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HOME PROCEEDINGS. the month of May and in the beginning of

June. The cause of the Society was, with DESIGNATION OF MISSIONARIES. hy Messrs. Eustace Carey, Groser of Maid

great eloquence and efficiency, advocated On Taesday morning, July 28, three of stone, and Nicholson of Plymouth, who our missionary brethren, who have for some attended as a deputation at these annivertime contemplated proceeding to Jamaica, lo saries. Jabour under the direction of the Society,

Public meetings of the Associa*ions comwere publicly designated to their important posing the Auxiliary were heli, at Truro on work at Eagle-street chapel. Their names May 291h, Falmouth 1st, Helston 2d, Penare, Mr. William Candlow, a member of the Zance 3d, Redruth 4th, and Chacewater 5th church at Highgate, who has been parsaing June. Twenty sermons were preached for his studies at the Stepney Academical In the benefit of the mission ; three by Mr. stitation ; Mr. Samuel Nichols, from the Carey at Truro, Falmouth, and Helston ; church at Broadmead, Bristol; and Mr. nine by Mr. Groser at Traro, Chacewater, John Clarke, belonging to the church at St. Day, Redruth, Penzance (Jordan chaFord Forge near Berwick upon Tweed. pel and Queen-street), and Penryn; and

On this pleasing occasion, Mr. Mann of eight by Mr. Nicholson at Grampound, FalMaze Pond read the Scriptures and prayed; mouth, Penpoll, Truro, Penzance (QueenMr. Dyer introduced the business and asked street) and Helston. Our thanks are again the usual questions ; Mr. Gray of North- due to our Methodist brethren for the use ampton offered the ordination prayer; and a of their cbapel at Helston, and to our Indevery affectionate and impressive address to pendent brethren, for the same favour at the missionaries, founded on Matt. xxviii. Penryn. 20. was delivered by Mr. Birt of Hackney. The nintb anniversary of the County AuxThe service was closed in prayer by Mr. iliary Society was held at Redruth on June Lewis of Highgate.

41h. A missionary prayer meeting was held In the evening of the same day a meeting in the afternoon, when Messrs. Carey, Webb was held at Dr. Rippon's meetiog house, in (Methodist), Nicholson, and Groser imCarter-lane, Tooley-street, for the purpose plored the blessing of Almighty God on of thankfully acknowledging the recent ma. the operations of the Society. In the evennifestations of divine goodness towards the ing the public meeting was held in connecSociety, both at home and abroad. A brief tion with that of the Redruth Branch Asstatement of the pleasing facts which had sociation, at which Mr. Beddow, the essuggested the idea of such a meeting was teemed pastor of the church, presided. The made by the Secretary of the Society, after business of the Redrutb Association having whom Dr. Newman, and Messrs. Ivimey been briefly attended to, Mr. Clarke read and Grifin successively offered prayer and the ninth report of the County Society, thanksgiving to God. The service, which from which the following is extracted :was found peculiarly refreshing by many,

" As to this Auxiliary, yoor Committee was closed by our venerable friend Dr. are happy to report perseverance and enRippon, who bes for considerably more than larged success. Its receipts for the year half a century been permitted to exercise the ending July, 1828, were 1771. 3s. iod. Christian ministry within those walls. making in eight years a total of 15201. Os. 0}d.

The Falmouth Association has re-canvassed

the town, and covsiderably increased its reAUXILIARIES.

ceipts. The Sunday school was organized six months since as a missionary associa

tion, and during that time has raised, on this CORNWALL.

improved plan, 41. 3s. instead of 168.71d, The annual services of the Auxiliary in the amount reported for the whole of the this county were held in the latter end of preceding year. The Ladies connected with

this Association fiave, will their character in South Devon. A sermon was preached istic zeal, and with distinguished ingenuity, in the morning by our esteemed and beloved provided materials for a sale of various ar brother E. Carey, and in the evening a ticles for the benefit of the Mission, the public meeting was held, when Mr. Nicholclear produce of which, aster deducting ex- son, the pastor of the church presided, and penses, is no less than 61). 8s. 74d. The appropriate resolutions were proposed and Helstou, Penzance, and Redrath Associa- seconded by Messrs. Horton of Devonport, tions, will probably realise the amount of Groser of Maidstone, Clarke of Truro, the last year, if not more. The Truro As- Nicholson, jun. of Kingsbridge, Hill (Wes sociation reports an increase in its smaller leyan minister), Carey, S. Nicholson of subscriptions and in the pablic collections—Plymouth, and F. s. Randall of Kingsthat it has adopted a more systematic ar- bridge. rangement of its proceedings, a more en- It is hoped that, by the combination into larged and accurate defiuition of districts, one Auxiliary of the Societies already existamounting altogether to eighieen, and that ing in this district, in aid of the Mission, it has appointed ten new collectors. The the interests of the Parent Society will be Sunday School Missionary Association has promoted, and a reflex influence be exerted raised 5l. 1s. 4d. being a considerable ad-on the branches that compose the union, vance ou the preceding year.

Mr. Nicholson of Kingsbridge was request“ The evidence of the utility of Sunday ed to accept the office of Treasurer to the School Associations of teachers and children, newly formed Society, and Messrs. Horton already pointed out, induces your Commit- of Devonport, and S. Nicholson of Piytee most earnestly to recommend their gene- mouth, are its Secretaries. ral establishment. To the various Associ. ations your Committee would also earnestly

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. recommend the adoption and maintenance of an appropriate system in their details of The first anuiversary of this Auxiliary business, as being highly calculated to in- Society has afforded its friends encouragesare the increase of their funds, and the ment to hope, that it will render increasing perpetuity of their existence. Nor would support to the missionary cause. Consider your Committee fail, meekly and affectioning the great depression of trade, and the ately, to remind you of the unspeakable peculiar difficulties of this manufacturiog importance of an awakened personal and district, it has occasioned us joy to witness collective piety in your respective circles, the exertions that have been made ; yet we in order to ihe advancement of the kingdom would regard them only as the pledge of of Jesas; assored that we have the best better days, as the incipient display of reason to expect the conversion of the world Christian principlos, the powerful induence while religion floorishes in the clrurch. If of which will be more evinced by the enlove to the Redeemer prevail, we shall larged and zealous efforts of the pious, to abound in works of faith, and the riches of advance a Society so worthy of universal our liberality will be more widely diffased.” patronage. The resolutions passed at the meeting

On Lord's day, June 28, sermons were were moved and seconded by Messrs. Hill preached in aid of the Baptist Mission, by (Methodist) and Nicholson, Lane and Gro- our esteemed brethren the Rev. E. Carey, ser, Burchell and Carey, Webb (Metbo- Rev. J. H. Hinton, and the Hon. G.H. dist) and Shoveller.

R. Carzon, who kindly visited us to proThis anniversary will not be soon erased mote the benevolent object ; at Sbortwood from the recollections of the religious pub- and Stroud by Mr. Carey; at Uley, Shortlic of Cornwall. Nuinerous, and in some wood, and Woodchester, by Mr. Hinton ; instances crowded andiences, listened with aud at Eastcombs, Chalford, and Avening, delight to the eloquent discourses and inte by the Hon. G. H. R. Curzon. resting representations of Messrs. Carey, The public meeting of tbe Auxiliary SoGroser, and Nicholson, and acquired, there ciety was held in the Baptist chapel, Strood, is every reason to believe, a more ardent on the Monday evening, June 29, when our attachment than ever to a Society which kind friend the Hon. G. H. R, Cnrzon ncGod has so eminently bonoured in the ad-cupied the chair. The Rev. W. Yates, one vancement of his kingdom in the world. of the Secretaries of the Auxiliary, read a

E. C. brief report, in which an affecting allusion

was made to the recent removal, by death,

of the Rev. W. Winterbotham of Short. SOUTH DEVON.

wood, and the Rev. B. Francis of Uley, On Thursday, June 11, was formed at who were two of the Committee, and warm Kingsbridge, á District Auxiliary to the friends of the Society. The resolutions Baptist Missiovary Society, intended to were proposed and supported by the Rev. consolidate tbe contributions of the churches E. Carey and the Rev. J. H. Hinton, who attended as a deputation from the Parent On the first Lord's day in July, our esSociety; the Rev. J. Williams and Baker leemed friend Mr. E. Carey visited Coven(Wesleyans), H. Hawkins, J. Watts, J. try, on bis way to Liverpool, and the anniCousins, E. Probert, J. Danu, and R. Over- versary public meeting was held in that city bury. A serious and lively feeling pervad on the following evening, when the same ed the meeting, which was numerously zeal in the missionary cause was manisested attended, and the friends appeared to feel which displayed itself heretofore, although ibe importance of increasing liberality in the great declension in the trade of the city behalf of the perishing heathen.

has made a slight depression, and but a Public meetings were also beld at Wot- slight one, on the funds of that efficient tou under Edge the preceding Friday even- branch society. On the following Wednes. ing, at Kingstanley the following Tuesday day Mr. Carey preached at Brounsgrove in evening, at Hampton on the Wednesday the afternoon, and a public meeting was evening, and at Gloucester on the Thursday held in the evening. The funds of that esening. The powerful appeals made by branch are improved, although the neigbour brethren wbo visited us, urging the bourbood participates in the general stagclaims of the Redeemer on the affections nation of trade. and services of mankind, produced a solemn Mr. Carey, in returning from Liverpool, impression; and we feel persuaded that accompanied by Mr. Tinson from Jamaica, such addresses as were then delivered, will spent Thursday, Jaly 16, at Coseley, when not only awaken a missionary spirit, but a public meeting was held in the afternoon, rouse to action the slumbering energies of and Mr. Swan preached in the evening. our churches, and thus serve to blend the The collections in this place also have in revival of religion in our own circles with creased during the past year. the most enlarged exertions to extend the The poblic meetings in this town comuniversal triumphs of Immanuel's kingdom menced on the following day, Friday, but in the world.

coinmenced with a painfal disappointment. This Auxiliary Society has raised about on the arrival of our beloved brother, Mr. 2551. for the Baptist Mission, including the E. Carey, whose presence and services were collections at its formation, in a period of anticipated with no common pleasure, the nine months, and we bopu to see increasing melancholy tidings reached him, that his zeal to support a cause so truly philanthro- amiable and pious companion bad, on the pic and divine. The standard of Christian preceding Wednesday, breathed ber soul benevolence is still too low, but it must rise into the bands of the Saviour whom she higber; and may the poble example of the loved. Thus the sacrifice, though long metropolitan friends spread a beneficial in- doubtful, was consummated, which she fluence over the country, so that it may be made in the missionary cause, and a sacriseen what can be done by the continued fice of no small value, the most costly efforts of this Christian land. 0, let reli- sacrifice which the survivor could offer. gion swas its powerful sceptre — let its May He who bas all riches at his disposal, transforming influence be more experienced supply the otherwise irreparable loss wbich -let the love of the Saviour burn in the this bereavement bas created! When there. heart, and compassion to the perishing glow fore the two preliminary meetings were held in the bosom—and our Missionary Socie- on Friday evening, ai Cannon-street and ties, whose design is to save souls from Bond-street, oor afflicted brother was under death, will never be retarded in their god- the necessity of travelling homewards, to like operations for want of funds, but the minister to his motherless children those deep poverty of the pious will abound to consolations wherewith be himself was comthe riches of their liberality, while the gold | forted of God; not unaccompanied by the and silver of the rich will be cast plenti- tender sympathies and affectionale prayers fully into the treasary of the Lord. of those numerous friends who highly apStroud,

W. Y. preciate his services in the missionary cause,

and sincerely love him for the sake of the

Master whom he zealously serves.

The mission is much indebted to Mr. The several meetings connected with the Morch of Stepney, who kindly acceded to sixth anniversary of the Birmingham Auxi- the request of the Secretary to supply Mr. liary to the Baptist Mission have just closed, Carey's unavoidable absence at Birmingand the result of them calls for devout ham, and who advocated the Society's ingratitude to God, who bas preserved his terests, not only at the public meeting, but people in love and harmony, and inclined also in the pulpit of Bond-street in the them, as on former occasions, so now, not morning of tbe Lord's day, July 19, and withstanding the commercial difficulties of that of Mount Zion in the evening. On the the times, to come forward freely and libe- same day, Mr. Mursell of Leicester preachrally in support of bis cause.

ed at Cannon-street in the morning, and at Bond-strect in the evening ; and Mr. Tinson this Auxiliary will be very little, if any, from Jamaica preached at Mount Zion in the short of 9001. As soon as the accounts afternoon, and at Cannon-street in the even can be settled, the balance shall be foring.

warded to the Treasurer. If in every dis· Mr. Swan advocated the missionary cause trict of the kingdom, an effort be made to at Netherton and Dudley on the same Sab- realize more money than on former occabath, and Mr. Rogers of Dudley preached sions, the Society will be freed from its at the Coppice. Mr. Mursell preached to a embarrassments, and have the means of large congregation on the Monday evening sending forth agents to occupy those stain the Wesleyan chapel, Cherry-street, ljons which, owing to the deaths of missionkindly lent on the occasion ; and Mr. James aries and other causes, so loudly call for and bis friends, who have always maintained our assistance. a friendly spirit, and a deep interest in the

T. MORGAN. mission, accommodated us with the use of

T. Swan. the very large and commodious meeting Birmingham, July 22, 1829. house in Carr's-lane, for the public meeting, which was held on Tuesday evening last, July 21st.

MARKET STREET. The collection at this meeting was liberal ; some generous friends, bowever, unwilling On Thursday, July 9, an Auxiliars Assothat the noble example set by Christians iu ciation was formed at Market Street, Hertthe metropolis should appear to be disre- fordshire, for the church and congregation garded by their brethren at Birmingham, under the care of Mr. J. Nicholas, who was and fully convinced that the missionary bimself for several years an eye witness of cause requires increasing fonds, proposed the abominations of Hindooism, and co-opethat an addition should be made to the con- rated in efforts for their removal. On this tributious already realized. The suggestion occasion the chair was kindly filled by the was received with cheerfaloess, and in a Rev. Mr. Potts, of the Wesleyan Conshort time names were announced with sums nexion, and the crowded and listening audiamounting to 1181. 8s. This supplement- tory were addressed by the Rev. Messrs. ary gift was furbished, not in consequence Daniel of Luton, Tinson from Jamaica, of any strong excitement in the minds of the Dyer of London, Gould of Dunstable, Adey friends who contributed it, but it has pro. of Leighton Buzzard, Tabraham (Methoceeded from a deep and solemn conviction, dist). Upton of St. Albans, and the minis. that the cause of God required it. The ter of the place. aggregate amount of monies collected by

0 9

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Contributions received on account of the Baptist Missionary Society, from July 20, to August 20, 1829, not including individual Subscriptions.

£ s. d. Birmingham Aaxiliary Society, by Owen Jobinson, Esq. Treasurer :Birmingbam, Collections at

Coventry :

80 Public Meeting .... 55 15 4 Cradley

12 Sundry Subscriptions.. 10 9 0 Dadley

17 17 4 Extra Contributions (see


19 7 above)....... 118 8 0 Henley in Arden.. 2 13 Cannon-street, Collects.


10 0 Snbs. &c. including


7 11 1 sundry don. £95 from


9 16 Mr.J. Deakin...... 2300 6 Oldbury

0 12 8 Bond-street, do. do. 128 17 6 Stratford on Avon 3 3 1 Mount Zion, do. do. 18 4 3 Tenbury

2 5 0 Bilston 3 12 8 Tewkesbury......

61 14 6 Bridgnorth

22 3 8 Upton on Severn.. 9 1 6 Brittle Lane

3 0 o Wolverhampton . 1 13 0 Bromsgrove

30 0
o Worcester ......

39 0 0 Coppice

1 0 0
13 0 0

910 0 11
Previously acknowledged £190 16 3 and sundry ex.
penees £26 2 11

216 19 2

693 I 9.



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Towcester, Penny a week Subscriptions, &c. by Rer. J. Barker

8 2 6 Gloucestershire Auxiliary Society, by Capt. Pelly, Treasurer : Avening....

1 0 0 Shortwood.. 32 9 4 Chalford 1 18 0 Stroud

22 13 4 Eastcombs 3 14 4 Uley

3 1 0 Gloucester..

17 13 6 Woodchester.... 2 0 Hillsley.

0 9 6 Wootton ander Edge 14 0 9 Kingstanley 20 0 0

123 133 Minchiobampton

4 4 6 Newcastle on Tyne, New Court Chapel Auxiliary, by Mr. H. Angus

9 2 7 Female Servant, John-street Chapel, Missionary Box, (Mrs. Hill 10s.). 3 8 11 Gloucester, Collected by Miss Rees, by Rev. E. Carey

2 0 0 Kent Auxiliary Society—Margate, Collection and Subscriptions

8 14 8 Dunstable, Collections, &c. by Rev. Isaac Mann

30 0 0 Hemel Hempsted, Missionary Association, by Mr. Howard

11 0 0 Lymington, Friends, by Rev. James Millard (West India Fund).

2 East Lothian Society for Religious Purposes, by Mr. W. Hunter

13 18 Aylesbury, Collected by Mr. Reynolds

3 0 Wilts and East Somerset-Corsham, Collection

2 15 0 Fenny Stratford and Great Brickhill, by Rev. E. Carey

15 Taunton, Missionary Association, by Mr. Richardson : Collections

22 5 0 Mr. Stevenson

1 10 Miss Beddame

0 10 0 Moiety of Peouy Subscriptions...

2 11 11

26 7 11 Northamptonshire, by Mr. J.C. Gotch : Thrapston

9 18 0 Aldwinkle

1 15 6 Ecton

2 0 0

13 13 6 Leeds, by Rev. Jas. Acworth : Ladies' Society, for Female Education

11 5 1 Salendine Nook, Female Association,

11 2 0 Miss H. Brown

Donation 1 0 0

23 7 1 West Middlesex Missionary Unioq: Highgate..

1 1 0 Drayton

1 15 0 Colmbrook, Collections at the Anniversary, August 12.. 14 4 0

17 0 0 Bromsgrove, Friends, by Mr. Harrison

1 11 Harston (Cambridgeshire), Collection, by Rev. B. Fuller

4 0 Friends at Shortwood, by Rev. Joshua Tinson (West India Fund)

10 0 Mrs. Frances J. Hall, for female child in Kingston Scbool...

5 0 0 Mr. Geo. Inglis, jun. Dunfermline...

Donation 1 0


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(Continued from our last Number.) By Rev. John Chin.

£. s. d. Mr. Rawlings and Family Mrs. Freeman, Walworth

20 0

0 Miss E. Russell Messrs. W. and J. Freeman .. 20 0

0 Mrs. E. Gurney Mr. Boyes

1 0 0 Mrs. Kentish Rev.--- Adams, Kislingbury .

5 0 0 Mrs. Green

Mr. Andrews
By Rev. Edward Steane.

Miss Ward
Rev. E. Steane

10 0 liss Bell. Thomas Bliss, Esq.


Mr. Clarke Mr. Jackson, sen.

10 00 | Mr. Donwell Mr. Tozer

5 5

O A Friend.... Mrs. Tozer

2 2 0 Ditto Josiah Taylor, Esq......

5 0 ol Small sums

f. s. d.
5 0 0
2 0 0
1 1 0
1 0 0
1 0 0
1 0
1 0 0
1 0 0
1 0
1 0 0
1 0 0
1 0 0

0 0


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