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38, NEWGATE STREET, LONDON. ELLIS'S HISTORY OF THE SOUTH SEA ISLANDS. Just published, in two vols. Svo. with 8 Plates and 2 Maps, Price 285. POLYNESIAN RESEARCHES, during a Residence of nearly six years in the South Sea Islands. Including descriptions of the Natural History and Natural Scenery of the Islands, Remarks on the History, Ancient Mythology, and Traditions, Governments, Arts, Manners, Customs, and Langnage of the Inhabitants, with an Account of their recevt Moral and Religious Improvements. By WILLIAM ELLIS, Missionary to the Society and Sandwich Islands, and Author of the Tour of Hawaii.

“In so rare a field, there will be room to acquire fresh knowledge for cen“ taries to come ; coasts to survey, countries to explore, inhabitants to describe, and perhaps to render more happy."

Cooke. Fourth Edition. In I vol. 8vo. with Two Maps and Nine Engravings, price 148.

boards, NARRATIVE of a TOUR THROUGH HAWAII, or OWHYHEE; with an Account of the Geology, Natural Scenery, Productions, Volcanoes, &c. &c. &c. of the Islands—The History, Superstitions, Traditions, Manners, and Customs of the Inhabitants-A Grammatical View of their Langnage, with SpecimensThe Accounts given of the Death of Captain Cook by the Natives-and Biographical Notices of the King and Queen, who died recently on their Visit to Great Britain. By the Rev. W. ELLIS.

No one, we are persoaded, ever heard the details given by Mr. Ellis at Mis. sionary Meetings, without the conviction of his possessing special claims to the regard and confidence of the Christian world. The simplicity and chasteness of his communications, the evident indications of honest feeling and unaffected integrity-and the interesting information respecting the manners, and customs, and natural history of the Sandwich Islands, which characterize his addresses at public meetings, might be expected to pervade the more copions intelligence contained in this volume; and we can assure our readers, that they will not be disappointed.”—Congregational Magazine.

“The reader who has any curiosity to be made acquainted with the actual state of this interesting portion of the Globe, must have recourse to Mr. Ellis's Volume. It will introduce him to a more accurate knowledge of the state of its population, than he can any where else acquire. It is written in a very pleasing and perspicuous style, the embellishments are respectably executed, and the publishers have certainly done their duty in regard to paper and print."-New Baptist Magazine.

“Mr. Ellis's philological remarks are remarkably distinct, and display a great acquaintance with the language."-Spirit and Manners of the Age.

“ This Volimme is very rich in information respecting the topography, natural phenomena, productions, people, custoins, superstitions, traditions, modern history, religion, and language of Hawaii.”—Home Missionary Magazine.

“ This interesting Traveller has communicated considerable interest to our minds, while attending him and his companions on their route ; we look around, through the medium of his representations, on new and strange scenes, and find our attention perpetually kept alive by objects of curiosity and wonder, and by new and diversified, but not extravagant, appearances of human character.”Bristol Gazette.

“ From the knowledge we possessed of the talents, acquirements, industry, and missionary accomplishments of Mr. Ellis, we were fully prepared for receiving from his pen an interesting narrative of the scenes which, in common with his American companions, he had witnessed amidst the far distant islands of the Pacific. But high as were the expectations to which personal intercourse had given birth, we are ready to acknowledge, that the work before us has far surpassed thenı; and recommend our readers to lose no time in obtaining one of the ablest works ever produced by a Christian Missionary.”—Evangelical Magazine,

New Works lately published by WIGHTMAN & CRAMP,

24, Paternoster Row. This day is Published, 2nd Edition corrected, with considerable additions, 12mo.

bds. price 5s. With a Portrait of Mrs. Judson, and a Map of the Burman Empire.

1. Å MEMOIR of Mrs. ANN H. JUDSON, Wife of thic Rev. ADONIRAM JUDSON, Missionary to Burmah: including an Account of the Commencement and Progress of the American Baptist Mission in that Empire. By JAMES D. KNOWLES, Pastor of the second Baptist Church in Bostou, Massachusetts.

WILBUR’S REFERENCE TESTAMENT, FOR BIBLE CLASSES. Second Edition, from the Sixth American Edition, with three Maps, price 4s. in

boards, or 4s. 6d. in sheep, 2. THE REFERENCE TESTAMENT; being the common Version of the New Testament, with References and a Key of Questions, Geographical, His. torical, Doctrinal, Practical, and Experimental ; designed to facilitate the acquisition of Scriptural Knowledge in Bible Classes, Schools, Sunday Schools, and Private Families. By HERVEY W11.8YR, A.M.

This Edition contains correct Maps of the Land of Canaan ; the principal Travels of our Saviour; and the Voyages and Travels of St. Paal; which will greatly increase the utility of the Work.

Purchasers of the first edition may have the Maps separate, at 6d. the set.

3. The NEW TESTAMENT, translated from the Original Greek. By G. Campbell, D.D., P. Doddridge, and J. Macknight, D.D. To which is prefixed a Dissertation on the Inspiration of the New Testament, by P. DODDRIDGE, D.D. and an Original Preface, by the Rev. J. GIBB, os Banff. A new and corrected edition, 12mo. boards. Price 6s.

4. MARCH'S SABBATHS AT HOME, or a Help to their right Improvement, founded on the 42d and 43d Psalms, intended for the use of pious Persons, when prevented from attending the public worship of God. Third edition, Svo. boards. Price Os.

5. SCRIPTURE QUESTIONS, explained and illustrated for the Instruc. tion of the Young. By the Rev. B. H. DRAPER. Half-bd. price 1s. 6d.

“ In the work now before us, passages of Scripture are selected, containing important questions ; on these interesting observations are made, couched in perspicuous, affectionate and impressive language, and exceedingly well adapted for usefuluess. We hope that many pious parents will purchase the book for the use of their cbildren, and that it will be generally introduced into Sunday Schools, for which it is admirably calcolated."Baptist Magazine.

"C. SOUL PROSPERITY ; or the Closet Companion. By John Dexnant. 12mo. boards. A new edition, revised. Price 4s.

“We think the volume well adapted for general usefuluess. The author has compressed many important topics into a small compass; and we think his work cannot be read by any Christian withont benefit, but that it is peculiarly adapted to instruct and improve those who bave neither time to read, nor the means to procure larger treatises." --Coxgregational Magazine.

7. BUNYAN'S PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. A new edition, very beatly printed in 32mo. bound, 'price 1s. 6d. or 158, per dozen. An excelleot Reward Book for Sunday Schools.

The publishers are particalarly desirons of calling the attention of their friends to this Edition of the Pilgrim's Progress. It is unquestionably the cheapest edition ever published; the entire work being printed without the least abridgment, in a beautifully clear type, in a small volume 32mo. and neatly bonnd. A liberal allowance to Gentlemen who wish to purchase the book for gratuitous distribution.

8. KEARSLEY'S TAX TABLES for the Year ending 5th April 1850, containing the Assessed Taxes, a correct Stamp Table, Hawkers' and Pedlars' Licences; also the Acts relating to Distresses for Rent and Taxes, &c. &c. With an Appendix containing an Abstract of the New Acts for 1829, viz. Roman Catholic Relief Bill, Government Annuities, &c. In a neatly printed Wrapper. Priec 18. or half-bound, Is. 6d.

9. SKETCHES of the KENT and SUSSEX BAPTIST ASSOCIATIONS, from 1779 to 1829. By J. EXALL. Price 1s.

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The Profits will be given to Baptist Ministers' Widows.


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375 Notice

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The Excellency of the Gospel...... 361 | Leightop Bozzard

Religious Conversation Enforced
364 Ramsey

On Death by Lightning
369 Corsham

Advertisement Extraordinary....
373 | Coleford

Poetry ....
374 Kenilworth



Dr. Epps's Horæ Phrenologica.
Simon's Hope of Israel

382 IRISH CHRONICLE...... 993
Discourses, &c.





List of Foreign Letters lately received 398
Miss Mary Wells


Designation of Missionaries


Auxiliaries :-

Recent Deaths

South Devon 387

400 The Welsh Calvinistic Methodists


400 The Yearly Epistle of the Society of


Market Street


Ffynon, Pembrokesbire ...
390 Extra Subscriptions


390 To Correspondents
Road, Northamptonshire

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Published by WIGHTMAN & CO. 24, Paternoster Row.
Sold by MARPLES, and GRAY, Liverpool ; WILKIN, and KITTON, Norwich; PAR.

SONS & Co., Bristol ; Brown, Wigan; INKERSLEY, Bradford ; BUTTERWORTH,
Birmingham; BENNETT, Nottingham; PORTER, Yeovil; Toms, Taunton;
SAMUEL HORSEY, jun, Portsca ; RUSHER, Reading ; Dash, Kettering; HALL,
Maidstone; WAITTEMORE, Brighton; WAUGA & INNES, Edinburgii; and
DUGDALE & Keene, Dublin.

Printed by Littlewood of Co. Old Bailey.


Communications have been received froun Messrs. Samuel Green, jan. W. Paxton, Samuel Nicholls, J. Dawson, P. Tayler, J. T. Jeffery, P.J. Saffery. Also from A. P.-R. W.-W. G.-2. Z.-H.-J. D. W.-Agur--A Subscriber and Inquirer--and A Lover of the Law of God.

The Memoir of Mrs. Sarah Smith is received, and will appear in our Nombers for October and November.

If our. Correspondent W. H. will refer to the Act of Parliament 21 Hen. S. c.6. we think he will find that his question respecting Mortuary Claims must be answered in the affirmative.

The Rev. Gecrge Perren, late of Sandy Lane, near Devizes, has accepted an invitation to supply the Church in Little Wild-street for twelve months, from the first Lord's day in September.

We are requested to insert the following communication :

“We, the undersigned Dissenting Ministers of the Independent, Wesleyan, and Baptist Denominations, of the town of St. Helier in the island of Jersey, anxions to preserve the religious public froin imposition, in the case of any person collecting for a chapel, or any other religious object, take the liberty to request that no person be encouraged without the recommendation of one or more of the resident ministers. This notice is deemed the more necessary, as owing to the peculiar mode of conveying real property in the island, none but those perfectly acquainted with local usages can testify as to the security, investment in trust, and just and perpetual appropriation of buildings erected by public subscription.



F. PERROT. St. Helier's, Jersey, August 20, 1829.

On Wednesday, the 16th of September, the new Baptist Chapel, Brown-street, Salisbury, will be opened. The Rev. 'F.A. Cox, LL.D., the Hon. and Rev. 6. H. R: Curzon, and the Rev. C. E. Birt, M.A. are expected to preach on the occasion.

0 0

Fen Court, August 26, 1829. Subscriptions received during the month for the (Bath) Aged nnd Infirm Baptist

Ministers' Society.
Mrs. Green, Lambeth....

1 1
Rev. Wm. Gray, Nerthampton

1 1 Nathaniel Tidd, Croydon...

10 Tbomas Tilly, Portsea.

1 Richard Davis, Walworth

1 1 0 William Glanvill, Wantage

1 1 0 Francis Franklin, Coventry

1 1 0 William Milford, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ...

1 1 0

1 1



LONDON. 4. l'riday Esening.--Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. Wm. Soutliwood.

New-court, Old Bailey, Rev. C. Carpenter. 6. Lord's Day Morning.-Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Giles. Bury-street, St. Mary

Axe, (removed from Artillery-street) Rev. Mr. Upion. Carter-lane,

Rev. J. Bodington.
Lord's Day Afternoon.---Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Giles.

6. Lord's Duy Erening. -- Lower-street, Islington, Rev. J. Yockney. Shakes

pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. G. Evans. Robinson's-row, Kingsland, Rev.
3. Campbell. Union-street, Borough, Rev. R. Davis. Stepney Meeting,
Rev. E. H. May. High-street, Deptford, Rev. Mr. Hally. Mr. Harper's,

London-road, Řev. Dr. Henderson.
11. Friday Evening.- Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. J. Peacock. New-

court, Old Bailey, Rev. C. Morris.
13. Lord's Day Morning.--Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Giles. Bury street, Rev.

Mc. Rees. Carter-lane, Rev. J. Upton, jun.
Lori's Day Afternoon.-Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Giles.
Lord's Day Evening. --- Lower-street, Islington, Rev. T. Griffin. Shakes-

pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. J. T. Barker. Robinson's-row, Kingsland,
Rev. W. S. Palmer. Union-street, Borough, Rev. J. Flughes. Stepney
Meeting, Rev. W. Chapman. High-street, Deptford, Rev. Mr. Arundei.

Mr. Harper's, London-road, Rev. Mr. Campbell.
18. Friday Evening. - Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. J. Ivimey. New.

court, Old Bailey, Rev. H. J. Rook.
20. Lord's Day Morning.--Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Giles. Bury-street, Rev.

Mr. Lewis. Carter-lane, Rev. G. Pritchard.
Lord's Day Afternoon.--Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Giles.
Lord's Day Evening. -- Lower-street, Islington, Rev. 1. Mano. Shakes.

pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. H. Pawling. Robinson's-row, Kingsland,
Rev. Dr. Harris. Union-street, Borough, Rev. R Phillip. Stepney Meet-
ing, Rev. G. Clayton. High-street, Deptford, Rev, Mr. Griffin.

Mr. Harper's, London-road, Rev. Mr. Deane. 25. Friday Evening.- Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. W. Williams. New.

court, Old Bailey, Rev. J. Richards.
27. Lord's Day Morning.--Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Giles. Bury.street, liev.

Mr. Irons. Carter-lane, Rev. J. Upton.
Lord's Dúy Afternoon.--Salters' Hall, Rev. Mr. Giles.

Lord's Day Evening.---Lower-street, Islington, Rev. Dr. Smith. Shakes-
Ellis. pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. T. Harper. Robinson's-row, Kingsland,
Edmes Rev. E. Miller. Union-street, Borough, Rev. G. Rose. Stepney Meet-
Pearsring, Rev. J. Fletcher, A.M. High-street, Deptford, Rev. Mr. Wood,

Mr. Harper's, London-road, Rev. Mr. Yockney.

ARTICLED PUPIL.-A Young Lady can be received into a SCHOOL con. ducted in a superior plan, for the term of one year, to complete her studies. She will take lessons from Masters of eminence, in French, Music, Drawing, and Dancing, and derive every advantage necessary to an accoinplished Edu. cation.

A Young Lady designed for a Governess will find this a desirable oppor tunity. Premium 25 Gaineas.

Direct, post paid, to T. T. at Messrs. Darton and Harvey, Gracechurch Street.

AN APPRENTICE wanted in the above Line.
Apply, (if by Letter post paid) to J. H. Hopkins, Ann Street, Birmingham.

Just published, pp. 700. 12mo. boards,
The Volume of the PREACHER'S MANUAL; a Course of Lectures on
Preaching, in which Claude's Principles as laid down in Letters and Conversa-
tions on the Subject, are fully developed and illustrated by numerous examples,
with a view to promote an adequate, varied and effective style of Public Ad-

Published by Wightman and Cramp; R. Baynes; Seeley ; Mason.

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