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1. A LITTLE SPELLING Book for young Children. 10th Edition. Price 6d.

2. Easy LESSONS: a Sequel to the above. 6th Edition. Price 6d.

3. A New Series of SCRIPTURE PRINTS, from the OLD TESTAMENT, engraved in a superior style, accompanied by Easy Lessons for young children. Price sewed 3s.

4. A New Series of PRINTS with EASY LESSONS. Containing a general outline of ANTIENT HISTORY. Price 4s.

5. A New Series of PRINTS from the NEW TESTAMENT, with EASY LESSONS. Price 4s.

6. A New Series of PRINTS of ROMAN HISTORY, with EASY LESSONS. Price 4s.

7. A CONCISE HISTORY OF ENGLAND, with many Engravings (belonging to the foregoing Series.) In 2 Vols. Price Bound in red leather, Gs.

8. An Easy Introduction to the KNOWLEDGE OF NATURE, 13th Edition. Price 23.

9. FABULOUS HISTORY, designed to teach the proper Treatment of Animals. 9th Edition. Price 2s. 6d.

10. The SAME WORK, beautifully printed, on fine wove paper, and Embellished with Wood Cuts, by Thurston. In 2 Volumes, sewed, 78,

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11. The CHARITY SCHOOL SPELLING Book. Part I Price 3d.

12 The CHARITY SCHOOL SPELLING Book. Part II. Price 1s.

13. An Abridgment of SCRIPTURE HISTORY, consisting of Lessons irom the Old Testament. 5th Edition. Price 2s. Bound.

14. An Abridgment of the NEW TESTAMENT. 5th Edition.' Prire 2s.

15. A SCRIPTURE CATECHISM, containing an Explanation of the ahove Lessons, in the style of Familiar Conversation, 2 Vols. 5th Edition. Price 7s. Each yolume

may rately. Price 3s. 6d. each.

16. The TEACHER'S ASSISTANT, in Two Vols. 6th Edition. Price 7s. or 3s. 6d. each Volume.

N.B. The five last Articles were designed as an appropriate Plan of Education for the Children of the Poor, and are all in the Catalogue of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. But excepting the Spelling Books they are all very much used for the instruction of Children of the higher ranks.

17 An Attempt to familiarise the CATECHISM OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. With Questions for the use of Teachers. 4th Edilion. Price 3s,

18. An Explanation of the Office of BAPTISM, and of the Order of CONFIRMATION in the Common Prayer-Book. Price 1s.

19. The Same, with QUESTIONS for the Use of Teachers. Price 2s.

20. SACRED HISTORY, selected from the Scriptures, with Annotations and Reflections. 5th Edition in 6 Volumes. Price 11. 10s. in neat plain binding.

This work, which is executed on a peculiar Plan, was conposed with a view of exciting in young minds, an early taste for sacred Subjects; and of furnishing persons of naturer years, whose education has been neglected in respect to religious Instruction, or who have not leisure to read more voluminous Commentaries; with an easy guide to the most essential branch of human knowledge.

21. THE ECONOMY OF CHARITY, Dedicated by permis sion to the Quean. A new and enlarged Edition. In 2 Volumes, Brice 9s, in Boaros.

This Work, which is addressed to Ladies, is adapted to the present State of Chantable istitutions in the Kingdom; with a particular View to the Culuvation of Religious Principles amongsi the lower Orders of People.

22. A HLP to the UNLEARNED in tne Study of the Holy Scriptures, being an attempt to explain the Bible in a fainiliar way, adapted to common apprehension, and according to the opinions of approveni Commentators. 2d Edition, corrected and improved. 8vo. 125.

23. The GUARDIAN OF EDUCATION, a periodical Work. Volumes 1 to 5, comprising 28 Numbers, from the year 1802 to 1806 inclusive. Price 21, 2s. 6d. Any single Number or Volume may be had to complete Sets. This Work was designed to guard young mothers, and others of the Female Sex, engaged in the important business of Educatiop, against the attempts which have been made and are now making, to banish CHRISTIANITY from the NURSERY and the School, in order to introduce PhiloSOPHY (as it is falsely called) in its stead ; to direct the attention of the Parent and Governess to the peculiar circumstances of the present Times, as they are likely to affect the Principles and Manners of the rising generation ; and to assist their endeavours to cultivate Religion in the minds of Children upon the Basis of CHRISTIANITY. This Work, contains a practical System of Christian Education. A Parallel between the Mystery of Godliness and the Mystery of Iniquity from the creation of the World. Memoirs of Modern Philosophers. Extracts from Sermons, and a copious Examination of Modern Systems of Education, Children's Books, and Books for young persons, including several hundred in general circulation.

24. A COMPARATIVE VIEW of the new Plan of Education, promulgated by Mr. Joseph Lancaster, in his Tracts concerning the Instruction of the labouring part of the community, and of the System of Christian Education, founded by our pious Forefathers, for the initiation of young members of the Established Church, in the principles of the Reformed Religion, 8vo. 35. sewed.

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