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Most handsomely printed in 8vo. price 12s. bds. POPULAR LECTURES on BIBLICAL CRITICISM and INTERPRETATION : to which is added, a Vocabulary of the Symbolical Language of Scripture. By WILLIAM CARPENTER, Author of "A Popular Introdoction to the Study of the Holy Scriptures,” &c.

“Let no man, upon a weak conceit of sobriety, or an ill-applied moderation, think or maintain that a man can search too far, or be too well studied in the Book of God's Word; rather let men endeavour an endless progress or proficiency therein."-Bacon.

London : Printed for Thomas Tegs, Cheapside ; Hatchard and Son, Piecadilly; J. Nesbit, Berners Street, and of all other Booksellers.

Where also may be had, by the same Author, AN EXAMINATION of SCRIPTURE DIFFICULTIES, elucidating 700 Passages in the Old and New Testament. Price 12s. Also,

SCRIPTURE NATURAL HISTORY, with numerons Cuts. 148.

This day is published, Price One Shilling, No. I. of LECTURES on the BOOK of the REVELATION. By the Rev. EDWARD IRVING, M.A. &c. &c.

These Lectures were, in substance, preached at Edinburgh during the sittings of the last General Assembly, and they will be published in Numbers, for the greater convenience of purchasers. It is the Author's purpose to make each Lecture complete in itself, by embracing a complete subject. The order and subjects of the first six will be :

1. Name, Authority, Substance, and Sanctions of the Book.The present Number).

II. The Revelation of Jesus Christ by Names and Titles.
III. Jesus Christ as the universal Bishop and Head of the churches.

IV. as the Lamb slain, revived, received in heaven, and put into sion of the seven-sealed Book.

V. The seven-sealed Book.

VI. Jesus Christ the High Priest and Intercessor in Heaven, sending forth the seven angels with the trumpets of judgment.

If possible, the number of Lectures shall not exceed twelve, and one shall be published every month.

London : Printed for Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster Row.

THE EVANGELICAL SPECTATOR. The Publishers of the above Work, respectfully inform the Public, that in consequence of the serious illness of the Author, they are compelled to SUSPEND the Publication for the present; they trust that the health of the Author will be restored sufficiently to enable him to resume his labours in three or four weeks.

Stationers' Court, 21 Aug. 1829. The first Volame may be obtained neatly bound in canvas, price 45. 6d. and Parts 1 to 13, price 6d. each.

London : Frederick Westley and A. H. Davis, 10, Stationers' Hall Court and Ave Maria Lane.

IN CHANCERY. PORTER and others v. CLARKE and others. Just published by Wightman and Cramp, Paternoster Row, Price 6d. The PLAINTIFF'S REPLY to the DEFENDANTS STATEMENT, called by them, “ The Case of the Baptist Church Meeting in Somerset Street, Bath."

“ He that is first in his own cause seemeth just, but his neighbour cometh, and searcheth him." Prov. xviij. 17.

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The Profits will be given to Baptist Ministers' Widows.

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The Island Orphan ....'


The Excellency of the Gospel.. 410

Recept Death

... 433
Gospel Threatenings

Bible Classes

Pearce's Sermon ...

The London Baptist Building Fund 417

On the Application of the term “ Di-
vine" to Ministers
419 South Shields

Poetry .....
419 Meltham.

Newport, Monmouthshire


Ellis's Polynesian Researches ...... 420 Notices

Edmeston's Woman of Shunem, &c. .. 423

Pearson's Essays and Letters, &c.... 424 IRISH CHRONICLE
Cottle's Poems, &c.


Sargant's Life of Cranmer

Quaife's Memento for the AMlicted....


Dr. P. Smith's Apswer to " Manifesto.” 426 Calcutta

Dr. P. Smith on Interpretation ..... 427 Catwa ....
Munsford's Scripture Gazetteer ...... 427 Beerbhoom



Home Proceedings.
Mrs. Sarah Smith

St. Clement's, Norwich



History of the Baptist Charches in Nova Contributions

431 To Correspondents


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.... 443

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428 Padang

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Published by WIGHTMAN & CO. 24, Paternoster Row.
Sold by MARPLES, avd. GRAY, Liverpool ; WILKIN, and KITTON, Norwich ; Par.

SONS & Co., Bristol; BROWN, Wigan; IN KERSLEY, Bradford ; BUTTERWORTH,
Birmingham; BENNETT, Nottingham; PORTER, Yeovil; Toms, Taunton;
SAMUEL HORSEY, jan. Fortsea ; Rusher, Reading; LASH, Kettering ; HALL,
Maidstone; WAITTBMORE, Brighton; WAUGH & Innes, Edinburgh; and

Printed by Lililewond & Co. Old Builey.

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NOTICEŞ TO CORRESPONDENTS. Communications have been received from Messrs. H. Richardson, J. Allison. J. Price, J. F. Browne, P. Tyler, Geo. Francies, J. Dawson, and J. G. Fuller. Also from W.G.-H. Y.-J.T. L. and ****.

Scrutator's article is under consideration.

We have received two leters during the past month, on our Roview of Phre. nology in the last two Numbers. The one is from a gentleman, who has favoured us with his name and address, and who, though a distinguished member of two Phrenological Societies, and of course a firm believer in the system we have attempted to disprove, bas the liberality to express his "admiration of the manner in which, we have treated the subject" which he is pleased to say,

every candid mind must admire.”

The other is from one who has thought proper to conceal his name under the appropriate signature of “Pro bono Publico;" but who is evidently an antiphrenologist, for. he has directed the entire force of his ipse dixit against the science, by calling it “nonsence" (this is his own orthography, clearly written), and yet he is exceedingly angry with us for having attempted to prove it such. His inquiry_" What, Sir, allow me to ask, has phrenology to do with religion, and a religions publication ?"-has been already anticipated in the apology we offered for the length of the artiele at its conclusion. To which we may add, that error, under every form, even though it assumes a philosophical guise, if it be inimical to the prirciples of divine truth, and calculated to weaken their evidence, or loosen their hold upon the pipus mind, becomes a legitimate object of attack from periodicals devoted to religious purposes. The demolition of such errors, when it falls in the course of our official duty, is a part of the service we owe to truth, not less than a direct demonstration of its doctrines. It is not to be expected, however, that every such article, in any periodical, will be suited to the taste, or level with the capacity of all its readers.

This brief explanation we think is more than is fairly due to a captious correspondent, who has attacked us under the shield of a fictitious title, whose let. ter is written in a strain of entire invective, alike regardless of the principles of Christian charity, and the laws of the English language.

“ Where men of judgment creep and feel their way,
The positive pronounce without dismay:
Where others toil with philosophic force,
Their nimble nonsense takes a shorter course ;
Flings at your head conviction in the lump,
And gains remote conclusions at a jump.”

Fen Court, Sept. 24, 1829. Subscriptions received during the month for the (Bath) Aged and Infirm Baptist

Ministers' Society.
Rev. John Jeffery, Lambeth..

1 1 0
J. Harness, Bridlington

1 1 0 J. Packer, Brighton, 2 years

2 2 0 J. Hithersay, Hunmanby

1 1 0 John Dyer, London

1 1 0

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Lately published by Frederick Westley and A. H. Davis, 10, Stationers' Court

and Ave Maria Lane, London. PASTORAL DISCOURSES on REVIVALS in RELIGION. By HENRY FORSTER BURDER, A.M. To which are appended a Letter to Congregational Churches, and a Statement of Facts regarding American Revivals. 12mo. price 28. 6d. sewed in stiff covers ; 3$. in extra boards.

By the same Author, LECTURES on the PLEASURES of Religion. Second edit. 18mo. Price 48. boards.

LECTURES on the ESSENTIALS of RELIGION. 8vo. Price Os. boards. PSALMS and HYMNS, principally for Public Worship; selected from Dr. Watts and other Authors. Price 4s. boards.

New Works lately published by WiGHTMAN & Co.

24, Paternoster Row. 1. A MEMOIR of Mrs. ANN H. JUDSON, Wife of the Rev. ADONIRAM JUDSON, Missionary to Burmab : including an Account of the Commencement and Progress of the American Baptist Mission in that Empire. With a Portrait of Mrs. Judson, and a Map of the Burman Empire. By JAMES D. KNOWLES, Pastor of the second Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts. 12mo. bds. price 5s. Second edit.

WILBUR’S REFERENCE TESTAMENT, FOR BIBLE CLASSES. Second Edition, from the Sixth American Edition, with three Maps, price 4s. in

boards, or 4s. 6d. in sheep, 2. THE REFERENCE TESTAMENT; being the common Version of the New Testament, with References and a Key of Questions, Geographical, Historical, Doctrinal, Practical, and Experimental ; designed to facilitate the ac. quisition of Scriptural Knowledge in Bible Classes, Schools, Sunday Schools, and Private Families. By Hervey WILBUR, A.M.

This Edition contains correct Maps of the Land of Canaan; the principal Travels of our Saviour ; and the Voyages and Travels of St. Paul; which will greatly increase the utility of the Work.

Purchasers of the first edition may have the Maps separate, at 6d. the set.

3. The NEW TESTAMENT, translated from the Origival Greek. By G. Campbell, D.D., P. Doddridge, and J. Macknight, D.D. To which is prefixed a Dissertation on the Inspiration of the New Testament, by P. DODDRIDGE, D.D. and an Original Preface, by the Rev. J. GIBB, of Banff. A new and corrected edition, 12mo. boards. Price 6s.

4. SCRIPTURE FULFILLED, or the Bible the word of God; considered in a course of Seven Lectures, delivered at Mansfield, on Scripture Prophecies ; chiefly those whose fulfilment may be seen in the present day. The prophecies considered are those concerning Abraham and his descendants in the line of Isaac and Jacob, and particularly the Jews-Ishmael's descendants, the Arabians—the Egyptians, the descendants of Mizraim, the son of Ham, the son of Noah-The Edomites, the descendants of Esau, Moab and Ammon-Philistia and Tyre-Nineveh-Babylon-our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ-the destruction of Jerusalem-its Temple-its ecclesiastical and civil Polity, and the consequent dispersion of the Jewish People--and finally, concerning God's justifying and blessing the Nations. By ROBERT Weaver. Post 8vo. boards. Price 5s.

5. MARCH'S SABBATHS AT HOME, or a Help to their right Improvement, fouoded on the 42d and 43d Psalms, intended for the use of pious Persons, when prevented from attending tbe public worship of God. Third edition, 8vo. boards. Price 6s.

Works published by Wightman and Co.:-continued. 6. The DOCTRINE OF ETERNAL REPROBATION DISPROVED. By JAMES HARGREAVES. Second Edition, enlarged. 12mo. boards. Price 3s,

“ The principles of this volume are very scriptural, and the reasonings very sound and conclusive. Mr. H. is a good divine, and belongs to the best school. He is an advocate for free grace; but he does not clog the doctrine with the perverse conceits of a barbarous and overstrained orthodoxy."—Evangelical Magazine.

7. AN ADDRESS TO CHRISTIANS on the Propriety of Religions Pasts. By JAMES HARGREAVES. Price 1s.

8. AN ESSAY ON THE ATONEMENT. By the Rev. I. MANN, A.M. Second Edition. Price 3s.

9. SOUL PROSPERITY; or the Closet Companion. By John DENNANT. 12mo. boards. A new edition, revised. Price 48.

“We thiuk the volume well adapted for general usefulness. The author has compressed many important topics into a small compass ; and we thiuk bis work cannot be read by any Christian without benefit, but that it is peouliarly adapted to instruot and improve those who have neither time to read, nor the means to procure larger treatises." ---Congregational Magazine.

10. A DEFENCE OF THE BAPTISTS; or, the Baptism of Believers by Immersion shewn to be the only Baptism of the Christian Dispensation. By GEORGE GIBBs. Second Edition. 8vo. Price 9s.

11. MISCELLANEOUS TRACTS, consisting of a Brief History of the Dissenters, Memoirs of Miss Ana Price, also of Daniel Cuxon, Caleb Vernon, aud Charles Whitfield; and an Introductory Address on the Constitution of the Baptist Churches, now first collected into one volume. By the Rev. Joseph IVIMEY, 12mo. boards. Price 3s.

12. SCRIPTURE QUESTIONS, explained and illustrated for the Instraction of the Young. By the Rev. B. H. DRAPER. Half-bd. price 1s. 6d.

“ In the work now before us, passages of Scripture are selected, coutaining important questions ; on these interesting observations are made, couched in perspicuous, affectionate and impressive language, and exceedingly well adapted for usefulness. We hope that many pious parents will purchase the book for the use of their children, and that it will be generally introduced into Sunday Schools, for wbiob it is admirably calculated." Baptist Magazine.

13. BUNYAN'S PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. A new edition, very neatly printed in 32mo. bound, price 1s. 6d. or 15s. per dozen. An excellent Roward Book for Sunday Schools.

The publishers are particalarly desirous of calling the attention of their friends to this Edition of the Pilgrim's Progress. It is unqnestionably the cheapest edition ever published; the entire work being printed without the least abridgment, in a beautifully clear type, in a small volume 32mo. and neatly bound. A liberal allowance to Gentlemen who wish to purchase the book for gratuitous distribution.

14. SIX LECTURES ON POPERY; delivered in King Street Chapel, Maidstone. By WILLIAM Groser. 12mo. boards, price 3s. 6d. published at 5s.

“These Lectures contain a clear and well digested exposure of Popislı errors, and are highly calculated to prepare the mind for more elaborate works. They are six in number, and very ably discuss the following subjects :—First, The Principles of Popery: Secondly, Its Worship, and authorised Customs : Thirdly, Its Tyranny: Foarthly, Its Rise; Fifthly, Its Tendency: Sixthly, The means which should be adopted to subvert it.”—Evangelical Magazine.

DR. RIPPON'S HYMNS. A quantity of the above, Second-Hand, may be had of the Publishers, price 1s. 6d. and 2s. according to their condition.

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