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nigh to death, Mrs. Leslie hav. erable part of every day in devo. ing mentioned that I was stand. tional exercises. Searching the ing by his bed, he stretched out word of God, meditation and his hand, took hold of mine, and prayer, were not only duties said, “You hare great cause to which he daily performed, but bless the Lord for having put duties in which he greatly deyou into the ministry ; we serve lighted. As long as the state of a good Master ; he carries us his health would permit, he de. wonderfully through. I said, voted the greatest part of every 6 Sir, I hope you now ex pori. Monday to fasting and prayer. ence that the Lord Jesus Christ When the weather was good, the is a good Master.” He replied doctor regularly took a long with much earnestness, “Yes, walk once in the day; and when yes.'

he walked by himself, he chose Tuesday, March 29th, 1796, the most sequestered places. On in the 84th year of his age, and those occasions, he was frequent. 54th of his ministry, about mid. ly found engaged in acts of devo. day, Dr. Gillies fell asleep in tion. Humility and meekness, Jesus. Mrs. Leslie, when she zeal against error and vice, and saw that her father was in the a catholic spirit, were prominent article of death, kneeled by his features in the character of Dr. bed, and remained in that pos. Gillies. He possessed and mani. ture till the short and easy con. fested an ardent, anceasing, and flict was over. Her unceasing growing desire for the extension attention to her parents can nev. of the Redeemer's kingdom, er be sufficiently commended ; News of a revival of religion, or the satisfaction which she must of attempts to carry the gospel now derive from a retrospect of to heathen lands, were, to the her conduct to both her parents doctor's heart, like cold waters is one, but not her only, reward to a thirsty soul. for her tender attention. Let With regard to his style of all children who may read this preaching, he proposed the truths narrative, and who have parents of the gospel with the greatest in life, go and do likewise.'- plainness, and pressed them with Great multitudes attended the all possible earnestness. His dis. doctor's funeral in tears; and courses were always enriched his inemory to this day is very with many suitable portions of dear to thousands in Glasgow. Scripture.

Dr. Gillies most firmly believ. The doctor used frequently ed, and most faithfully preached, to observe, when speaking in the doctrines which are generally private, with regard to preachcalled Calvinistic ; but a Teach. ing, That ministers might be the er, at whose feet he daily sat, unhappy instruments of ruining had taught him to call no man souls, in two different ways : Master : he much rather chose «The one is,' said he, "by staro. to be called a disciple of the ing them; and the other is, by Lord Jesus Christ than a follow. giving them poison. I love,' er of Calvin.

he was wont to say, 'to give He was a most devout Chris. God's children plenty of their tian :-he spent a very consid. own bread;' meaning thereby

VOL. II. Nem Series.


the pure Word of God. Dr. any one article in a periodi. Gillies on no occasion shunned cal publication. His principal to declare the whole counsel of works, besides that already men. God; but he insisted on the tioned, were, Exhortations to leading doctrines of the gospel. the Inhabitants of the South Par. The Lord Jesus Christ was the ish of Glasgow ;'--Historical delightful subject of his daily Collections relating to the Suc. meditations, the frequent subject cess of the Gospel,'-'Appendix of his conversation, and the sub. to the Historical Collections ;'stance of all his sermons. He Life of the Rev. Mr. George knew, by sweet experience, and Whitfield ;'-Sermon at the he endeavored to make it known Opening of the Synod of Glas. to others, that Christ is all and gow ;'- Hebrew Manual, for in all.

the Use of Students of that Lan. · I have thus endeavored to give guage;'— Devotional Exercises you a short sketch of the life on the New Testament ;'and death of my late much res. Psalms of David, with Notes, pected father in Christ ; but I devotional and practical, ex. am deeply sensible that I cannot tracted from Dr. Horn's Com. do justice to his character ; and mentary;'—and Milton's Para. a complete delineation of it would dise Lost, illustrated by Texts of far exceed the space allotted to Scripture.' Evan. Mag.



March, 1808. as one who has abandoned divine SIR,

revelation. I was loath to beI PRESUME you will not think lieve, when your intimate ac. it strange, that I address you on quaintances informed me, that the subject of your rejecting you questioned the truth of the christianity. The subject con. bible while in college ; but of cerns you personally, and fills the correctness of their informame with deep anxiety on your tion you convinced me yourself, account. The circumstance of by an interview at my house, our former acquaintance, while several years since, in company you were a pupil under my tu. with Mr. S. You, doubtless, ition, may be, even with you, a recollect, that to caution you, I sufficient apology for this com. then said, " that the ground you munication. Your present sen. had taken, if not abandoned, timents in regard to christianity would carry you into the camp did not appear, and I trust did of infidelity.” The course you not exist, while you resided as a took, it appears, you have un. member of my family : and I am fortunately pursued ; and your extremely sorry to have occa. late conversation at my house, sion, at this time, to address you in the hearing of a number, who

distinctly recollect it, disclosed ulous faith,” we had ample rea. the melancholy fact.

son to conclude that you were In this conversation I exhibit. most daring and presumptuous ed arguments in favor of chris. in your infidelity. When we tianity, and appealed to your heard you say, “that yon neith. own judgment to decide if they er believed nor disbelieved a fu. had not some weight; and upon ture state ; that it was an insult hearing you reply, "they had to pray to God a second time; nonc,” we were induced to be that you meant to die like a lieve you inclined to infidelity. brave fellow,” we had reason to When we heard you say, "that believe you stupidly fearless, you had read not a quarter of and awfully confirmed in infidel the bible, and but few other delusion. books in favor of it, since you These observations, which began to question its truth,” dropped from your lips in the we could not but consider you bearing of a number, evidence extremely uncandid and hasty in something, which I am loath to your conclusion. When you in. admit; something, which I deepformed us that 66 you had for- ly lament ; something, which I merly concealed your disbelief would gladly disbelieve, were I of christianity; that you now not compelled to the contrary thought it dastardly, and, there. by the force of truth. I am fore, came out openly ; that it aware that men, sometimes, utter required independence of mind themselves unguardedly in the and strong nerves so to do, since hurry of conversation, and a men were so shackled with chris. suitable allowance should be tianity ;” and when we heard made. But you, sir, repeated you converse un reservedly, both your deistical remarks and sen. before my pupils and family in timents with all the appearance favor of your principles, we had of fixed belief; and after I had every reason to think that you made solemn appeals to your intended to be openly and pub. conscience, referred you to the licly on the side of infidelity. confessions of dying infidels, and When we heard you say, " that pointed you to the tribunal of some deists were the best charac. God, you unyieldingly insisted ters you ever knew ; that many upon their truth and correctoess. in the country, and the most res. But still, it is possible, and to pectable men in Boston, were me probable, that you are not deists; that had you sufficient so decidedly established in deist. abilities and should you preach ical principles as your own lan. jofidelity in Boston, you could guage then imported. For infi. draw the largest and best society dels, equally bold, in some in. in town;" we had reason to stances on a death bed or before, consider you a boasting infidel. have been constrained by the When we heard you say, “ you force of conscience to confess would not believe in miracles, that they had been liars, had if God himself should work made false pretensions, had ut. one before your eyes and that tered themselves in language be. he could not thus make you be. yond their belief. Such, through lieve, except he gave you mirace the mystery of iniquity, are oftea

found hasty, bold, and clamor. opportunities to search its con. aus in conversation, in order to tents, to trace its doctrines and still the voice of conscience, and procepts, and to examine and obliterate every impression of weigh the evidences by which its truth from their minds. How inspiration and truth are sup. far this remark applies to you, I ported. Do not stop short at am unable to determine. It is the reading of a few chapters, painful, extremely painful, for and pronounce the whole folly me to have reason to fear, that and delusion as prejudice would you are given up of God to dictate : but read it through, blindness of mind and hardness and attentively, and call to your of beart. I am loath to admit aid the writiogs of men who, in that you have arrived to that different ages, have appeared in state of fearless insensibility of its defence. The subject, on conscience, which your language which I treat is serious, is mo. imported at our last interview. mentous, is of everlasting im. Pause, sir, pause, I intreat you, portance to you, as well as othand pen down your own creed, ers : and I carnestly request you and seriously consider it. A to consider and treat it accord. creed, which discards the pren ingly now, in season, before it cious revelation of God as mere shall be for ever too late. I do delusion; which denies Jesus pot urge you to this because of Christ, the only mediator, and particular gratification to myself, his infinite condescension and though it would certainly afford love ; which contemns the ex. me pleasure to see you brought istence and operations of the to that state of gospel humility Holy Ghost in the conviction and and brokenness of heart for sin, sanctification of guilty men; which you spoke of at my house which rejects, as visionary, heav. with contempt. If brought to en, and hell, and all the awful it you said 6f you should despise realities of eternity ; which de yourself.” I do not urge you to nounces frequent and repeated this to relieve the solicitude and prayer for mercy as an insult to anxiety of your christian ac. God! Avd on this creed, ac. quaintance and connexions, who cording to which you presump. deeply lament your avowal of tuously attempt to face down such sentiments ; though they christianity and every appear. would doubtless rejoice to behold ance of religion, lay your band you a believer in Christ, and a on your heart, and in a serious stable friend of the christian re. moment lift your eyes to God, ligion. I do not urge you or and say, this is my creed. I account of your happiness and hope you cannot, I hope you usefulness in this life, though it dare not ; I presume your own is an unquestionable truth, that conscience, that monitor of God the christian in the present world placed in your bosom, will re- is incomparably more happy in strain you.

himself, and more useful to oth. Take up, then, your bible, ers than the infidel. But I urge and read it candidly, and prayer. you, sir, for the sake of Christ, fully, like a rational and honest for the sake of the gospel, for man. You have abilities and the sake of your own everlasting salvation. The soul is valuable; tial in bringing you to the con. its life is precious ; it is of more viction and cordial reception of worth than thousands of worlds. the truth as it is in Jesus, I am Consider the providential kind. persuaded you will never think nesses, which have attended you it either untimely or unkind, but from the morning of your life; seasonable and friendly. But if consider the christian light and otherwise, if your present views privileges, which have waited of the subject should continue, upon you io ripening years; and if your sentiments of christiani. then suffer me to beseech you by ty, and your feelings toward its the tender mercies of God, that friends and advocates should re. you no longer reject and despise main as they were at our last in. the holy gospel. Shall I point terview; it is not difficult to fore. you to the bed of dying infidels, see how you will treat the present and place before you the bitter communication and its author. remorse, the agonizing fear, the Fora spirit of infidelity, which ha3 awful despair which often seize acquired an uncommon boldness, them, at the close of a life spent is completely prepared to con. in open hostility to Christ and sider a real friend, as the worst his word! Look forward, sir, enemy; to call scriousness and and only admit the possibility, plaigness, superstition and abuse; that there may be a judgment to denounce love and faithful. whep sioners shall be found on ness to the souls of men, as weak. the left hand that there may be ness and enthusiasm, a place of punishment designed . for the wicked, where des pisers of the gospel shall wonder and

To the Editors of the Panoplist. perish; and see if your reason, judgment, conscience, and safe. GENTLEMEN, ty, do not unite their voice with If you think the following observations on the command of God, and call the evil of sin, worthy of a place in on you to search the scriptures, your useful publication, you will be

pleased to insert them. embrace their truths, and receive with meekness the word of life, The Divinity of Christ is ques. that your soul may be saved in tioned, by some, on the ground the day of the Lord Jesus. that the evil of sin is not so great

I have little more to say on as to require that He should be the subject, though my earnest any thing more than a creature, solicitude, I trust, will remain. in order to accomplish all the In what manner you will receive ends, for which he came into the this letter, and what effect it will world. Hence it must be an have on your mind, it is not inquiry of no small importance, within the province of human whether sin be an infinite evil. foresight to determine. But this The following observations will be regulated according to may assist, in forming an opinion the government of that infinite on the subject, viz. God, "in whom we live, move, 1. Sin derives some degree of and have our being.” If, how. aggravation from the considera. ever, the Lord, in sovereign tion of the infinitely high and glo. mercy, should render it influen. rious character of Him, against

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