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accommodate my mind to a jour. THOUGHTS ON 2 COR. VII. 1. ney on horseback, which, though Let us cleanse ourselves from all filthi. not so long as that I had already made, was likely to be equally ARCHBISHOP LEIGHTON, in a dangerous ; and which, there. sermon on these words, says, 'It fore, demanded a full exertion of is the Lord who is the sanctifier fortitude and resolution.

of his people ; he purges away • It was still the hot season of their dross, and pours clean wa. the year, and we were to travel

ter upon them, according to his through that country, over which promises ; yet doth he call us to the horrid wind I have before cleanse ourselves. He puts new mentioned sweeps its consuming life into us, and causes us to act, blasts. It is called, by the and excites us to it, and calls it Turks, Samiel,-is mentioned, up to act in the progress of sancby holy Job, under the name of tification. Men are strangely the East Wind, and extends its inclined to a perverse construcravages all the way from the ex. tion of things. Tell them that treme end of the Gulf of Cam.

we are to act, and work, and baya up to Mosul ;--it carries give diligence, then they would along with it lakes of fire like fancy a doing in their threads of silk: instantly strikes strength, and be their own sav. dead those that breathe it, and iors. Again: tell them that God consumes them inwardly to ash. works all our worksip us, and for es, the flesh soon becoming black us, then they would take the ease

a coal, and dropping off of doing nothing. If they cannot the bones. Philosophers con- have the praise of doing all, they sider it as kind of elec- will sit still with folded hands, tric fire, proceeding from the and use no diligence at all : but sulphureous or nitrous exhal. this is the corrupt logic of the ations, which are kindled by the flesh ; its base sophistry. The agitation of the winds. The on. apostle reasons just contrary : ly possible means of escape from " It is God that worketh in us, its fatal effects, is to fall flat both to will and to do ;" (there. on the ground, and thereby fore,' would a carnal heart say, , prevent the drawing it in: We need not work, or, at least to do this, however, it is may work very carelessly ;'-necessary first to see it, which is but he infers, " Therefore, let not always practicable.

us work out our salvation with • The ordinary heat of the cli. fear and trembling ;'' i. e. in the máte is extremely dangerous to more humble obedience to God, the blood and lungs, and even to and dependence on him, not ob. the skin, which blisters and peels structing the influence of his from the flesh, affecting the eyes grace, and, by sloth and negli- . so much, that travellers are oblig- gence, provoking him to with. ed to wear a transparent covera

draw or abate it. Certainly, many ing over them, to keep off the in whom there is the truthof grace, heat.'

are kept very low in the growth of it, by their own slothfulness, sitting still, and not bestirring

themselves, and exercising the Vol. II. New Series.




proper actions of that spiritual ments, and even to watch whole life by which it is entertained nights. Being asked, by some and advanced.'

of his friends, what was the cause

of all this, he answered, The 6

NAZARENE.' tropbies of Miltiades will not Respecting the return of Jo.

suffer me to sleep.'

Thus, fired seph and Mary to Judea, and

with a love of glory, he became, their abode in Nazareth, there is

in a few years, the first man in one circumstance in particular

Greece. deserving notice, which is, the

Young christians, faith prevery lowly state to which Jesus septs to your view far greater chose to humble himself. of glories than Greece could bestow all the towns of Judea and Gali.

on her most successful heroes. lee, Nazareth was peculiarly des.

The perishing honors of Miltiades pised, as the habitation of the and Themistocles, are not worthy dregs of the people, and as hav.

to be compared with the glory ing never produced an illustrious that shall be revealed. Could they or good personage. This ac.

forego all the pleasures of youth counts for Nathaniel saying to

to have their names enrolled in Philip, Can any good thing

the records of fame, -and can. come out of Nazareth ? Hence,

not you, by the help of Almigh. it was as infamous



ty grace, become a good soldier Jews to be called a Nazarene, of Jesus Christ, in hope of ob. which signified a most worthless, taining a crown of glory that infamous fellow, as among the

shall never fade ? Greeks to be called Cretians, who were always liars, evil Mothers can do great things !! beasts, and slow bellies. Jesus Christ chose to be

A CLERGYMAN, now fulfilling brought up at Nazareth, that he the duties of his office punctually, might take upon himself, very ardently, and faithfully, was ask . early, the reproach couched un.

ed, when examined by the bish. der that name.

Pilate undoubt. op's chapla'n, whether he had edly had it in view when, by made divinity his study ;-be re. way of mockery he wrote a title, plied he had not particularly; and put it on the cross, Jesus

but,” said he, “my mother of Nazareth, the King of the

taught me the Scriptures." 'Ah!' Jews"

said the chaplain, 'Mothers can Claude's Posthumous Works.

do great things !' The young man was examined with respect to the

extent of his knowledge, was apANECDOTES.

proved, ordained, and desire i to

preach before the bishop. THEMISTOCLES, when a very Mothers may perceive how young man, was observed, soon necessary and useful are their after the famous battle of Mara. pious instructions, and be en. thon, in which Miltiades obtain. couraged, while their husbands ed so much glory, to be much are busily engaged in providing alone, very pensive, unwilling for their families the meat that to attend the usual entertain. perisheth, to be diligent, bring

ing up their offspring in the of families, but of our country, knowledge of the Scriptures, as The excellent mother alluded the mother of Timothy did. This to in the above anecdote, wrote anecdote may also lead reflect. as follows to another of her sons ing parents to consider what on hearing of the birth of his eld. ought to be the education of est child :- Give him an educa. their daughters, that they may tion, that his life may be useful; become such mothers; for on teach him religion that his death the education of daughters, de- may be happy! pends the future welfare not only


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ESSAY ON EDUCATION..... Continued from p. 521.

In this connexion it may be praised, is among the antichrist. inquired whether certain modes ian motives of action.” Again of education are not injurious he says, “I think I cannot be to society, and dangerous to the mistaken, when I'assert, that morals of youth.

much the greater number of our Still it is our aim not to de. fine writers have really encouragscend to particulars; we there. ed the love of applause, of fume, fore only ask, whether the sparks of glory, which places them in of AMBITION, so often kindled, the most pointed hostility with and sometimes blown into a fun the christian religion.” Their rious blaze, by flattery, by re. good sense has, however, comwards, by invidious distinctions, pelled them, often to acknowl. are not hazardous to the moral edge the emptiness of this glory, culture of the heart? This we and to express their contempt for believe is more common in our " the fool to fame.” Yet they lower schools, than higher semi. inconsistently apply every splen. Daries ; because minor teachers did epithet to the men, who are are more generally there employ. impelled by this passion. They ed ; teachers incapable of ani. describe glory as the best incen. mating their pupils by proper tive to noble actions and their motives. Authors and teachers richest reward. They place the often upite thus to poison the temple of Virtue where it is public mind.

“No one,” saith merely an introduction to the a learned writer, * “ will deny temple of Fame. They lament that to wish for the favorable that they cannot 6 climb the opinions of those around us to a steep where that proud temple certain extent is consistent with shines afar.” Again recollect. the christian laws, but the love ing that all kinds of fools havo of glory, the desire of being dis. offered clouds of incense to all tinguished, and admired, and kinds of villains, they elude

self reproach, by saying it is Foster.

honorable fame, they pursue.



Odi profanum vulgus restores baseness of idleness. Show them their self approbation. Having what they owe to themselves, frequently declared, that a good their friends, their parents, their and wise man prefers the appro. country, and their God. Awak. bation of the Supreme Being to en their consciences, but I pray all things else, they feel at liber. you do not influme their pride. ty again to tolerate and cherish Treat them as moral, rational the love of glory. Is not ambi. beings. If these things do not tion or a thirst for glory, that rouse them ; let them slumber. wild fury, which do

Use no unhailowed means, even tame? Does it not set on fire to save them from infamy and the course of nature ? Is it not ruin. set on fire of hell ? Why is Afri. Because a magazine cannot be ca bound in chains ? Why is Eu. preserved perfectly free from the rope red with slaughter? The humidity of the atmosphere, will demon of ambition hath been let you light a torch, will you set it loose upon them. Like the grave on fire, and by the explosion it cries, “Give, give;" it swal. hazard the destruction of your. lows the applause of a nation, of self and the garrison ? the world, and cries for more. Because human nature cannot I know it will be said that emu. be fired with the highest degree lation, or a laudable desire to ex. of zeal by religious motives, will cel, not ambition, is excited you blow the coals of pride, of in our schools and academies. rivalship, of eternal hatred, and I know also that calling bad quench every spark of humility, things by good names does not brotherly love, and goodness of change their natures.

heart? Will you labor to render Emulation is the soft, the del. our seminaries so many furnaces icate, the pleasing name of am. in which are to be hatched young bition. Her 'voice is melodious, salamanders, Cesars, and Buona. as a syren's song ; but she has partes? Will you render our col. the jaw teeth of a lion ; her face leges so many volcanos whose is smeared with gore; she lives annual explosions shall spread on blood.

"But children and successive conflagrations through youth are idle unless we rouse the country? their emulation, their lives will How did Jesus Christ instruct be wasted, their opportunity for his disciples ? Did he excite their improvement for ever lost. What laudable ambition, their barning shall be done?” What shall be emulation ! Did be balance them done! [pform them, that they are one against the other ? Did he in a state of probation, that a excite a spirit of rivalship, of price is put into their hands to superiority, or distinction ? Did obtain wisdom, that eternity may he rouse Peter and James by re. depend on a moment. Inform presenting Barnabas and John, them how noble are their capac- as surpassing them in eloquence sties, how sublime their natures,

and fame. Did he not tell them and yet how dependant, how re- to choose the lowest seats and to sponsible they are to God. Show be the servants of all? them the use and importance of "These were men,” it may be the sciences; the ingratitude and said; "children aıd youth must

be stimulated by different mo. ty? When were mankind a tives.” I pray you in what sys. harmonious brotherhood ? How tem of morals is this distinction many Nimrods, Tamerlanes, At. made ? By what kind of logic tilas, Pizarros, Madocawandos, or divinity can it be proved, that and Sun

warrows have been form. those feelings, those motipes, and by these lessons of laudable em. passions, which are proper for ulation! Where are Babylon and children and youth, are improper Nineveh, Carthage and Tyre? for

men, for parents, for the Where are Thebes and Palmyra; aged, for the dying ?

the holy capital of Palestine, and If the preceptors of youth the Temple of mount Zion ? may ; why may not ministers of Swept away--by what 3 --The the gospel, lay aside their exhor. fury of emulation. What is the tation to humility, abasement, present state of Europe ? What and self-denial? When do youth is the state of our own country? begin to be men? How long Are we not contending man shall they be excited to action against man, who shall have the by a spirit of rivalship and em. mighty privilege of bursting open ulation ? When shall they begin the doors of honor and public to be humble; when shall they confidence ? This is the sponta. be christians ? Are not some neous harvest of such seed, sown modes of education dangerous, in the deadly soil of the human may they not be falal to the heart. peace of society? Is it said that Further, if we have suggest. "these are the bugbears of a win. ed the true object of education, ter's eve;" when has this mode of it will follow that the Bible education produced any baleful should constitute an essential effects in society ?

branch of instruction. The Bi. Because men are often clumsy ble is the charter of immortal fe. proficients in the work of moral licity; the map of glory. It ruin, shall we congratulate our. draws the curtain, which con. selves for their imbecility, or be cealed the invisible world, it deluded into a confidence in their brings life and immortality to wrong principles?

light; it is the book of life. Is Ponderous artillery may be so it possible, then, that this vol. unskilfully levelled as to effect ume should be excluded from no damage. The gospel also many and not studied, as a clas. may so counteract the lessons of sic, in any seminary of science ? emulation as to prevent their de. The time makes haste, we trust, structive influence. A powerful when this will be considered an antidote may prevent the effects incredible phenomenon in the of the most malignant poison.

history of this christian country. Though we think these are To restore ourselves to the di. conclusive replies to the inquiry vine favor; to 66 When has this mode of educa. selves from the sad effects of the tion produced any baleful effects fall, without the study of revela. in society ?" yet would I rather tion, would be like teaching nav. return the question When bas igation without the knowledge Not this mode of education pro. of the compass, music without duced its baleful effects in socie. sounds, and the beauty of colors



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