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Apocrypha. name was renowned unto the end of 22 And did register the things Before about 141. the world.

that they spake in the council of the about 141. 11 He made peace in the land, people in this manner; Numenius

and Israel rejoiced with great joy: son of Antiochus, and Antipater son al Kings 4. 12 For å every man sat under his of Jason, the Jews' ambassadors,

vine and his fig tree, and there was came unto us to renew the friendship
none to fray them :

they had with us.
13 Neither was there any left in 23 And it pleased the people to
the land to fight against them: yea, entertain the men honourably, and
the kings themselves were overthrown to put the copy of their ambassage
in those days.

in public records, to the end the
14 Moreover he strengthened all people of the Lacedemonians might
those of his people that were brought have a memorial thereof; further-
low: the law he searched out; and more we have written a copy thereof
every contemner of the law and unto Simon the high priest.
wicked person he took away.

24 After this Simon sent Nume-
15 He beautified the sanctuary, nius to Rome with a great shield of
and multiplied the vessels of the gold of a thousand pound weight, to

confirm the league with them.
16 Now when it was heard at 25 Whereof when the people
Rome, and as far as Sparta, that heard, they said, What thanks shall
Jonathan was dead, they were very we give to Simon and his sons ?

26 For he and his brethren and
17 But as soon as they heard that the house of his father have esta-
his brother Simon was made high blished Israel, and chased away in
priest in his stead, and ruled the fight their enemies from them, and
country, and the cities therein: confirmed their liberty.

18 They wrote unto him in tables 27 So then they wrote it in tables of brass, to renew the friendship and of brass, which they set upon pillars league which they had made with in mount Sion : and this is the copy Judas and Jonathan his brethren: of the writing; The eighteenth day

19 Which writings were read be- of the month Elul, in the hundred fore the congregation at Jerusalem. threescore and twelfth year, being

20 And this is the copy of the let- the third year of Simon the high ters that the Lacedemonians sent; priest, The rulers of the Lacedemonians, 28 At || Saramel in the great con- f Or, Jean

ies, per with the city, unto Simon the high gregation of the priests, and people, venture be priest, and the elders, and priests, and rulers of the nation, and elders and residue of the people of the Jews, of the country, were these things sition of an our brethren, send greeting :

notified unto us. 21 The ambassadors that were sent 29 Forasmuch as oftentimes there halisiere

se unto our people certified us of your have been wars in the country, glory and honour: wherefore we were wherein for the maintenance of their saiteriet glad of their coming,

sanctuary, and the law, Simon the ***

the 26 For hemon and his sanks shall

corruptica and trap

some this to





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24.- of a thousand pound weight,] A thousand minæ, reciting the good deeds of Simon and his family, and which, according to the lowest computation of an Attic constituting him their prince, as well as their high priest, mina, amounted to the value of fifty thousand pounds | in return : a copy of which act they ordered to be €3sterling of our money. Dean Prideaur.

graven on tables of brass, and hung up in the sane. 25. Whereof when the people heard,] That is, the tuary ; and the original they laid up in the sacret people of the Jews. Drusius.

archives belonging to the treasury of the temple. From 27. So then they wrote it in tables of brass, &c.] In a that time Simon took on him the state, style, and author general assembly of the priests and elders and all the rity of prince, as well as high priest, of the Jews; and people assembled at Jerusalem, it was agreed by the all publick acts thenceforth went in his name. And unanimous consent of all present, that the supreme go- after him both these dignities descended together to be vernment of the nation, as well as the high priesthood, | posterity; and continued among them thus united w should be conferred on Simon, and settled both on him gether for several descents, they being at the same ture and on his posterity after him. This had before been sovereign pontiffs and sovereign princes of the Jewish personally settled on Simon by the grant of Demetrius; | nation. Dean Prideaur. and the same was now granted by the whole nation of the month Elul,? The sixth month from Nisan, the Jews, and made perpetual to his descendants. A answering in part to our August. It is mentioned a publick act or instrument was made of these things, | Nehem. vi. 15. Drusius,


about 141.

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Apocrypha. en son of Mattathias, of the posterity offirmed him in the high priesthood Before about 141. Jarib, together with his brethren, according to those things,

put themselves in jeopardy, and real 39 And made him one of his
sisting the enemies of their nation friends, and honoured him with great
did their nation great honour: honour.

30 (For after that Jonathan, hav- 40 For he had heard say, that the
ing gathered his nation together, and Romans had called the Jews their
been their high priest, was added to friends and confederates and breth-
his people,

ren; and that they had entertained the 31 Their enemies purposed to in- ambassadors of Simon honourably; vade their country, that they might 41 Also that the Jews and priests destroy it, and lay hands on the were well pleased that Simon should sanctuary :

be their governor and high priest for 32 At which time Simon rose up, ever, until there should arise a faithand fought for his nation, and spent ful prophet;

much of his own substance, and 42 Moreover that he should be | Or, the men armed | the valiant men of his nation, their captain, and should take charge and gave them wages,

of the sanctuary, to set them over 33 And fortified the cities of Ju- their works, and over the country, dea, together with Bethsura, that and over the armour, and over the

lieth upon the borders of Judea, where fortresses, that, I say, he should take || Or,weapons. the || armour of the enemies had been charge of the sanctuary;

before ; but he set a garrison of Jews - 43 Beside this, that he should be
there :

obeyed of every man, and that all 34 Moreover he fortified Joppe, the writings in the country should | Or, Gaza. which lieth upon the sea, and || Ga- be made in his name, and that he

zara, that bordereth upon Azotus, should be clothed in purple, and
where the enemies had dwelt be- wear gold :
fore : but he placed Jews there, 44 Also that it should be lawful
and furnished them with all things for none of the people or priests to
convenient for the reparation there- break any of these things, or to gain-

say his words, or to gather an assem-
35 The people therefore, seeing bly in the country without him, or to
the acts of Simon, and unto what be clothed in purple, or wear a buckle
glory he thought to bring his nation, of gold:
made him their governor and chief 45 And whosoever should do other-
priest, because he had done all these wise, or break any of these things, he
things, and for the justice and faith should be punished.
which he kept to his nation, and for 46 Thus it liked all the people to
that he sought by all means to exalt deal with Simon, and to do as hath
his people.

been said.
36 For in his time things pros- 47 Then Simon accepted hereof,
pered in his hands, so that the hea- and was well pleased to be high
then were taken out of their country, priest, and captain and governor of
and they also that were in the city the Jews and priests, and to defend
of David in Jerusalem, who had made them all.
themselves a tower, out of which they 48 So they commanded that this

issued, and polluted all about the writing should be put in tables of
| Or, unto sanctuary, and did much hurt || in brass, and that they should be set up
the holy place :

within the compass of the sanctuary
37 But he placed Jews therein, in a conspicuous place;
and fortified it for the safety of the 49 Also that the copies thereof
country and the city, and raised up should be laid up in the treasury, to
the walls of Jerusalem.

the end that Simon and his sons
38 King Demetrius also con- might have them.

41.- that Simon should be their governor and high - until there should arise a faithful prophet ;] Or priest for ever,] That is, he and his posterity: the ex- the Messiah. This was a very remarkable reservation pression “ for ever," is opposed to a more personal made on the part of the Jewish people. Dr. Hales. See dignity. Drusius, Grotius.

I the note on chap. iv. 46.

Before CHRIST about 140.

CHRIST about 140.


Apocrypha. | money for thy country with thine Before CHAP. XV.

own stamp.

1 7 And as concerning Jerusalem
4 Antiochus desireth leave to pass through

Judea, and granteth great honours to Simon and the sanctuary, let them be free:
and the Jews. 16 The Romans write to and all the armour that thou hast
divers kings and nations to favour the Jews. made, and fortresses that thou hast
27 Antiochus quarrelleth with Simon, 38 l built, and keepest in thine hands, let
and sendeth some to annoy Judea.

them remain unto thee.
M OREOVER Antiochus son 8 And if anything be, or shall

I of Demetrius the king sent be, owing to the king, let it be for-
letters from the isles of the sea unto given thee from this time forth for
Simon the priest and prince of the evermore.
Jews, and to all the people;

9 Furthermore, when we have ob-
· 2 The contents whereof were tained our kingdom, we will honour
these: King Antiochus to Simon the thee, and thy nation, and thy temple,
high priest and prince of his nation, with great honour, so that your ho-
and to the people of the Jews, greet- nour shall be known throughout the

3 Forasmuch as certain pestilent 10 In the hundred threescore and about 19.
men have usurped the kingdom of fourteenth year went Antiochus into
our fathers, and my purpose is to the land of his fathers : at which
challenge it again, that I may restore time all the forces came together
it to the old estate, and to that end unto him, so that few were left with
have gathered a multitude of foreign Tryphon.
soldiers together, and prepared ships il Wherefore being pursued by
of war;

king Antiochus, he fled unto Dora,
4 My meaning also being to go which lieth by the sea side:
through the country, that I may be 12 For he saw that troubles came
avenged of them that have destroyed upon him all at once, and that bis
it, and made many cities in the king-forces had forsaken him.
dom desolate:

13 Then camped Antiochus against
5 Now therefore I confirm unto Dora, having with him an hundred
thee all the oblations which the kings and twenty thousand men of war, and
before me granted thee, and whatso- eight thousand horsemen.
ever gifts besides they granted.

14 And when he had compassed
6 I give thee leave also to coin the city round about, and joined ships

Chap. XV. ver. 1. - Antiochus son of Demetrius the character on the front, “the fourth year," and on the king] This Antiochus was second son to Demetrius reverse, “O the deliverance of Sion.”' An engraving e Soter, and brother to Demetrius Nicator, who during the coin or medal, and of the inscription, is given in his captivity in Parthia had married the daughter of the Dr. Kennicott's Observations on the first book di Parthian king. See the note on chap. xiv. 2. This Samuel, chap. vi. 19. Dr. Hales. marriage gave such offence to Cleopatra, Demetrius's 7.- let them be free ;] Or as the Latin Vulgate ha queen, who had fled with her two sons to Seleucia for it, “holy and free,” which are the very words of bis protection against the usurper Tryphon, that she offered father's concession, offered to Jonathan several years the crown of Syria to Antiochus, her husband's bro- before, chap. x. 31. What makes these grants very te: ther, on condition that he would marry her. He ac- markable, is the state of the remaining genuine shekels at cepted her offer, and assumed the title of “king," and the Jews with Samaritan characters which seem to have wrote a letter next year, before Christ 140, " from the been, most of them at least, coined in the four first isles of the sea,” most probably from Rhodes or Cyprus, years of this Simon the Asmonean, and have on then to Simon the high priest, and prince of his nation, and these words on one side, “Jerusalem the holy," and on to the people of the Jews, announcing his intention of the reverse, “In the year of freedom, 1, or 2, or 3, ar coming to recover his father's dominions from the 4.These shekels therefore are original monumen: usurper Tryphon; and, to secure their assistance, con- of these times, and undeniable marks of the truth . firming all the grants of his father and brother in their the history contained in these chapters. Whiston. full extent, and adding the promise of more. Dean 10. — went Antiochus into the land of his fathers : Prideaux, Dr. Hales.

He landed in Syria the beginning of the next year, 3. — certain pestilent men] Meaning Alexander Balas according to the foregoing letter : whereupon most a and his son; but especially Tryphon. Grotius.

the usurper's forces, now weary of his tyranny, wed 6. — to coin money for thy country with thine own over to Antiochus. Dean Prideaux. stamp.] A curious confirmation of this fact is furnished 11.- Dora] A city in Phenicia, near mount Cartie by a genuine copper coin of Simon's, struck this very | It is said to be “ by the sea side," to distinguish it in year; which was purchased by Dr. Kennicott in the another Dora, or Adora, in Idumea, mentioned che East, with the following inscription in the ancient sacred | xiii. 20. Drusius.


Before CHRIST about 139.


Apocrypha. Before close to the town on the sea side, | Tryphon, that he could neither go about 139. he vexed the city by land and by sea, out nor in.

neither suffered he any to go out 26 At that time Simon sent him
or in.

two thousand chosen men to aid
15 In the mean season came Nu- him ; silver also, and gold, and much
menius and his company from Rome, armour.
having letters to the kings and coun- 27 Nevertheless he would not re-
tries; wherein were written these ceive them, but brake all the cove-

nants which he had made with him
16 Lucius, consul of the Romans afore, and became strange unto him.
unto king Ptolemee, greeting:

28 Furthermore he sent unto him
17 The Jews' ambassadors, our Athenobius, one of his friends, to
friends and confederates, came unto commune with him, and say, Ye
us to renew the old friendship and withhold Joppe and Gazara, with the
league, being sent from Simon the tower that is in Jerusalem, which are
high priest, and from the people of cities of my realm.
the Jews:

29 The borders thereof ye have
18 And they brought a shield of wasted, and done great hurt in the
gold of a thousand pound.

land, and got the dominion of many
19 We thought it good therefore places within my kingdom.
to write unto the kings and coun- 30 Now therefore deliver the cities
tries, that they should do them no which ye have taken, and the tributes
harm, nor fight against them, their of the places, whereof ye have gotten
cities, or countries, nor yet aid their dominion || without the borders of !,Or, ercept
enemies against them.

20 It seemed also good to us to 31 Or else give me for them five
receive the shield of them.

hundred talents of silver; and for the
21 If therefore there be any pes harm that ye have done, and the tri-
tilent fellows, that have fled from butes of the cities, other five hundred
their country unto you, deliver them talents: if not, we will come and
unto Simon the high priest, that hell fight against you.
may punish them according to their 32 So Athenobius the king's friend
own law.

came to Jerusalem: and when he saw
22 The same things wrote he like- the glory of Simon, and the cupboard

wise unto Demetrius the king, and of gold and silver plate, and his great . Or, Arathes. Attalus, to || Ariarathes, and Arsaces, attendance, he was astonished, and

23 And to all the countries, and to told him the king's message.
Or, | Sampsames, and the Lacedemo- 33 Then answered Simon, and said

nians, and to Delus, and Myndus, unto him, We have neither taken
and Sicyon, and Caria, and Samos, other men's land, nor holden that

and Pamphylia, and Lycia, and Ha- which appertaineth to others, but the Or, Basilis. licarnassus, and Rhodus, and || Pha- inheritance of our fathers, which our

selis, and Cos, and Side, and Aradus, enemies had wrongfully in possession
and Gortyna, and Cnidus, and Cy- a certain time.
prus, and Cyrene.

34 Wherefore we, having oppor-
24 And the copy hereof they wrote tunity, hold the inheritance of our
to Simon the high priest.

25 So Antiochus the king camped 35 And whereas thou demandest
! Gr, bringing against Dora the second day, † as Joppe and Gazara, albeit they did

saulting it continually, and making great harm unto the people in our
engines, by which means he shut up country, yet will we give an hundred

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15. to the kings and countries ;] That is, to all the 30. the places, whereof ye have gotten dominion] The cities and states of Greece, lesser Asia, and the isles, three governments mentioned chap. xi. 34. Grotius. that were then in alliance with the Romans. The seve- 32. — when he saw the glory of Simon, &c.] That is, ral “ kings" specified were kings respectively, Ptolemy the pomp and grandeur in which he lived. For being of Egypt, Demetrius of Syria, Attalus of Pergamus, now sovereign prince of the Jews, he was served in

Ariarathes of Cappadocia, Arsaces, that is, Mithridates, much gold and silver plate, had many attendants, and of Parthia: see the note on chap. xiv. 2. Dean Pri- in all things else appeared with the same splendour and deaux.

magnificence as other princes. Dean Prideaux.



Apocrypha. Beforer talents for them. Hereunto Atheno- and go and fight for our nation, and Before about 139. bius answered him not a word; the help from heaven be with you. about 139.

36 But returned in a rage to the 4 So he chose out of the country
king, and made report unto him of twenty thousand men of war with
these speeches, and of the glory of horsemen, who went out against Cen-
Simon, and of all that he had seen : debeus, and rested that night at
whereupon the king was exceeding Modin.

5 And when as they rose in the
37 In the mean time fled Tryphon morning, and went into the plain,
by ship unto Orthosias.

behold, a mighty great host both of 38 Then the king made Cendebeus footmen and horsemen came against captain of the sea coast, and gave him them: howbeit there was a water an host of footmen and horsemen, brook betwixt them.

39 And commanded him to remove 6 So he and his people pitched
his host toward Judea: also he com- over against them : and when he saw
manded him to build up Cedron, and that the people were afraid to go over
to fortify the gates, and to war against the water brook, he went first over
the people; but as for the king him himself, and then the men seeing him
self, he pursued Tryphon.

passed through after him.
40 So Cendebeus came to Jamnia, 7 That done, he divided his men,
and began to provoke the people, and and set the horsemen in the midst of
to invade Judea, and to take the peo- the footmen : for the enemies' horse-
ple prisoners, and slay them.

men were very many.
41 And when he had built up Ce-! 8 Then sounded they with the
dron, he set horsemen there, and an holy trumpets: whereupon Cendebeus
host of footmen, to the end that issu- and his host were put to flight, so
ing out they might make outroads that many of them were slain, and
upon the ways of Judea, as the king the remnant gat them to the strong
had commanded him.


9 At that time was Judas John's CHAP. XVI.

brother wounded; but John still fol-
3 Judas and John prevail against the forces lowed after them, until he came to

sent by Antiochus. 11 The captain of Je- Cedron, which Cendebeus had built.
richo inviteth Simon and two of his sons
into his castle, and there treacherously

| 10 || So they fed even unto the [ 01. murdereth them. 19 John is sought for, 1 towers in the helds of Azotus; where

? | towers in the fields of Azotus; where- de kad se * 22 and escapeth, and killeth those that fore he burned it with fire: so that fire, los sought for him.

there were slain of them about two towers to file MVHEN came up John from Ga- thousand men. Afterward he returned "Avotu, nos

1 zara, and told Simon his father into the land of Judea in peace. what Cendebeus had done.

11 Moreover in the plain of Jericho about 15.
2 Wherefore Simon called his two was Ptolemeus the son of Abubus
eldest sons, Judas and John, and said made captain, and he had abundance
unto them, I, and my brethren, and / of silver and gold :
my father's house, have ever from 12 For he was the high priest's son
our youth unto this day fought against in law.
the enemies of Israel; and things 13 Wherefore his heart being lifted
have prospered so well in our hands, up, he thought to get the country to
that we have delivered Israel often- himself, and thereupon consulted

deceitfully against Simon and his
3 But now I am old, and ye, by sons to destroy them.
God's mercy, are of a sufficient age: 14 Now Simon was visiting the
be ye instead of me and my brother, cities that were in the country, and

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37. - Orthosias.] Another maritime town of Phenicia. thus put to his usurpation, Antiochus became fully posDean Prideaux.

sessed of his father's throne. He is known from others 29. - Cedron, 1 An errour for Gedor, mentioned of the game name by the addition of Sidetes, or the Josh. xv. 58. Gratius.

hunter ; from a Syriack word which signifies hunting - he pursued Tryphon.] Who fled from Orthosia of which he was particularly fond. Dr. Hales, Decal to Apamea his native city, where he was taken and put Prideaux. to death, as he most richly deserved. An end being |

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