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attention of all our churches, per- upon the Son of God; Christ will mit a humble individual to address be exalted in a preached gospel, a few words on the subject through and the “ savour of his name shall the medium of your magazine. be as ointment poured forth,” every

The low state of religion among heart shall rejoice under the manius, has been -long lamented by all festations of his love: then they those of whom it may be truly said, that fear the Lord shall speak often “ Their conversation is in heaven.” one to another, and our hearts The absence of spirituality, and shall burn within us while we exthe substitution of other attain-perience the fulfilment of the asments for scriptural knowledge; a surance. “Wheresoever two or too great conformity to the cus- three of you are met together in toms and pleasures of the world my name, there am I in the midst among the professed disciples of of you.” If we have failed of these Christ; and the studious concern things, (and do not our public and manifested to avoid the reproach private meetings, our social interof religion, have almost obliterated views, testify against us ?) surely the line of distinction between the it is because the Spirit of the Lord church and the world. This I ap- has departed, and we have too prehend to be the state of things much substituted a form of yodlifrom which the church is now hap- ness for the power. Let us look

some measure arousing. to the mote in our own eyes, and But what is the revival we are to begin the work of revival at home. expect? is it in the church or in Who among us are found sighing the world ? Is it a revival of spiri- and crying before the Lord in tuality in the souls of those who secret, wrestling down the blessare already called by grace, a re-ings of Divine grace upon ourselves membrance from whence we are and the church. Let us try and fallen, or are we half sleepy peo- realize the former days, in which ple to be employed to arouse others ministers came down from commuwithout being first ourselves awa- nion with God, into the assemblies kened to a sense of our low estate, of the saints, and their faces shone to a subsequent perception of our with the resplendence of Divine high privileges, to the dignity of communications ; when the people our birth -and character, to the came, each from their retirement, glorious inheritance reserved in expecting the gracious presence of heaven for us? Can it be expected a covenant God in his own apthat without a real savour and en- pointed means; when the Holy joyment of spiritual things, we Ghost was poured out from on should become adequate instru- high, and the Spirit of grace and ments to exhibit to our perishing supplication pervaded the church ; fellow sinners, the riches, the ful- when professing Christians were ness, the sufficiency of Divine not ashamed to speak out all their grace? Are we not begivning at hearts unto their brethren, and the wrong

end ? “ Make the tree ministers spake as they were moved good and the fruit shall be good by the Holy Ghost. Surely we also.” When the Lord shall turn have not these things because we again the captivity of Zion, we ask not. Let us try the Lord hereshall be like them that awake from with, and see if he will not open a dream, we shall be aroused to a the windows of heaven and pour participation of the realities of vital us out a blessing, so that there godliness, to a life of active faith shall not be room enough to con

It may

tain it; then shall our overflowing if we go to hell. If a sinner, when hearts

pour forth the rich consola- he has destroyed his own soul, tions we shall enjoy ; sinners shall could say, I have injured only hear us tell of the preciousness of myself, his reflections would be Christ, and shall "glorify God in very different from what they will us;" while we become “living be. epistles, read and known of all The influence of an evil word or men.”

Then shall the word of action in the way of example, may life eminently become “the power surpass all calculation. of God unto salvation,” and the occupy the attention of the sinner principles of Divine grace shall be only for the moment; but being seen acting out in the experience communicated to another, it may and lives of the saints : sinners take root in him, and bring forth shall no more doubt the sincerity fruit an hundred fold. He also of the concern we profess to mani- may communicate it to his confest for their salvation, when our nections, and they to theirs, and lives shall be thus hid with Christ thus it may go on to increase from in God. “We are the salt of the generation to generation. In this earth, and if the salt have lost its world no competent idea can be savour wherewith shall it be salt- formed of those effects; but they ed ?"

will be manifest in the next, and A BAPTIST. must needs prove a source of bit

ter reflection. On the other hand

we can form no competent ideas at THE IMPORTANCE of Consistency in present of the effects of good any PROFESSORS OF RELIGION.

more than of evil. What we do of ETERNITY! were this one word either is merely the kindling of a to vibrate with its full force on fire; how far it may burn we canany human spirit, how would that not tell, and generally our minds spirit watch, and weep, and pray! are little occupied about it. Who And as everything we think, or can calculate the effects of a mosay, or do, will assuredly give a dest testimony borne to truth ; of colouring to our everlasting des- an importunate prayer for its suctiny, nothing can be deemed tri- cess; of a disinterested act of selfvial which is capable of producing denial, of a willing contribution, one right or wrong feeling. If then, of a seasonable reproof, of a wholefrom only one right or wrong feel- some counsel, of even a sigh of ing, may issue results of intermin- pity, or a tear of sympathy? Each able gain or loss, how guarded, or any of these exercises, may be how circumspect, how watchful the means in the Lord's hand, of will those persons be who are fully producing that in the bosoms of apprized of their real situation individuals, which may be commuIt is a very affecting consideration, nicated to their connections, and remarks the excellent Fuller, that from them to theirs to the end of we are so linked together in so- time. ciety, that we almost necessarily Let those, says an excellent communicate our dispositions one living author, who bear the Christo another. We draw and are tian name, ponder well the impordrawn, in both good and evil. If tant consequences which are aswe go to heaven, we are commonly sociated with the character which instrumental in drawing some others they maintain. What solemn words along with us; and it is the same are those, “ Woe to that man by


whom the offence cometh.In all ORIGINAL LETTER OF The Rev. Geo.

WHITFIELD. probability, there is many an individual in the world of despair, To Mrs. Bridget Bethel, in Queen Square, who is thus upbraiding his com

Bath. panion in misery. “It was your

London, Feb. 1768. bad example which brought me

DEAR MADAM, here. You were professedly a re- and is another bird flown out of ligious man, and yet you would this earthly nest ?- I trust into lie and cheat, and live a licentious

Abraham's bosom — the remainlife. I therefore concluded, with

ing one,

I out further trouble, that religion the wing, and singing every day,

suppose, likewise

upon was useless and needless, if not Come Lord Jesus, come quickly. absolutely false. Thus did I en-Yet a little while, dear madam, courage myself in sin and unbe- and He that cometh will come and lief, till death arrested me, and

will not tarry. Glorious prospect ! hell received It is true, No more sickness then. I have that the inward cause of my ar- been dethroned by a violent hoarseriving at this sad conclusion re

ness and cold for near six weeks. specting the gospel, was the ill

To-morrow I hope to creep up will I felt towards God and goodness, and things divine. I

again. But these decayed taber

nacles are so soon out of repair, now see, (though too late,) that

that I long to be clothed upon such a way of judging was as un- with my house which is from heareasonable as it was fatal. I now see that I made too much of the faults of professing Christians, and

I suppose good Mrs. Brown is

in the same circumstances. Worthy thought too little of their virtues. Still your

bad life was the imme- Lady Huntingdon holds up a litdiate cause of the prejudice with tle, but joins in saying we groan

in these tabernacles being burwhich I viewed the people in the

dened. Blessed be God, the day ways of God, and as long as eternity lasts, I shall without ceasing, nigh. Your old servant informed

of complete redemption draweth torment you with the recollection

me of your dear sister's dissoluthat it was you that brought me here!” Let then the disciples of tion. He is lodged at our clerk's

house, near the chapel. May he sibility of their station, however be daily admitted into the holy of

holies. humble it

That you, dear madam, The mere posmay sibility of your becoming the means may pass from glory to glory is

the hearty prayer of, of the final ruin of a relation,

Dear Madam, friend, or neighbour, makes you Your sympathizing willing Servant tremble. Your anxious wish is to save and not to destroy your fel

in our Glorious Head,

G. W. low men.

Out of love, then, to your fellow creatures, as well as P.S. Most cordial respects await from love to God and to yourself, Mrs. Brown, the bowels of many avoid all sin. Watch and pray lest are refreshed by her bounty. Lord ye enter into temptation.

Jesus remember her for good in A WATCHMAN. that day.





A transcript of that fearful page, .

'That asks no aid of Hebrew sage
What band is ibis tbat, half reveal'd, To tell its import, is imprest
And half in shadowy folds conceal'd, On the dark tablet of thy breast ;
Passerb the palace wall along,

Bat ere with ready hand, Despair
Portentous, o'er the sestal ibrong?

Fix her eternal signet there, 'Tis gone, and lo! a live appears

May Hope, fair seraph, point to one
Of dark mysterious cbaracters.

Unknown in beathen Babylon-
A spell, as strong and deep as Deatl, To Beth'lem, Calv'ry, to Heaven-
Chains the mule tongue and holds the breatb; And say, believe and be forgiven.
No more in long and load acclajm
The demon idol's shouted name
Is heard in oft repeated call,
Loud as the mountain torrent's fall;
No more in clarion's martial blast,

Defiance to the foe is cast;
No more the sweet late breathes its sigh O land of rest, for thee I sigh :
Of soft voluptuous melody;

When will the moment come,
Untasted glows the rosy


When I shall lay my armour by
The offrir.g of the idol god,

And dwell in peace at home ?
The sacred vessels all remain
Untouched by band or lip profane.
But hark! a voice the silence breaks- On earth no tranquil joys I know,
'Tis be—the trembling monarch speaks ; No peaceful sheltering dome;
He calls his sages to divive

This world's a wilderness of woe,
The import of the mystic line :

This world is not my home.
A scene so dread inay well impart
A tremor to thy conscious heart,
Can memory's faded eye detect

To Jesus Christ I sought for rest,
No spot in Lise's long retrospect,

He bade ine cease to roam, Where thou hast bade an altar rise

And fly for succour to his breast,
To this world's dungbill deities,

And be'd conduct me home.
And there hast seen with tearless eye
Ambition's quiv'ring victims lie?
To ermined pride and sceptred Power, I would at once have quit the field
The pageants of the passing hoor,

Where foes with fury foain,
Hast pour'd the fragrant incense cloud, But ah, iny passport was not sealid,
And low an abject suppliant how'd ?

I could not yet go home.
Hast knelt at pleasure's flowery shrine
Aud call'd the phantom goddess thine ;
To all address'd thine impious prayer, When by affliction sharply tried
Aod raised a dark Pantheon there

I view the gaping tomb, or gods unuumber'd and unknown ;

Although I dread death's chilling tide, The God of Heaven forgot alone,

Yet still I sigh for home.
Or, what is infiniteiy worse,
And branded with the blackest curse,
His brightest glories turn'd to shame Weary of wandering round and round
And cast dishonour on his name ;

This vale of sin and gloom,
His Spirit's gentle power withsiood, I long to quit th' 'uulallow'd ground
And trampled on a Saviour's blood.

And dwell with Christ at home.
That band, that spectie band that wrote,
In lives no bell-breaib'd cloud could blot,
The proud Cbaldean's sudden doom, How long, dear Lord, wilt thou delay,
And hurl'd him to a midnight tomb;

When will thy chariot come, Has written_Fate's dread book receives And fetch iny waiting soal away On its imperistable leaves,

To heaven, iny destined bome? A destiny thy soul must hear


G. M. Of heavier wrath, with durher sear :



Illustrations of Prophecy ; in the course Nothing is more injurious to themselves,

of which many Predictions of Scripture nor more adapted to throw discredit are elucidated ; together with numerous

upon revelation itself, which it exposes Extracts from the Works of preceding Interpreters. Also, new Illustrations of to the scoffing and the scorn of unbeProphecy, in five Dissertations on an

lievers of every class. Infidel Power; the Abyss, or Bottom- The Illustrations were written many less Pit; the Symbolic Dragon; a Mil- years ago, by the Rev. J. L. Towers, lennium; and the coming of Christ. son of Dr. Towers, and formerly LiTo which is appended, a Sermon on the brarian at Red-Cross street. They were Kingdom of Christ. Two volumes. Price One Guinea. Richard Baynes; tinged with the political enthusiasm of Holdsworth and Ball.

that period (1796), and to such a deThat a great part of Scripture pro- would be in davger, if the work went

gree, that it was thought the author phecy has been verified in historical

into the usual channels of a regular facts, will be, we suppose, universally publication. His reading and labour of granted. That a great part remains

transcribing must have been immense. yet unfulfilled, is equally unquestion. We cordially recommend his work, as able. And the world is growing old ! containing extracts from the most reSix days, each of a thousand years, spectable writers of this and other have nearly passed away, and the seventh is the sabbath of the Lord our rited observations, quite his own. Some

countries; with many sensible and spi. God, the long expected millennium of of the principal writers he has laid peace and joy, of victory and triumph. under contribution are Joseph Mede, Wonderously diversified have been the Vitringa, Goodwin, More, Owen, Crestimes that have gone over is, since we ourselves have been in existence; and, I. Newton, Lowth, Fleming, Bengelius,

sener, Jurieu, Brenius, Chandler, Sir as the end draws nigh, great events are Daubuz, Whitby, Gill, Lowman, Bishop fast crowding upon us, for the time that Newton, and Bishop Hurd. remains is short. Soon the mighty angel,

The following extract from vol. ii. standing upon earth and sea, will swear

p. 206. will give the reader Mr. Towers' by Him that liveth for ever and ever, view of a subject which at present enthat “ time shall be no longer."

gages much attention. It cannot be surprising, therefore, that the eyes of many should be turned “ Before I select from those passages of towards the lamp that shineth in a dark Scripture which point out the certain arrival place—the sure word of prophecy. Nor of a permanent period of happiness on would we add a word to discourage the ideas of a millennium are ; for I am aware

earth, it will be proper to explain what my humble inquirer into the mysteries of that againsi the more common representation the Apocalypse itself, for “blessed is of it, strong prejudices have with justice he that readeth, and they that hear the been entertained. By the disorderly imawords of this prophecy ;" and the same gination of some visionaries, it has been book shews that the temple of God will painted as a state of things altogether wild

and irrational ; and even many of a sober be opened in heaven, and the ark of turn, and a coltivated judgment, bave anhis testament will be seen in his temple. nexed to it much of the marvellous and (See Rev. xi. 19.) We are aware, at improbable. By the Millennium, I mean a the same time, that nothing is more period of great length, eminently distinimpious, absurd, or dangerous, than the guished for the spread of knowledge and of

genuine Christianity, in consequence of unhallowed speculations that issue from which good government will universally be the distempered fancies of men who established, virtue will not only be generally would be wise above what is written. esteemed, bat practised, and buman bappi.

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