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We thought of Jesus who rebuked

The waves of Galilee,
And trusted He was with us still

Upon the stormy sea.

"I hope the captain of that ship,
Although the hour is late,
Is keeping her at anchor still,
And will our coming wait."

So spoke a sailor, looking round

And out into the night,
To see if on the dark'ning deep

He could descry her light .

Again the aged woman's voice Was heard by all on board— "The Captain of Salvation is

Our Saviour, Christ the Lord." l

"Yes, when the winds are raging fierce,
And wild the billows roll.
This hope so sure and steadfast is
The anchor of our soul."s

Her lips had hardly ceased to speak,
Scarce had the words been said,

When cheerily a sailor cried,
"I see the lights ahead 1"

Then heard we, as we looked and saw
The welcome vessel near,
"Jehovah is my light and strength,
Then wherefore should I fear?"*

At last we reached the vessel's side,

The sailors flung a rope;
The Saviour that she trusted in

Had not deceived her hope.

Then, as she rose to go, she took
Hold of my hand, and said
"God is our refuge, and our strength,
In straits a present aid. *

1 Heb. ii. 10. * Heb. vi. 19.

* Psa. xxvii. I, 4 Psa. xlvi. I, Scottish version.

"Oh that man to the Lord would give
Praise for His goodness then,
And for His works of wonder done
Unto the sons of men."'

'Twas the last effort of her strength,

That cry of joyous faith;
They dragged her up the vessel's side'

As helpless as in death.

When I had climbed up to the deck,.

Where motionless she lay, All paralysed as if with fear,

I heard the captain say,

"Here comes one of another sort,

'Tis worth one's while to save .

A noble woman such as that,
So fearless and so brave."

Alas! he little knew that she,

Whose strength had proved so small,

Had, face to face with danger, been
The bravest of us all.

Yet had it thus been in the hour

Of peril fierce and long,
Her steadfast faith and confidence

Had helped to make us strong.

To her belonged that steadfast faith,

Which cannot but prevail,
Even though in midst of struggles great

The heart and flesh may fail.

Whither she went I never knew

When we were put ashore,
But this I doubt not, she is now

With Christ for evermore.

For it was many a year ago
This happened which I've told;

Then I was young, in youth's bright morn,
And now I too am old.

Psa. cvii. 31, Scottish version.

And many a chance and change I've seen,

And many a sorrow known, Yet trusting to a guiding hand*

And strength, but not my own.

That hand and strength have safe kept me

In Eprrow's darksome night, And they will be around me still

Till I behold the light .

The light that beameth from my home,

Where many mansions be, Which shines in its lull radiance

Beyond life's troubled sex

I thus have told the story, writ

Upon life's youthful page,
And what in after days was my

Experience in age:

Not for the story, nor to boast

Of any deed of mine,
But that you also may be led

To seek a faith divine.

O trust in Jesus! seek His grace,

He never will deny
A suppliant sinner's prayer, but hear

You from His throne on high.

In answer to your cry for help

His Spirit will be given
To lead you to the Saviour's fold,

And guide you safe to heaven.

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Coor Ifate; at, a more &anbm\mt Season.

OH, saddest memory of life,
Felt at the last most keen!
For sinners that were almost saved,
To think what might have been:

To think of prayers they might have prayed

When life was offered them;
To think of hands that might have touched

The Master's garment hem:

To think of glowings of the heart,

While still the lips were dumb;
To think of feet that never moved,

Though Jesus bade them come:

Of blessed hours of power divine,

When Christ was very nigh,
And yet the heart refused to yield,

The lips refused to cry,

Because the soul with fond desire

Still clung to self and sin,
And gave the conscience promise vain,

Some day to enter in.

Some day in earnest, unto God,

For heavenly grace to pray;
To seek the gate of life divine,

And tread the narrow way.

But that day never, never came,

They waited till too late;
Their lips refused to move in death,

The King had shut the gate.

Be wise, the gate is open now,

The Lord of life is near;
His spirit waits to bless your soul,

He waits your cry to hear.

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