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sons at St. Mary's, and many of “ But, Sir, some of the churches them have shewn kindness to the in London are richer than yours.” fisherman preacher.

“Yes, but nothing I think is In 1823, when, by the advice more unpopular at present than a of medical gentlemen and other chapel case ; besides, in London friends, I determined to leave the there is a Baptist Building Fund, islands, the Committee of the Bap- and those who subscribe to that tist Home Missionary Society Society cannot be expected to atkindly promised the Island Orphan tend to a private application for a 101. per annum, as an assistant meeting house at a distance from missionary for the off islands of London. I will, however, mention Scilly. During the last six years your case to a friend or two, and I have been gratified with hearing perhaps we may get a few school that Edward and the other island books for the islands, and religious preachers were constant in labours, tracts to distribute among sailors under the superintendence of Mr. who may take shelter in your harRogers, the present Baptist mis- bours in the winter.” sionary.

“ Mr. I said that the money On Thursday, July 2, 1829, I must be obtained before I leave was in my study, writing a note at London.” the foot of one of the pages of my “ You have seen Mr. J.?” manuscript of the History of the “Yes, he wrote a recommendaIslands of Scilly, when one of my tion on the case this morning, and children informed me that a person subscribed -." from the isles was below, and wish- Poor Edward determined to lose ed to see me. It was the poor no time in getting the 501., and Island Orphan !

though he had a little more success “ The roof of the meeting house than many experience in making and schoolroom in Tresco is ready personal application for meetingto fall in. It is not safe for the house cases, yet the manner in poor people to meet in such a place. which some persons answered his About 50l. will enable the islanders solicitations, had more effect upon to put up a new roof.”

his mind than the rough winds and "A heavy debt, Edward, on our angry seas, unto which he had own place of worship, and the ne- often been exposed amidst the cessary expences of our large dangerous channels between the Sabbath school, Instruction So- islands. Providence, however, still ciety, and other little institutions, guided the poor island preacher. prevent the Baptist church in Lam- Chance has no place in the governbeth froin giving assistance in pro- ment of Jehovah. Edward had moting religion at a distance. It been but a short time in London, would have afforded me unspeak- before the Rev. Mr. I. (remember, able pleasure to have made a O my God, his kindness to the collection this year for the Baptist poor Island Orphan!) directed Missionary Society, but our po- him to Mr. J. of Moortields. That verty, and the exertions which must gentleman conducted Edward to be made among the thousands in the mansion of Mrs. Bailey, the our streets who need instruction, widow of the late Thomas Bailey, deprive us for the present of the Esq. of Bethel House, Brixton. honour of assisting in any way This excellent lady was born on worth mentioning any institution." the island of St. Mary. She listened to the statement of the poor | We are not duly sensible of our islander, and gave him 401. for the danger, though the wrath of God meeting house in Tresco! May is revealed from heaven against all our covenant God return her kind- ungodliness and unrighteousness of ness a thousand fold, in spiritual men.

We are secure where we blessings ! Edward left London on ought to be alarmed, listless where Friday, the 17th July, with a good we ought to be all alacrity and supply of school-books and reli- anxiety. But when the gospel gious tracts.

comes, attended with the energy

of the divine Spirit, the hidden Smile, Lord, on each divine attempt things of darkness are brought to

To spread the Gospel's rays;
And build on sin's demolish'd throne

view, conscience is made to feel, The temples of thy praise.

and the burden of sin becomes in

tolerable. Convinced of our sinMany, it cannot be doubted, fulness, we tremble at the idea of will unite with the writer ia fervent having offended infinite majesty, prayer to the God of all grace, spotless purity, and perfect goodthat the Island Orphan may long ness.

The law addresses us in be spared to direct the fishermen, awful accents, “ Cursed is every and pilots, and their families on one that continueth not in all things the isles, unto the Lamb of God written in the book of the law to who taketh away the sin of the do them.” Justice appears ready world.

to punish our disobedience. StripNow unto Him that is able to do ped of every self-righteous plea, exceeding abundantly above all we fall prostrate before God, with that we ask or think, according to the humble confession.

“ Behold the power that worketh in us I am vile! What shall I do to be unto Him be glory in the church saved ? who shall deliver me from by Christ Jesus throughout all the wrath to come ?" In this burages, world without end. Amen.

dened perplexed situation, the GosT.J. JEFFERY. pel directs us to Jesus, the friend Lambeth, July 22, 1829.

and Saviour of sinners. “ Behold the Lamb of God who taketh away

the sin of the world.” It assures THE EXCELLENCY OF THE Gospel. us that “ he ever liveth to make

intercession” for all that come unto (Continued froix p. 364.)

God by him. “ Come unto me,” IV. Its suitableness to the guilty says the Saviour, “ All ye that afflictive circumstances of man. labour and are heavy laden, and I That we are depraved creatures is will give you rest."

The gospel a painful fact, supported by numer- testimony, believed and cordially ous affecting proofs. History, ob- received, heals the wounded spirit. servation, experience, Scripture, It inspires with hope and diffuses all unite in attesting the guilt and peace throughout the powers of the misery of man. All have sinned soul. The atonement which was and come short of the glory of equal to the demands of insulted God. But we are naturally averse justice, satisfies and purifies the to the belief of a doctrine so bum-conscience of the believing penibling and debasing as that of hu- tent. He bas now peace with God man depravity. If we admit our through our Lord Jesus Christ, by guilt, we endeavour to palliate it. whom he has received the atone

Reason may

ment. Having tasted that the by the unrelenting hand of death. Lord is gracious, he adopts the Our friends and benefactors where joyful language of the church. “o are they? do they live for ever? Lord, I will praise thee: though They are gone to their long home, thou wast angry with me, thine and the mourners go about the anger is turned away, and thou streets. A necessary enquiry precomfortest me.”

sents itself here. How shall we The Gospel is not only suited bear up under the sorrows and to man as guilty and liable to con- vicissitudes of life without dejecdemnation, but as the subject tion and despair ? of numerous disappointments and silence, but not satisfy us; may sorrows. That sinners are suf- dispose us to conceal our sorrows, ferers under the righteous govern- but cannot assuage them. Scepment of God, ought not to be a ticism may infuse stubbornness, matter of surprize. All the de- but cannot give patience and rescendants of Adam are children of signation. The religion of Christ adversity and heirs of sorrow. alone can teach us, how to demean “ Man is born to trouble as the ourselves under the sorrows and sparks fly upwards." No situa- discipline of a probationary state. tion, however exalted, no piety The Gospel of the grace of God however ardent and sincere, can is the only true source of support exempt from affliction and distress. and consolation. Its cheering rays Every lot has its crook, and every pierce the thickest gloom of guilt heart its own peculiar anxieties and and distress. It is a sovereign fears. Amiction marks every stage balm to heal the wounded heart. of human life. “ Childhood and It speaks peace to the troubled youth are vanity.” Manhood is breast. Let us hear its charming series of care and toil. Old age language, “Our light affliction, is accompanied with infirmities and which is but for a moment, worketh diseases. Between moral and na- for us a far more exceeding and tural evil there is an inseparable eternal weight of glory. We know connection. Sin is the cause of that all things work together for every woe we feel or fear. It has good to them that love God, to converted a fruitful field into a them who are the called according barren waste.

With what a dark to his purpose. hue it has tinged all the fair pros- V. The hope of immortality it pects of life. The body is liable inspires.--The human understandto pain and wasting sickness; the ing, unaided by the word of God, mind to be oppressed by disap- knows but little, and that very pointed hope, and bereaving pro- confusedly, of the world to come. vidences. The imperfections of Upon this subject the most ensociety, and the distress of fami- lightened of the ancients were oblies, occasion sorrow and pain. liged to content themselves with The loss of real, and the treachery vague notions and uncertain conof pretended friends, pierce the jectures. Socrates, the brightest heart through with many sorrows. luminary of the heathen world, Some of the severest strokes to when making his defence before which suffering humanity is liable his judges, expresses himself in are occasioned by the death of the language of doubt and perthose we love. The most tender plexity. “Death,” says he, “eirelations of life are torn asunder ther reduces us to nothing, or as

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some say, it conveys us from this perfect society, and interrupted world into some other region.” enjoyments.” He that sitteth upon The sentiment of the soul's im- the throne shall create all things mortality, among the Gentile mo- anew. “Our bodies shall be raised ralists, was more a speculation than from the ruins of the grave, and a principle of practice; therefore fashioned like unto the glorious inefficient, involved in obscurity, body of Christ; our religious atand blended with error and fable. tainments shall be perfected, our The doctrine of a future state and intercourse with the society of heathe resurrection of the body, were ven shall be uninterrupted, and our imperfectly understood and be- joys complete and eternal in their lieved even among the Jews. So duration. For in the presence of that with propriety it may he said, God there is a fulness of joy, that “life and immortality are and at his right hand are pleasures brought to light by the Gospel." for evermore.' The darkness in which they were If such be the excellency of the involved is dissipated by the cheer- Gospel, what ought to be the coning rays of the sun of righteous- duct and temper of the professed ness. They are placed before us followers of Christ ? To you, brein the word of God in the most thren, religion looks as to her friends interesting and convincing light. and advocates. In you she conEvery sober question respecting fides for support and commendaeternity is there answered in a tion. Beware you do not disapmanner calculated to accomplish point her hopes, that you do not the most important and practical betray her contidence. You propurposes.

The believer's views fess that the Gospel of the grace are not terminated by the boun- of God has done much for you ; dary of this world ; by faith he see that you express your gratilooks at “the things which are not tude in studying the genius of seen and eternal." " If he had only Christianity; by imitating the exhope in this world, he would be of ample of your master, by obeying all men the most miserable. But the precepts of his word, and by he is looking for new heavens and exemplifying the holy and benevoa new earth, wherein dwelleth lent tendency of revealed truth. righteousness. His hope is full of Study in your different callings, immortality, and therefore replete and the various relations of life, to with blessedness. The pilgrim an- adorn the doctrine of God your ticipates the termination of his Saviour. “Only let your converpilgrimage, the Christian the rest sation be as becometh the gospel that awaiteth the people of God. of Christ.” In your conduct emBlessed hope of immortality, that body and illustrate the articles of softens my afflictions, that brightens your belief. See that ye “ walk my joys, that makes darkness light, worthy of the Lord unto all well crooked things straight, and brings pleasing, being fruitful in every distant futurity near ! The en- good word and work. Be ye imijoyment of immortality shall free tators of God as dear children." the believer from what is not worth Let his infinite excellence and keeping, and put him in pos- matchless glories engage your susession of all that is desirable, preme love, his majesty and doan eternal weight of glory! In minion excite your profound reveheaven we shall not complain of rence, his power and

presence bodily pain, mental distress, im- produce diligence and watchful

ness, his rectitude and purity in- | inheritance of the saints in light. crease your hatred to sin and love Without holiness ro man shall of holiness, his providence and see the Lord.” The gospel of rich benignity encourage unlimited con- free unmerited favour, that bringfidence, and promote the most sin- eth salvation, “teacheth us, that cere and lively gratitude. Guard denying all ungodliness and worldly against earthly mindedness and lusts, we should live soberly, righcriminal love of the world. An teously, and godly in this present inordinate attachment to the world world; looking for that blessed is idolatry, and incompatible with hope and the glorious appearing of the love of God, and the salvation the great God and our Saviour Jesus of the soul. Cultivate love to the Christ; who gave himself for us, saints, and benevolence to all men. that he might redeem us from all Remember “ the grace of our Lord iniquity, and purify unto himself a Jesus Christ, who, though he was peculiar people, zealous of good rich, yet for our sakes became poor, works." Seeing that we look for that we through his poverty might these things, what manner of perbe rich.” “Whoso hath this world's sons ought we to be in all holy good, and seeth his brother have conversation and godliness? need, and shutteth up his bowels Greenwich.

W. B. of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him ?” You are not your own, but bought with GOSPEL THREATENINGS. "a price, therefore glorify God in

To the Editor of the Baptist Magazine. your body, and in your spirit which

Watch against anti-chris- SIR, tian and unlovely tempers. The Having been present in a comgrace of the Gospel is as much pany of several ministers, when a calculated to subdue and save from discussion took place on the nature evil tempers, as from outward im- and extent of Gospel threatenings, morality. “Be not deceived, God while listening in silence to the reis not mocked; whatsoever a man marks made on this subject, I was soweth, that shall be also reap." forcibly reminded of the observaRest not in present attainments, but tions of Dr. Owen, in his invaluable “ grow in grace, and in the know. Exposition of the Hebrews, ledge of our Lord and Saviour chapter ii. 3.; and though I am Jesus Christ. Giving all diligence, aware that it is not usual with you add to your faith virtue, and to to insert quotations from works virtue knowledge, and to know already known, yet I hope you ledge temperance, and to temper- will find a place for the following ance patience, and to patience brief extracts, bearing immediately godliness, and to godliness bro- on the point, and well worthy, as therly kindness, and to brotherly I conceive, the serious attention of kindness charity."

all who bear the character of mi“ As the time of your complete nisters of the Gospel. salvation is nearer than when you I cannot forbear adding, that it first believed, set your affections has long been my earnest desire on things above, not on things on that something like a full digest of the earth. To be carnally minded the theology of Dr. Owen could is death, but to be spiritually mind-be extracted from his numerous ed is life and peace.” Not only writings, arranged under suitable expect, but seek a meetness for the heads, and modified occasionally

are his.


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