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" raise thee up from thence to Glory and " Honour and Immortality; I will surely “ bring thee up again from that House

of Bondage, the Bondage of Corruption,

into the glorious Liberty of the Sons of " God. Rom. viii. 21.

And This also is enough to Support and Comfort us under the Loss of Departed Friends and Relations, though they were Dear to us as our own Soul. These are really the Greatest Losses that can befall us here, and usually do most sensibly afflict us. Therefore the Wiseft of the Heathens have left us some Books of Consolation wrote on such Occasions; Who having but Obfcure Notices and Uncertain Expectations of a Future Life, could hardly administer any Solid Grounds of Comfort under such Afflictions. But when God has been pleased to make a clear Discovery, and given us such full assurance of it, that our Friends are not Loft to us when they are taken from us; but that as many as Dye in Christ shall have a joyful meeting again at the Resurrection, why should We, that have This Hope, this Sure and Certain Hope of the Resurrection; Sorrong as thoser Thel.iv. that are without Hope?


3dly, The Beleif of the Resurrection is able to support our Spirits under all the Evils and Sufferings of Human Life. Though the World frown upon us ; though we labour under Wants and Distresses, yet our Troubles can be but Short; The Time of our Deliverance is at hand, the Time that will ease us of all our Sorrows. Though we are crofs'd in our Designs, though we are malign'd or Defam'd; though we are opprest with Want or Wrong ; though Men spitefully misconstrue our good Intentions, and repay us Evil for our Good Will; yet we ought not to be Impatient or Discourag'd at any [ll Return they make us, when we are Sure of our Recompence at the Resurrection of the Just. Then shall our Humility, and Patience, and Constancy, and Trust in God, be surely Rewarded by him. To this very Purpose St. Paul concludes his Noble Defence of the Resurrection, 1 Cor. xv. ch. 58.ver. Therefore, My Beloved Brethren, (says he) beye Stedfaft, Unmoveable, always abounding in the Work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your Labour foall not be in Vain in the Lord. Or what if we are afflicted with Bodily Pains and Infirmities? They can only pull down this Earthly Tebernacle, this House of Clay, which shall be rebuilt at the Refurrection more perfect and Beautiful, never again to be demolisht; never any more to be Attack'd by Sickness or Diseases, Why should we therefore be dismay'd at the Approach of Death, when, if we take care to Dye in the Lord, we are sure that our Death is only a Passage to Eternal Life ? Or why should we not rather lift up our Head with Joy, when our Redemption draweth Nigh? When St. Paul had been preaching to the Thessalonians the Doetrine of the Resurrection as a Doctrine of great Joy to them, he leaves it with them for a constant, and a Strong Confolation in all their Troubles Therefore Comfort one another with these words. I Thess. iv. 18.

4thly and lastly, Since our Final Senrence shall not be Arbitrarily pass'd upon us; Since our Portion shall be allotted us, not by Chance or Accident, but by the Even hand of Justice; a Resurrection of Life to those that have done Good, and to those that bave done Evil a Resurrection of Damnation, what mighty Influence ought This Consideration to have upon our whole Lives? Or in the Words of the Apostle, What manner of Persons sough We to be!


Werę it for another Life like This,
Mortal and Uncertain, made up of In-
terchangeable Viciffitudes of Joys and
Sorrows, that we were here to make
Provision, it were but Prudence to make
Sure of This, whatever became of the
Future. But when it is an Eternity that
is in question, and This is the only
Time we have to secure our Lot for it,
We might be allow'd to be Fearful, but
ought in all reason to be very Careful, ..
what the Event will be. And if we
will be Careful to any purpose, it must
be on this Side the Grave: When once
we have shot, the Gulph, our Care
will then come too late to Save us;
What should Here have been a Care
of Foresight and Provision, can there
be only a Distracting Care, a Care of
Anguish and Vexation of Heart.

Now might we not rationally Con

clude, that this Great Concern, this La. 2. 41. One Thing Needful must be the Constant

Subject of our Thoughts ? the Leading
Principle of all our Lives? What then
muft we think of a great part of Man-
kind, who when the Service of the
Church comes in their way, can repeat
their Creed as roundly as Other Men,
professing they Beleive the Resurrection of
the Body and the Life Everlasting, whilst
in Works they Deny them? Can Men



Beleive these Artisles, and yet suffer Sin to reign in their Mortal Bodies! Can it be imagin’d they do really Beleive, that This very Body must appear at God's Tribunal, which they now make such a Constant drudge in all the Sera vice of Sin ?

St. Paul declares to Felix, Acts xxiv, the Hope he had towards God, that there Jould be a Resurrection of the Dead; and we see in the very next Words, with what Care and Circumspection he thereupon ordered his Life Hereira do I exercise myself to have always a Core science void of Offence, both towards God, and also towards Men.

All our Care and Endeavour, as the State of our Nature now is, will hardly secure us against all Assaults: The Best of Men may at some Unlucky Minutes be so far Unguarded of their Reason and the Divine Affiftance, as to be surpriz’d, perhaps into gross Miscarriages; Which are Sullies and Blemishes in our Lives, that must be washed out by Penitential Tears. But when Men without Check or Controul, perhaps without Thought or Reflection,will fearlessly go on in Habitual Courses of Sin, giving

themselves up to Work all Unclean ness with Greediness, till they suffer their Debauchery to prevent the Grave, and


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