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blessed To bias and his wife, Junius.


Apocrypha. 14 6 And early in the morning they 9 But Tobias said, No; but let

went forth both together, and came me go to my father. | Or, Gabael to the wedding: and || Tobias blessed 10 Then Raguel arose, and gave

him Sara his wife, and half his goods,

servants, and cattle, and money: CHAP. X.

11 And he blessed them, and sent
1 Tobit and his wife long for their son. 7 them away, saying, The God of hea-

She will not be comforted by her husband. ven give you a prosperous journey,
10 Raquel sendeth Tobias and his wife my

my children.

away, with half their goods, 12 and blesseth

12 And he said to his daughter,
N OW Tobit his father counted

Honour thy father and thy mother in
N every day: and when the days

law, which are now thy parents, that

I may hear good report of thee. And of the journey were expired, and

he kissed her. Edna also said to
they came not,

Tobias, The Lord of heaven restore
2 Then Tobit said, Are they de-
tained ? or is Gabael dead, and there

thee, my dear brother, and grant that

I may see thy children of my daugh-
is no man to give him the money?
3 Therefore he was very sorry.

ter Sara before I die, that I may
4 Then his wife said 'unto him,

rejoice before the Lord: behold, I
My son is dead, seeing he stayeth
commit my daughter unto thee || of, or,

to be safely long; and she began to bewail him,

special trust; wherefore do not entreat kept.

her evil.
and said,
5 Now I care for nothing, my son,

since I have let thee go, the light of 6 Tobias' mother spieth her son coming. 10
mine eyes.

His father meeteth him at the door, and re-
6 To whom Tobit said, Hold thy | covereth his sight. 14 He praiseth God,
peace, take no care, for he is safe.

17 and welcometh his daughter in law.
7 But she said, Hold thy peace, LA FTER these things Tobias went
and deceive me not; my son is dead.h his way, praising God that he
And she went out every day into the had given him a prosperous journey,
way which they went, and did eat no and blessed Raguel and Edna his
meat on the daytime, and ceased not wife, and went on his way till they
whole nights to bewail her son Tobias, drew near unto Nineve.
until the fourteen days of the wed- 2 Then Raphael said to Tobias,
ding were expired, which Raguel had Thou knowest, brother, how thou
sworn that he should spend there. didst leave thy father :
Then Tobias said to Raguel, Let me 3 Let us haste before thy wife, and
go, for my father and my mother look prepare the house.
no more to see me.

1 4 And take in thine hand the gall
8 But his father in law said unto of the fish. So they went their way,
him, Tarry with me, and I will send and the dog went after them.
to thy father, and they shall declare 5 Now Ånna sat looking about to-
unto him how things go with thee. ward the way for her son.

notes at 2 Kings xii. 10; Job xiv. 17. It is the cus- Jewish brides brought to their husbands was differen: tom of Persia always to seal up bags of money; and according to the circumstances of their parents. As the money of the king's treasure is not told, but is Sarah was an only child, and disposed of in marriage received by bags sealed up. Sir J. Chardin.

according to her parent's wishes, and agreeably to the

determination and appointment of the Mosaical lax, Chap. X. ver. 6. take no care, for he is safe.] To Raguel gives her half his substance in the present, and the great concern expressed by his wife at the long ab- engages to bestow the remainder at his death, chap sence of her son, and the apprehension of his death, viii. 21. Arnald. Tobit calmly and tenderly replies, that she ought not to 12. -- restore thee, my dear brother,] Grant thee a safe be thus discouraged and dejected; he was persuaded, return. “Brother” is used as an expression of tender. through a faith and trust in God, that his son was safe, ness and affection. Arnald. and that some unforeseen accident on Gabael's part, and not any misfortune, had occasioned the delay. We can- ' Chap. XI. ver. 1 till they drew near unto NERET not but admire the exemplary patience of Tobit on all | The meaning seems to be, that the whole company went occasions, who, though poor, blind, old, and almost together till they came within a day's, or some bours, childless in every sense, yet never desponds or charges journey of Nineveh ; and then Tobias and Raphael God foolishly. Arnald.

went on before to prepare for their reception in his fa10. - and half his goods,] The dowry which the ther's house. Arnald.

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is also called Nasbas.


6 And when she espied him com-/ Sara his daughter in law, he blessed
ing, she said to his father, Behold, her, saying, Thou art welcome, daugh-
thy son cometh, and the man that ter : God be blessed, which hath
went with him.

brought thee unto us, and blessed be 7 Then said Raphael, I know, thy father and thy mother. And Tobias, that thy father will open his there was joy among all his brethren eyes.

which were at Nineve. 8 Therefore anoint thou his eyes 18 And Achiacharus, || and Nasbas ! Junius, who with the gall, and being pricked his brother's son, came : therewith, he shall rub, and the white- 19 And Tobias' wedding was kept ness shall fall away, and he shall see seven days with great joy. thee. 9 Then Anna ran forth, and fell.


5 Tobit offereth half to the angel for his upon the neck of her son, and said

pains. 6 But he calleth them both aside, unto him, Seeing I have seen thee,

and exhorteth them, 15 and telleth them my son, from henceforth I am con that he was an angel, 21 and was seen no tent to die. And they wept both. more.

10 Tobit also went forth toward M H EN Tobit called his son Tobias,
the door, and stumbled: but his son 1 and said unto him, My son, see
ran unto him,

that the man have his wages, which
11 And took hold of his father: went with thee, and thou must give
and he strake of the gall on his father's him more.
eyes, saying, Be of good hope, my 2 And Tobias said unto him, O

father, it is no harm to me to give
12 And when his eyes began to him half of those things which I have
smart, he rubbed them;

13 And the whiteness pilled away 3 For he hath brought me again
from the corners of his eyes : and to thee in safety, and made whole my
when he saw his son, he fell upon his wife, and brought me the money, and

likewise healed thee.
14 And he wept, and said, Blessed 4 Then the old man said, It is due
art thou, O God, and blessed is thy unto him.
name for ever; and blessed are all 5 So he called the angel, and he
thine holy angels:

said unto him, Take half of all that
15 For thou hast scourged, and ye have brought, and go away in
hast taken pity on me: for, behold, I safety.
see my son Tobias. And his son went 6 Then he took them both apart,
in rejoicing, and told his father the and said unto them, Bless God, praise
great things that had happened to him, and magnify him, and praise
him in Media.

him for the things which he hath
16 Then Tobit went out to meet done unto you in the sight of all that
his daughter in law at the gate of live. It is good to praise God, and
Nineve, rejoicing, and praising God: exalt his name, and || honourably to [ Or, with
and they which saw him go marvelled, shew forth the works of God; there- *
because he had received his sight. fore be not slack to praise him.

17 But Tobit gave thanks before 1 7 It is good to keep close the them, because God had mercy on secret of a king, but it is honourable him. And when he came near to to reveal the works of God. Do that

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6. — when she espied him coming,] The words may be taneous a cure without special Divine interference. properly rendered, “when she perceived that he was Drusius. coming,” perhaps discovering him by the dog, ver. 4. 18.- Achiacharus, and Nasbas his brother's son,] Allowing this to be the meaning, it explains the reason Achiacharus is mentioned at chap. i. 22, as his brother's of the dog being mentioned, and the incident is by no son. Thus it has been conjectured, that the expression means low or ridiculous, but rather natural and familiar. here should be, “Achiacharus, who was also Nasbas, Dr. Gray.

his brother's son.” Arnald. 13. And the whiteness pilled away? We must under 19. — Tobias' wedding was kept] His wedding was cestand the Divine power to have particularly concurred lebrated, or the entertainments on account of his wedding with the natural means, for the cure of Tobit's blindness. were continued, for seven days. See note at chap.viii. 19. For although the gall of the fish may have had this natural power, yet it could not have effected so instan- 1 Chap. XII. ver. 7. - it is honourable to reveal the

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which is good, and no evil shall touch, 17 But he said unto them, Fear

not, for it shall go well with you;
8 Prayer is good with fasting and praise God therefore.
alms and righteousness. A little with 18 For not of any favour of mine,
righteousness is better than much but by the will of our God I came;
with unrighteousness. It is better to wherefore praise him for ever.
give alms than to lay up gold: I 19 a All these days I did appear a Gen. 13. .

9 For alms doth deliver from death, unto you; but I did neither eat nor su
and shall purge away all sin. Those drink, but ye did see a vision,
that exercise alms and righteousness 1 20 Now therefore give God thanks:
shall be filled with life:

for I go up to him that sent me; but
10 But they that sin are enemies write all things which are done in a
to their own life.

11 Surely I will keep close nothing 21 And when they arose, they saw
from you. For I said, It was good him no more.
to keep close the secret of a king, 22 Then they confessed the great
but that it was honourable to reveal and wonderful works of God, and
the works of God.

| how the angel of the Lord had ap-
12 Now therefore, when thou didst peared unto them.
pray, and Sara thy daughter in law,
I did bring the remembrance of your

prayers before the Holy One: and
when thou didst bury the dead, I was The thanksgiving unto God, which Tobit
with thee likewise.

13 And when thou didst not delay THEN Tobit wrote a prayer of
the to rise up, and leave thy dinner, + to 1 rejoicing, and said, Blessed be

go and cover the dead, thy good deed God that liveth for ever, and blessed
was not hid from me: but I was with be his kingdom.

| 2 a For he doth scourge, and hath a Deut. s
14 And now God hath sent me to mercy: he leadeth down to hell, and i'Sam. 2. 6.
heal thee and Sara thy daughter in bringeth up again: neither is there Wisd. 16. II.

any that can avoid his hand.
15 I am Raphael, one of the seven 3 Confess him before the Gentiles,
holy angels, which present the prayers ye children of Israel: for he hath
of the saints, and which go in and out scattered us among them.
before the glory of the Holy One. I 4 There declare his greatness, and

16 Then they were both troubled, extol him before all the living: for
and fell upon their faces : for they he is our Lord, and he is the God

our Father for ever.

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works of God.] Implying, that the more the works of According to some opinions, seven is here put for an God are made manifest and revealed, the more they pro- indefinite number, since we have frequent mention of an claim His honour and glory, and call for a larger tribute infinite number of angels before the throne of God; of praise and thanksgiving. Arnald.

Dan. vii. 10 ; Rev. v. 11; but it is more probable that 9. shall be filled with life : 7 Though life eternal is seven principal angels are meant, the most exalted, most not expressly mentioned here, yet it is implied, and forms glorious, and chief of the heavenly host, that hold the the true sense of the passage. Almsgiving is not a na- first rank in the hierarchy of angels, and are as prines tural means of procuring a long and happy life, though in the court of the sovereign Lord of the universe. God, by bestowing His blessing on the charitable man, · Arnald. is often pleased so to order it. Tobit himself was an 20. — write all things - in a book. It has commonly instance of the poverty to which those may sometimes been believed, that Tobit and Tobias wrote their own be reduced who shew the greatest zeal in exercising history; an opinion which has been principally founded works of charity. The following verse confirms this on the command here given by the angel. Arnald. sense, “they that sin are enemies to their own life;" | that is, they bring upon themselves death and destruco Chap. XIII. ver. 2.- he leadeth down to hell,7 The tion, or they expose themselves to eternal misery. Cal- expression seems taken from the song of Hannah, 1 Sam. met, Arnald.

ii. 6, “ The Lord killeth, and maketh alive : He 12.- I did bring the remembrance &c.] The opinion, bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up.” What that the angels, as ministers of God, presented to Him consolation do these words administer to one of sound the supplications of men, was extremely ancient. Ar- | faith ; and how refreshing is it to the afflicted servants nald.

of God, to be assured that the chastisement, by which 15. — one of the seven holy angels,] We find the seven He proves their virtue, tends to their good, and will end angels, or spirits, mentioned at Rev. i. 4 ; iv. 5 ; v. 6. | happily at last! Arnald.


to a sinful habis might and mae shall be glad for everthy glory, and


5 And he will scourge us for our 12 Cursed are all they which hate
iniquities, and will have mercy again, thee, and blessed shall all be which
and will gather us out of all nations, love thee for ever.
among whom he hath scattered us. I 13 Rejoice and be glad for the

6 If ye turn to him with your children of the just: for they shall be
whole heart, and with your whole gathered together, and shall bless the
mind, and deal uprightly before him, Lord of the just.
then will he turn unto you, and will | 14 ( blessed are they which love
not hide his face from you. There- thee, for they shall rejoice in thy
fore see what he will do with you, Il peace : blessed are they which have | Or,
and confess him with your whole been sorrowful for all thy scourges;
mouth, and praise the Lord of might, for they shall rejoice for thee, when
and extol the everlasting King. In they have seen all thy glory, and
the land of my captivity do I praise shall be glad for ever.
him, and declare his might and ma- 15 Let my soul bless God the
jesty to a sinful nation. O ye sinners, great King.
turn and do justice before him: who 16 For Jerusalem shall be built up
can tell if he will accept you, and with sapphires, and emeralds, and
have mercy on you?

precious stone: thy walls and towers
7 I will extol my God, and my and battlements with pure gold.
soul shall praise the King of heaven, 17 And the streets of Jerusalem
and shall rejoice in his greatness. shall be paved with beryl and car-

8 Let all men speak, and let all buncle and stones of Ophir.
praise him for his righteousness.

18 And all her streets shall say,
9 0 Jerusalem, the holy city, ll he Alleluia; and they shall praise him,
will scourge thee for thy children's saying, Blessed be God, which hath
works, and will have mercy again on extolled it for ever.
the sons of the righteous.

10 Give praise to the Lord, for he

3 Tobit giveth instructions to his son, 8 speis good : and praise the everlasting

cially to leave Nineve. 11 He and his wife King, that his tabernacle may be die, and are buried. 12 Tobias removeth

builded in thee again with joy, and to Ecbatane, 14 and there died, after he | Or, to make. || let him make joyful there in thee had heard of the destruction of Nineve.

those that are captives, and love in So Tobit made an end of praising
thee for ever those that are miserable. D God.

11 Many nations shall come from 2 And he was eight and fifty years
far to the name of the Lord God old when he lost his sight, which was
with gifts in their hands, even gifts restored to him after eight years : and
to the King of heaven; all genera he gave alms, and he || increased in | Or did more
tions shall praise thee with great the fear of the Lord God, and praised fear."

| Or, he will lay a scourge upon the works of thy children.

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6. declare his might and majesty to a sinful nation.] and prays for its accomplishment. There is no necesBy “a sinful nation” he seems to mean the Israelites, sity of supposing, in regard to this or any other exnow captive on account of their sins. Thus he blesses pression, that Tobit possessed the gist of prophecy; he God and magnifies His power and justice, not for His seems, on the contrary, entirely to ground his observafavours, but for His chastisement sent upon an un- tions on the writings of the inspired Prophets who gratful people, laden with iniquity, who had rendered preceded him. Arnald. themselves unworthy of His mercy. In this he acts as 11. Many nations shall come from far &c.] He seems is becoming the true servants of God, who bless Him here to refer to Ps. lxxii. 10, 11. even for the afflictions with which He is pleased to visit 16. — with sapphires, and emeralds, &c.] This descripthem, and acknowledge the justice of His conduct to- / tion seems to be taken from Isai. liv. 11, 12. Grotius. wards them, even though He does not distinguish their 18. all her streets shall say, &c.] In the Latin lot from that of sinners. Arnald. Or, by declaring copies, it is expressed, “ through all her streets Allelu“ His might and majesty to a sinful nation,” may be jah shall be sung.” Calmet. meant, that he was then publishing the wonderful works | Alleluia ,] See note at Ps. cv. 45. of God to the Assyrians, for the purpose of converting them from their idolatries to the religion of the true Chap. XIV. ver. 2.- was eight and fifty years old) God. Grotius.

The different copies vary considerably respecting Tobit's 10. that his tabernacle may be builded in thee again] | age at this time, and also respecting his age, and that Tobit seems here to refer to Amos ix. 11, “In that day of Tobias, when they respectively died, ver. 11, 14. will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, Arnald.

aged, his Ninch the

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3 And when he was very aged, he 8 And now, my son, depart out of
called his son, and the six sons of his Nineve, because that those things
son, and said to him, My son, take which the prophet Jonas spake shall
thy children; for, behold, I am aged, surely come to pass.
and am ready to depart out of this 9 But keep thou the law and the

commandments, and shew thyself 4 Go into Media, my son, for I merciful and just, that it may go well surely believe those things which with thee. Jonas the prophet spake of Nineve, 10 And bury me decently, and thy that it shall be overthrown; and that mother with me; but tarry no longer for a time peace shall rather be in at Nineve. Remember, my son, Media; and that our brethren shall how Aman handled Achiacharus that lie scattered in the earth from that brought him up, how out of light he good land : and Jerusalem shall be brought him into darkness, and how he desolate, and the house of God in it rewarded him again: yet Achiacharus shall be burned, and shall be desolate was || saved, but the other had his I 0r, for a time;

reward: for he went down into dark- Pra a Ezra 3.8. & 5 a And that again God will have ness. || Manasses gave alms, and es- [ Juniu

mercy on them, and bring them again caped the snares of death || which itzba.
into the land, where they shall build they had set for him: but Aman fell elementiem
a temple, but not like to the first, into the snare, and perished.
until the time of that age be fulfilled; 11 Wherefore now, my son, con-
and afterward they shall return from sider what alms doeth, and how
all places of their captivity, and build righteousness doth deliver. When

up Jerusalem gloriously, and the he had said these things, he gave up Il for ever is house of God shall be built in it || for the ghost in the bed, being an hunRoman copy. ever with a glorious building, as the dred and eight and fifty years old;

prophets have spoken thereof. and he || buried him honourably. Or, tåey.

6 And all nations shall turn, and 12 And when Anna his mother fear the Lord God truly, and shall was dead, he buried her with his bury their idols.

father. But Tobias departed with 7 So shall all nations praise the his wife and children to Ecbatane to Lord, and his people shall confess Raguel his father in law, God, and the Lord shall exalt his 13 Where he became old with honpeople; and all those which love our, and he buried his father and the Lord God in truth and justice mother in law honourably, and he shall rejoice, shewing mercy to our || inherited their substance, and his Of, brethren.

1 Roman, thich ke bad


not in the

father Tobit's.


4. — which Jonas the prophet &c.] Jonas did not ac- | four great events of futurity, the knowledge of which tually prophesy the destruction of Nineveh ; but he he derived from the Prophets ; namely, Ist, The foretold generally the revenge which God would take end of the Jewish age or state, and a long captivity upon the Assyrians for their repeated provocations, of his nation ensuing upon it. 2dly, A general te chap. ii, iii ; and though, as is well known, his first turn from that captivity. 3dly, The rebuilding gloprediction against the city, that it should be destroyed riously of the city and temple : and lastly, the code in forty days, was not at that time fulfilled, on account version of all the Gentiles from idolatry, when the of the repentance and humiliation of the inhabitants, horn or kingdom of his people should be exalted. yet it was to be inferred, that the same judgments still | Bp. Chandler. hung over the city, to be put in execution whenever the 1 6.— and shall bury their idols.] The destruction of people should return to their wicked and abandoned idolatry is often mentioned by the Prophets as a priviways. Arnald.

cipal circumstance in their description of the flourishing The prophecy of Jonas at chap. iii. 4. of his book, state of the Church, which should come to pass in after : may be supposed to include the destruction of Nineveh times. See Isai. i. 29; Jer. iii. 17; Zech. xiii. 2; Mic. by the Medes and Babylonians. Its accomplishment | v. 12, 13. Arnald. was protracted, but not frustrated.

| 10. — Aman Achiacharus Manasses] Who these It should be observed, that in this instance Tobit does persons were, is wholly unknown ; it has been conje. not pretend to the spirit of prophecy himself, but speaks tured, that this “Achiacharus” is the nephew of Tobi : entirely from what had been before delivered by Jonas. / mentioned at chap. i. 21; xi. 18; but this is quite Dr. Gray.

uncertain. Arnald. - Jerusalem shall be desolate, &c.] He says this on “Aman” here mentioned, was certainly not Haman, the authority of those inspired Prophets, who had fore- the proud enemy of Mordecai, Esth. iii. 5; nor was ! told this desolation of Jerusalem, and of the house of this Manasses the husband of Judith, Judith viii. 2; but. God, Mic. iii. 12; Jer. xxvi. 18. Arnald.

some predecessor or contemporary of Tobit, with whose In this and the subsequent verse, Tobit mentions l history we are unacquainted. Dr. Gray.

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