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esteem and affection of all who had oppor

tunities of knowing him and appreciating In our last number, we inserted

his worth, and the enviable cheerfulness of a letter from Mr. Burton, our much disposition nature had bestowed on uim, he esteemed and highly useful Mis- diffused among those around him. It will sionary at this station, in which he be consolatory to his friends far away to referred to the injurious effects of death he is lamented, by those who enjoyed

know, that as in life he was beloved, so in the climate on the constitution of the happiness of his society, and who will Europeans, and the repeated at- long grieve at the early termination of his tacks of illness he had himself ex- followed his honoured remains to the grave,

useful and beneficent career. Numbers perienced. Little did the compiler and those to whom he taught and expounded suppose, while that article was pro- the truths of our blessed religiou, testified ceeding to the press, that his valued their attachment to the pastor and the friend, friend had been again attacked by and their respect to his memory, bv insistdisease, which was no more to be ing on bearing the corpse the whole way, a

distance of two miles. “ Blessed are the rebuked by the great Arbiter of dead that die in the Lord.” life and death, but was to prove the means of conveying him to that

Mr. Burton had been nearly nine serene and blissful region, where years in the missionary field, havthe inhabitant shall no more say,

ing left England for Sumatra, in I am sick; neither shall the sun company with Mr. Evans, at the light on them, nor any heat. Such, close of 1819. He was called to huwever, is the mournful intelli-resign his excellent partner to the gence we have now to communi. stroke of death in April 1826. Two cate. Mr. Burton became much children survive, not yet of an age indisposed on the 22d August last, fully to appreciate the affecting on which day he addressed a brief loss they have sustained. They letter to Mr. Dyer on natters of were brought to this country by business, and we learn from the Mrs. Rowe, soon after the lament“ Calcutta Government Gazette," ed decease of their mother. May that he expired about a fortnight the Father of the fatherless be their after at Bankipore, near Patna.

Protector and Guide! As yet, we have received the painful tidings through no other chanoel; but there seeins no reason

SEWRY (BEERBHOOM). whatever to question the accuracy Extract of a letter from Mr. of the report, which is couched, as Williamson to Mr. Dyer, dated our readers will perceive, in terms May (), 1828:alike honourable to the dear deceased Missionary, and the un- establish, will, I hope in the end, be pro

The new village I am endeavouring to known party by whom it was com- ductive of good. In the meantime, bowmunicated to the paper we have ever, the expense of clearing the adjoining mentioned.*

ground, and providing a sufficient supply of

water, as well as building, &c. is almost Died, at Bankipore, Sept.6, after an illness greater than I can bear. It is intended of sixteen days, the Rev. R. Burton, of chiefly for the relief of indigent Christians, Digah, (of the Baptist Missionary Society) but may also prove an asylum to inquirers, in the 32d year of his age. Highly gifted who, through fear of persecution, feel themfor the arduous duties particularly required selves unable to make a public profession of him, he pursued them with zeal, devout of Christianity. Besides a young man forperseverance, and success. Kind, benevo- merly mentioned, who joined us about two leat, and charitable, be soon acquired the years ago, and of the sincerity of wbose

profession I have still a favourable opinion, Since this account was sent to the some other persons have this year come press, other letters have arrived, from which among us, and brought with them six chil. we shall give extracts in our bext.

dren, who are all put to school with our other Christian children. May the spirit of printing his Javan version, in which he has grace, through the means of grace, speedily had the offer of their assistance. He had take possession of their hearts ! Though the in view to proceed thither by the first opporparents are, generally speaking, less hope- tunity, intending to join me liere when that ful than the children, yet one appears very work should be completed. I shall not, susceptible of instructiov. The young man however, omit to convey to him your sentiwho has been with us a longer period, is ments on an early occasion, and shall realready pretty well acquainted with the commend bim to remain in Bengal until he principl of Christianity, and serious too, bears further from you. He is a man of yet I do not feel myself authorized to bap- ardent piety and sound judgment, but diffitize birn without more satisfactory evidence dent and unassuming, and accustomed to of his conversion. I may here mention, seclusion ; and I should, on the whole, that I had the pleasure some months ago of thiuk be might be employed most usefully administering the ordinance to a female, at in Bengal, where I doubt not his extensive present the widow of one of our late preach- knowledge of the Javanese, and the affinity ers of the Gospel. She was brought up in that language hears to those of India, would Hindooism, but is now, I hope, a true fol. soon lead him to an eflicient acquaintance lower of Christ. Besides those abovemen. with any of the latter which it might be his tioned, as having come among as, one or lot to labour in. He is, moreover, a man of two others, cbietly indigent persons, bave economical habits, and thoroughly imbued proposed giving up caste, on a promise of with the missionary spirit ; and he would, I support ; but supposing their chief aim to have reason to think, be found quite an acbe that of a comfortable maintenance, I have quisition in the cause amongst the natives. hitherto dismissed all such, conceiving it I have nothing of importance to add for my duty to countenance serious inquirers the present, my own occupations continuing only.

as usual. The first rough version of the New Testament will, I trust, be finished by

the close of the year. SUMATRA. The following communication from Mr. N. Ward, will shew that

BELIZE. he has not yet quitted Padang, In a letter lately received from being exceedingly anxious, before our friend Mr. Bourn, and dated he does so, to complete the Ma- Nov. 12, last, he adverts to some layan version of the New Testa- impediments in the way of his ment, on which he has for some Christian labours, and remarks at time been engaged.

Mr. Bruckner the closehas reached Bengal, where he will

Amidst every thing discouraging, I am enjoy much greater facilities than bappy to say that I have enjoyed a consi. before, for completing the import- derable degree of the divine presence in my ant work which has so long occu- labours, and I desire above every thing to

bave my whole heart in perfect conformity pied his attention.

to God. Things are encouraging in other Padang, Sept. 6, 1828. respects, the congregation bas increased, Yours of October last, conveying the re- and the attention is good ; several we have solations of the Society in regard to the reason to think are wrought apon, and some Mission on this coast, did not reach me bave proposed themselves for baptism. Our until about three weeks ago. The substance Sabbath school has increased ; 76 were preof what relates to myself, bowever, was re- sent the Sabbath before last, and 67 last ceived some months previously, through the Sabbath. These keep Mrs. B., myself, and kindness of Mr. Evaos, and I transmitted two of our coloured male members emmy wishes on the subject by the Padang, ployed about three hours on the Sabbath, which vessel I doubt not ere now has reached besides the three other services. I have ber destinatiou. For the present, I can do been actively engaged as usual during the notbing more than repeat what I then said, week, in my pastoral visits and in visiting trasting both yourself and the Society will the sick, besides preaching at four different have the indulgence to accede 10 my request.times and places, and exhorting from boase

You will, I suppose, have board of Mr. to bouse, excepting one week, when I was Bruckner's intention to proceed to Bengal. wholly laid aside from a circumstance which I received a letter from him a few months nearly cost me my life. I was mounting a ago, saying he had been invited round by borse, to go tbrough some water, when the the Serampore brethren, for the purpose of animal reared, got pust bis balance, and came over upon his back, with me under | ence; and in order to fortify her mind, often him. As the chief weigbt had come upon compares ber sufferings to those of ber dimy cbest, and I was bruised internally, I vine Master. You would be delighted to found it necessary to be bled and take some hear ber now and then talk of entering heamedicine, but no bone or blood vessel was ven, and of meeting Mrs. Judson and other broken. I have been led with gratitude to pious friends. The other day, after having admire the preserving goodness of God. dwelt for some time on the delightfal subThis circumstance took place about three ject, and mentioned the names of all the weeks ago. At present I feel out of health, friends she should rejoice to meet, not omitwith a violent headach, and symptoms of ting her dear little Maria, she stopped short fever, so that it is with difficulty I write and exclaimed, “But first of all I shall this letter, and expect immediately to take basten to wbere my Saviour sits, and fall medicine. Mrs. B.'s health is much inore down and worship and adore bim, for his established than it bas been; she was under great love in sending the teachers to shew the necessity of relinquishing her school, me tbe way to heaven.”” but bas again resumed it, and bas at present Two new converts, Moung Dwah and fifteen scholars, and has the prospect of Mah Alal, were baptized about the middle others. This will turn in something to the of January last. There are some hopeful Mission."

inquirers, and the prospects are truly cheering.

Moung Ing, the native Burman preacher, BURMAH.

is still itinerating and preaching anong bis

countrymen, and appears to be truly devoted AMERICAN BAPTIST MISSIONS. to his work. Many listen with attention,

and some have manifested a conviction of The following particulars re- the truth of the Gospel wbich be is pub

lishing. specting the proceedings of our brethren employed in this import

A more detailed account of the ant mission, are for the most part baptism of Moung Dwah and Mah extracted from American publica- Alah, is given in the following extions lately received, and which

tract of a letter from Mrs. Boardbring up the history of their ope- man to a female friend in New rations to the early part of 1828.

York, dated Jan. 25, 1828:Messrs. Judson, Wade, and Boardman, have removed to Maplaming, about twenty

About a week since we enjoyed the pleasa miles from Amherst, up the river Mortaban. ing privilege of seeing two, wbo were once The cause of their removal was, that Sir idolaters, following our dear Redeemer into Archibald Campbell having left Amherst, the watery grave. One of these persons is and made Maulaming the metropolis of the Moung Dwah, the husband of Mah Doke, a possessions ceded by the Burmese to the faithful and devoted disciple of Jesus. For British, the former place was falling greatly years she wept, and mourned, and prayed, into decay, and the latter becoming the over her uphelieving husband. But her principal resort of the natives, and of course prayer of faith is answered, and she is filled a more eligible station for missionary ope- with gratitude and joy. Tears flow down rations.

her cheeks while she speaks of the glorious Dr. Judson having completed the version change in her husband ; she says the most of his translation of the New Testament, is ardent desire of her heart is gratified, and bow translating the Old Testament also into she can never again distrast tbe mercy and the Burman language. He is likewise en- faithfulness of her God. We have in Moung gaged with brethren Wade and Boardman Dwals a striking example of the blessed inin preaching the Gospel to the poor benight-fluence of our boly religiou ; he was fored heatbed in that land.

merly upyielding, obstinate, and even unkind One of the Burmese converts, Mah Men- to such a degree, as to cause his wife and lay, was removed by death in the early part the native Christians much anxiety and of last September. A missionary who at- grief. Now he is submissive and humble, tended ber during her sickness and death, like the spirit of him who was “meek and thus rites :- When her will was written, lowly in mind." He is a man of respecleshe said, "Now I have done with worldly bility, of good sense, and is unwearied in things.' She does not express a doubt that his efforta to do good among his countrymen. ber name is written in heaven, and that she Mah Alah, the other person who received in hastening to a blissful immortality. She baptism, is a widow, and lives in the Canvily suffers considerable pain with much pati- of Moung Dwah and Mab Doke, at a short

distance from our dwelling; she possesses | gospel, as they are, but through the grace good mental abilities, and is well able to of God oor minds were enlightened, and exert a considerable influence. It is but God is the same merciful and gracious being recently that her mind has become fully that he then was, and can bring them to decided in favour of Christianity, but her love the truth, as we trust he has brought us. views of Christian doctrine are remarkably Several persons appear to be examining correct. She is apparently sincere and the Christian religion, and there is one bearty in ber attacbment to the blessed cause person of whom we have gaived evidence she has espoused. Her whole soul seems of piety, who will probably soon be bapintent upon doing good. “0,” says she, tized. Our schools begin to wear a very "I want not earthly property, I wish not interesting aspect. The Female Boarding for silver or gold, or any worldly goods, School, the labours of which Mrs. Wade but I long to be freed from sin, and to see and myself divide, contains fifteen scholars. these poor delnded votaries of Gaudama Mr. Boardman bas just commenced a boys' worshipping the eternal God.”

boarding school. We have now six boys ; We have now only two of the native two of them are the adopted children of female Christians with us. Some of those Mah-men-la; she bad taught the eldest to who have been brought to the knowledge of read, and he bas dictated a few lines to send the truth in Burmah, have entered upon their to bis benefactors in America. glorious rest in the bosom of Jesus. Some are wandering in despotic Bormah, destitute A circumstance was mentioned of the means of grace, without one Chris. tian friend to encourage their fainting hearts, at one of the monthly meetings in or strengthen their decaying faith.

Boston, very honourable to Dr. One who was baptized at Alberst still Judson, as affording gratifying eviresides there, on account of her hasband's dence both of the estimation in unwillingness to remove to this place. She which he was held, and of his own is exceedingly distressed at being separaied from the native Christians and the mission. disinterestedness. He had recently aries, and at being denied the precious pri received, in presents from inhabitvilege of atteuding upon the ordinances of ants of Ava, and as pay for serGod's house. She lives in the midst of vices to the British Government as noise and confusion, at some distance from the old mission house in Amherst.

We interpreter, the sum of 4000 dolhear that on Lord's day she visits the de. lars, all of which he placed to the serted mansion, wanders around it sad and credit of the Society. aloge, and then calls her children, and a few persons who were formerly in the babit of hearing the gospel, and retires with them to a solitary place, and endeavours to re- We are much concerned to add, commend to their attention the religion of that recent accounts from Bengal, the blessed Saviour. Mrs. Wade and my announce the death of Dr. Price, self hold a female prayer meeting once a week with the Christian sisters, and feel the coadjutor of Dr. Judson in the greatly encouraged and supported by wit- Burmese mission. He had been nessing their servent piety. Omy dear Mrs. affected, for some time, by pulmoC. I feel greatly reproved by their example, nary consımption, and expired_at house to house among their neighbours, Ava, leaving three infant children telling of the dying love of Jesas ; and in Calcutta, who are thus cast, as though what they say is disregarded, and helpless orphans, on the care of frequently treated with contempt, yet they Providence. The precise date of are not discourageil, but say, still there is hope ; we were once dark and stupid like this afflictive event is not menthem-we were once unwilling to hear the tioned.

Contributions received on account of the Baptist Missionary Society, from February 20, to March 20, 1829, not including individual Subscriptions.

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Mitcham, Collected by Mrs. Pratt

2 12 Fenny Stratford, by Mr. Harris :Subscriptions

6 10 0 Sunday School Children, (for Schools)

0.16 9 Ditto, at Great Brickhill, (for ditto)

4 13 3

12 00 Oxfordshire Auxiliary, by Mr. Samuel Hackrale, Treasurer :Cirencester (additional)

0 15 Eosham.....

2 15

3 10 6 Weymonth, Subscriptions, by Rev. James Hoby

13 0 9 Edinburgh Auxiliary Society, by Mr. Dickie, Secretary

20 0 0 Essex Auxiliary :-Loughton Missionary Association

4 18 6 Bilderston, Contributions, by Mr. James Osborn....

2 2 0 Cardiff, Contributions by Rev. Wm. Jones (Female Schools £15)

24 16 6 St. Albans, Subscriptions, Collection, and Missionary Boxes, by Rev. W. Upton

23 6 1 Huddersfield, Subscriptions, by Mrs. Willett (Feinale Education £20). 32 0 0 An Old Right Hand, by W. Burls, Esq. (West India Fand)..

1 0 The following kind donations have been forwarded to the Mission House, in consequence

of the appeal in our last Number for aid to send out Missionaries to Jamaica :A. P. Liverpool

100 0 W.L. Smith, Esq.

5 0

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A parcel of Evangelical Magazines bas been received from a Friend at Greenwich, by Mr. Tosswill; and also a parcel of Tracts from H. M.

Friends who may have any money in hand on account of the Society, are earnestly requested to forward the same to the Mission House without delay,

The package from Coventry duly arrived, and our worthy Friend may rest assored that his commissions are executed cheerfully, and with as much promptitude as their nature and the pressure of other business will allow.

The package for Jamaica from Lymington, should be forwarded to the Mission House, and to prevent mistakes, it should be stated on the direction from whence it came. The other subject mentioned hy J. M. shall receive the best attention of the Editor.

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