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Apocrypha. Before 20 Areus king of the Lacedemon-1 30 Then Jonathan pursued after Before about 144. ians to Onias the high priest, greeting: them, but overtook them not: for about 144.

21 It is found in writing, that the they were gone over the river Eleu-
Lacedemonians and Jews are bre- therus.
thren, and that they are of the stock 31 Wherefore Jonathan turned to
of Abraham:

the Arabians, who were called + Za- + Joseph. Gr. 22 Now therefore, since this is badeans, and smote them, and took or, Zabathe

come to our knowledge, ye shall do their spoils.
+ Gr. peace. well to write unto us of your + pros- 32 And removing thence, he came

to Damascus, and so passed through
23 We do write back again to you, all the country
that your cattle and goods are our's, 33 Simon also went forth, and
and our's are your's. We do command passed through the country unto As-
therefore our ambassadors to make calon, and the holds there adjoining,
report unto you on this wise. from whence he turned aside to Joppe,

24 Now when Jonathan heard that and won it.
Demetrius' princes were come to fight 34 For he had heard that they
against him with a greater host than would deliver the hold unto them

that took Demetrius' part; where-
25 He removed from Jerusalem, fore he set a garrison there to keep

and met them in the land of Amathis: it.
Or, 10 set for he gave them no respite || to enter 35 After this came Jonathan home
country: or, his country.

again, and calling the elders of the
26 He sent spies also unto their people together, he consulted with
tents, who came again, and told him them about building strong holds in
that they were appointed to come Judea,
upon them in the night season.

36 And making the walls of Jeru-
27 Wherefore so soon as the sun salem higher, and raising a great
was down, Jonathan commanded his mount between the tower and the
men to watch, and to be in arms, city, for to separate it from the city,
that all the night long they might be that so it might be alone, that men
ready to fight : also he sent forth might neither sell nor buy in it.
centinels round about the host.

37 Upon this they came together 28 But when the adversaries heard to build up the city, || forasmuch as ! Or, accordthat Jonathan and his men were ready part of the wall toward the brook on Roman

for battle, they feared, and trembled the east side was fallen down, and reading · Ant., in their hearts, and || they kindled they repaired that which was called near to the lib. 13. cap. 9. they went fires in their camp.

Caphenatha. 29 Howbeit Jonathan and his com- 38 Simon also set up Adida in the east. pany knew it not till the morning : Sephela, and made it strong with for they saw the lights burning. gates and bars.

foot in his

to invade his country.

4 be it from and Breat

ing to the

and he came

wall of the brook toward


otus called “barbarians ;” and perhaps were derived fires in their camp,” in order to make it be believed that from the Syrians and Arabians, the posterity of Abra- they were still there. Dean Prideaux. A stratagem, of ham by Keturah. Whiston.

which instances are frequently recorded in history. 19. — which Oniares sent,) See the margin.

Grotius. 21. It is found in writing, l That is, in the annals 31. -- the Arabians, who were called Zabadeans,] It and monuments of history. Badwell. It appears from is very probable, that instead of Zabadeans, which is a hence, that the Lacedemonians first wrote to the Jews, name entirely unknown, we should read Nabatheans, as and certified them that they found in some old books Josephus did. Calmet. The Nabatheans, though forthat they were related, and had the patriarch Abraham merly friends of Judas, had remained on the side of for their common father. The Jews, though proud of Demetrius Nicator, and had not attached themselves to their noble origin, did not reject the pretension of the Alexander. Grotius. See Dr. Wells's note on chap. iii. 46. Lacedemonians. Both believed they were related. It 36. that men might neither sell nor buy in it.] The must be confessed, however, that their belief was ill object was, that the heathen, who were in garrison founded, if it rested on the documents remaining in there, might receive no relief of provision, or of any Scripture, or in profane authors. But they might at thing else that way; which soon reduced them to that time have proofs and monuments in their posses- | great distress, and very much forwarded that necessity, sion, which are unknown to us. Calmet.

whereby at last they were compelled to surrender the 25. - in the land of Amathis :) Or, Hamath. See the place. Dean Prideaux. note on Isai. x. 9.

37. that which was called Caphenatha.] Probably 28. they feared, and trembled in their hearts, 7 So so called from the palms that grew there. Grotius. that they immediately marched off in the night, “kindling 38. — Adida in Sephela,] Eusebius and St. Jerome

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Apocrypha Before 39 Now Tryphon went about to 50 But when they knew that Jona- Before about 144. get the kingdom of Asia, and to kill than and they that were with him about 14.

Antiochus the king, that he might were taken and slain, they encouraged
set the crown upon his own head. one another, and went close together,

40 Howbeit he was afraid that prepared to fight.
Jonathan would not suffer him, and 51 They therefore that followed
that he would fight against him; upon them, perceiving that they were
wherefore he sought a way how to ready to fight for their lives, turned
take Jonathan, that he might kill back again.
him. So he removed, and came to 52 Whereupon they all came into

the land of Judea peaceably, and there
41 Then Jonathan went out to they bewailed Jonathan, and them
meet him with forty thousand men that were with him, and they were
chosen for the battle, and came to sore afraid ; wherefore all Israel made

great lamentation.
42 Now when Tryphon saw that 53 Then all the heathen that were
Jonathan came with so great a force, round about them sought to destroy
he durst not stretch his hand against them: for said they, They have no

captain, nor any to help them : now
43 But received him honourably, therefore let us make war upon them,
and commended him unto all his and take away their memorial from
friends, and gave him gifts, and com- | among men.
manded his men of war to be as obe-
dient unto him, as to himself.

44 Unto Jonathan also he said, 8 Simon is made captain in his brother Jona-
Why hast thou put all this people to

I than's room. 19 Tryphon getteth two of

Jonathan's sons into his hands, and slayeth so great trouble, seeing there is no

their father. 27 The tomb of Jonathan.
war betwixt us ?

36 Simon is favoured by Demetrius, 40
45 Therefore send them now home and winneth Gaza, and the tower at Jeru-
again, and choose a few men to wait salem,
on thee, and come thou with me to N OW when Simon heard that
Ptolemais, for I will give it thee, I Tryphon had gathered together
and the rest of the strong holds and a great host to invade the land of
forces, and all that have any charge: Judea, and destroy it,
as for me, I will return and depart: 2 And saw that the people was in
for this is the cause of my coming. great trembling and fear, he went up

46 So Jonathan believing him did to Jerusalem, and gathered the people
as he bade him, and sent away his together,
host, who went into the land of 3 And gave them exhortation,

saying, Ye yourselves know what
47 And with himself he retained great things I, and my brethren, and

but three thousand men, of whom he my father's house, have done for the Gr. left two + sent two thousand into Galilee, and laws and the sanctuary, the battles

one thousand went with him. also and troubles which we have seen,

48 Now as soon as Jonathan en- 4 By reason whereof all my bre-
tered into Ptolemais, they of Ptole- thren are slain for Israel's sake, and
mais shut the gates, and took him, I am left alone.
and all them that came with him! 5 Now therefore be it far from me,
they slew with the sword.

that I should spare mine own life in
49 Then sent Tryphon an host of any time of trouble: for I am no
footmen and horsemen into Galilee, better than my brethren.
and into the great plain, to destroy all 6 Doubtless I will avenge my na-
Jonathan's company.

tion, and the sanctuary, and our

thousand in Galilee.

tell us, that all the open plain country about Eleuthero- the young king had promised to the Jewish nation, polis to the north and west was in their days called chap. xi. 57. Grotius. Sephela. Dr. Wells.

48. — and took him,} By order of Tryphon, as Josephus 40.- Bethsan.) See chap. v. 52.

expressly states. Grotius. 45, - come thou with me to Ptolemais, for I will give it 50. But when they knew] Rather, when they had thee,] As being one of the four governments, which heard : for Jonathan was not yet dead. Castellio, fie


Before CHRIST about 144.


Apocrypha. Beforer wives, and our children: for all the , and the hundred talents : howbeit Before

CHRIST heathen are gathered to destroy us of Tryphon dissembled, neither would about 144. very malice.

he let Jonathan go.
7 Now as soon as the people heard 20 And after this came Tryphon
these words, their spirit revived. to invade the land, and destroy it,

8 And they answered with a loud going round about by the way that
voice, saying, Thou shalt be our leader leadeth unto Adora: but Simon and
instead of Judas and Jonathan thy his host marched against him in every

I place, wheresoever he went.
9 Fight thou our battles, and what- 21 Now they that were in the
soever thou commandest us, that will tower sent messengers unto Tryphon,
we do.

to the end that he should hasten his
10 So then he gathered together coming unto them by the wilderness,
all the men of war, and made haste to and send them victuals.
finish the walls of Jerusalem, and he 22 Wherefore Tryphon made ready
fortified it round about.

all his horsemen to come that night:
11 Also he sent Jonathan the son but there fell a very great snow, by
of Absalom, and with him a great reason whereof he came not. So he
power, to Joppe: who casting out departed, and came into the country
them that were therein remained there of Galaad.
in it.

1 23 And when he came near to
12 So Tryphon removed from Bascama, he slew Jonathan, who was
Ptolemais with a great power to in- buried there.
vade the land of Judea, and Jonathan 24 Afterward Tryphon returned
was with him in ward.

and went into his own land.
13 But Simon pitched his tents at 25 Then sent Simon, and took the about 143.
Adida, over against the plain. bones of Jonathan his brother, and

14 Now when Tryphon knew that buried them in Modin, the city of his
Simon was risen up instead of his fathers.
brother Jonathan, and meant to join 26 And all Israel made great la-
battle with him, he sent messengers mentation for him, and bewailed him
unto him, saying,

many days.
15 Whereas we have Jonathan thy 27 Simon also built a monument
brother in hold, it is for money that upon the sepulchre of his father and

he is owing unto the king's treasure, his brethren, and raised it aloft to the Or, for the concerning the business that was com- sight, with hewn stone behind and offices, that mitted unto him.

y 16 Wherefore now send an hun- 28 Moreover he set up seven
uses which he dred talents of silver, and two of his pyramids, one against another, for his

sons for hostages, that when he is at father, and his mother, and his four
liberty he may not revolt from us, and brethren.
we will let him go.

29 And in these he made cunning
17 Hereupon Simon, albeit he per- devices, about the which he set great
ceived that they spake deceitfully unto pillars, and upon the pillars he made
him, yet sent he the money and the all their armour for a perpetual me-
children, lest peradventure he should mory, and by the armour ships carved,
procure to himself great hatred of that they might be seen of all that
the people :

sail on the sea.
18 Who might have said, Because 30 This is the sepulchre which he
I sent him not the money and the made at Modin, and it standeth yet
children, therefore is Jonathan dead. unto this day.

19 So he sent them the children 31 Now Tryphon dealt deceitfully

affairs, or,

he had, or, the necessary

was not long after put to death by the perfidious Try- Jerusalem on mount Acra. It appears from chap. xii. phon, who next slew his young master, and put on his 36, that they had a difficulty in procuring supplies of blood-stained crown., Dr. Hales.

provisions, &c. Grotius.

25.- in Modin,] See the last note on chap. ii. 1. ? Chap. XIII. ver. 20. — Adora:] A city belonging to 30. — and it standeth yet unto this day.] Josephus the tribe of Judah, in the southern part of Judea, on tells us, that this whole fabrick was standing entire in the confines of Idumea. Calmet.

his days, and looked upon as a very curious and ex21.- they that were in the tower] In the fortress of cellent piece of architecture; and Eusebius mentions it

Before CHRIST about 143.

Before CHRIST about 143.

strong holds.

+ Gr. all Tryphon's doings were robberies.


Apocrypha Before with the young king Antiochus and tribute paid in Jerusalem, it shall no Before

more be paid.
32 And he reigned in his stead, 40 And look who are meet among
and crowned himself king of Asia, you to be in our court, let them be en-
and brought a great calamity upon rolled, and let there be peace betwixt
the land.

33 Then Simon built up the strong 41 Thus the yoke of the heathen
holds in Judea, and fenced them was taken away from Israel in the
about with high towers, and great hundred and seventieth year.

walls, and gates, and bars, and laid 42 Then the people of Israel began + Gr. in the up victuals | therein.

to write in their instruments and con-
34 Moreover Simon chose men, and tracts, In the first year of Simon the
sent to king Demetrius, to the end he high priest, the governor and leader
should give the land an immunity, of the Jews.
because + all that Tryphon did was 43 In those days Simon camped
to spoil.

against Gaza, and besieged it round
35 Unto whom king Demetrius about; he made also an engine of
answered and wrote after this man- war, and set it by the city, and bat-

tered a certain tower, and took it.
36 King Demetrius unto Simon 44 And they that were in the
the high priest, and friend of kings, engine leaped into the city; where-
as also unto the elders and nation of upon there was a great uproar in the
the Jews, sendeth greeting:


| 45 Insomuch as the people of the
scarlet robe, which ye sent unto us, city rent their clothes, and climbed
we have received: and we are ready upon the walls with their wives and
to make a stedfast peace with you, children, and cried with a loud voice,
yea, and to write unto our officers, to beseeching Simon † to grant them + Gr. de site
confirm the immunities which we have peace.

46 And they said, Deal not with
38 And whatsoever covenants we us according to our wickedness, but
have made with you shall stand ; and according to thy mercy.
the strong holds, which ye have build- 47 So Simon was appeased toward
ed, shall be your own.

them, and fought no more against
39 As for any oversight or fault them, but put them out of the city,
committed unto this day, we forgive and cleansed the houses wherein the
it, and the crown tax also, which ye idols were, and so entered into it with
owe us: and if there were any other songs and thanksgiving.

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as still in being in his time, which was two hundred Jews, instead of the era of the Seleucidæ, or of Aleryears after the time of Josephus. Dean Prideaux, Stack- ander's successors, as before. Dr. Hales. house.

L 40.- let them be enrolled,] In the number of our 31. - and slew him.] How Tryphon killed this Anti- , soldiers. Badwell. See chap. x. 36. ochus, the epitome of Livy informs us; namely, that 43. In those days Simon camped against Gaza, &e.) he corrupted his physicians or surgeons, who, falsely Having obtained the independent sovereignty of the pretending to the people that he was perishing with the land, Simon took a progress through it, to inspect what stone, as they cut him for it, killed him. This exactly was wanting for its security; repairing the fortifications agrees with Josephus. Whiston.

that were decayed, making new ones where they were 32. - and brought a great calamity upon the land.] wanted, and besieging and taking the places that stood By the destruction of many who disapproved of his out against him. Dean Prideaux. conduct. Grotius.

- Gaza,] This is in all probability an errour for 34.- Simon chose men, and sent to king Demetrius,] Gazara; the taking of which is spoken of as one of the Notwithstanding the ill treatment the Jews had re- good works of Simon, chap. xiv. 7, 34; and also by ceived from Demetrius, who after his defeat by Tryphon Josephus: but nothing is said in either history of his had abandoned himself to sloth and luxury at Laodicea, taking Gaza. And Gazara is often mentioned by them Simon yet preferred him to his perfidious rival, and as in the hands of Simon; but Gaza never, unless it be sent respectfully to treat with him about a renewal of in this place. Gazara is the same with the ancient the former terms of accommodation: to which Deme- Gezar : see the note on chap. ii. 46. And here most trius gladly agreed, and confirmed them all, with an act likely it was that Simon.built him an house, Fer. 48; of amnesty for all past offences. From this grant the and that was the house wherein John his son dwelt, Jews date the independence of their country, and their when he sent him to command in those parts, ver. 53. freedom from the Syrian yoke, before Christ 143; and Dean Prideaux. thenceforth computed the times from this era of Simon's 47.- but put them out of the city, He generousty reign, as high priest, and ethnarch or prince of the spared their lives ; but for their idolatries, and for the



about 142.

er comes, nor selisiress for Wemetrius, Arsaces, by

peace with them.


Apocrypha. op 48 Yea, he put all uncleanness outN OW in the hundred threescore Before about 143. of it, and placed such men there as NY and twelfth year king Deme- about 141.

would keep the law, and made it trius gathered his forees together,
stronger than it was before, and built and went into Media, to get him help
therein a dwellingplace for himself. to fight against Tryphon.

49 They also of the tower in Je- 2 But when Arsaces, the king of
rusalem were kept so strait, that they Persia and Media, heard that De-
could neither come forth, nor go into metrius was entered within his bor-
the country, nor buy, nor sell : where- ders, he sent one of his princes to
fore they were in great distress for take him alive :
want of victuals, and a great number 3 Who went and smote the host
of them perished through famine. of Demetrius, and took him, and

50 Then cried they to Simon, be- brought him to Arsaces, by whom he ! Or, to make seeching him || to be at one with was put in ward.

them : which thing he granted them; 4 As for the land of Judea, that
and when he had put them out from was quiet all the days of Simon; for
thence, he cleansed the tower from he sought the good of his nation in
pollutions :

such wise, as that evermore his
51 And entered into it the three authority and honour pleased them
and twentieth day of the second | well.
month, in the hundred seventy and 5 And as he was honourable in all
first year, with thanksgiving, and his acts, so in this, that he took Joppe
branches of palm trees, and with for an haven, and made an entrance
harps, and cymbals, and with viols, to the isles of the sea,
and hymns, and songs : because there 6 And enlarged the bounds of his
was destroyed a great enemy out of nation, and recovered the country,

7 And gathered together a great
52 He ordained also that that day nnmber of captives, and had the do-
should be kept every year with glad- minion of Gazara, and Bethsura, and
ness. Moreover the hill of the tem- the tower, out of the which he took
ple that was by the tower he made all uncleanness, neither was there any
stronger than it was, and there he that resisted him.
dwelt himself with his company. 8 Then did they till their ground

53 And when Simon saw that in peace, and the earth gave her in-
John his son was a valiant man, he crease, and the trees of the field their
made him captain of all the hosts; fruit.
and he dwelt in Gazara.

9 The ancient men sat all in the

streets, communing together of || good !! or, the

things, and the young men put on land. 3 Demetrius is taken by the king of Persia. glorious and warlike apparel. 4 The good deeds of Simon to his country. 18 The Lacedemonians and Romans renew

10 He provided victuals for the their league with him. 26 A memorial of

of cities, and set in them all manner of

C his acts is set up in Sion.

munition, so that his honourable

harps, and cymbian, trees, and with his acts,

sake of greater security, made them evacuate the city. purpose of superintending the works then carrying on Dr. Hales, Grotius.

| at Joppa, which was in the neighbourhood: see chap. 51.- because there was destroyed a great enemy out of xiv. 5. Dean Prideaux. Israel.] The garrison in this fortress had been a dread. ful thorn in the sides of the Maccabees and their friends, Chap. XIV. ver. 2. — Arsaces,] This was the family ever since Antiochus Epiphanes first placed it there. name of all the kings of Parthia. The king that reigned Therefore Simon not only demolished the fortress, that at this time was Mithridates, who, having got Demeit might no longer be a retreat to sedition and faction; trius into his power, after some time allowed him a but, to prevent its being rebuilt at any time, he levelled royal maintenance, and gave him one of his daughters the hill on which it was situated, so that now no emi- in marriage. Dean Prideaux. nence was left but the mount of the temple only. This 5. – he took Joppe for an haven, 1 This being the mount he new fortified in the meanwhile; repairing the nearest maritime town to Jerusalem, though at the disouter wall, and making it stronger than before; and tance of forty miles, Simon made it the seaport to that provided habitations within it both for “ himself and his city and all Judea, it being the fittest place on all that company," and there he afterwards dwelt. And most coast for carrying on their trade to all the isles and likely his house stood where the castle Antonia was countries in the Mediterranean : and it served them for afterwards built. Dean Prideaux, Stackhouse.

this purpose many ages after, as it still doth the in53. — and he dwelt in Gazara.] That being a border habitants of that country even to this day. Dean Priwhich most wanted his presence : probably also for the I deaux.

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