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“ World, (says he) why is my Learn:
66 ed Uncle Rutilius itill in Banish-
“ ment ? And why was my Good
“ Friend Drufus Stabd in his own
“ House ? Grand Exceptions against

66 Providence.
(Claudian, one of the graveft of all the Poets, seriously muf-
ters up all the Arguments on Both Sides, that sway'd with bis
Belief, for or against Providence, ready to determine himself
either way, as Rufinus Shoald at last racceed; at whose Profpe-
rity be was so much disturbed, tbat Notbing but bis Punishment
could reconcile the Poet to the Belief of God and Providence.

Sæpe mihi dubiam traxit Sententia Mentem,
Curarent Superi Terras, an nullus ineflet
Rector, & incerto fuerent Mortalia Calu.
Abstulit hunc tandem Rufini Pæña tumultunk,

Absolvitque Deos. Claud, in Rufin. lib. 1.
But for the Rest, One bas lost a Son*, and anotber a Friendt,
er but a Mistress S, and they presently let fly at God and Pro.

* Complexa fui Corpus Miserabile Nati, Atque Deos atque Astra vocat Crudelia Materapud Virgo + Thus Ovid on the Death of bis Friend Tibullus :

Cum rapiant Mala Fata Bonos, (ignoscite fallo,)

Solicitor Nullos effe putare Deos.
ŞAnd again upon the Unfaithfulness of another Friend of bis,
Efe Deos credamne ? Fidem Jurata fefellit.
Once more ;

Men are generally
Favourable to Themselves and their
own Cause : They are apt to think
they have all the Justice in the World
on their Side, and therefore think them-
felves hardly dealt with, if they
have not all the Success on their Side
too; And if Providence does but once


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Cross them, they are presently ready
to Quarrel with it. *

* Pompay great Darling of Fortune; In the long course of a very Aktive Life; be bad been always Successful in All bis Great Designs; and Vi&orious in all his Battles, except only in the Last, at Pharsalia, And then meeting with Cratippus the Philosopher, Plutarch' tells us, He began to Question with him, and Reg pine at Providence. Plut. in Vit, Pomp,

I have instanced amongst the Antients, not for want of In. stances mearer Home, but to save the Credit of our own Times.

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Now when Reflections made on Pro-
vidence are grounded on such Piques
and Passions, such Prejudices and Pri-
vate Interests as These, they ought to
be valued accordingly.

There have indeed been Times, when
God has been pleased, (for great Ends
and Purposes of his Providence,) to
fuffer heavy Persecutions to befál his
Church : Which is a Particular Case,
wherein God is pleased to call several
Persons to glorifie him by their Deaths,
whom he will amply Reward with #
far more exceeding weight of Glory hereaf-
ter, for all their Sufferings here on
Earth. “Martyrdom (says Tertullian,)
“ is not an A&t of Cruelty, but an A&t
66 of God's Favour to us; since for our
“ short Momentany Sufferings, he there. Tere.

by brings us to Everlasting Happiness. Scorp.
But for the General Course of Provi.
dence, the Good Man is by no means





upon harder Terms for This World's Happiness than Other Men ; but on the contrary, (all Things rightly estimated) is in a fairer way for it, and shall be sure not to Miss of it, unless it be for his own Good and Advantage. It may be he never may attain to Riches and Honours and Worldly Greatness, (which Many Men call Happiness, yet perhaps would not be Good for Him,) but he may find more True Happi. nefs in a Moderate Competency, the Portion that God's Providence assigns him, with Quiet Enjoyment and Contentment. Inward Peace and Serenity of Mind, which are Sure Attendants on Good and Honest Practices, are worth More than the World has to Give ; And are what the World cannot Take away; and will therefore make a Man more truly Happy than All the Riches of the Ungodly.

This is the Present Blessedness of the Righteous; That Inward Calm and Peace of Mind, which is their Happiness in This World; but in the World to come, Everlasting Life; Where All Tears shall be wip'd away, and Trouble and Sorrow shall be no more. This abundantly makes amends for All, and Clears up All, to the full Conviction


of All Men, So that a Man shall say, Ve-Pf.lviii,
rily there is a Reward for the Righteous ;
doubtless there is a God that Judgeth the


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To which Blessed State God of his
infinite Mercy bring us All

, through
Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Of the Resurrection of the Body.


The First Sermon on the Resurrection.

JOHN V. 28, 29.
Marvel not at This; for the Hour is com-

ing, in the which All that are in the

Graves shall hear his Voice,
And shall come forth; They that have done

Good to the Resurrection of Life; and
They that have done Evil, unto the Re-
surrection of Damnation.

WAS hard Measure our Savi

our met with, to be continually

Revild and Persecuted by those very Persons whom he came to Save: Who besides bis principal Design, his Charity to Mens Souls, and his Care



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