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Communications have been received from Messrs. J. H. Brooks, J. Reynolds, J. R. Blakely, W. Gray, W. Gabriel, Charles Carpenter, Jos. Tyso, R. Joyce,

' Dyer, John Mack, Wm. Jones, Jabez Millard, Jas. Wright, J. Mead, I. Mann, and C. J. Webb. Also from J.J.-E. & E. C.-E. P.-Rusticus, and A Con. stant Reader.

Our Correspondent J---, in the West of Scotland, will perceive that we have not been unmindful of his suggestion. The article referred to bad not been overlooked, but circumstances occasioned its delay over which we had no control, and which it is now unnecessary to explain. If, to the excellent advice given at the close of his letter, he will add his assistance also, he will increase our obligation.

We are obliged to J. B. for “The Address delivered by the late Mr. Fuller to the first Baptist Missionaries, at the parting meeting at Leicester io 1793 ;" but cannot with propriety insert it in our pages, it having been already, we know not how often, presented to the public, of which doubtless he is not aware. It appeared in Dr. Rippon's Baptist Register seven-and-twenty years ago.

The Letter of our Correspondent at Coveotry has been read by those most competent to judge of the practicability and expediency of the plan he proposes; the result of whose knowledge seems to be, that it would be premature to attempt any thing at present. While approving of the general principle, and hoping one day to sce it put into operation, the propriety of its imprediate adoption, or of awakening the public expectation respecting it, under existing cir. cumstances, may be questioned. “ There is," says the wise man, “ a time for all things."

In our Number for January, 1830, will be given An Emblematical Engraving of the Means which produced the Reformation in England, and A History of the English Bible.

Our Supplementary Number will be published on the 19th inst. containing the Title, Index, and Preface; also “The Festival of the Translation of the Scriptures, by the Rev. F. A. Cox, LL.D." taken by permission from the Iris; Ordinations, and other articles of denominational or local interest, which we have been obliged to delay, will also then be given.

The Editors will be peculiarly obliged to their brethren in the ministry, who feel an interest in the Baptist Magazine, if, in reference to the ensuing year, they will exert their influence to promote and increase the sale of a work which has long been the organ of the Denomination--by which its sentiments are expressed and its histories recorded.--and which, on a variety of accounts, is essential to its interests.

Messrs. Isaiah Birt, Edward Steane, and J. E. Giles, will supply Salters' Hall Chapel for the present inonth.

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1. Tuesday Morning.--New Broad-street, Dr. Smith, “ The assurance of faith." Tuesday Evening, Eight o'Clock.-Fetter-lane Chapel, Rev. Dr. Smith,

“ Character of Samuel.” 4. Friday Evening.-- Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. W. Dovey. New.

court, Old Bailey, Rev. C. Carpenter. 6. Lord's Day Evening. — Lower-street, Islington, Rev. J. Yockney. Shakes

pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev.C. Hyatt, jun. Robinson's-row, Kingsland, Rev. J. Campbell. Vnion-street, Borough, Rev. J. Morison. Stepney

Meeting, Rev. C. Hyatt. Higla-street, Deptford, Rev. Mr. Timpson. 8. Tuesday Morning -New Broad-street, Rev. Mr. Fletcher, “Believers wit

nesses for God.” Tuesday Evening.--Fetter-lane Chapel, Rev. J. Blackburn, “ Character of

Saul." 11. Friday Evening.-- Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. Thos. Thomas. New

court, Old Bailey, Rev. T. Stevenson. 13. Lord's Day Evening. - Lower-street, Islingtou, Rev. T. Lewis. Shaker

pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. W. H. Murch. Robinson’s-row, Kingsland, Rev. T. Griffin. Union-street, Borough, Rev. J. P. Dobson. Stepney

Meeting, Rev. E. Miller. High-street, Deptford, Rev. Mr. Broadfoot. 15. Tuesday Morning.–New Broad-street, Rev. H. F. Burder, “ The Doctrine

of Election." Tuesday Evening.--Fetter-lane Chapel, Rev. G. Collison, “ Character of

Jonathan.” 18. Friday Evening.- Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. W. Williams. New

court, Old Bailey, Rev. T. Thomas. 20. Lord's Day Evening. -- Lower-street, Islington, Rev. J. Yockney. Shakes

pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. R. Saunders. Robinson’s-row, Kingsland, Rev. W. Jones. Union-street, Borough, Rev. T. Griffin. Stepney Meet

ing, Rev. J. Arundel. High-street, Deptford, Rev. Mr. Hally. 22. Tuesday Morning --New Broad-street, Rev. Mr. Fletcher, “ The peace re

sulting from holy confidence." Tuesday Evening.--Fetter-lane Chapel, Rev. I. Mann, M.A. “Personal Cha

racter of David." 25. Friday Evening.- Eldon-street Chapel, Finsbury, Rev. J. Robinson. New.

court, Old Bailey, Rev. J. Elvey. 27. Lord's Day Evening.-Lower-street, Islington, Rev. 1. Mann, A.M. Shakes.

pear's Walk, Shadwell, Rev. J. Crombie, A.M. Robinson’s-row, Kingslanı, Rev. Dr. Henderson. Union-street, Borovgh Rev. J. Hoppus, A.M. Stepney Meeting, Rev. J. Fletcher, A.M. High-street, Deptford,

Rev. Mr. Forsaith. 29. Tuesday Morning.--New Broad-street, Rev. H. F. Burder, “ The duty and

privilege of rejoicing always in the Lord.” Tuesday Evening.. Fetter-lane Chapel, Rev. J. Yockney, “Prophetical and

Typical Character of David.”

A LADY, residing in a healthful and pleasant situation, 22 miles north of * London, wishes to take one or two little Girls, to receive Instruction with ber own children.

Terms and Particulars may be bad by applying to the Rev. Joseph Ivimey, 14, Southampton-row, Bloomsbury; or the Rev. Isaac Mann, 46, Long-lane, Bermondsey.

A Young LADY, aged 27, of serions habits, is desirous of obtaining a Situation as GOVERNESS in a Family, where the Children's age does not exceed Thirteen; or as Teacher in a Schooi. Besides the nsual branches of Education, she is competent to give Instructions in Drawing, Poonah Painting, French, and the rudiments of Music. Highly respectable references can be given from the last Situation.

Address, post paid, A. B. Mr. Brown's, Bookseller, Market-place, Leicester,

TO DESTITUTE BAPTIST CHURCHES. A Minister leaving his present Charge, would be happy to engage with a Church which presented a prospect of usefulness. References to Ministers given and required.

Address, post paid, Rev. W. E. Post Office, Guildford, Surry.

BRIGHTON. MISS NICHOLLS, who has had much experience in the Management and Education of Children, both in Schools and in the Domestic Circle, wishes after Christmas, to receive under her care Six Little Girls. Children deprived of their Parents, or whose health requires Sea air, will find in Miss N. all the care and attention of a Mother, blended with a lively interest for their mental inprovement and religious education.

References may be made to the following friends, most of whom have had children under Miss N.'s care :-Rev. Dr. Cox, Hackney; Rev. John Dyer, Fen Court; S. Medley, Esq. Stock Exchange; S. Salter, Esq. Newgate Street; T. Bliss, Esq. Herne Hill; J. Parkinson, Esq. Hoxton Square; S. Jackson, juo. Esq. Stock Exchange ; and Mrs. Lewis, Upper Holloway. Terms moderate.

Miss N. will be in London the first fortnight in December. Any application, either personally or by letter, addressed to Mr. Unwin, White Lion Court, Corn. hill, will meet with immediate attention.

CONSUMPTIVE COUGHS, Inflammation of the Lungs, and other Pulmonary Diseases; Indigestion, Bilious Disorders, Nervons and General Debility, Loss of Appetite, and Cutaneous Eruptions on the Face, &c.

A Gentleman of known respectability, having, from his long studies in Medicipe, Foreign Travels, and particular attention to the Nature and Origin of the above Maladies, succeeded, by modern discovery, in effecting cures (well authenticated) in desperate cases, is therefore induced to devote his principal attention to the relief of persons labouring ander Diseases of the above description. His mode of Treatment and Cure depends not on foreign drugs (which always prove abortive), nor on pretended magical charm, or any boasted aniversal Medicine; but is simple, innocent, convenient, and safe. The most powerful proof ot integrity and confidence must be, that no fue is taken for advice, nor any ultimate charge, unless relief be obtained. Cases of speedy and extraordinary Cores, well authenticated by the signatures of Patients, (persons of known high respect. ability and veracity,) will be produced.

Consultations and advice (without a fee) will be granted to persons afflicted, from Ten to Two o'clock daily, hy application to Mr. Newman, at No. 6, Wardrobe Place, Great Carter-lane, Doctors' Commons, Saint Pani's, London.

N. B. All letters, post paid, from all parts of town and country, stating Cases (without a fre), will be duly attended to.

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W. R. impressed with gratitude for past favours, and hoping for a continuance of the same,

espectfully informs his Friends and the Public that he has enlarged bis Establishment by the addition of a genteel Mansion and a Cottage, with the Gardens, &c. connected therewith. By these arrangements, and by the aid of competent Assistants, he kopes that both the preparatory and finishing department will be rendered complete, and kept as distinct as is desirable to facilitate the more rapid improvement of each.

N.B. No addition to the Terms.


But that no loss may be sustained by these Improvements, W. R. resolves to do business with all his Tradesmen npon a ready money system; and to enable him to accomplish his purpose, he hopes, after Christmas, to receive a Quarter's Money io advance with every Pupil. "Terms for a sound English education :Pupils under nine years of age

14 Guineas per annum. Do. between nine and eleven years...

Do. above eleven, and not exceeding fourteen 18 Do.

No extra, except for washing and stationery.--Vacations One Month.Pupils stopping the Vacation, One Guinea.--References in Town, to the Parents and Friends of the Pupils who have visited the Establishment.

Prospectuses may be had of Mr. R. Richards, 25, Shaftesbury Terrace, Pimlico; Mr. J.C. Hailes, 104, Leadenhall-street; of the Rev. C. Carpenter, 15, Somers-town Terrace; and on application to the Establishment, by letter, post paid.

AN ASSISTANT WANTED, ahout Thirty Years of Age; a Dissenter of decided piety, and who, for several years, has been accustomed to the whole routine of scholastic business. A critical knowledge of the French language a great recommendation; as also an ability to preach in the adjacent villages occasionally.

Letters post paid, stating age, abilities, expectations with regard to salary, &c. directed for the Principal, to the care of G.M. Smith, printing office, Chipping Norton, Oxon, will receive prompt attention,



(Pastor of the Baptist Church, Westbury.) Young Gentlemen are liberally boarded, and carefully instructed in all the asnal branches of English, Commercial, and Classical Literature. The terms are from Twenty-two to Twenty-six Guineas per annum.

References-Rev. Dr. Newinan, Bow; Rev. J. Ivimey and Rev. G. Pritchard, London ; and Rev. P. S. Saffery, Salisbury, Wilts.

The Rev. J. WILKINSON, of Saffron Walden, expects some Vacancies to occur at Christmas, owing to some young Gentiemen who will then have completed their Education.

A Prospectus, containing the terms of the Institution, (which, considering its advantages, are very moderate,) may be had if desired. An early application is requested.

Fifth Edition, in 2 vols. 8vo. Price 11. 18. boards. TRUE CHRISTIAN RELIGION; containing the Universal Theology of the New Church, which was foretold by the Lord, in Dan. vii. 13, 14. ; and in the Apocalypse, xxi. 1, 2. Translated from the Latin of E. Swedenborg.

London: sold by W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationers' Hall Court, Lndgate Street; J. S. Hodson, 15, Cross Street, Hatton Garden ; and by all Booksellers.

A SYNOPSIS of the above may be had gratis.


On the 1st of January next, Part 14. Price 6d. The PUBLISHERS beg respectfully to inform the Public, that the health of the Author being re-established, the above Work will be re-commenced on the 1st of January, on which day Part 14 will be ready for delivery, and the regular publication of the Weekly Numbers will be resumed at the same time.

London : Printed for Frederick Westley and A. H. Davis, 10, Stationers' Hall Court and Ave Maria Lane.


FOR YOUTH. The YOUTH'S GUARDIAN for 1829. This Volume consists of Views at Liverpool, Manchester, Dublin, Lincoln and Norwich Cathedrals, and Turvey Rectory; Memoirs of the Rev. Legh Richmond, Lord Harrington, Mr. Pollock, Archbishops Usher and Leiguton, and other eminent Individuals a great variety of instrnctive Essays, Letters, and miscellaneous articles, Portfolio, Reviews of Books, and Original Poetry. Every part of this Volume is expressly adapted for Yonthful Readers in Families and Schools, and is most suitable as a Birth-day Present, or a Reward Book.

Each Volume is a separate Publication, like the Annuals, for the convenience of Purchasers, (and not a Series of Volumes.)

On Jannary 1st will be published No. 1, for 1830, (continued monthly) And to contain a fine Engraving of Ashburton, Devonshire; Memoirs of Bishop Hall ; Records of Character, with interesting Essays, Miscellanies, Tour of a Travelier, with Chronology, Portfolio, Review of Books for Youth, and Poetry.

The Volume, neatly half-bound, price 5s. and the Numbers, 4d. each.

London: Published by Houlston and Son, 65, Paternoster Row, and to be had of all Booksellors.

In a few days will be published, in 32mo. bound in green silk, gilt edges, price

48. 6d. The OLIVE BRANCH ; consisting of Original Papers in Prose and Verse, communicated by various Clergymen and other literary individuals.

Embellished with an elegant Portrait of the Rev. ROBERT GORDON, D. D. Edinburglı ; and also an engraved Vignette Title-page.

Published in Edinburgh by H. S. Baynes, and by Whittaker and Co. London.

This day are published, A CHARGE intended to have been addressed to the Wife of a Minister at the Ordination of her Husband; and the WIFE'S ADVOCATE, a Sermon preached on a Marriage Occasion.

Published by Hamilton, Adams, and Co. 33, Paternoster Row.

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