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not an imperfect production of man, present. In our prisons, also, there but the book of God; not a work of are many unhappy individuals, who controversy, but the gospel of peace, peculiarly need this charity. which all Christians acknowledge to These are the considerations which be the standard by which their con- have called forth this address. It is troversies must be judged.

hoped that they will engage the seri. This object is recommended by its ous attention of the friends of religion great simplicity, and by the facility and mankind. Those persons, who with which it may be accomplished. feel the importance of this object, It requires no intricate arrangements. are respectfully requested to meet at The distribution of a single book is the State House, in the Representa. the only thing intended. The object tives' Room, on Thursday, the sixth is so definite, as almost to exclude day of July next, at 3 o'clock, to the possibility of misapplying the consider the expediency of associat. funds of the proposed association ‘ing for the distribution of the Bible. No heavy burdens need be laid on in. A general attendance of the respect. dividuals. A small annual subscrip- able and influential part of society, tion from Christians in moderate cir. and of Christians of all denominacumstances, united with the dona. tions, is desired and anticipated. tions of the opulent, will be sufficient Boston, Fune, 1809. to distribute the Bible wherever it is "Wanted.

EXTRACT FROM THE MISSIONARY One more advantage, and a very JOURNAL OF REV. THADDEUS important one, remains to be men OSGOOD, EMPLOYED BY THE SOtioned. This is an object, in which CIETY FOR PROPAGATING THE all Christians may unite. Here is a GOSPEL, &c. common ground, on which all denom. From the time of his setting out inations may meet, and join heart and till his return to Boston, was about hand, and forget the distinctions nine months ; during which period which keep them asunder. Let he travelled about 3000 miles, pass. Christians of every name concur in ing through the northern parts of the good end bere proposed, and they Vermont, Lower and Upper Canada, can hardly help improving in that the western parts of New York and love, which is the badge of the true Pennsylvania, the eastern part of the disciples of the Savior.

state of Ohio, the western part of There is but one objection which Maryland, and closed his mission in can be offered to the institution here the northern part of Virginia. He proposed, viz. that the people of this preached 265 times, administered land are too well supplied with Bi. the ordinance of the Lord's supper bles to need the aid of a Bible Socie. 4 times, baptized 26 children and ty. But we must not judge of the adults, gathered one church, attend. country at large from what falls un. ed 2 funerals, 9 religious conferen. der our immediate observation. The ces,and visitedupwards of 50 schools, Philadelphia Bible Society, in their and a great number of private fami. address to the public, express the lies. 'opinion, that one fourth of the fami. During his mission, and on his relies of this country are destitute of turn home, he collected for charitaBibles. If we confine ourselves to ble purposes, upwards of a thousand New-England, we have reason to dollars. The donations were receive suppose that this want is considera- ed in the towns and cities in the fol. bly felt in several parts of Rhode Isl. lowing order. and, Vermont, New Hampshire, and In a number of towns in Vermont, the District of Maine. In many 366-In Montreal and its vicinity, houses where the Bible is found, it is 110-In Cornwall and its vicinity, 20 so much worn, and so wretchedly -In Ogdenburgh, N. York, 25-On printed, that its usefulness is very the way to Kingston, 10-In Kings. much diminished. In all our towns, ton, 40-On the way from Kingston there are poor families to whom a to York, 15-In York, Upper Canada, neat edition of the Bible, in a good 30--In Niagara, Queenston, and type, would be a most acceptable their vicinities, 36mFrom Buffaloe

VOL. II. New Series.

80 Pittsburgh, 25-In Pittsburgh, was holden at Boston, on the 30th and 56-In Washington, 25--In Brown. 31stdays of May last. The meeting was ville, 20-In Uniontown, 18-In the attended by a large number of minis. city of Alexandria, (Virginia) 86- ters and other members of the Socie. In Washington city, and Georgetown, ty. The exercises of the day were 120-In Baltimore, 110-In Phila- introduced by sacred music. The delphia, 130— From the Philadelphia throne of sovereign mercy was then Bible Society, 50 bibles, and 50 tes. addressed, in a solemn and pertinent taments In the city of N.York, 105. prayer by the President ; after which

The amount of the above mention the following report of the Trustees ed sums is 1017 dollars; out of which was read by the Secretary. be paid for the printing of upwards

Dear Brethren, of 50,000 small tracts, for distribution ; at the expense of 365 dollars, Under the benign auspices of Him, packed up, and sent to the new set who is Head over all things to the tlements from Philadelphia and New. church, we are indulged the pleasure York, in books and tracts, to the again to meet in this place of our anamount of 205 dollars, (exclusive of nual solemnities, to reciprocate the the donation of the Bible Society ;) greetings of Christian affection, and paid for cloathing and necessary ex- renewedly to attend to the great conpenses by the way, 180, and has now cerns for which we are sacredly asso. on hand, with which he is purchasing ciated. First of all, it becomes us to lift books and small tracts for the new up our hearts to the throne of infi. settlement, 250 dollars.

nite love, in devout thanksgiving for Mr. Osgood closes his journal in the riches of his goodness to us hith. the following words: “I conceive erto, and in humble and fervent de. it to be my duty to make known to sires, for his continued favor and ben. my employers the cordiality with edictions. Then may it be our care which I was received, and the hospi. to animate our mutual charity, to tality and friendship, usually mani. strengthen the bonds of our unior fested, during my stay in the differ. and fellowship, to quicken each other ent towns through which I travelled. in the love of Christ, and his cause, I think I had evidence, that many of and to forward the great object of the people among whom I labored, our meeting, by a serious and brothhad a real regard to the cause in erly and zealous attention to the busiwhich I was engaged. No evidence ness before us. can be more satisfactory on the sub. In fulfilment of enjoined duty, the ject, than that with which I was fa. Trustees for the year now closing, vored, viz. a prompt attendance on would respectfully submit to the Socithe appointed seasons for public wor. ety the following report of their own ship, and the becoming solemnity transactions and of the general miswhich usually appeared during relig- sionary concerns. jous exercises.

As the Society, at the last annual I close this journal by returning meeting, accepted the Act of Incorthe thanks of many of the destitute poration, granted by the Legislature inhabitants which I visited, to the of the Commonwealth, the Trustees society, in whose service I have been made it their early care to place the employed. And in the name, and by funds of the Society under legal sethe particular request of a number of curity, and to make such other ardestitute persons, both in Canada and rangements, as were deemed necesin the western settlements, I would sary in conformity with the statute. respectfully, but earnestly solicit the At the commencement of the year, future patronage and assistance of six missionaries were appointed by the the society.”

board ; the Rev.John Sawyer and Rev.

Jotham Sewall, for six months each, ANNUAL MEETING OF THE MASSA in the District of Maine ; Mr. Na. CHUSETTS MISSIONARY Society. hum Fay, for six months, in the west

The tenth annual meeting of the ern counties of New York ; Mr. DaMassachusetts Missionary Society vid Smith, for six months, in the north-western parts of New Hamp. shire. Mr. Williams and Mr.Rich re. shire ; Rev. Daniel Emerson, for six ceived an appointment to be our mis. nonths, in the destitute parts of sionaries,in Rhode Island, Mr. Fisher Rhode Island ; and the Rev. Joseph also received an appointment as a Badger, for the whole year, among missionary in Maine. Mr. Waido the Wyandot tribe of Indians.

was appointed our missionary, in the Having received the journals of northern parts of Vermont, and Mr. only a part of our Missionaries, it is Parker in Steuben county, New York. impossible to make a complete re. Mr. Rich performed his mission, of port ; but from Mr. David Smith, twenty-six weeks, in Rhode Island; whose mission was in the north west- in which time he preached one hunern parts of New Hampshire, we dred and forty-eight sermons, and learn, that he labored in thirty-eight made five hundred and seventy fami, towns ; preached a hundred and six- ly visits. He observes that his ag. ty-eight sermons ; visited three hun. semblies were small, and with few dred and twenty-six families, and exceptions, behaved quite decently, travelled 994 miles. He observes, and in general were very attentive. that his mission, on the whole, was

seion. on the whole, was He found some persons distressed in pleasant ; “that if the missionary view of their sinful, condemned state, Society could be fully acquainted and a few solitary, mourning Chris. with the feelings of many pious peo. tians. He thinks that books might ple in the new settlements, and see be distributed here to great advan. and hear them express their thank. tage, and that the prospect of mis. fulness for missionary institutions and sionary labors is promising missionary labors, at the same time From Mr. Parker, who labored in realizing their dependance on God to the northern part of New York, we make these labors effectual to their are informed, that in twenty-five salvation, that we should not give towns he preached one hundred and grudgingly; nor think that we were three sermons, attended nine conferspending our strength for nought." ences, visited about three hundred He further observes, that there was families, and rode about eighteen a general seriousness on the minds of hundred miles. In some instances, his hearers, and that many appeared he found special attention to the to feel sensibly the truths which were things of religion, anu considers the delivered to them."

prospect for missionary labors as A journal of several weeks labour, very encouraging. performed by Mr, Emerson in Rhode F rom Mr. Sawyer, who labored in Island, we have received. But this the District of Mame, we learn, that good man was cut off in the midst of he spent forty-seven weeks in the his labours, and called, as we hope, service of the Society. He preached to receive the reward of a good and between five and six times each faithful servant.

week ; attended seven funerals, nine From his journal it seems, that the conferences, six church meetings, Christian religion is little regarded and two ecclesiastical councils. He in that part of our land. In one assisted in forming one church ; ad. place, he observes, that on the Sab. mitted one member into the church in bath he saw people making hay, and Hamden, and four into the church in was told that others were mowing. Dixmont. Visited seven sick per. The Sabbath, he remarks, is not only sons ; baptized one adult and six broken with impunity, but without children. Visited three schools, and blushing. The ways of Zion mourn, administered the sacrament of the none come to her solemn feasts. Lord's Supper nine times. He dis.

At the semi-annual meeting of the tributed about fifty Bibles, forty Tes: Trustees in Nov. 1808, Mr. Sawyertaments, some Psalm books and was appointed to labor in the vicinity Primers, and a large number of reof Collegetown, in the District of ligious tracts. In the course of his Maine. Mr. Jotham Sewall was ap- journal Mr. Sawyer observes, “ It is pointed to perform a mission in the re. peculiarly interesting to discover gion of Winipisiokee pond, inN.Hamp- with what affectionate and tender


emotions some will receive a Bible, Rev. Faceb Norton, Secretary. while others shew a heart as unfeel. Dea. Yohn Simpkins, Treasurer. ing. In distributing the Primers The President, Ex officio, committed to me, I have obtained a Rev. Daniel Hopkins, promise of the parents of the chil. Samuel Niles, dren, to whom the books were given, Samuel Spring, D D. to teach their children the Assem

Fohn Crane, D.D . bly's Shorter Catechism, and engag Samuel Austin, D D. ed the children to learn, informing Elijah Parish, D.D. them that I shall inquire, should I Jonathan Strong, see them again, respecting their im. . Jacob Norton, provement. I have been much dis- . Samuel Worcester, appointed to find people so generally Dea, Isaac Warren. ready to receive, and teach the cate. The public exercises of the occa. chism to their children. I have en.

sion were attended on the evening of gaged nearly a hundred children the

the first day of the meeting, at the within a month, to attend to this sub

Old South meeting house. The ser: ject. This will furnish some profit

mon by the Rev. Mr. Worcester of able employment for their parents, Salem was sentimental, elegant, ap. who while teaching their children, ;

aren, propriate, solemn, and highly inter. it is to be hoped, will gain instruc.

esting ; the assembly was large and tion themselves. I have found a

a solemnly attentive ; and the contrigoodly number of the dear children bution to aid the benevolent object of of God scattered in our new settle.

tle; the Society more liberal, than on any

the so ments, who are hungry for the bread

preceding similar occasion. The of life. Such I have endeavored to

first preacher, for the next annual

first nie feed, comfort, and support-And I

meeting, is Rev. Jacob Norton of indulge the pleasing hope, that by the Weymouth, the second Kev. Timothy grace of God, some few sinners Dickinson of Holliston. The follow. have been awakened, and reconciled

ing missionaries have been appointed to the gospel, and some backsliders

by the board of Trustees ; Rev. Jo. recovered. It becomes me to add, seph Badger for the year, among the that I have witnessed more attention,

Wyandot tribe of Indians ; Rev. the year past, in the new settlements,

John Sawyer, for the year, between than in any preceding period of my

Kennebeck and Penobscot rivers ; missionary labors.”

Mr. Thaddeus Osgood, for the year, On the whole, beloved brethren,

north-western parts of New York, we see no cause to be discouraged ;

and borders of Canada ; Rev. Jotham the fields are white for the harvest,

Sewall, six months, destituté parts of and a thousand reasons urge us to

Rbode Island ; Mr. - Kellogg, persevere in this good work of the

and Mr. Eliphalet B. Coleman, six Lord.

months, in the counties of Steuben; The Society, having beard and ac. cepted the report of the Trustees,

Ontario, and Genesee ; Mr.

Hardy, six months, lake Champlain, proceeded to their annual business. * The officers of the Society, elect- Greely, six months, Nova Scotia. ..

and St. Lawrence ; and Mr. — ed for the present year, are

An account of the funds of the SoRev. Nathanael Emmons, D.D. Prési- ciety and list of donations in our dent.


INAUGURATION OF DR. GRIFFIN. them, by a select choir of singers ;

THE Rev. EDWARD Doro Grif. the introductory, prayer was made FIN, D.D. late of Newark, (New by the Rev. Mr. French; the sermon Fer.) on Wednesday, the 21st inst. was delivered by Rev. Dr. Spring; was inducted into the office of Bart. the Statutes were then read by Rey, let professor of pulpit eloquence, in the Dr. Pearson; the inaugural prayer Theological Seminary in Andover. The was offered by Rev. Dr. Morse i the solemnity commenced with an an. ereed was read by Dr. Pearson

1809.) General Association...Bible Society.... Intelligence.


to the professor elect, and by him re GENERAL ASSOCIATION. . peated and subscribed, after which he was invested with the privileges The General Association of Congré, and honórs of his office, by the pres- gational ministers in Massachusetts, ident of the board of trustees. The met at Newburyport on the 27th of June. professor then pronounced his inau. Delegates from the General Associa: gural oration ; which was followed tions in Connecticut and New Hampe by a prayer by the Rev. Mr. Dana. shire, were admitted to sit and act with At intervals, during the preceding them. The Rev. Dr. Austin delive exercises, appropriate psalms were ered the appropriate sermon, to & sung, and in the conclusion, an an- large assembly of the clergy and laity. them; all which were performed in the transactions of this budy will be a style of superior excellence. The given at large in our next number. benediction by Dr. Griffin.

The day was singularly propitious. The occasion was honored by a nu.

BIBLE SOCIETY. merous collection of people, among We are happy to announce to our whom were a large body of the cler. readers, that the citizens of Massagy, and many ladies and gentlemen chusetts, such of them as can make of distinguished character.

it convenient to attend, are invited The services being ended, the to meet at the Representatives'chamtrustees, visitors, professors, clergy, ber, in Boston, on the 6th of July, at musicians, and gentlemen in public 3 o'clock, P.M. "to consider the exoffice, preceded by the students of pediency of associating for the disthe Theological Institution, walked in tribution of the Bible." We hope to procession from the church to the be able to favor our readers with a hall of the academy, where with so. pleasing account of the result of this cial and cheerful feelings, they par meeting in our next number. took of the bounties of Providence. We have received from an obliging

We understand thut the sermon correspondent the fifth Report of the and oration, delivered on this occasion, British and Foreign Bible Society, both of which were excellent in their which we shall publish next month. kind, have beeen requested for the présé.


We have received from one of our Klapp, and Daingerfield of Philadelmedical correspondents, the fol. phia. After touching upon the mo, lowing remarks on a publication, tives which led him to the course of which has lately appeared, enti. experimenting that he had pursued, tled, “ Experiments and observa. he proceeds with a detail of the ex. tions on Cutaneous Absorption by periments, he had made with an in. Reuben D, Mussey, M. D. of Mas. fusion of the rubia tinctorum, or sachusetts. From the Medical and madder, applied to the external surPhysical Journal conducted by Pro. face of the human body. In the fessor Barton. Philadelphia, from first experiment he remained imthe press of T. & G. Palmer. 1809.” mersed“ in a pretty strong watery

infusion of the rubia tinctorum two We publish these remarks for the hours and forty five minutes.” The benefit of that respectable class of our úrine he voided three hours after he readers, who may be gratified and profit. left the bath, " was slightly tinged ed by them.

with red, and treated with a solution The author of this treatise com of the common sulphat of iron, it mences by glancing at the objections, gave a tinge of a purplish brown.” which had been raised to the doctrine In the second experiment, “I continof cutaneous absorption, by M. Se- ued three hours in the madder bath. guin of Paris, and by Drs. Rousseau, The portion discharged five hours af

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