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Subscriptions and Donations in aid of this Society will be thankfully received at the Baptist Missionary House, No. 6, Fen Court, Fenchurch Street, London : or by any of the Ministers and Friends whose names are inserted in the Cover of the Annual Report.

BAPTIST MISSION. effort should at once be made towards the

removal of this heavy incumbrance, and a

few friends who met as a sob-committee in HOME PROCEEDINGS.

the afternoon, agreed to communicate their

owo impressions as generally as they could, ANNUAL MEETINGS.

by way of preparation for the following days.

On Wednesday morning, at eleven, the It is recorded that, on the demise of friends of the Society assembled in the spaQueen Anne, the celebrated Joseph Addison, cious chapel occupied by our Wesleyan who was then Secretary of State for the brethren, in the City road. Appropriate Foreign department, was so much overcome bymns were given out by Mr. Steane of by the suddenness of the event, and the Camberwell, and Mr. Payne of Ashford. magnitude of the interests involved in it, Mr. Shirley of Sevenoaks read the Scripthat he was incapable of drawing up the tures, and offered prayer to Almighty God official communication to be made to the on behalf of the Institution, and the general Court of Hanover by the time it was want. interests of the kingdom of Christ. A ed, and a clerk in bis office had to supply discourse, distinguished by evangelical feelthe deficiency. The writer of these lines ing, theological acumen, and chaste and feels himself placed in a difficulty nearly impressive eloquence, was then delivered similar. The proceedings of our Anniver- by Mr. March, tbe esteemed theological sary, jast closed, have been such as to tator of the Stepney Institution, from 2 Cor. bafile ordinary powers of description, and iii. 11. For if that which was done away was bave involved, moreover, such a subsequent glorious, much ore that which remaineth is occupation of time, as to leave very little glorious. After some introductory observa. indeed for the task of preparing an account tions on the variety of the divine dispensafor the public eye. Still that account will tions, and the unity of their design, the be impatiently expected ; and while it is preacher proposed to consider, First, the commended to the candour of our indulgent glory of the Mosaic economy; and Seconda readers, they are requested to lift up their iy, the superior glory of the Christian dishearts in devout thanksgiving to the God of pensation. The glory of the former was all grace, who has been pleased to favoar contemplated in the purity of the principles our Society with such an unprecedented and it inculcated—in the typical significancy of seasonable display of bis boanty, by stirring the rites and ceremonies it appointed and op the hearts of his people so liberally to in the illustrious support it received from contribute to its necessities.

the attestation of miracles and the instruThe more pablic services of the week mentality of prophets. The superior glory were preceded, as usual, by an open Com- of the latter was exhibited in the clearness mittee meeting, held at Salters' Hall cbapel; of the revelation given by it, concerning on Tuesday morning, the 16th of June. those tratbs which are most important to About the same number of ministers and human salvation—in the spirituality of its other friends were present as bave attended nature-in the universality of its design-in former years ; and in the course of the and in the perpetuity of its duration. The proceedings a statement was made of the preacber then poartrayed, with mucb anifinancial situation of the Society, from wbich mation, the future prosperity of the church, it appeared, that in consequence of a conti- adverted to the probability of its being naed excess of the expenditure above the ushered in with the seventh millenary of the income for the three preceding years, toge- world, defended the spirituality of the milther with a diminution in the receipts for lenial reign of Christ, and reprobated the the present year, a debt bad accrued, wbich sentiment that miraculons agency is neces. on the very lowest calculation amounted to sary to secure the ultimate triumphs of 40001. This intelligence appeared to pro. Christianity. Having shewn ibat the prosduce a very general conviction, that some pects of the church ought to rejoice the


hearts, excite the prayers, and awaken the ocoppied, and they had determined not to zeal of the frieuds of Christ, Mr. Murch, receive from each other expressions graconcluded by a most urgent and spirited titude: to be immediately eügaged in the appeal on behalf of the Society, especially cause of Missions was in itself a suflicient with a view to the immediate relief of the reward. embarrassments by which its operations are The Red. John Dyer then proceeded to impeded. The concluding prayer was of- read the Annual Report, comprising a sumfered up by Mr. Saunders of Liverpool. mary of intelligence from the various sta

At six o'clock in the evening a large con- tions connected with the Society both in the gregation assembled at Surrey chapel. The East and West Indies. It noticed, among bymns were given out by Mr. Blakeman of a variety of other particulars, the recent Crayford, and Mr. Tyso of Wallingford. death of two Missionaries, Mr. Burton at The Scriptures having been read, and sup- Digab, and Mr. Cbater of Ceylon. It stated plication presented by Mr. Pritchard of also, the opposition which the Society had London, an impassioned and powerful dis- met with in Jamaica, and the remarkable course was delivered by Mr. Swan of Bir- success which had attended the cause there minghamn, formerly of Serampore College. upwards of twelve thousand persons being The passage selected for consideration was in connexion with the various cbarches in Psalmlxxii. 17. Men shall be blessed in him. that island. Mention was afterwards made Some prefatory remarks on the primary ap- of the pecuniary assistance which bad been plication of the passage to Solomon, and its rendered to the Society by various public typical reference to Christ having been ad- bodies, and by collections and subscriptions duced, the preacher proceeded to consider in England and Scotland. The whole was the religion of Christ as the only source of closed by a statement of a partial deficiency national, domestic, and individual felicity in the funds, introducing a forcible appeal the spiritual character of the blessings con- to the audience for increased aid. ferred by the Saviour--the manner in which The Rev. W. Giles (of Chatham) moved he became their author and then enume that the Report be adopted, &c. The Sorated several of the benedictions connected ciety (he said) during the past year bad with union to Christ-- the gift of the Holy been called to sustain difficulties and trials; Spirit, the pardou of sin, a holy dread of bat certainly the Report that had been read sin, the spirit of devotion, spiritual under- would operate as an antidote to any anpleastanding, and the prospect of eternal felicity. sant effect from the reflections upon past A solemn appeal was then made to those distresses. He never recollected on any wbo have pever desired to be hlessed in former occasion to have heard a report so Christ, especially the young. Allusions to gratifying. If the Society bad been tried the miseries of the heathen were inter- in some respects, God had evidently blessed spersed throughout the discourse, which it in others. It should not be forgotten or was conoladed by a powerful advocacy of overlooked, that God bad preserved all the missionary enterprise. Mr. Hinton of Ox. Society's missionaries from bringing a reford closed the services of the day by proach upon the solemn profession they had prayer.

made, and the solemn work in wbich they The Annual Meeting was held on Thurs- were engaged. It was a subject that doday morning at Spa Fields Chapel. Prayer manded thanksgiving, that in the East Inwas offered by the Rev. Isaac Mann, after dies, notwithstanding all the difficulties which W. B. Gurney, Esq. was called to which presented themselves, the good cause the chair, in the absence of John Foster, had been going forward. With respect to Esg. of Biggleswade, who was preveuted the West Indies, he was almost going to from attending by severe domestic afilic. say, that God was about to revive there tion.

what took place in the apostolic age. What Mr. Gurney remarked that it was not bis then, were the friends of the Society disintention to trespass upon the meeting at tressed about? Why, that the funds were any length. In the course of the business minus 4,0001. The income during the past of the day, he might take the liberty of year was about 1,5001. less thau the premaking a few remarks upon a particular ceding year. When he considered the desubject that would be submitted to their pressed state of commerce in this country, notice. There was one circumstance, how- and the change which had taken place in ever, connected with the resolutions of the consequence of the late separation, he really day, to which he felt it necessary to allode, wondered that the funds were not still more lest it should be supposed that the Com- deficient. Regarding the four thousand mittee bad onintentionally omitted that part pounds, he felt persoa that the liberality of their duty. It had been determined to of the assembly combined with the meadispense with the customary votes of thanks. sures that would be adopted on the spot It was the privilege of those engaged in would in a short time liquidate the amount, conducting the Society's affairs to be so He, for one, pledged himself that whatever

miglit be the deficiency after the receipts of substantiated by a reference to churches the present meeting, te would undertake to planted, the Scriptures translated, schools obtain a forlieth part of the amount. It establisbed, and thousands receiving instrucwas a matter of considerable importance tion in the Christian faith in places, where that the meeting should constantly keep in but a short time ago the land was darkness, view the most affecting appeal made in tbe ) and that darkness the thick shadow of death. report to the best feelings of the heart. It Above all, there was the descending influwas impossible to meet that appeal by any ence of the Holy Spirit acknowledging the other means than making additioos to the efforts that were made, and turning the sams customarily subscribed. Surely the hearts of the disobedient to the wisdom of appeal from the East Indies, where the the just, - making many to acknowledge Society's missionaries were labouring and Christ as the only Saviour, who once knew dying, and willing to labour and die in the him not, or if they knew him were disposed service, would not be made to the meeting to deride bim. He was fally aware that too in vain. Surely the appeal from the West much might be expected, and that the friends Indies, where Christ was making bare bis of Missions might be too sanguine in their arm--where he was so extraordinarily dis- bopes. It was pleasing, however, 4n conplaying bis power—where thousands and sider that the Omnipotent band of God was tens of thousands of poor negroes were say. upon their side, and that to all objections ing, "Come over and help us !" --surely tbat might be raised either by avowed enethat appeal the meeting would not, and cogld mies or lukewarm friends, they were able not resist. He was exceedingly gratified to reply, “The zeal of the Lord of bosts by a circumstance that oocurred on the pre- will perform this.” O may that meeting be ceding day. When be presented his plate animated to renewed and increased exerat the table, containing the collection after tions in the cause with which they were Mr. Murch's sermon, he found a paper con- that day identified ; may they be earnest taining 131. 14s. 6d. accompanied by a note, that the best blessings of heaven anight stating the sum to be the product of the come down upon the operations of the Soamount of the sale of needless plate. If ciety; may they be particularly anxious for tbe friends present were inclined to dispose a more abuodant effusion of the Holy Spirit; of every article both of furniture and plate, and he wonld venture to say, that many that was unnecessary, money enough would more years would not roll away ere the sun be obtained to meet the appeal from the of righteousness should arise in the horizon East and West Indies, without making a in all his glory, and the kingdoms of this sacrifice of the least comfort pow enjoyed. world having become the kingdoms of God

The Rev. Josiah Wilkinson (of Saffron and of bis Christ, be should reign for over Walden) said, that in seconding the reso- and ever. With those convictions, feelings, lution he could not but express the satis- and prayers, he cordially seconded the refaction he felt, in common with his Christian solution. friends present, at the statements contained The Rev. W. Orme (Secretary of the in the report. It must be pleasing to every London Missionary Society,) said he rose friend and follower of the Lord Jesas Christ, with great pleasure, but at the same time to hear that his glory was spreading, that with a considerable degree of reluctance, to his kingdom was advancing, and that He address the meeting. He rose with pleawho had a right to universal empire was sure, because some of the most gratifying grasping in his migbty hand that sceptre, associatious of his life were connected with with which ere long he should govern the the cause of the Baptist Missionary Society. whole world. There was a time when the Yet be felt considerable reluctance to rise engagements of Missionary Societies ap- at so early a period in the business of the peared a strange work, -when infidels were day. He had not arrived in time to bear ready to deride them on the one band, and all the report, and could not, therefore, the apatby and lukewarmuess of anany who speak in detail to the particulars which were professed Christianity, formed great obsta- therein stated; still he felt it bis duty on cles on the other. Arguments were then such occasions to do as he was required, necessary to convince the former, that the and having been requested by the respected supporters of Missionary Societies were pot secretary (Mr. Dyer) to move the serond actuated by enthusiasm, and the latter that resolation, he (Mr. O.) should address bimit was not their design to go beyond the self to it in the best manner he could. The porposes and provideuce of God. That rev. gent, then read the resolution, and retime, bowever, he was happy to say, had to marked, that at a very early period he ena considerable extent passed away. The joyed the high gratification of listening from Christian world, wielding vast and varied time to time, as he visited the country to machinery, was now combined against the which he (Mr. Orme) belonged, the instruccommon foe. The appeals that were made tive, the animating, the powerfully exciting were not mere theory : for they could be addresses of the first valuable secretary of


the Baptist Missionary Society. It was bis the remedy was adapted to their condition high gratification on many occasions to lis. and calculated to reach their case, and fitted ten to bis details of the infant, but even to raise them to the rank of men, the digthen, promising efforts of this institution, nity of Christians, and the bonour of the and to feel the zeal of his own breast warmed sons of God; it would be their reproacb, it towards those exertions which were begin- would be their eternal disgrace, if they did ning to make some impressions upon the not employ every means in their power, and church and upon the world; and which he every energy they could exert, in order to trusted were destined to make a still greater communicate those blessings to all, and esand more lasting impression than they had pecially to those who were miserable, not yet produced. It was gratifying at a sub- only in the prospect of the world to come, sequent period of bis life to receive that but miserable in this world. When the respected individual and others who suc- friends of missions considered the blessing ceeded bim, as the advocates of the Baptist God bad poured out on their exertions, it Missionary Society, in that church over was a great encouragement to proceed in which he had the privilege of presiding for the glorious work. It was delightful to many years in his native land. During that hear of snch numbers being added to the period, he must honestly confess, that he was churches in the West Indies. This was really better acquainted with the operations doing more for them than even conferring of the Baptist Missionary Society than he that emancipation, which by some persons had been since his removal to the metro- was considered the greatest blessing they polis. That acquaintance interested him could enjoy. Whatever might be their cirvery highly in the Serampore translators, to cumstances, however degraded their condiwhom he could upon no occasion refer bot tion, their minds were set free, and they with feelings of very powerful interest. Als were put in possession of immortal hope. though those translators no longer stood in Another part of the resolution referred to immediate connexion with this institution, the Society's labours in the East Indies. It it was his prayer that they might continue was impossible to advert to that part of the to the last moment of their lives to carry world without very powerful emotions ; inforward those exertions by which they had deed it was impossible to refer to what was long been honoured to promote the diffusion going on there, without adverting to wbat of the word of the Lord Jesus Christ over be would call the hazardous situation in the east—that their hoary hairs might be which Christian exertions were now, placed to them as a crown of glory-that before in that quarter of the world. He almost their san set in this world their prospects trembled to hear of success in the East; might be brighter and brighter in the land for if once the work of God began to tell in which they hadlong laboured ; and brighter upon the mass of the population—if hunand brighter respecting that glory which dreds of converts were added to the churches they would go to receive as a reward—not that were formed there and the Christian of merit, or exertions, or sacrifice, but of world were not prepared to make far greater mercy through the merits of the Lord Jesus sacrifices and exertions than they had ever Christ. The resolution called the attention yet made—the work would speedily come of the meeting to the extraordinary measure to a close, because the individuals engaged of the Divine blessing that bad accompanied would, as it had been justly stated in the the labours of the missionaries in the west- report, fall martyrs to their own exertions, ern hemisphere. It rejoiced his boart to and it would be impossible to supply their hear of the success of those labours. Wben place. While Christians prayed for a dithe meeting thought of the wretched condi- vine blessing, and rejoiced in the success tion of the individuals who were the sub-tbat was taking place, he mast be allowed jects of the Society's instruction in that to call the attention of the meeting to the quarter ; when they reflected on the de- probable effects of that success, and to congraded state in which they bad long been sider how far they were prepared to cokept--kept by British power; when they operate in the great and glorious work reflected on the miserable state of their should the divine blessing be more abunminds, as well as the wretched condition of dantly manifested than it now was. The their bodies ; when they knew that the only friends of Missions did not bear of many core for all human misery was that liberty converts in the East Indies--they did not with which Christ made his people free; hear of remarkable conversious taking place, tbat the means of conferring this blessing but they were every where told that the was in their own possession ; that they were people were more and more impressed with commanded to send it as a boon from hea- the folly of idolatry—that they had less ven to every creature that stood in need of and less reliance on their own systems it ; and when they found that wherever they that they were beginning to discuss the sent the blessing, however degraded, or bru- claims of Christianity-that they were pretalized the inhabitants of tbat spot might be, pared to hear with less of apparent prejudice, and with more of apparent readiness, took place in the metropolis, when he passed many things which a few years ago, were along the streets, and observed their splenthoaght to be quite out of the question for doar, and entered the houses of those that a Hindoo to submit to. All these were but professed the faith of Jesas Christ, and saw the droppings before the shower, fajnt in the circumstances in wbich they lived, he dications of what was by and by to take apprehended they were not entitled to speak place in that important region, over which of sacrifices at all. The donation of the the benevolent sway of Britain had been proceeds of the plate reminded him of an exercised for a considerable number of years. anecdote of Oberlin, the venerable pastor He called upon the meeting then to look at of the Ban de la Roche. When that indi. that success with joy, to look at it with gra- vidual heard of the formation of a Missiontitude ; but at the same time to look at it ary institution at Basle, he sold the whole with holy reverence and awe, and in the of his plate, with the exception of one spoon, spirit of prayer, and fervent entreaty, that the product of which he sent to the instituGod would continue to bless the efforts of tion, and on his death bed he bequeathed all the missionaries who were employed in his last spoon to the Society. Now if bis that interesting portion of the world. He friends present were prepared to enter upon called upon the meeting especially to con- the work under such motives and princi. sider what they were expected to do, in ples, he doubted not they would enjoy the circumstances in which God was so evi- divine blessing, and be instrumental in condently going before them. He was not tributing in some humble egree to the answering his people's prayers by terrible farther advancement of the Redeemer's things in righteousness. Though Mission- glory. When he beard that the funds of ary Societies had been waiting long, and the Baptist Society were in a state of deexpending both money and men upon the pression when he heard that the annual work in which they were employed; they amount of their fauds was only about 10,0001. had not been so long engaged as to despair or 12,0001. and that it was difficult to obtain of producing an universal effect even in that sum, he' exceedingly regretted the India. Christians bad not yet made those statement. When he thought of the extent sacrifices which they would be called to of that body over the country, (though permake, before the earth was filled with the haps not the greatest of our Christian comknowledge of the Lord, as the waters co-munities) be could not help saying that the vered the sea. A subject of this kind must amount they collected was not to their honot be looked at as a question of pounds, poor, though it certainly was a great deal shillings, and pence; it must be looked at compared with former times. The same in a different aspect. While Christians remark would equally apply to other inprayed for the heathen, it became them to stitutions. He believed, however, that the pray with increased earnestness for them- time was coming, when Societies, instead of selves, that they might have more of the reckoning by hundreds and thousands, would spirit of the Redeemer, and of Apostles calculate by hundreds of thousands. In the and Confessors ; more of the spirit of those Society with which he had the honour to who understood what God had done for man be connected, a similar degree of depresin the redemption of his beloved Son ; whosion had been felt relative to its financial knew something of the value of immortal operations. The Society made a simple spirits, and who looked forward to eternal appeal to persons interested in its proceed. glory as the reward of faith and patience in ings, and contrary to the expectations of the service of their Almighty Redeemer. the Directors, and far beyond any views Missionary labour must be looked at under they entertained, without saying any thing those aspects. In proportion as the Chris- calculated anwarrantably to excite the Christian church made its exertions in the faith tian public, they had received contributions that God would not withhold his blessing in the course of a few days, exceeding 30001. while they acted in dependence upon his He begged to state this as a matter of fact, Spirit, in that proportion he apprehended for the encouragement of the present meet. saccess would be realized. He was grati- ing. Let the Directors of the Baptist Sofied to hear the reference that had just been ciety make their statements in the emphatic made to an individual wbo bad sacrificed way they had done that morning, and be some unnecessary plate. He believed that was sure God would not desert them, but the Christian church bad scarcely yet come bless them far beyond what they could either to what might be termed the point of sacri- ask or think. fice in the service of the gospel. Christians The Rev. Joshua Tinson, missionary from were scarcely entitled to speak of the sa- Jamaica, said it would be impossible to crifices they had made. When he looked give him a motion in which he could more around upon such an assembly as the pre- cordially agree, than the one he rose to sesent, when he looked upon meetings of kin- cond, because it spoke of the meeting as dred institutions tbat from time to time contemplating with unfeigned pleasure the

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