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menced February last, is superintended by Dean Street Female School - Is opposed several ladies in the neighbourhood, and from the same quarter, and by the same the needlework of the girls said to be good, means as the above, but has maintained its the same observation cannot be made of stand, and by going forward” is hoped their spelling and reading, but to which will recover from the injury so wickedly the mistress promised future attention. done it. The mistress is diligent, the Dee

Dramdaff Scbool -- In a general good dlework said to be good, and sixteen prestate. This and the two preceding schools mioms were given, two of them Bibles, are patronized by the pious clergyman of wbichi are only given when twelve chapters the extensive parish in which they are held. have been committed in, and are repeated

Providence School - Is large, and likely at the end of the quarter. I might here to be much increased, but is not in so good observe, that premiums are indispensably a state as could be wished, and if a speedy necessary to indace the cbildren to commit alteration be not made, Mr. W. will have the Scriptures to memory, and in many into use the certain means of effecting one, stances, serve to overcome the opposition viz. “no improvement in the children, no made to their attending the schools, pay for the master."

Temple House Female School - Is in Harlow Female School-_Constantly op- the domain of the long proved friend of posed, but maintains its stand, is regularly your society, Col. P. The spelling and soperintended by the lady of the clergy. reading of the girls is good ; twenty-four man of the parish, and is all that could be of them repeated from twenty-four to sixtyexpected, and almost all that could be wish- five chapters each, and their needlework, I ed, and the girls' veedlework is said to be have heard many ladies who have seen speexcellent.

cimens of it, say it is very superior. A Litile Alie Street Female School--Sac- great number of them are made comfortcessful and interesting, several of the girls able and decent in their appearance by the have given satisfactory evidence that they money they get for their work in the are saviugly acquainted with the Holy Scrip- school. tares; is superintended by two ladies in the Curry School-Wascouducted hy a worthy neighbourhood, one of tbein the lady of the master, and going on successfully, bat from clergyman of the parish, and who may truly violent opposition is for the present broken be said to be another Dorcas, and at the up. time of our leaving their hospitable roof, Moylough School - Was established about. presented ber ferveut prayer " for the bless- three months ago, but from the same cause ing of heaven on your Society, for the good as the above, is now extinct. it had done in that neighbonrhood.”

Bedford Court School-Is in the same Trowbridge School - The spelling and parish as the two last named, was in a flourreading good, and the repetitions generally ishing state, baving in it 127 children, with

in the few last weeks has been greatly opKilargue Female School --Commenced in posed, and by the command of the superior September last, is doing well under the publicly denounced from the altar, but with soperintendence of the lady of the clergy. what effect remains to be proved. Present man of the parish, and her daughters, at the inspection sixty ; spelling, reading, and the girls are considered to have made and repetitions very good. great improvement in the last quarter. Rathbarn Female School--I8 patronized

North-end Crayford Female School- by the clergyman of the parish, and.conIs well conducted by a clever and diligent stantly superintended by his lady, and as mistress, superintended by a lady in the might be expected from such care and inneighbourhood, the general improvement of struction, the improvement of the girls is the children satisfactory, and their needle-great, and their work said to be excellent. work said to be good.

Haddington School - Greatly opposed, Chatham School - Is suslering greatly and the parents who send their children from violent, cruel, determined opposition. are threatened with their confessions not The parents were threatened with having being heard, but amidst all, is going on the rights of their church witbbeld from well. them, if they continued to send their cbil. Coolany School - Is on the estate of the dren, and that proving ineffectaal, they were warm friend of your Society, and liberal told if they persevered, they sboald not be patron of general education and human happermitted to come into the chapels, which piness, Major O'H., and has been much in some instances succeeded, in others not. opposed, but not destroyed nor likely to The master has stood firm, and said he be. The master is patient and persevering, would continue to do so. The spelling and and the progress of the children coosiderreading of the children were good, and able. many of them repeated from six to thirty- Sooey School-Doing well, 284 chapters six chapters cach.

were repeated.


Gortahorky School --Has but lately been the word of God to my neighbours, and re-opened, the master baving been ill with endeavoured in my feeble way to make them, a fever.

acquainted with its hallowed contents. Every, Castledargan School - Conducted by a possible opportunity since my last commuworthy master, the spelling, reading, and nication, has I trust, been usefully emrepetitions good.

ployedI am gladly received in every I preached at Boyle several times, and direction of my neighbourbood, and I am at Knockadoo, Drimberisl, Drnmakair, Bal- rejoiced to hear many of them pour out len carow, Coolany, and Kingston, to large their fervent prayers for the eternal felicity and attentive congregations, in which, and of all who have been instrumental in bringother places, Mr. W. preaches.

ing them and their families to an acquaintI found the Scripture Readers under his ance with the word of God. On the second saperintendence men of equal piety and Sabbath of last month, I had the happiness worth, with those I had met on the other of hearing an individual in whose house I stations, and have had satisfactory proof of the have frequently read, make the following degreat and general soccess of their labours.claration. “I have,” said she, “ great cause

The appalling term, opposition, frequently of thankfulness to the Almighty, that was occurs in the foregoing report, but upon the mercifully pleased to raise up the good whole, your society bas great cause for Society who has sent the word of God, and thankfulness, perhaps as much so, as any kin- the messenger who reads it. Before your dred institution. When we duly consider the reading of that blessed book, my husband desire of the children to attend the schools, was a riotoas and extravagant liver ; my and of their parents to send them, and the children also in a great measure followed nature of the education proposed for them, bis example. Bat since, his manner of in what an awful light does the conduct of living is entirely changed ; instead of spendthose appear, who tyrannically take away ing his substance in the public house, be from them the key of knowledge, and seek now prays that his Redeemer may pardon to keep them in the most degraded mental bis wickedness and folly. My children have slavery?. Surely that must be a bad cause, also a similar change wrought on them, so which dreads the light of God's word, and that ivstead of spending the Lord's day at can only be supported by ignorance of it; their former amosements, they spend it in and what a sad account will its advocates reading or hearing the word of God read." and abettors hereafter have to give. It is The fervour and warmth, with which this true this violent and cruel opposition is in poor woman spoke, would in my mind, more, some respects a subject for joy, as it will than repay a reader for a hundred years of not fail in the end, to convince the too long bis lahour. deceived people of the cheats practised upon I am happy to say that my own house on them, and lead them to think of, and assert the Sabbath day is namerously frequented by their rights as rational and accountable be- visitors from several parts of the veighings. Let the friends of scriptural educa- bourhood, in order to hear, the Scriptures tiou go on with their divinely benevolent read and explained to them. work, and the cause of ignorance and in

Yours, &c. tolerance must fall before them! Happy,

A.R. happy England! thon at present knowest but little of the cruel, degrading, and tyraonical spirit and effects of popery. What From a Reader of the Irish Scriptures. would the poorest of thy free born sons and daughters feel and say, if tbeir clergyman

Mountshannon, July 14, 1929. or minister were to talk to and threaten REV.SIR, them, as the Roman Catholic priest does

On the 16th ult. I left this for Limerick, his enslaved and terrified flock? A day of deliverance as well as of retribution will and on my way thither I visited the schools come ; Lord hasten it, hasten it, that Ire-in Ogonally and Birdhill, and had many inland might be given to thy Son for his in- teresting conversations with several groups heritance, and the uttermost parts of the and individuals, many of whom seemed to earth for bis possession !

be earnestly inquiring the way to Zion; but I am, Gentlemen,

as the fields are rarely found divested of

tares, alas ! others were like Gallio of old, Very respectfully yours, JOHN FRANKS.

not caring for these things. I next repaired to Camass, where I was received by the

Dorcas of that place, and staid there ten or From a Reader of the Irish Scriptures.

eleven days, and had an attentive congreKilinumery, June 27, 1829.

gatiou of 36 or 40 persons every morning Rev. Sir,

and evening; and visited several persons in I have during this quarter as usual, read their fields and houses every day, many of

whom frequently came, pearly like Nicode. shewn me therein. He then asked, if the mus, in the evening, to hear me again king of England appointed the poorest peaconcerning these matters, and some of them sant in the room to the commission of the expressed much thankfulness. Mrs. B. came peace, could he understand and execate one morning, and told us the priest would be justice between man and man? This queswith us immediately after breakfast, to pattion arose about the people reading tise Bible. us all down. Just as morning service and I answered by asking him, Could king George prayer were over, and the people going away, accompany the commission with a suitable the priest appeared with a great company, and sufficient spirit, so as to qualify the whom he invited to witness the defeat of the man for his sitnation ? and added, that the "new light.” They were all received and King whose laws I was advocating, viz. the seated in the parlour, where, by their looks, King of kings, said, "If you, being evil, they manifested an ardent desire to have the know how to give good gists to your childiscussion commenced. After some ma-dren, how much more sball my heavenly næuvres of courtesy, the priest turned to- Father give his boly Spirit to them that ask wards me, and asked if I were the teacher bim?" And also, Ask and you shall receive, of the new religion? I said a little inquiry &c. And Jesus listed up his eyes and said, would prove who were the innovators on true I thank thee, O Father, &c. 1 Cor. i. 27. religion, and for what purpose those innova- But God bath chosen the foolish things, &c. tions were introduced : and asked him, What To the surprise and great astonishment did be call the new ? Did he call the doctrine of all present, this Goliath laid down his of the Old and New Testament a new religion? carnal weapon, though in his estimation it “Will not you (said he) believe any thing was like a weaver's beam ; he openly acbat what you find in the Bible ?” I said, knowledged he was not equal to, nor pre“To the law and to the testimony ; if they pared for such a controversy; and I can speak not according to this word, it is be- assure you the people seemed to look upon cause there is no light in them. And if we the priest with different eges. (said St. Paul) or an angel from heaven,

Yours, &c. preach any other gospel unto you than that

S.R. you have received, let him be accursed." The priest said he knew not my faith, and called for a pen and ink to write it. I said I would spare him the trouble, and handed

CONTRIBUTIONS. him the New Testament, and told him I believed every word of it, and consequently

Received by Mr. Burls. it was a summary of my faith. He next said, “ You do not believe in baptism.” I

d. said, not in sprinkling infants, such as he Per Mr. Mursell, Leamington.. 5 0 0 used ; and said I was willing to shew every Per George Lowe, Esq. Bondman the reason of the hope that was in me, street Auxiliary, Birmingham 19 14 8 and that I would discuss the doctrine of Milton, per Rev. George Jayne 1 10 baptism with bim or any other person, as it regarded the proper sabject and mode. Moulton, per Mr. Underwood.. 2 10 O I stood up and addressed the people, and Moiety of Collection at Braunstold them I felt very bappy to have an op- ton, for Northamptonshire portunity of exposing, in the presence of


4 8 10 their priest, the monstrous absurdities that

Thrapston, per Rev. S. Green.. 5 0 0 were imposed on them; and held up the Douay Testament, and desired them to re

Received by Mr. Ivimey. member that the book I quoted from was the book sanctioned by the Romish hierarchy, Collected by the Rev. M. Fisher, and said if the priest would prove that I was of Liverpool, at Scarborough, wrong in coming out from among them, and Bridlington, and Hall 50 7 0 shew in the Bible the existence of the various doctrines which they pressed and imposed on the people, I would return to them (the Romanists). I desired the priest to Subscriptions received by W. Burls, Esq. choose any of the disputed points of doc- 56, Lothbury, Treasurer ; Rev. J. Ivimey, 14, trine whicb exist between the protestants and papists, and I would require no evi- Southampton Row, Russell Square ; and Rev. dence but the Douay Bible, neither would i G. Pritchard, 16, Thornhaugh Street, yra. give credit to any proof tbat would not be tuilous Secretaries.

£. s.

Subscriptions and Donations in aid of this Society will be thankfully received at the Baptist Missionary House, No. 6, Fen Court, Fenchurch Street, London : or by any of the Ministers and Friends whose names are inserted in the Cover of the Annual Report.

BAPTIST MISSION. fitable season. Every time the chapel doors

were opened, large congregations assen

bled, and on the Sunday, at ten, A.M. (the FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE.

time when the negroes could most conve-
piently attend) I should think full 2000

must have been present; many found it

impossible to get within the doors. At Our brethren on this island held found reason to say, “Surely this is the

each of the public services I trust many an Association at Montego Bay in house of God!" The chastened smile of the month of April last, which was animated devotion, and the silent trickling attended by seven of their number,

tear of humble penitence, plainly told that

a power and energy not merely human was and appears to have been a very in operation. interesting and profitable opportu- On Thursday evening (writes Mr. Burnity. The subsequent illness of chell), April 16, the services commenced, Mr. Flood, who was appointed to ordination of Mr. Taylor, late of the Church send home an account of the pro- Missionary Society. He preached also in ceedings, prevented his doing this the evening. Saturday evening a special 80 particularly as was intended, prayer meeting. Sunday morning, at six and as we could have wished; but o'clock, Mr. Baylis preached ; at ten, Mr. from the letters which have arrived, the Lord's Supper was administered by Mr.

Flood ; at ball-past one the ordinance of we select the following particu- Coultart, to about 800 members ; at six lars :

o'clock in the evening Mr. Kuibb preached.

Monday evening, at six o'clock, the letters We had a meeting of Ministers at Mon from the churches were read, which were tego Bay on the 16th of April, and follow- truly interesting. On Tuesday the brethren ing days, with a view to revive oor Associ- met to finish all the business of the Associaation, which from various causes had | tion, when the state of the churches appearseemed likely to come to nought. It was a ed as follows (including a period of twentymost delightful, and I may truly add, pro- one months) ::

[blocks in formation]


Kingston, 1st Church
344 111 30 40

3 27 3.100
2d Church

118 3

663 Montego Bay

13 3 15

5 10 981 Crooked Spring

137 153


543 Port Royal


3 168 Annotta Bay



400 Mount Charles


319 Falmonth



360 Ridgland 21


24 Rio Bueno


Port Maria
110 about 140

210 Old Harbour O about 202

202 Spanish Town, no Letter*

1875 772 40 95 172 64 7310 Making a clear increase during twenty-one months of 2356. * This church consists of about 1100 members ; increase this year about 400.


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11. When the above statement was read to Q. How do you feel in the prospect of the brethren, we were all overwhelmed with death? joy, and immediately sang the hymn

A. Me feel happy. “ There's joy in heaven, and joy on earth,

Q. What makes you happy?

A. De love of Christ. To see one soal restored."

Q. Do you think your prayers will take The persons mentioned in the list as received you to beaven? are individuals who bave been baptized before

A. No, no. we came on the island, and never before ad- Q. But do not you expect to go there, mitted as members of our churches ; they are

because you are not so wicked as before, received by examination, and on testimony. but are become a member of the church ?

Some of these persons are also members A. No, me do have one good ting to from New Providence, and some dismissed tink of, nothing but Christ, bim precious from one church to another, as from Adnotta blood. Bay to Port Maria, Falmouth to Rio Bueno, Q. Why do you think Christ will receive and Spanish Town to Old Harbour.

you? The whole of the meetings were exceed. A. Me love bim; me love bim to me ingly well attended : on Sunday crowded; heart. and all was conducted with the greatest so.

Q. But will be be willing? lemnity. There was so much union and A. Ab, massa, bim no pill him precious seriousness felt by the brethren, that it was blood ? him no say, Come unto me? Me wished to spend the evening before we part- know him true. ed in commemorating the death of Christ; Q. Would you like to meet your Chrisconsequently the whole of the mission family tian friends again on earth? present, met in the chapel for this purpose,

A. Me would like to tell all me broders and such a meeting we enjoyed as we can and sisters to love Christ more, to keep never forget; it crowned the whole. It was nearer to God. Me feel de more prayer, indeed good to be there. May the pleasing de nearer we keep to God, de happier we impression produced upon our minds that be. evening never be erased !,

Again, a few days before his death :

Q. Well, friend, you appear very low. Mr. Burchell has also forwarded the fol. A. Yes, massa, but de Lord is very good. lowing account of a conversation held with Q. Do you feel much fear of death? one of his members, in the near prospect of A. No, massa ; Jesus promise to be wid death. It will rejoice the hearts of many, me. to see that, in all countries, and under al! Q. Where do

you think you

when the varieties of external condition, the in- you die ? fluence of true religion is uniformly the A. I tink I shall go home. same.

Q. But where is the home you mean? Calling on this poor man one day when A. Where Jesus is. he was very ill, I said, Well, my friend, Q. What do you tbink of religion now? do you think God unkind for afflicting you (At this he brightened ap.) 90 severely ?

A. Ab, massa, what become of poor neA. No, massa.

ger, if him no hear religion? What me Q. Don't you feel sometimes disposed to tink? Me feel-me no able to tell what me complain?

feel. It good; it make neger happy to die. A. No, pray to God not to let me. Q. Would you wish to recover again? Q. What inakes you feel resigned ?

A. Me too weak. A. Me know God do no wrong ; bim Q. Well, but if God were to give you know what is best; him do best.

your own will, how would you act ? Q. Have you ever felt sorry for coming A. Why-(be besitated and replied)to Christ?

No, no, my will no do; me no want my will A. 0, no; me feel sorrow me no come --God's will is best. before; me too glad me bear of Jesus He lived consistently, and died happily. Cbrist.

will go


January 20, 1829.

EAST INDIES ....Rev. Andrew Leslie Monghyr.
W. Robinson

Messrs. Penny, Pearce, Tho-

mas, and G. Pearce...
Rev. James Thomas

William Yates


January 14, 1829.
February 18, 1829.
February 6, 1829.

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