Met. 7. This was the design of the redemption purchased by Christ, Tit. ii. 14. Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all ini. quity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. Man was made at first forý the honour of God: sin entering 'rendered him unfit for that his great work. Therefore Christ died that they might be again brought to live to God's honour, Eph. v. 25. 26. 27. If then ye are not so living, it is an evidence' Christ's redemption

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