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The Profits will be given to Baptist Ministers' Widows.

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On the Work of the Holy Spirit


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An Appeal on Behalf of the Gypsies.. 277 Baptist Home Missionary Society.... 294

Ou Fasting



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Francis Close's Sermons...

Dr. Henry's Letters

Writings of Bishop Hooper

Draper's Motherless Boy

Addis's Heaven Opened....

Hewlett's Scripture History

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Fletcher and Barder's Sermons...".


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Mrs. Ivimey

290 Annual Meeting



Published by WIGHTMAN & CRAMP, 24, Paternoster Row. Sold by MARPLES, and GRAY, Liverpool; WILKIN, and KITTON, Norwich; PARSONS & Co., Bristol; BROWN, Wigan; INKERSLEY, Bradford; BUTTERWORTH, Birmingham; BENNETT, Nottingham; PORTER, Yeovil; Toмs, Taunton; SAMUEL HORSEY, jun. Portsea; RUSHER, Reading; DASH, Kettering; HALL, Maidstone; WHITTEMORE, Brighton; WAUGH & INNES, Edinburgh; and DUDALE & KEENE, Dublin.



Communications have been received from Messrs. Wm. Rhodes, Jas. Hargreaves, P. Tyler, G. Tilly, C. Elven, F. Franklin, D. Phillips, S. Allison, Also from W. J.-G. C.— S. B. Pugh, Thomas Ramsay, and Wm. Jones.

C. H. C.-and A Constant Reader.

The Obituaries of Mrs. Sophia Thomas and the Rev. D. Williams will appear in our next Number.

Some accounts of Ordinations, and other articles of Denominational interest, are unavoidably deferred.

Fen Court, June 22, 1829.

Subscriptions received during the month for the Aged and Infirm Baptist Minis

ters' Society.

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3. Friday Evening.- Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. T. Eason. New. court, Old Bailey, Rev. C. Carpenter.

5. Lord's Day Morning.-Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Oxlad, of Bath. Bory-street, St. Mary Axe, (removed from Artillery-street) Rev. Mr. Stodhart. Carter-lane, Rev. B. Lewis.

Lord's Day Afternoon.-Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Oxlad. Lord's Day Evening. - Lower-street, Islington, Rev. J. Yockney. Shakespear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. C. Hyatt, jun. Robinson's-row, Kingsland, Rev. J. Campbell. Union-street, Borough, Rev. I. Mann. Stepney Meeting, Rev. R. Vaughan. High-street, Deptford, Rev. Dr. Henderson. 10. Friday Evening. Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. J. Elvey. Newcourt, Old Bailey, Rev. C. Morris.

12. Lord's Day Morning.-Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Oxlad.

Mc. Upton. Carter-lane, Rev. Dr. Rippon.

Lord's Day Afternoon-Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Oxiad.

Bury-street, Rev.


On Monday, June 29, will be published, Price 1s.

THE CHRISTIAN REGISTER for 1829; or, Annual Record of the several Religions Metropolitan Meetings, held for the Promotion of Christianity and the Diffusion of Education. Printed on Sixty-four large pages, fine paper, embracing a surface of Forty Square Feet, equal to the contents of the "New Magna Charta," which was the largest sheet ever issued from the press. To be continued annually.

This publicatior is intended to present, in the cheapest and simplest form, a faithful Report of the Proceedings and Speeches at the various Meetings held for Religious purposes in the Metropolis; also, a condensed view of the Progress of each Society, with their Receipts and Expenditures; the number of Bibles, Prayer Books, Scriptural and Moral Tracts distributed; the various Missions of all denominations, with the number of Missionaries attached to each; and finally, an abstract of all Monies collected in London for disseminating the Gospel, either by Books, Missions, or other Christian endeavours, and for all objects of general Education.

Published at the Atlas Newspaper Office, Beaufort Buildings, Strand, London; and to be had of all Booksellers and Newsmen. Advertisements inserted on the Wrapper.

Just published, in 1 vol. 12mo. price 3s. boards, or in stiff covers, price 2s. 6d. PASTORAL DISCOURSES ON REVIVALS IN RELIGION.


To which are appended,

A Letter to Congregational Churches, and a Statement of Facts regarding American Revivals.

London: Frederick Westley and A. H. Davis, Stationers' Hall Court.

New Works lately published by WIGHTMAN & CRAMP, 24, Paternoster Row.

1. A MEMOIR of Mrs. ANN H. JUDSON, Wife of the Rev. ADONIRAM JUDSON, Missionary to Burmah: including an Account of the Commencement and Progress of the American Baptist Mission in that Empire. With a Portrait of Mrs. Judson, and a Map of the Burman Empire. By JAMES D. KNOWLES, Pastor of the second Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts. 12mo. bds. price 5s.

WILBUR'S REFERENCE TESTAMENT, for bible clasSES. Second Edition, from the Sixth American Edition, with three Maps, price 4s. in boards, or 4s. 6d. in sheep,

2. The REFERENCE TESTAMENT; being the common Version of the New Testament, with References and a Key of Questions, Geographical, Historical, Doctrinal, Practical, and Experimental, designed to facilitate the acquisition of Scriptural Knowledge in Bible Classes, Schools, Sunday Schools, and Private Families. By HERVEY WILBUR, A.M.

This Edition contains correct Maps of the Land of Canaan; the principal Travels of our Saviour; and the Voyages and Travels of St. Paul; which will greatly increase the utility of the Work.

Purchasers of the first edition may have the Maps separate, at Gd. the set.

Works published by Wightman and Cramp :-continued.

3. SCRIPTURE FULFILLED, or the Bible the word of God; considered in a Course of Seven Lectures, delivered at Mansfield, on Scripture Prophecies; chiefly those whose fulfilment may be seen in the present day. The prophecies considered are those concerning Abraham and his descendants in the line of Isaac and Jacob, and particularly the Jews-Ishmael's descendants, the Arabians-the Egyptians, the descendants of Mizraim, the son of Ham, the son of Noah-The Edomites, the descendants of Esau, Moab and Ammou-Philistia and Tyre-Nineveh--Babylon-our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ-the destruction of Jerusalem-its Temple-its ecclesiastical and civil Polity, and the consequent dispersion of the Jewish People-and finally, concerning God's justifying and Blessing the Nations. BY ROBERT WEAVER, Post Svo. boards. Price 5s.

4. The DOCTRINE OF ETERNAL REPROBATION DISPROVED. By JAMES HARGREAVES. Second Edition, enlarged. 12mo. boards. Price 38.

"The principles of this volume are very scriptural, and the reasonings very sound and conclusive. Mr. H. is a good divine, and belongs to the best school. He is an advocate for free grace; but he does not clog the doctrine with the perverse conceits of a barbarous and overstrained orthodoxy.”—Evangelical Magazine.

5. AN ADDRESS TO CHRISTIANS on the Propriety of Religious Fasts. By JAMES HARGREAVES. Price 18.

6. AN ESSAY ON THE ATONEMENT. By the Rev. I. MANN, A.M. Second Edition. Price 3s.

7. A DEFENCE OF THE BAPTISTS; or, the Baptism of Believers by Immersion shewn to be the only Baptism of the Christian Dispensation. By GEORGE GIBBS, Second Edition. 8vo. Price 9s.

8. MISCELLANEOUS TRACTS, consisting of a Brief History of the Dissenters, Memoirs of Miss Ana Price, also of Daniel Cuxon, Caleb Vernon, aud Charles Whitfield; and an Introductory Address on the Constitution of the Baptist Churches, now first collected into one volume. By the REV. Josɛru IVIMEY. 12mo. boards. Price 3s.

9. THE PROTESTANT VINDICATOR, or a Refutation of the Calumnies contained in Cobbett's History of the Reformation; including remarks on the principal topics of the Popish Controversy. By ROBERT OXLAD. 12mo, bds. Price 4s. 6d.

"It is a spirited performance, and enters into most of the leading topics of controversy hetween the Protestants and Papists; the author is fully acquainted with the history and bearings of his subject, and well knows how to wield the polemical sword.-Imperial Magazine.

10. SIX LECTURES ON POPERY; delivered in King Street Chapel, Maidstone. By WILLIAM GROSER. 12mo. boards, price 3s. 6d. published

at 58.

"These Lectures contain a clear and well digested exposure of Popish errors, and are highly calculated to prepare the mind for more elaborate works. They are six in number, and very ably discuss the following subjects:-First, The Principles of Popery Secondly, Its Worship, and authorised Customs: Thirdly, its Tyranny: Fourth'y, Its Rise; Fifthly, Its Tendency: Sixthly, The means which should be adopted to subvert it."-Evangelical Magazine.

11. The FALL of a GREAT MAN CONTEMPLATED; a Sermon occasioned by the death of the Rev. W. Winterbotham, late Pastor of the Baptist Church, Shortwood, Gloucestershire, preached at Wellington, Somerset, on Sabbathi evening, April 12th, 1829. By JOSEPH BAYNES, formerly assistant Minister at Shortwood. 8vo. price 1s.

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The Profits will be given to Baptist Ministers' Widows.



Memoir of the late Mr. John Satchell.. 317

On the Parable of the Ten Virgins.. 323 Recent Death......
Original Letter of the Rev. G. Whit-



Doctrinal Opinions of the Quakers.... 342

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Dr. Epps's Hora Phrenologica...... 331 Southern (Welsh)
Baxter's Reformed Pastor...

New Model of Christian Missions.... 336

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337 Bethany, Pembroke Dock
337 Newport, Isle of Wight
338 Stoke, Wilts
















Published by WIGHTMAN & CRAMP, 24, Paternoster Row. Sold by MARPLES, and GRAY, Liverpool; WILKIN, and KITTON, Norwich; PARSONS & Co., Bristol; BROWN, Wigan; INKERSLEY, Bradford; BUTTERWORTH, Birmingham; BENNETT, Nottingham; PoRTER, Yeovil; TOMS, Taunton; SAMUEL HORSEY, jan. Fortsea; RUSHER, Reading; DASH, Kettering; HALL, Maidstone; WHITTEMORE, Brighton; WAUGH & INNES, Edinburgh; and DUDALE & KEENE, Dublin.

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