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OFFICIAL PAPERS. AMERICA.—Circular Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, relative to the commercial intercourse with Great Britain aud France, 25. Extract from the Answer of the House of Re

presentatives of Massachusetts to the Governor's

Speech,-relating to the conduct of G. Britain and France towards America, 192,348. Various Documents relating to the Dispute between England and America, as far as belongs to the subject of the Orders in Council, 1196. Dispatches from the Hon. D. Erskine to Mr. Sec. Canning relative to the policy and dispositions of the American Government, on the state of their affairs with England and France, 543, 602,639. Correspondence between the Marquis Wellesley and Mr. Pinkney, and between Gen. Armstrong and the Duke of Cadore, and also of Mr. Pinkney and Gen. Armstrong with Mr. Sec, Smith, relative to the British and French Orders and Decrees, 90, 157, 189. - Correspondence between Mr. Pinkney and Lord Wellesley, relative to the repeal of the British Orders in Council, in consequence of the repeal of the French Berlin and Milan decrees, 1214. Proclamation of the President revoking the Non-intercourse-law as it respects France, with the Circular Letter of the Secretary of the Trensury, relative to the non-intercourse with England, 1215. Austria.-Treaty between Austria and France relative to the Estates of the Princes and Counts of the Germanic Empire within the states of the Confederation of the Rhine, 1183, 1241. Barwen.—Proclamation of the Senate again English goods, 1246. Proclamation of the Senate for raising seamen for the French navy, 1248. DENMAnk.--Decree of the King prohibiting the entry of Colonial produce in certain parts of his dominions, 702. Royal Notice against violating the said Decree, iQ45. Esciano.—Letter from Secretary Fox, to Mr. Munroe, acquainting him with the blockade of the Ems, Weser, Elbe, and Trave. (April 8, 1806) 1196. Letter from Sec. Fox to Mr. Munroe, acquainting him of the blockade of the coasts, rivers, and ports from the Elbe to Brest. (May 16, 1806.) 1197. Letter from Lord Howick to Mr. Munroe, acquainting him that sc much of the said blockade as extended from the Hibe to the Ems is discontinued. (Sept. 25, 1806). Order in Council declaring the sale of ships by a Telligere it to a Neutral islegal (Nov. 11, 1807,) 1205.

Orders in Council declaring France and all.

countries under her controul, and all other

places where the British Flag is excluded, in a

state of blockade (Nov. 11, 1807.) 1201." Orders in Council explanatory of the said erders, (Nov. 25, 1807.) 1206. Orders in Council exempting from capture, the produce, &c. of the said blockaded countries, on board British Ships, (Nov. 25, 1807.) 1211.


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“’N, Order in Council for restoring Prussian and Lubeck ships, and allowing them to trade with neutral and British ports, (Nov. 25, 1807.) 1212. Sinilar Order in favour of Portuguese Ships, 1242. - - - The Project offered by the English to the French Government for an exchange of prisoners, 1044. Order of the King granting medals to certain officers of the army who were at the battles of Roleia, Vimiera, Corunnn, and Talavera de la Reyna, 723. Dispatch from Col. Keating relative to the Capture and Terms of Capitulation of the Isle of Bourbon, by the British troops, 892. Order of the King for Prayer and Thanksgiving, for the abundant Harvest, 826. The Prayer and Thanksgiving for the abundant Harvest, 919. - Prayer for the Restoration of the King’s Health, 920. - - Report of the Privy-Council of the Evidence of the Physicians, respecting the King's Illness, 1084, 11 13. , Examination of Dr. R. D. Will's, by a Committee of the House of Commons, 1265. The Prince of Wales's Answer to the Proposition of a limited Regency submitted to him by Mr. Pitt, in 1788. 883. Yaaxce.—pecree (issued at Berlin Nov. 21, 1806) declaring the British Islands in a state of blockade, 1198. Decree (issued at Milan, Dec. 17, 1807) in relation to the English Orders in Council, denationalising all ships that have been in England, or been visited by an English cruizer, 1213, Decree permitting thirty American Ships to import certain articles into France, 671. Orders to the Directors of the French Customs relative to the Exportation of Wine and Brandy, 671. Decret imposing a Duty of 50 per cent. on certain Colonial and other goods before ordered to be confiscated, 672. T}ecree regulating the Duties on certain goods allowed to be imported, 701. Decree relative to the Exportation of French Butter, 729. Decree for the suppression of smuggling, &c.," 988. Decree for the sequestration of English and Colonial Goods at Frankfort, 991. Proclamation of Gen. Friant, on the same subject, 992. . . . - Decree relative to the Trade carrried on by Vessels having Licences, 764, - Instructions to the Directors of the French Customs, relative to the Trade carried on with Licences, 704, 722. Decree permitting the Colonial produce in Denmark to be brought into the French dominions, 855. Decree for the burning of all English Produce and Manufactures, 922, 1178, 1246. Imperial Order for the sequestration of the Vessels of Barbary, 729. --Letter from the Luke of Cadore, to Gen. Arm

Wrong, declaring the revocation of the Berlin and Union, approved of at Dublin, 18 Sept. 1810,500.
Brian Decrees, 700,

Answers of Mr. Grattan and Mr. Shaw to the
• Decree against those Priests in the Depart. Address of the City of Dublio, on the subjeet of
ments of Rome and the Thrasimine refusing w their Petition to Parliament for a Repeal of the
take the oath to the Emperor, 767.

Union, 639.
Decree relative to Newspapers, 702.

MECKLENBURCD).-Elict of the Duke relative to
Decree fur the regulatioa of domestic servants English and Colonial Gools, 1247.
in Paris, 831, 854.

Naries.--Proclamation of the King to his Marine
Report of the Minister of War concerning Army, on the intended invasion of Sicily, 729.
Gep. Sarrazin, 29.

General O. ders of the king to his troops when
Distribution of the French forces in September about to go into winter quarters, 767.
1810, 995.

Report of Gen. Girevier, to the Minister of
Decree of the Emperor relative to the Pape's War, relative to the attempt made to invade

Palace, 150,-

Sicily, 826.

Circular Letter from the Emperor to the Bi Ceremony of burning English Goods at Naples,

shops announcing the pregnancy of the Empress, 1302.


PORTUGAL ---Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Na-

Letter fiom the Emperor to the President of vigation, with Great Britain, 216, 318, 312.

the Senate on the saine subject, 1305.

Treaty of Friendship and Alliance wth Great.
Decree of the Emperor uniting the Valais Britain, 412, 438.

to the French Empire, 1306. .

Address of the Prince of Essling to the Portu-

Decree of the Fmperor for the regulation of guese nation, against the English, 439.. .

Printing, &c. 1306.

Ceneral Orders issued by Lord Wellington,
Official Documepis relatiog to the late nego. relative to news sent frwn the army by officers,
ciation, between the French and English Co.
vernments, for an Exchange of Prisoners, 1307, Proclamation of Lord Wellington relative to

those Portuguese who may fatour the French,

FRANKFORT.-Decree of the Grand Duke prohibit 413.

ing Freoch Emigrants from entering bis Domi. Proclamation of Lord Wellington relative to

Diens, 670.

the correspondence held with the french, 670.

Decree relative to Colonial Produce, $55. . Dispatches from the Prince of Essling, relative

Decree relative to Newspapers, 1244.

to the siege and capitulation of Almeida, 446,

HAYBURGH.Proclamation of the Senate for raisa 503.
ing Seamen for the Freuch Navy, 12-7.

Dispatches from Lord Wellington relative to
HOLLAND, Proclamati o of King Louis Napoleon, the fall of Almeida, 444, 598.
antouncias his resignation of the Crown, 22.

Di patches from Lord Wellington relative to
Another Proelanation by the same, on the the Battle of Busaco, 662.

same subject, and settling the Government, 23. Dispatch from Marshal Beresford, to Don M.

Proclamnation of the Provisional Council of P. Forjaz, relative to the battle of Busaco, 791.

Regency, announcing its appointment, 24.

Orders of the Day issued by Lord Wellington
Notification by the Minister for Foreign Af and Marshal Beresford respecting the affair of
fairs of the eairy of Freoch Troops into Auster Busaco, 857.
dam, 24.

Dispatches from Generals Drouet and Lam-
Address of King Louis Napoleon to the Legis bert to the Prince of Wagram, relative to the
lative Body of Holland, on his abdication of the affair of Busaco, 829.
throne, 150.

Dispatch from Lord, Wellington to the Por-
Report of the French Minister for Foreign tuguese Government, giving an account of his

Affairs on the annexation of Holland to France, proceedings since the Battle of Basaco, 825.


Dispatches from Lord Wellington, Marshal
Decree of the Emperor Napoleon, uniting Hol Beresford, Gen. Blunt, and Col. Trant, relative

land to France, 83.

to their movements and proceedings to the 3rd of

Proclamaticn of the Provisional Council of November, 1810; 1022, 1059, 1119, 1140,

R gency, announcing the Union of Holland with 1175.

the French Empire, 191.

Dispatch from Lord Wellington, giving an ac-
Decree of the Emperor for the organization count of the mover.ent of the French Army to
of a Government for the Departments of Ho! | Santarem, and of his own proceedings in con
land, 861,887.

Sequence thereof, 1114.
Decree of the Emperor relative to the Debt Dispatch from Lord Wellington to the Portır-

of Holland, 725.

guese Government on the same subject, 1237.

Decree of the Duke of Plaisance, relative to Dispatch from Lord Wellington to the Por-

the Proceedings of the Council of Liquidation tuguese Government relative to an affair at
appointed by the said Decree, 1181. i

Pinhel, 1236.

LTALY.-Decree of the Emperor soppressing the Dispatch from Marshal Beresford to the Por-

Abbeys and Monasteries in the Departments of tuguese Government on the same subject, 1239.

Genoa, the Appenines, Montenotte and Alps Notes on the Military Operations in Portugal,

Mantime, 728.

published by the Freoch Goveroment, 1141,

Decree prohibiting all Cloths, Cottons, and Proclamation of the Regency, requiring all the

Silks in Italy, excepting those of French Manu uninhabited houses at Lisbon for the fugitives
*facture, 1305.

from the provinces, 858,
IRELAND. - Proclamation of the Lord Lieute · Proclamation of the Regency, regulating the
nant of Ireland, relative to the lending of terms on which those of the said fugitives who

£.200,000, to persons in Trade, and unable to wish to pass the Tagus shall be supplied on the
meet the pressure of the moment, 74.

road, 859,
op Petition to Parliament for a Repeal of the Proclamation of the Portuguese Government


for the removal of corn, and all other effects, i The first Act of the Cortes, declaratory of
out of the way of the French, 1240.

their rights, &c. 732.
Proclamation of the Portuguese Government, Decree of the Cortes relative to the titles by
exhorting the people not to be alarmed, 1243. which they and the Regency are to be ad-

Dispatches from Lord Wellington to the Por dressed, &c. 733.
tuguese Government, relative to the proceed Memorial of the Council of Regency, and the
ings of the Armics in Portugal, up to the 8th of Answer of the Cortes, relative to their respective
December, 1340.

powers, 734.
Dispatches from Lord Wellington to the Names of the Members, and inauguration of
British Goveryment, to the same date, 1341. the Cortes, 735, 760.
Prussia.-Notice respecting the confiscation of Proceedings of the Cortes, chiefly relating to
certain vessels in the Roads of Gwiner, 672. the Liberty of the Press, 767, 955, 982.

Decree of the King relative to English Com Proceeding of the Cortes, and their Decree
merce and Colonial Produce, 92.

against accepting places and pensions, 824. .
Decree of the King for the seizure of English Necree of the Cortes for a Monument of Gra-
and Colonial goods, 1179.

titude to the King and People of England, 1344.
Decrce for the Suppression of Convents, and SPANISH-AMERICA.- Circular Letter from Don Louis
other Ecclesiastical Institutions, 1345.

de Opis, to the Spanish Consuls in the United
Russia, --Manifesto of the Emperor, relative to a States, relative to the Trade with the Spanish
Loan, 32, 78.

Colonics, 349.
Order of the Emperor relative to certain con Dispatch from the Marquis Wellesley, to
fiscated vessels, pretended to have come from Brig. Gen. Layard, relative to the conduct and
Teneriffe, 697.

policy of Great Britain towards the Spanish
SAXONY.--Decree respecting Colonial Produce, Colonies, 382.
855, 1945.

SPANI»H-AMERICA, ---Manifesto of the Junta of Cu-
Decree for the Confiscation of English Goods, mana, announcing their election, 87.

Orders of the Council of Regency, declaring
SICILY.-Note of the Spanish Conncil of Regency the Caraccas in a state of Blockade, 350, 698.

to the Chevalier Robertone, the Sicilian Charge ! Journal of the proceedings at Mendoza, in
d'Affaires, relative to a supposed correspondence favour of the new Government established at
between the Emperor Napoleon and the Queen Buznos Ayres, 893.
of Sicily, 351, 379.

Nore of Lord Strangford to the Junta at
Proclamation of the King to the Sicilians, ex- / Buenos Ayres, rrlative to some Spaniards taken
horting them to resist the threatened invasion by a British Ship of War, 921.
from Naples, 672, 696.

Declaration of lod-pendence by the Repre-
Proclamation of Sir John Stuart to the Sici- / sentatives of West Florida, 1242.
lians, on the threatened invasion, 730. | SWEDEN, ---Notification of the cessation of the Post

Dispatch from Sir John Stuart, relative to the between Goitenburgh and England, 27. :
attempt made by the King of Naples to invade Proclamation of King Charles, relative to the
Sicily, 1149, 1174.

riots at Stockholm on the burial of the Crown
SPAIN. -Declarat'on of the Council of Regency, Prince, 28.

relative to a pretended Order on the Commerce Speech of the King to the Diet, proposing the
of America, 26.

Prince of Pon'e Corvo as Crown Prinec, 316.
Declaration of the funta of Catalonia, relative Act of Election of the Prince of Ponte Corvo
to the purehase of estates of Emigrants, 26. to be Crown Prince, 604

Proclamation of the Duke of Dalmatia, rela Let'er to the King from the Prince of Ponte
tive to those Spaniards who opprse the French, Corvo, on being informed of his Election, 923.
without belonging to an army, and for suppre s Inaugural Address of the Crown Prince to the
ing bands of Robbers, 407.

Diet, 1116.
Retaliatory Proclamation of the Council of Address of the Crown Prince on receiving
Regency, 409.

from the King the Swedish Orders of Knight-
General Orders of Gen. Freyre, relative to an hood, 1304. '
affair at Galera, 32.

Declaration against English Trade, 1279.
French (fħcial Account of the Siege of Cuidad Declaration of War against England, 134%.
- Rodrigo, 84.

SWITZERLAND.--Manper adopted by the different
The Prince of Esslirg's Letter to the Prince Cantons for the sequestration of English and Co-
of W'agram, on the same subject, 86.

loajal Goods, 927, 1247.
Dispatch from Lorul Wellington, relative to the TUR KEY.-Proclamation of the Grand Seignior, on
passage of the Agara, and the capture of Cuidad! the War with Russia, 763.
Rofrigo, 188.

| WESTPHALIA.- Decree relative to the Public Debt
Dispatch from Lord Wellington, relative to the of the ancient IIanoverian Provinces, 703.
defeat of Gen. Craufurd near Almeida, 221.

Decree relative to the Duties on Colonial
French account of the Military Operations in Produce, 922.
Spain and Portugal, up to September, 1810,
1794, 823,

General Orders of the Dake of Dalmatia, an The Situation and Prospects of England, taken
pouncing the death of Gen. Serna inont before from the Argus, 214.
Cadiz, 1181.

Extract from the “ Journal de l'Empire,"
Decree of the Cowocil of Regency for the con containing Analyses of the Financial, Commer.
vocation of the Cortes, 25.

cial and Political Situation of France and Eng
Procla nation of the Superior Junta of Cadiz, land; together with the Commentary or Answer
to the People of Cadiz, on the election of the of the Courier Newspaper, 510, 541,
Gortes, 206.

Reinarks of the Moniteur on Extracts from

the English Journals ;-relating to the War in Corn, 313.

Spain and Portugal; to the comparative valour Corn Crops, 111, 136, 18, 199,

of the English and French; to the Commercial Cory Crops, Bicid, Prayer, 929.

state of the two nat ons; and to the desertions Commerce with France, 173.

and enlistment of Prisoners on both sides, 372. Caraccas, 307.

Observations from the Moniteur, on the af Flogging Soldiers, 203.

fairs of Spain and Portugal, 154.

Thousand Lashes, 146.
Extract from the Moniteur on the conduct of Royal German Legion, 394, 565, 590, 684

the English in Portugal and Spain, to which the Cerran Recraits, 655.

answer of the Courier. 534.

The'Brunswickers, 566, 587, 614.

Remarks of the Moniteur on Lord Welliogton's Foreigners on the Staff, 609.

Dispatch of Nov. 3; 1140.

Foreigners in our Service, 654.

Notes of the Moniteur on the conduct of the Desertions from the Armies, S63.
English in Portugal, 1147.

Gloucestershire Election, 489.
Observations of the Moniteur on a passage in - Holland, 228, 269, 429, 635.

a London paper, relative to the late Negociation Ireland, 336, 460.

for an Exchange of Prisoners, to which is added To the People of Ireland, 953.

the Answer of the Courier, 1047.

Irish Catholics, 876.

Account of the Riot at Stockholm, at the bu Robert Jeffery, the seaman, 193, 561, 617,
rial of the Crown Prince, 27.

686, 721, 769, 848.
Account of the firing into the American Brig Indian Army, 249.
Viren, by the British Sloop of War Moselle, 380. Jacobios, 7777.

Debate at the Court of Bank-Proprietors rela Baron Kolli, 312.
tive to the Report of the Bullion Committee of

The King's Illness, 812, 843, 865, 916, 969,

the House of Commons, 468.

1014, 1035, 1067, 1113, 1135, 1296, 1313.

Extract from a French Journal, re-published Parlamentary Proceedings on the King's Ille

in the “i Times” Newspaper, relative to the Re ness, 817, 940, 1068, 1228, 1255.

port of the Bullion Committee, 507.

Liberty of the Press, 365.

Extract from the Dublin Evening Herald, re Libel Trial: Antijacobin Review, 1293.

lative to the conduct of some of the Protestant Libel Case: Morning Post, 1249, 1291.'

Yeomarry, in apposition to the Catholics, 596.. The Day Newspaper, 1013.

Sir William Geary's Letter to the Editors of · Lucien Buonaparté, 575.

the Kentish Chronicle on Parliamentary Reform, Morning Post turned Turk, 427.


Matchless Impudence, 280.

Libel Trial : Action of Mr. Hugh Bell against Mr. R. O'Connor, 115.

Mr. Nicholas Byre, proprietor of the Morning Mr. A. O'Connor, 24.

Post, 1972.

Prisoners of War, 1957. 1168, 1995.

Libel Trial : Prosecution of Messrs. Crarlock Papr Mogeots, 66, 97, 129, 205.

• and Joy, publishers of the Antijacobin Review, Irish Parer voney, 74.

for a Libel on the Rev. Dr. Hodgson, 1300.

Jacobia Guinea, 15°, 279, 1253.

Jacobin Guineas: Motion to set aside the Bullion Report, 21. 25.

judgment in the case of De Yonge, who was

Old-Prices, Piym ju?! y-hruise, 1009.

found guilty of selling Guineas, 1978.

Parties, 1003.

Portugal, 212, 239, 238, 310, 340, 371.


Portugal, 409, 433, 468, 545, 593, 638.

Portugal, 693, 705, 786, 850, 911, 979, 993,

ON PAPER-MONEY.-Letters by the late Rev. J.

1065, 1107, 1130, 1164, 1924, 1295.

Brand, 116 to 128, 147.

Victory of Brzaco, 656.

by H. Campbell, 148.

Portuguese Conspiracy, 976,

- by Lasey, 150.

Spanish War, 978, 1005.

- by S. 7. Waddington, 185.

Spain and Portugal, 113, 143, 179. .

by Patrick Dowlas, 187.

Sicily, 468.

Os CORN CROPs.-An Explanatory Letter by Ar-

Sweden, 297, 334, 431, 623, 106.

Sweden: King and Bernadotte, 1012.

thur Young, 184.

Sweden's Declaration of War against England,

Irish Corn, by A. B.


Mr. Malthus and the Edinburgh Reviewers, by

the autbor of a Reply to the Essay on Popula-

Sir Richard Phillips, 880, 1171.

Gen. Sarrazin, 181.

tion, 1014.

Taxing Work, 202.

Dake of York, 225.

MY OWN WRITINGS:-Consisting of Summaries
of Politics, Addresses, Lelters, &c.



Address to the Reader relative to the proceed-

American States, 1185.

ings in the Court of King's Bench, against me,

Arsyaments in the Scheldt, 468, 570.

and on my Imprisontent, 1, 33.
Preparations for Invasion, 1165.

- Address to the Public relative to my other
Tarrvell of the Argus, 197.

Works; viz. Parliamentary History, Parliamen-
Governor Aris, 312.

tary Debates, and State Trials, 75.

Brazils, 396.

Address to the Reader, stating my reasons

Bankruptcies, 1139.

for declining a Subscription in my favour, 182.

Beauty and the Beast, 1179.

Address to the Public, on publishing two sheets
Bread Prices, 1008.

of the Register every week, 257.

PAPER AGAINST GOLD.-An Examination of the l Newspaper, describing Bank Notes as necesar

Report of the Bullion Committee, in a series of L to the existence of the Government--the same
Letters, to the Tradesmen and Farmers in and doctrine proinulgated by Mr. Pawe, iy his Rights
near Salisbury:

** of Man-How different is this from what the

world has been told-The subject of the Sinking-
Letter I, Appointment of the Bullion Commit fiind resumed---no interest taken off in 1808-
tee-Main points of the Report-Proposition for Addington's Act of 1802-George Rose quoted
theBank to pay in two years——to merit the appella to prove that it was clearly held out to the na-
tion of a thinking people, we must show that our tion that Taxes woull be repealed in consequence
thinking protluces knowledge-definition of Mo of the Sinking-fund-P. $. Sir John Sinclair's
vey-Increase of Paper-What is the cause of Pamphlet, 385.
this increase? --Origin of the Bank of England-
How it came to pass that so much Paper-Money Leller VI, Saying that a man writes from a
got afloat-Increase of Bank Notes wanted to Prison is not.a satisfactory refutation of his Ar-
pay the increase of the interest on the National guments-Proceed with the subject of the Sink-
Debt-Progress in issuing Bank Notes from 20 iny-fund-— \'ledged grounds of Addington's Act,

to 1 pounds--Suspicion awakened in 1797, which in 1802—The time when it was to begin to yield
· produced the stoppage of Gold and Silver pay us reljef, to wit 45 yenra-Mr. Brand's Answer
ments at the Bank of England, 258.

to an Argument of mine---Hedenes that iute-

rest is paid on the redeemed Stork-Acts of Par.
Lelter II. What are the Funds and Stocks, liament and Public Accounts say the contrary-
and National Debt ?-Necessity of clearly un Examination of the example stated by Mr. Brand

derstanding what these words mean-Meaning -Great error in regarding things as alike, whigh
+ of them-Inquiry into the origin of the Funds are essentially dissimilar in their properties

and Debt-The English Revolution-Act of Par Consequence of this error shown in the supposed
liament, 4 William III. Cap. 3, begins the Fund case of Thrifty-Grand fallacy in supposing that
ing and Debt System--First Loan to Govern what we pay to support the Sinking-fund would
ment-Nature of Funds, Stocks, and National otherwise be of no use to 13---Conclusion of the
Debt--Explanation of how “ Money is put in subject of the Sinking-fundP.S. Mr. Randall
the Funds Illustration in the case of Messrs. Jackson's Speech at the Bank Company's llouse
Mackworm and Co. and that of Farmer Green in Threadneedle-street, 417.
hors-The Funds shown to be no place, nor any
thing of a mystical nature-P. S. relates to Ar Leller VII. Review of the ground over which
ticles upon the same subject published in other we hrve passed in the foregoing Letter--Open-
papers, and especially to a Letter in the Morn ing the way into the vistory of the Bank's stop-
ing Chronicle of the 6th instant, 280.

page in 1797- Vagoe notion about the increase

of Bank Notes being a sign of an increase of
Letter III. Dapiger of exciting popular dis Trade, Wealth and Prosperity-This notion ex-
contents against Country Paper Money-makers--- amined--Mr. Randle Jackson's Speech isveigh-
Description of the National Debt---Progress of ing against those whu hare recommended that he
the Debt-The different denominations of it of and his partners shall be compelled to pay their
no consequenceCost of the Antijacobin War promissory Notes in two years. His notion that
-Progress of the National Expences - Progress of an increase of Bank Notus naturally arises from
the Revenue or Taxes-Effect of taxati i an increase of Tradeibusa heaped on those
Taxes cause poverty and misery-not like Rents who wis!: the Bank to pay its Notes-Sach

Increase of Revenue no proof of National persons called riders, and accused of wishing to
prosperity-What are the signs of Nations i pros destroy the credit of old England---An increase
*perity-Inarcase of Poor-rates in England of Promissory Notes a poof of an incruise, of
Cost of the Tax-gatherers sufficient to support Debt-"ive ways in whicn Bank Notes get out
92,500 families, 321.

into circulation- Absurdity of supposing that an

increase of Promises-to-piy are a siga of an in-
· Letler 1. Schemes for paying off the Na crease of the means of paying---N. B. An. Ac.
tional Debt-Former Sinking-fund-Origin of count of the distresses arising from the failure of
Pitt's grand one-Changes made by Pitt's sway the Banks at Salisbury and Snaftesbury, 449.
to the state of this Country-Grand Sinking-fund
Act--purposes of it-The Commissioners and Letter VIII. Further observations respecting
their manner of proceeding-How they would the fallacious notion that Paper Money is the
buy op Grizzle Greenbom's share of the Debt conseqnence of an increase of Trade and National
What redeinption means-Commissioners step Prosperity-Sir John Sinclair's idea about Roads
into Grizzle's shoes_We still are taxed for the and Canals-Exemplification in the instance of
Interest-Evils of the Grand Sinking-fund France and the Ameri an S aies-Destruct on of
What would be really redeeming -- American the Paper Money in both those countries, the
mode of redeeming Statenent of the increase dawn of National prosperity-Our own History
of the Interest ou the Debt-Clause in Pitt's shers the influence of the National Debt in
grand Sinking fand Act, for ceasing to pay in producing Back Notes-Our Dack was the off.
terest in 1806, upon Stock bought up, 359. . spring of the Debt-The Bank was necessary in

order to pay the luterest of the Debt--Boldness
Letter V. Digression respecting the use of of Mr. Jackson, aun Sir J. Sinclair in asserting
Bank Notes as a political support to Government that Paper-money is necessiry to Trade and is

Mr. Addington's notion of convineing Baona a mine of Natinal Prosperity-What would
parté by means of a Tax-Auswer of the Moni Hume have said, if he had been told that Scota
teur-Adeic given to Mr, Addington in the Re-1. land would produce a man to assert what Sir J.
gister in 1303-Passage from a Goveroment Sinclair has asserted The “Lo herę," and

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