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36 Flee the shadow of this world,
receive the joyfulness of your glory:

I testify my Saviour openly.

1 Esdras is troubled, 13 and acknowledgeth
37 O receive the gift that is given the sins of the people : 28 yet complaineth
you, and be glad, giving thanks unto

that the heathen were lords over them, being him that hath called you to the hea

more wicked than they. venly kingdom.

TN the thirtieth year after the ruin 38 Arise up and stand, behold the 1 of the city I was in Babylon, and || Or, for number of those that be sealed || in lay troubled upon my bed, and my the feast of the Lord ;

I thoughts came up over my heart :
39 Which are departed from the 2 For I saw the desolation of Sion,
shadow of the world, and have and the wealth of them that dwelt at
received glorious garments of the Babylon.

13 And my spirit was sore moved,
40 Take thy number, O Sion, and so that I began to speak words full
* shut up those of thine that are of fear to the most High, and said,
clothed in white, which have fulfilled 4 O Lord, who bearest rule, thou
the law of the Lord.

spakest at the beginning, when thou 41 The number of thy children, didst plant the earth, and that thywhom thou longedst for, is fulfilled: self alone, and commandedst the beseech the power of the Lord, that people, thy people, which have been called | 5 a And gavest a body unto Adam a Gen. 2.7.

from the beginning, may be hallowed. without soul, which was the workc Rev. 7.9. 42 c I Esdras saw upon the mount manship of thine hands, and didst

| Lat. conclude.

not number, and they all praised the and he was made living before thee.
Lord with songs.

6 And thou leddest him into pa-
43 And in the midst of them there radise, which thy right hand had
was a young man of a high stature, planted, before ever the earth came
taller than all the rest, and upon every forward.
one of their heads he set crowns, and 7 And unto him thou gavest com-
was more exalted; which I marvelled mandment to love thy way: which
at greatly.

he transgressed, and immediately thou

| Or, Lord. || Sir, what are these ?

generations, of whom came nations, 45 He answered and said unto me, tribes, people, and kindreds, out of These be they that have put off the number. mortal clothing, and put on the im- 86 And every people walked after • Gen. 6. 12. mortal, and have confessed the name their own will, and did wonderful of God: now are they crowned, and things before thee, and despised thy receive palms.

commandments. 46 Then said I unto the angel, 9 C And again in process of time c Gen. 7. 10. What young person is it that crown-thou broughtest the flood upon those eth them, and giveth them palms in that dwelt in the world, and destroytheir hands?

edst them.
47 So he answered and said unto 10 And it came to pass in every
me, It is the Son of God, whom they of them, that as death was to Adam,
have confessed in the world. Then so was the flood to these.
began I greatly to commend them J1 Nevertheless one of them thou
that stood so stiffly for the name of leftest, namely, Noah with his hous- d 1 Pet. 3. 21.
the Lord.

hold, of whom came all righteous
48 Then the angel said unto me, men.
Go thy way, and tell my people 12 And it happened, that when
what manner of things, and how great they that dwelt upon the earth began
wonders of the Lord thy God, thou to multiply, and had gotten them
hast seen.

many children, and were a great

Chap. III. ver. 4. — and commandedst the people,] By animals with which God filled the earth at the first. See “people" are probably here meant the different sorts of Prov. xxx. 25. Junius.

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Rom. 9. 13.

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Deut. 4. 10.


people, they began again to be more 27 And so thou gavest thy city
ungodly than the first.

over into the hands of thine enemies. 13 Now when they lived so wick-' 28 Are their deeds then any better e Gen. 12. 1. edly before thee, e thou didst choose that inhabit Babylon, that they should

thee a man from among them, whose therefore have the dominion over 1 Gen. 17.5. name was ? Abraham.

Sion ?
14 Him thou lovedst, and unto 29 For when I came thither, and
him only thou shewedst thy will: had seen impieties without number,

15 And madest an everlasting co- then my soul saw many evildoers in
venant with him, promising him that this thirtieth year, so that my heart

thou wouldest never forsake his seed. failed me. Gen. 21. 2. 16 8 And unto him thou gavest 30 For I have seen how thou sufh Gen. 25. 25, Isaac, and h unto Isaac also thou gav- ferest them sinning, and hast spared

est Jacob and Esau. As for Jacob, wicked doers : and hast destroyed thy i Mal. 1. 2. 3. thou i didst choose him to thee, and people, and hast preserved thine ene

put by Esau: and so Jacob became a mies, and hast not signified it.
great multitude.

31 || I do not remember how this į Or, 17 And it came to pass, that when way may be left: Are they then of “

thou leddest his seed out of Egypt, Babylon better than they of Sion ? xod. 19.1. k thou broughtest them up to the 32 Or is there any other people mount Sinai.

that knoweth thee beside Israel ? or
18 And bowing the heavens, thou what generation hath so believed thy
didst set fast the earth, movedst the covenants as Jacob?
whole world, and madest the depths | 33 And yet their reward appeareth
to tremble, and troubledst the men of not, and their labour hath no fruit:
that age.

for I have gone here and there
19 And thy glory went through through the heathen, and I see that
four gates, of fire, and of earthquake, they ll flow in wealth, and think not | Or, abound.
and of wind, and of cold; that thou upon thy commandments.

mightest give the law unto the seed 34 Weigh thou therefore our wick1,01, and to of Jacob, || and diligence unto the edness now in the balance, and their's all the generation of Israel, generation of Israel.

also that dwell in the world; and so should keep it 20 And yet tookest thou not away shall thy name no where be found with diligence. from them a wicked heart, that thy but in Israel.

law might bring forth fruit in them. | 35 Or when was it that they which

21 For the first Adam bearing a dwell upon the earth have not sinned
wicked heart transgressed, and was in thy sight? or what people have so
overcome; and so be all they that kept thy commandments ?
are born of him.

36 Thou shalt find that Israel by
22 Thus infirmity was made per- name hath kept thy precepts; but
manent; and the law (also) in the not the heathen.
heart of the people with the malignity
of the root; so that the good de-

parted away, and the evil abode still. 1 The angel declareth the ignorance of Esdras

23 So the times passed away, and in God's judgments, 13 and adviseth him

the years were brought to an end : not to meddle with things above his reach. 1.1 Sam. 16. then didst thou raise thee up al

23 Nevertheless Esdras asketh divers ques

tions, and receireth answers to them.
servant, called David :
m 2 Sam.5. 24 m Whom thou commandedst to AND the angel that was sent unto

build a city unto thy name, and to A me, whose name was Uriel, gave
offer incense and oblations unto thee me an answer,

2 And said, Thy heart hath gone
25 When this was done many too far in this world, and thinkest
years, then they that inhabited the thou to comprehend the way of the
city forsook thee,

most High?
26 And in all things did even as 3 Then said I, Yea, my lord. And
Adam and all his generations had he answered me, and said, I am sent
done : for they also had a wicked to shew thee three ways, and to set

forth three similitudes before thee:

wicke lt thou not on the


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a lice unto rely on, my lord. the sound came like hicef the floods

me, Go thy ward: I., 18 If thou hy up and stopped eht, for

of a Then gesweer do that, the throne ise hath his placevered he he judg


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1 Cor. 2. 14.


4 Whereof if thou canst declare, in vain, for the fire came and con
me one, I will shew thee also the sumed it.
way that thou desirest to see, and I 17 The thought of the floods of
shall shew thee from whence the the sea came likewise to nought, for
wicked heart cometh.

5 And I said, Tell on, my lord. 18 If thou wert judge now betwixt
Then said he unto me, Go thy way, these two, whom wouldest thou begin
weigh me the weight of the fire, or to justify? or whom wouldest thou
measure me the blast of the wind, condemn ?
or call me again the day that is past. 19 I answered and said, Verily it

6 Then answered I and said, What is a foolish thought that they both
man is able to do that, that thou have devised, for ll the ground is for the
shouldest ask such things of me? given unto the wood, and the sea

7 And he said unto me, If I should also hath his place to bear his || floods. 1 Or, estesa ask thee how great dwellings are in 20 Then answered he me, and the midst of the sea, or how many said, Thou hast given a right judgsprings are in the beginning of the ment, but why judgest thou not thydeep, or how many springs are above self also ? the firmament, or which are the out- 21 For like as || the ground is given 10r, goings of paradise:

unto the wood, and the sea to his ***
8 Peradventure thou wouldest say floods : even so b they that dwell b Isai. 55. 8,
unto me, I never went down into the upon the earth may understand no- John 3. 31.
deep, nor as yet into hell, neither did thing but that which is upon the"
I ever climb up into heaven.

earth: and he that dwelleth upon the
9 Nevertheless now have I asked heavens may only understand the
thee but only of the fire and wind, things that are above the height of
and of the day wherethrough thou the heavens.
hast passed, and of things from 22 Then answered I and said, I
which thou canst not be separated, beseech thee, O Lord, let me have
and yet canst thou give me no an- understanding :
swer of them.

23 For it was not my mind to be
10 He said moreover unto me, curious of the high things, but of
Thine own things, and such as are such as pass by us daily, namely,
grown up with thee, canst thou not wherefore Israel is given up as a re-

proach to the heathen, and for what 11 How should thy vessel then be cause the people whom thou hast able to comprehend 'the way of the loved is given over unto ungodly naHighest, and, the world being now tions, and why the law of our foreoutwardly corrupted, to understand fathers is brought to nought, and the

the || corruption that is evident in written covenants come || to none 10r, * incorruption, my sight?

12 Then said I unto him, It were 24 And we pass away out of the
better that we were not at all, than world as grashoppers, and our life is
that we should live still in wickedness, astonishment and fear, and we are
and to suffer, and not to know where- not worthy to obtain mercy.

1 25 What will he then do unto his
13 He answered me, and said, I name whereby we are called ? of

went into a forest into a plain, and these things have I asked. Judges 9. 8. the a trees took counsel,

26 Then answered he me, and said,
14 And said, Come, let us go and The more thou searchest, the more
make war against the sea, that it thou shalt marvel ; for the world hast-
may depart away before us, and that eth fast to pass away,
we may make us more woods. 1 27 And cannot comprehend the

15 The floods of the sea also in things that are promised to the right-
like manner took counsel, and said, eous in time to come : for this world
Come, let us go up and subdue the is full of unrighteousness and infirm-
woods of the plain, that there also ities.
we may make us another country. I 28 But as concerning the things

16 The thought of the wood was whereof thou askest me, I will tell

1. Or,

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2 Chron. 25. 18.


Apocrypha. thee ; for the evil is sown, but the can she not. And he said unto me, destruction thereof is not yet come. In the grave the chambers of souls

29 If therefore that which is sown are like the womb of a woman:
be not turned upside down, and if 42 For like as a woman that tra-
the place where the evil is sown pass vaileth maketh haste to escape the
not away, then cannot it come that is necessity of the travail: even so do
sown with good.

these places haste to deliver those
30 For the grain of evil seed hath things that are committed unto them.
been sown in the heart of Adam from 43 From the beginning, look, what
the beginning, and how much ungod- thou desirest to see, it shall be
liness hath it brought up unto this shewed thee.

time ? and how much shall it yet. 44 Then answered I and said, If I 1 0r, floor. bring forth until the || time of thresh- have found favour in thy sight, and ing come?

if it be possible, and if I be meet
31 Ponder now by thyself, how therefore,
great fruit of wickedness the grain of 45 Shew me then whether there be
evil seed hath brought forth.

more to come than is past, or more
32 And when the ears shall be past than is to come.
cut down, which are without number, 46 What is past I know, but what
how great a floor shall they fill? is for to come I know not.

33 Then I answered and said, | 47: And he said unto me, Stand up
How, and when shall these things upon the right side, and I shall ex-
come to pass ? wherefore are our pound the similitude unto thee.
years few and evil ?

48 So I stood, and saw, and, be-
34 And he answered me, saying, hold, an hot burning oven passed by
Do not thou hasten above the most before me: and it happened, that
Highest: for thy haste is in vain to when the flame was gone by I
be above him, for thou hast much looked, and, behold, the smoke re-

mained still.
35 Did not the souls also of the 49 After this there passed by be-
righteous ask question of these things fore me a watery cloud, and sent
in their chambers, saying, How long down much rain with a storm; and
shall I hope on this fashion ? when when the stormy rain was past, the
cometh the fruit of the floor of our drops remained still.
reward ?

I 50 Then said he unto me, Con-
36 And unto these things || Uriel sider with thyself; as 'the rain is
the archangel gave them answer, and more than the drops, and as the fire
said, Even when the number of seeds is greater than the smoke ; but the
is filled in you: for he hath weighed drops and the smoke remain behind :
the world in the balance.

so the || quantity which is past did ! Or,
37 By measure hath he measured more exceed.
the times, and by number hath he | 51 Then I prayed, and said, May
numbered the times; and he doth I live, thinkest thou, until that
not move nor stir them, until the time? or || what shall happen in kori who
said measure be fulfilled.

those days?
38 Then answered I and said, O 52 He answered me, and said, As
Lord that bearest rule, even we all for the tokens whereof thou askest
are full of impiety.

me, I may tell thee of them in part:
39 And for our sakes peradven- | but as touching thy life, I am not
ture it is that the floors of the right- sent to shew thee; for I do not know
eous are not filled, because of the it.
sins of them that dwell upon the


1 The signs of the times to come. 23 He
40 So he answered me, and said,

asketh why God, choosing but one people,
Go thy way to a woman with child, did cast them off. 30 He is taught, ihat
and ask of her when she hath fulfilled | God's judgments are unsearchable, 46 and
her nine months, if her womb may that God doeth not all at once.
keep the birth any longer within her. NEVERTHELESS as con-

41 Then said 'I, No, Lord, that I cerning the tokens, behold, the

1 Or, Jeremiel.

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dven- / me, I matokens wheme, and said

found with

a Matt. 24. 12.

thou treadest upon and seest.

wasted suddenly. Ots shalt thou sest saying, Whe people cat

shineet that the see after rant the


Apocrypha. days shall come, that they which (and my mind was troubled, so that it ! Or, shall be dwell upon earth || shall be taken in fainted. great wealth. a great number, and the way of truth 15 So the angel that was come to

shall be hidden, and the land shall be talk with me held me, comforted me,
barren of faith.

and set me upon my feet.
2 But a iniquity shall be increased 16 And in the second night it
above that which now thou seest, or came to pass, that Salathiel the cap-

that thou hast heard long ago. tain of the people came unto me, ! Or, that.. 3 And the land, || that thou seest saying, Where hast thou been ? and now to have root, shalt thou see why is thy countenance so heavy?

17 Knowest thou not that Israel is
4 But if the most High grant thee committed unto thee in the land of
to live, thou shalt see after the third their captivity?
trumpet that the sun shall suddenly 18 Up then, and eat bread, and
shine again in the night, and the forsake us not, as the shepherd that
moon thrice in the day:

leaveth his flock in the hands of cruel
5 And blood shall drop out of wolves.
wood, and the stone shall give his

1 19 Then said I unto him, Go thy
voice, and the people shall be trou- ways from me, and come not nigh
bled :

me. And he heard what I said, and
6 And even he shall rule, whom went from me.
they look not for that dwell upon the 20 And so I fasted seven days,
earth, and the fowls shall take their mourning and weeping, like as Uriel
flight away together :

the angel commanded me.
7 And the Sodomitish sea shall 21 And after seven days so it was,
cast out fish, and make a noise in the that the thoughts of my heart were
night, which many have not known: very grievous unto me again,
but they shall all hear the voice 22 And my soul recovered the

spirit of understanding, and I began
8 There shall be a confusion also to talk with the most High again,

in many places, and the fire shall be 23 And said, O Lord that bearest | Or, slaked. oft || sent out again, and the wild rule, of every wood of the earth, and

beasts shall change their places, and of all the trees thereof, thou hast
menstruous women shall bring forth chosen thee one only vine:
monsters :

24 And of all lands of the whole
9 And salt waters shall be found in world thou hast chosen thee one pit:
the sweet, and all friends shall de- and of all the flowers thereof one
stroy one another; then shall wit lide lily:
itself, and understanding withdraw it- 25 And of all the depths of the
self into his secret chamber,

sea thou hast filled thee one river:
10 And shall be sought of many, and of all builded cities thou hast
and yet not be found : then shall un- hallowed Sion unto thyself:
righteousness and incontinency be 26 And of all the fowls that are
multiplied upon earth.

created thou hast named thee one
11 One land also shall ask another, dove: and of all the cattle that are
and say, Is righteousness that maketh made thou hast provided thee one
a man righteous gone through thee? sheep:
And it shall say, No.

27 And among all the multitudes
12 At the same time shall men of people thou hast gotten thee one
hope, but nothing obtain: they shall people: and unto this people, whom
labour, but their ways shall not thou lovedst, thou gavest a law that
Il prosper.

is approved of all.
13 To shew thee such tokens I 28 And now, O Lord, why hast
have leave; and if thou wilt pray thou given this one people over unto
again, and weep as now, and fast many ? and || upon the one root hast 1 Or, oser.
seven days, thou shalt hear yet greater thou prepared others, and why hast

thou scattered thy only one people
14 Then I awaked, and an extreme among many?
fearfulness went through all my body, ! 29 And they which did gainsay

Or, be directed

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