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The fall of Egypt.


The duty of a watchman. . Before. 27 And they shall not lie with the

CHAP. XXXIII. about 587. mighty that are fallen of the uncir-, According to the duty of a watchman, in 10 cumcised, which are gone down to

warning the people, 7 Ezekiel is admonished + Hel), with hell + with their weapons of war: of his duty. 10 God sheweth the justice of their war. and they have laid their swords under his ways towards the penitent, and towards their heads, but their iniquities shall

revolters. 17 He maintaineth his justice.

21 Upon the news of the taking of Jerube upon their bones, though they were

salem he prophesieth the desolation of the
the terror of the mighty in the land land. 30 God's judgment upon the mockers
of the living.

of the prophets.
28 Yea, thou shalt be broken in À GAIN the word of the LORD
the midst of the uncircumcised, and A came unto me, saying,
shalt lie with them that are slain with 2 Son of man, speak to the chil-
the sword.

dren of thy people, and say unto
29 There is Edom, her kings, and them, + When I bring the sword upon + Heb. A

all her princes, which with their might a land, if the people of the land take brin + Heb. given, are + laid by them that were slain by a man of their coasts, and set him for upon her.

the sword: they shall lie with the their watchman :
uncircumcised, and with them that go 3 If when he seeth the sword come

upon the land, he blow the trumpet,
30 There be the princes of the and warn the people;
north, all of them, and all the Zi- 4 Then + whosoever heareth the + Heb. he
donians, which are gone down with sound of the trumpet, and taketh not heareth."
the slain; with their terror they are warning; if the sword come, and take
ashamed of their might; and they lie him away, his blood shall be upon his
uncircumcised with them that be slain own head.
by the sword, and bear their shame 5 He heard the sound of the trum-
with them that go down to the pit. pet, and took not warning; his blood

31 Pharaoh shall see them, and shall be upon him. But he that takshall be comforted over all his multi-eth warning shall deliver his soul. tude, even Pharaoh and all his army 6 But if the watchman see the slain by the sword, saith the Lord sword come, and blow not the trumGod.

pet, and the people be not warned ; if 32 For I have caused my terror in the sword come, and take any person the land of the living: and he shall | from among them, he is taken away be laid in the midst of the uncircum- in his iniquity; but his blood will I cised with them that are slain with the require at the watchman's hand. sword, even Pharaoh and all his mul- ' 7 9 a So thou, O son of man, I a Chap. 3. 17, titude, saith the Lord God.

have set thee a watchman unto the“.

unun to the pit. the princes of the

4 Then Thumpet,

that hearing

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expulsion of the Scythians from Media by Cyaxares, as allies, (chap. xxvi. 16,) joined here with the Zidonians Jackson hath also rightly observed. Abp. Newcome. their neighbours. Calmet, W. Lowth. Others under

27. And they shall not lie with the mighty &c.] They stand the Syrian kings who reigned at Damascus. shall not lie among those heathen heroes who died a Abp. Newcome. natural death, and are laid in their graves with pomp 31.- and shall be comforted As it affords some and magnificence ; see Isai. xiv. 18, 19. W. Lowth, relief to calamitous persons to see others in the same Abp. Newcome.

condition with themselves, chap. xxxi. 16. W. Lowth. and they have laid their swords under their heads, It has been the custom of all ages to adorn the sepul- Chap. XXXIII. ver. 1. Again the word of the Lord chres of heroes with their swords and other trophies of &c.] Jt is plain that Ezekiel uttered what is contained war. W. Lowth.

in this chapter to ver. 20, before Jerusalem was taken “ In Mingrelia they all sleep with their swords under by the Babylonians : but how long before is uncertain. their heads, and their other arms by their sides ; and Abp. Newcome. they bury them in the same manner, their arms being! 2. — a man of their coasts,] From among them. placed in the same position." This is the account of Sir W. Lowth. Out of their borders : the proper place to John Chardin ; and the extract becomes more interest- station watchmen. Abp. Newcome. ing and important, when it is considered, that accord- 3. — when he seeth the sword] When he spieth the ing to Bochart and other learned men, Meshech and enemy. W. Lowth. Tubal mean Mingrelia and the country thereabout. 5. — But he that taketh warning Shall save his soul Harmer.

from the danger that threatens it : in like manner he 29. -- Edom, her kings, and all her princes,] Of whose that takes warning by the Prophet's admonition, shall destruction Ezekiel prophesied, chap. xxv. 12. W. preserve himself from the judgment threatened against Lowth.

sinners. W. Lowth. 30. the princes of the north,] By “the princes of 7–9. I have set thee a watchman &c.] See chap. the north” may be understood the Tyrians and their / iii. 17-19.


The equity of

God's dealings. Before , house of Israel; therefore thou shalt, ways; for · why will ye die, O house

hear the word at my mouth, and warn of Ísrael ?
them from me.

| 12 Therefore, thou son of man,
8 When I say unto the wicked, O say unto the children of thy people, 31.
wicked man, thou shalt surely die ; if | The d righteousness of the righteous d Chap. 18.




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from his way, that wicked man shall his transgression : as for the wicked-
die in his iniquity; but his blood will ness of the wicked, he shall not fall
I require at thine hand.

thereby in the day that he turneth
9 Nevertheless, if thou warn the from his wickedness; neither shall the
wicked of his way to turn from it; if righteous be able to live for his right-
he do not turn from his way, he shall cousness in the day that he sinneth.
die in his iniquity ; but thou hast de- 13 When I shall say to the righ-
livered thy soul.

teous, that he shall surely live; if he
10 Therefore, () thou son of man, trust to his own righteousness, and
speak unto the house of Israel; Thus commit iniquity, all his righteousness
ye speak, saying, If our transgres- shall not be remembered; but for his
sions and our sins be upon us, and we iniquity that he hath committed, he
pine away in them, how should we shall die for it.
then live?

| 14 Again, when I say unto the 11 Say unto them, As I live, saith wicked, Thou shalt surely die; if he b 2 Sam. 14. the Lord God, I have no pleasure turn from his sin, and do $that which | Heb. 14.

judgment and ch: 18. 32. in the death of the wicked; but that is lawful and right;

justice. the wicked turn from his way and 15 If the wicked restore the pledge, live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil give again that he had robbed, walk

------10. — If our transgressions be upon us, and we pine intentions, and the competency of the means, which away &c.] If according to thy prophecies God has de- God affords for the salvation of men ; that He wants termined to reckon with us for our sins, and to bring no affection or inclination to save them; that He negjudgment upon us, to what purpose shall our conver- lects no means proper for effecting it; that He draws sion be? and how shall we live, though we do amend them into the way leading thither by serious and earnest Bp. Hall. They are the words of persons despairing of invitation, directs them by needful light and instruction, God's mercy, and from thence taking occasion to go on excites them by powerful arguments and persuasions ; in their sins. See a like instance Jer. ii. 25. W. and, as St. Ambrose speaketh, that “God hath shewed Lowth.

to all, that, what was in Him, he did will to deliver or 11 - As I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure save all men.” Whence He may truly and properly be in the death of the wicked ; &c.] We have here one of called the Benefactor and Saviour even of those, who the most express declarations to be found in the whole by their wilful malice or neglect do not obtain salvaScripture, of the infinite mercy of God. God swears tion. Dr. Isaac Barrow. by Himself, that He would not by any means the death 12, 13. — The righteousness of the righteous &c.] See of the wicked ; that He desires nothing but their con- chap. xviii, 26, 27, and note. version and life : and receives them graciously as soon 13. — if he trust to his own righteousness,] If he rely as they return to Him. The consideration of God's upon the good works that he hath done, and think the great mercy should fill sinners with confidence, and en worth of them will overbalance his evil deeds. This gage them to repent, and thereby prevent their ruin. seems to be the persuasion of the latter Jews, who lay Ostervald.

this down for a certain rule in their Mishna, that all IsThese are most comfortable words: for now we may rael hath a share in the world to come. The Mahomebe sure, that when we will leave our sins and wicked- tans think the same respecting themselves. Reland, ness, and turn unto Him with all our hearts earnestly, then He will turn Himself unto us, and will shew Him 14. — when I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely self a loving Father. And to the intent we should be- die ; &c.] In the whole course of Scripture, God's lieve this, He sweareth an oath: we ought to believe threatenings, and so His promises too, have ever a conGod without an oath, yet He sweareth, to make us more dition annexed to them in God's purpose: which though sure. Bp. Latimer.

it be not ever, indeed but seldom, expressed, yet is it God declares Himself to bear an universal good-will ever included, and so to be understood. All God's proto mankind ; that He doth earnestly desire the welfare mises, how absolutely soever expressed, are made on of all men; and is displeased with the ruin of any man. condition of obedience ; and all His threatenings, how This He affirms; and, for the confirmation of our faith, absolutely soever expressed, on condition of impeniand our consolation therein, He swears it : “As I live, tence. This is plain from the passage before us; where saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of Almighty God clearly teaches us, that we ought so to the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and conceive of all His threatenings, be they never so pelive.” See also Isai. v. 4 ; Hos. xiii. 9; Isai. Ixv. 2 ; remptorily set down, (as what more peremptory than Rom. x. 21; Jer. vii. 31 ; Prov. i. 24, 29 ; Isai. Ixv. this, “Thou shalt surely die?") as that He may reserve 12 ; lxvi. 4 ; i. 18 ; Jer. vi. 10; Zech. vii. 11, 12. to Himself a power of revocation, in case the parties Which passages, and many others of the like importance threatened repent. Bp. Sanderson. that occur, do imply the large extent of God's merciful 15.- give again that he had robbed,] The law was





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The hypocrisy of


the Jews reproved. c Beforer in the statutes of life, without com- many; the land is given us for in- Before

Before 587. mitting iniquity; he shall surely live, heritance. he shall not die.

25 Wherefore say unto them, Thus 16 None of his sins that he hath saith the Lord God; Ye eat with the committed shall be mentioned unto blood, and lift up your eyes toward him : he hath done that which is law- your idols, and shed blood : and shall ful and right; he shall surely live. ye possess the land?

17 q Yet the children of thy peo- 26 Ye stand upon your sword, ye
ple say, The way of the Lord is not work abomination, and ye defile every
equal : but as for them, their way is one his neighbour's wife: and shall ye
not equal.

possess the land?
18 When the righteous turneth from 27 Say thou thus unto them, Thus
his righteousness, and committeth ini, saith the Lord God; As I live, surely
quity, he shall even die thereby. I they that are in the wastes shall fall

19 But if the wicked turn from his by the sword, and him that is in the
wickedness, and do that which is law- open field will I give to the beasts

ful and right, he shall live thereby. f to be devoured, and they that be in + Heb. e Chap. 18. 20 | Yet ye say, e The way of the the forts and in the caves shall die of to de

LORD is not equal, 0 ye house of the pestilence.
Israel, I will judge you every one! 28 For I will lay the land + most | Heb.
after his ways.

desolate, and then pomp of her and desoia-
21 | And it came to pass in the strength shall cease; and the moun- hoChap. 7. 24.
twelfth year of our captivity, in the tains of Israel shall be desolate, that $24. ?1. &
tenth month, in the fifth day of the none shall pass through.
month, that one that had escaped out 29 Then shall they know that I am

of Jerusalem came unto me, saying, the LORD, when I have laid the land 1 2 Kings 25. f The city is smitten.

most desolate because of all their
22 Now the hand of the LORD was abominations which they have com-
upon me in the evening, afore he that mitted.
was escaped came; and had opened | 30 | Also, thou son of man, the
my mouth, until he came to me in children of thy people still are talk-

the morning; and my mouth was ing against thee by the walls and in g Chap. 24. opened, and I was no more & dumb. the doors of the houses, and speak

23 Then the word of the Lord one to another, everyone to his came unto me, saying,

brother, saying, Come, I pray you, 24 Son of man, they that inhabit and hear what is the word that cometh

according to those wastes of the land of Israel | forth from the LORD. speak, saying, Abraham was one, and 31 And they come unto thee, † as | Or, my

he inherited the land: but we are the people cometh, and || they sit be- before thee. express to this purpose, Lev. vi. 5, where the offender 26.— ye stand upon your sword] Ye rely upon the is required to add a fifth part to the principal, and give confidence of your own sword. Bp. Hall. it to him to whom it appertaineth. W. Lowth.

27.-shall fall by the sword, &c.] The three judgments 22. The hand of the Lord was upon me) I felt here mentioned, together with famine, are often threatan impulse of the prophetical Spirit, chap. i. 3. W. ened as the last and finishing stroke of God's vengeance Lowth.

upon the Jewish nation; see chap. v. 12, 17; vi. 12; 24. they that inhabit those wastes of the land of Is | xiv. 21; Jer. xv. 3. W. Lowth. rael They that are left behind in the land that is now - in the caves) The caves here mentioned were a wasted with fire and sword, ver. 27, and chap. xxxvi. sort of strong holds, formed by nature in the rocks, or 4. W. Lowth.

cut out under the tops of mountains. They were so — Abraham was one, &c.] If Abraham, being but large that men might secure themselves, their families, one, had this land given to him for an inheritance; and their goods in them; such was the cave of “ Adulhow much more may we, his seed, to whom it is lam,” mentioned i Sam. xxii. l; 2 Sam. xxiii. 13. deduced, being many, challenge an interest in it ? Bp. W. Lowth. Hall.

| 30. talking against thee] Rather, " of thee:” this The title of “one" is elsewhere given to Abraham, as is in some editions the marginal and probably the right being the original and head of the Jewish nation; Isai. translation. Abp. Secker. li. 2; Mal. ï. 15; Heb. xi. 12. W. Lowth.

-- by the walls and in the doors] Both in their pub25. – Ye eat with the blood,] Ye are not the sons of lick places of concourse and in their private meetings. faithful Abraham ; your works are contrary to his ; W. Lowth. ye eat the blood together with the flesh, which I have for- 31. — as the people cometh,] As disciples flock to their bidden; ye are guilty both of idolatry and murder; and teachers; so the Chaldee Paraphrase explains it. W. shall ye challenge to possess the land in the right of Lowth. Abraham? Bp. Hall.

- and they sit] See note on chap. viü. 1.

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+ Heb.

the coming of the people.

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A reproof of the shepherds. CHAP. XXXIII, XXXIV. God's judgment against them.

Beforefore thee as my people, and they hear | God unto the shepherds; Woe be to Before CHRIST 587.. thy words, but they will not do them: the shepherds of Israel that do feed 587.

for with their mouth fthey shew much themselves ! should not the shepherds + Heb, they make loves, love, but their heart goeth after their feed the flocks? covetousness.

3 Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe 32 And, lo, thou art unto them you with the wool, ye kill them that + Heb. a song as t a very lovely song of one that are fed: but ye feed not the flock.

hath a pleasant voice, and can play 4 The diseased have ye not strength-
well on an instrument: for they hear ened, neither have ye healed that
thy words, but they do them not. which was sick, neither have ye bound

33 And when this cometh to pass, up that which was broken, neither
(lo, it will come,) then shall they know have ye brought again that which was
that a prophet hath been among driven away, neither have ye sought

that which was lost; but with force b 1 Pet. 5. 3.

and with cruelty have ye ruled them. CHAP. XXXIV. 5 And they were scattered, || be- | Or, without

a shepherd : 1 A reproof of the shepherds. 7 God's judg-cause there is no shepherd : and they and so ver. 8. ment against them. * 11 His providence for became meat to all the beasts of the his flock. 20 The kingdom of Christ.

field, when they were scattered. AND the word of the LORD came 6 My sheep wandered through all unto me, saying,

the mountains, and upon every high 2 Son of man, prophesy against the hill.: yea, my flock was scattered upon a Jer. 23. 1. a shepherds of Israel, prophesy, and all the face of the earth, and none

say unto them, Thus saith the Lord did search or seek after them. - with their mouth they shew much love, Accord bable that this prophecy immediately followed the preing to the marginal reading the sense is, that they ceding. At or before the news that Jerusalem was turned the Prophet's words into jest; but by comparing conquered, the Prophet was to speak of the tyranny this with the following verse, we may rather understand and carelessness of the governours, and to promise the the phrase in this sense, that they were delighted with return of the people. Michaelis. The negligence of the Prophet's harmonious voice, or attractive eloquence, the governours being pointed out as a cause of the inbut would not make the proper use of what he said for credulity of the people, the transition here is natural, correcting their evil manners. W. Lowth.

and the connexion close between this prophecy and the - but their heart goeth after their covetousness.] foregoing one; as also between the beginning of this Their worldly desires of whatever sort. Abp. Secker." prophecy and its conclusion. For considering that in

32. And, lo, thou art unto them as a very lovely song] part the people suffered for the faults of their shepherds, They were struck with his eloquence without regards mercy now urged the Prophet to declare from God, that ing his exhortations and admonitions.

He would judge between them, save the flock, and set It is no unusual thing for people to listen to discourses up one Shepherd over them, who should feed them, from the ministers of God only to enjoy the satisfaction, even His servant David. Abp. Newcome. which a well-composed discourse naturally affords. Their 2. - shepherds] The king, his counsellors, and the ears are gratified, their sentiments are enlivened, agree- heads of the people. Michaelis. The word “shepherd” able emotions of various kinds are excited. So the comprehends governours both civil and ecclesiastical; hearer is pleased, the speaker is commended and fol- compare Isai. lvi. 11; Jer. ii. 8; xxiii. 1. W. Lowth. lowed; but with no thought of practising one word - that do feed themselves ! ] That regard their own that he hath said. This is the turn of mind so admir- | profit and advantages, not the good of the people comably described many ages ago by the Prophet Ezekiel | mitted to their charge. W. Lowth. in this passage. But religious instruction could never 3. Ye eat the fat,] Or the milk; milk and fat being be appointed to give such empty, insignificant delight expressed by the same word in Hebrew. W. Lowth. as this: nor doth it in the least attain its proper end, ye kill them that are fed :] The wealthy and unless it influences men to forget the preacher, and substantial, to enrich yourselves. W. Lowth. think of themselves : unless it raises in them, not a 4. The diseased have ye not strengthened,] Those parsuperficial complacency, or an idle admiration, but an ticular offices which belong to your charge, as comfortawful and a durable solicitude about their eternal wel. ing the weak, healing the sick, binding up the brokenfare. Abp. Secker.

hearted, reclaiming and reducing those that have erred, 33. And when this cometh to pass,] This matter, this ye have not accordingly done; but rather have tyranevent, the destruction of Jerusalem. Abp. Newcome. nously and cruelly exercised an imperious authority

- (lo, it will come,)] Or rather, “lo, it is come,” | over them. Bp. Hall. chap. vii. 2, 6, 10; the verb being in the present tense. The same allegory holds, ver. 5—10. Jesus Christ When you see my prophecies concerning the destruc- made the same reproach to the Scribes and Pharisees, tion of Jerusalem actually brought to pass, as it ap- | Matt. xxiii. 4; see also 1 Pet. v. 2, 3. Calmet. pears they are at this time; see ver. 21; then you will / 5. - no shepherd :] None in effect; none deserving be convinced of the truth of my mission, and of your the name. Abp. Newcome. own inexcusable crime in despising my predictions; see meat to all the beasts of the field, 1 That is, to chap. xxiv. 27. W. Lowth,

their enemies, who as so many beasts of prey have

spoiled and devoured them; compare Jer. xii. 9; Isai, Chap. XXXIV. ver. 1. - came unto me,] It is pro- / lvi. 9. W. Lowth.


w ay, and main tha

and 1 0; am again the Lord


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According to

God's providence

for his flock. Before 7 , Therefore, ye shepherds, hear ture, and upon the high mountains of Before 587.. the word of the LORD;

Israel shall their fold be: there shall 587. 8 As I live, saith the Lord God, they lie in a good fold, and in a fat surely because my flock became a pasture shall they feed upon the prey, and my flock became meat to mountains of Israel. every beast of the field, because there 15 I will feed my flock, and I will was no shepherd, neither did my cause them to lie down, saith the shepherds search for my flock, but Lord God. the shepherds fed themselves, and fed 16 I will seek that which was lost, not my flock;

and bring again that which was driven 9 Therefore, O ye shepherds, hear away, and will bind up that which the word of the LORD;

was broken, and will strengthen that 10 Thus saith the Lord God; which was sick: but I will destroy Behold, I am against the shepherds; the fat and the strong; I will feed and I will require my flock at their them with judgment. hand, and cause them to cease from 17 And as for you, O my flock, feeding the flock; neither shall the thus saith the Lord Gon; Behold, I shepherds feed themselves any more; judge between + cattle and cattle, be- + Heb. small for I will deliver my flock from their tween the rams and the the goats. and kids. mouth, that they may not be meat for 18 Seemeth it a small thing unto he goats's them.

you to have eaten up the good pas11 q For thus saith the Lord God; ture, but ye must tread down with Behold, I, even I, will both search my your feet the residue of your pastures? sheep, and seek them out.

and to have drunk of the deep waters, + Heb.

12 + As a shepherd seeketh out his but ye must foul the residue with the seeking. flock in the day that he is among his your feet ?

sheep that are scattered; so will I 19 And as for my flock, they eat
seek out my sheep, and will deliver that which ye have trodden with your
them out of all places where they feet: and they drink that which ye
have been scattered in the cloudy and have fouled with your feet.
dark day.

| 20 q Therefore thus saith the Lord
13 And I will bring them out from God unto them; Behold, I, even I,
the people, and gather them from the will judge between the fat cattle and
countries, and will bring them to their between the lean cattle.
own land, and feed them upon the 21 Because ye have thrust with
mountains of Israel by the rivers, and side and with shoulder, and pushed
in all the inhabited places of the all the diseased with your horns, till

ye have scattered them abroad; 14 I will feed them in a good pas- 22 Therefore will I save my flock, 10.— I will require my flock at their hand, I will whom I will set over them, see ver. 23, shall faithfully require a severe account from their kings and princes, discharge all the offices of a shepherd towards them, their priests and prophets, of the damage My people which their former pastors have neglected, ver. 4. W. have sustained through their ill management; and I Lowth. will deprive them of that honour and pre-eminence, but I will destroy the fat and the strong ;] Meanwhich they have so abused, as I have already displaced ing, I will destroy those cruel shepherds who abuse their Zedekiah, and the princes, priests, and others, that were authority and domineer over the weak. Calmet, W. in authority under him. W. Lowth. All this actually Lowth. came to pass at the taking of Jerusalem, and at the cap- 17. - between cattle and cattle, Behold, I judge tivity which followed of their kings, and of their priests, between one man and another, between the lambs and and of the people. Calmet.

kids, between the rams and goats: as I do now put a 11. — and seek them out.] The Hebrew word signifies difference between those of My own flock, and the to seek early, to seek in the morning. Abp. Newcome. world ; so hereafter I will exquisitely sever them, the one

12. - in the cloudy and dark day.) Clouds mark to My right hand, the other to My left. Bp. Hall. seasons of misery, persecution, and trouble; see Joel ii. 18. Seemeth it a small thing unto you to have eaten 2; Zeph. i. 15. Wolves profit by mists and darkness up the good pasture, &c.] Is it not very great cruelty to plunder and devour the flock. Calmet.

and most barbarous inhumanity, that you, who have 13. And I will bring them out from the people,] I will much more than others, partly by the bounty of the fetch them from those several lands, whereinto they Lord of the sheep, and partly by your injustice and rawere driven by their miserable captivity, and will bring pine, should eat the sweet and better parts of the pasthem back into their own country, and will feed them ture, and waste and spoil what you cannot eat? Thus carefully and plentifully in My Church. So also the the people are starved by your wantonness and oppresthree following verses. Bp. Hall.

sion, or compelled to live on unwholesome and noxious 16. I will seek that which was lost,] The Messiah, I food. Poole.

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