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DISC. XXI. a 7*0*. 4. 1. The Lord Jesus Christ shall judg the Quick and the Dead, at his Appearing, and his Kingdom, p. 28$ DISC. XXII. Affs 2. 4. And they were allsilPd with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other Tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. 202

DISC. XXIII. JEph. 4. 4. There is one Body and one Spirit, ££?c. 500

DISC. XXIV. ABi 2. 42. They continu'd stedfastly in the Apostles Doctrine and Fellowship, and breaking of Bread, and in Prayers. 309

DISC. XXV. ABs 5. 51. Him hath God exalted to be a Prince and a Saviour, to give Repentance unto Israel, and Forgiveness of Sins. 517

DISC. XXVI. ABs 16. 8. Why should it be thought a thing incredible with you, that God should raise the Dead? 324

DISC. XXVII. Mat. 2 5. 4<>. And these shall go away into everlasting Punishment, but the Righteous into Life Eternal. 332 DISC. XXVIII. Heb. 1.2. By whom also he made the World. 338

DISC. XXIX. Tmus 2. 14. Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all Iniquity, and purify to himself a peculiar People, zealous of good Works. 346

Rom. 15. 16. Be>ng sanctisied by the Holy Ghost. 354

The Ten Commandments.

Mat. 5. 17. Think not that I am come to destroy the Law and the Prophets; I am not come to destroy, but to fulsil.



&Jal. 119. 96. I have seen an end of all Perfection ; but

thy Commandment is exceeding broad. '375


Exed. 20. 1, 2. And God spake all these Words, saying,

I am the Lord thy God, that brought thee out of the

Land of Egypt, out of the House of Bondage. 581

DISC. IV, V. Exod. 20. 3. Thou shalt have no other God* before me.

p. 388, 395 DISC. VI, VII. Exod. 20. 4, 5, 6. Thou shalt not make to thy self any graven Image, nor the Likeness of any thing that is in Heaven above, or in the Earth beneath, or in the Water under the Earth : Thou shalt not bow down to them, nor worship them ; for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the Iniquity of the Fathers upon the Children, to the third and fourth Generation of them that hate me, and shewing Njercy to thousands, in them that love me, and keep my Commandments. 402, 410

DISC. VIII, IX. Exod. 20. 7. Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his Name in vain. 417i 424

DISC. X, XI. Exod. 20. 8, 9,10,1 r. Remember the Sabbath-day to keep it Holy: Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy Work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God; in it thou shalt do no manner of Work, thou, nor thy Son, nor thy Daughter, thy Man-servant, nor thy Maidservant, nor thy Cattle, nor the Stranger that is within thy Gates: for in six Days the Lord made Heaven and Earth, the Sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh Day ; wherefore the Lord blessed the seventh Day, and hallowed it. 43°. 43^

DISC. XII, XIII. Exod. 20. 12. Honour thy Father and thy Mother, that thy Days may be long upon the Land which the Lord thy God eiveth thee. 444> 453

DISC. XIV, XV. Exod. 20. 12. Thou shalt not Kill. 458, 46"5

DISC. XVI, XVII. Exad.zo. 14, Thou shalt not commit Adultery. 472, 479

DISC. XVIII, XIX. Exod. 20. I J. Thou shalt not Steal. 4^5. 49*

DISC. XX, XXI. Exod. 20. 16. Thou shalt not bear salse Witness against thy Neighbour. , 499. 5°*

DISC. XXII, XXIII. Exod. 20. 17. Thou shalt not covet thy Neighbour's House, thou shalt not covet thy Neighbour's Wife, nor his Manservant, servant, nor his Maid-servant, nor his Ox, nor his Ass, nor anything that is thy Neighbour's. p. J12, 5*9


Eecles. tz. 13. Let -us hear the. Conclusion of the whole Matter, Fear God and keep his Commandments, for this is the whole Duty of Man. e 525


Mat. 22. 57,. 38. Jesus said unto him, thou stialt love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, and with all thy Soul, and with'all thy Mind. This is the sirst and great Commandment. 532 DISC. XXVI,

JUat. 22. 39, 40. And the Second is like unto it, Thou /halt love thy Neighbour as thy self: on these two Commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets. 540

The Lord's Prayer.

DISCI. _ ,

Of our Utter Inability of ourselves to dp or fray as we ought, from 2 Cor. 3. 5. Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves, but our Sufficiency is of God. ,. • 553

DISC. II. . ,,.

Of the Necessity and Sufficiency of God's Grace to enable us to the 'Performance of botht from the fame Words. 560 DISC. III.' Of the proper way and Means of obtaining this Grace} from Mat. 7. 7. Ask and it shall be given; Seek and ye shall sind; Knock", and it shall be open'd unto you. 566

DISC. IV. . His the ford's Prayer, the'Preface, 'Preliminaries,and Parts of it, from Luke 11.2. And he said Vftito them, when ye pray, sav our Father which art in,Heaven, SJfc. 573

DIS C. V. Of the first Petition, from Luke it. 2. Hallowed be thy Name. , $80

D 1 S C. VI. . ,, _

Of the second Petition, from Luke u. 2. Thy Kingdom

come. 585


Of the third Petition; form Luke t1. z. Thy Will be done,

as in Heaven, so in Earth. 592. Disc. Vlll.

Of the fourth Petition, from Luke .1 j. 3. Give us day by day "our daily Bjead. p. 508

PIS C IX. Of the fifth Petition, from .Lake I1. 4. And forgive us our Sins, for we also forgive them that are indebted to us. 4o6

p 1 s c. x.

Of the fifth Petition, from Luke 11.4. And lead us not kito Temptation, but deliver us from Evil. tfiz

P I s c. xi.

Of the Conclusion of the Lord's Prayer, from Mat. 6. 13. For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen. 619

p I S C. XII.

Phil. 4. <6. In every thing by Prayer and Supplication, with Thanksgiving, let your Requests be made known unto God. £26"

The Third Part.


f\F the Number of the Sacraments, from 1 John 5. 6. This

^ is he that came by Water and blood, even Jesus Christ;

not by Water only, but by Water and Blood: And it is

the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is

T*uth. *4i

P I S C. II.

Of the Necessity of the Sacrament, and first of Baptism, from

John. 3. 5. Jesus anfwer'd, Verily, Verily, I fay unto thee,

Except a Man be bom again of Water and the Spirit, he

cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. 648


Of the Necessity of the Lord's Suffer, from John 6. 53. Jesus

said untp them, Verily, verily, I say unto you. Except

ye eat the Flesh of the Son of Man, and drink his Blood,

there is no Life in you. 6 54


Of the Nature of a Sacrament, from Mat. z8.19. Go ye

therefore and teach all Nations, cite. 660


Of the Parts of a Sacrament, or the outward Sign ofBattifm,

from the fame words. 666 DISC. VI.

Of the inward Sign er Grace of Baptism, from Rom. 6. 4. Therefore we are bury'd with him by Baptism into Death, that like as Christ was rais'd from the dead by the Glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in Newness of

Life- P. 67 3


Of the Conditions requir'd to Baptism, from Æs 2.38. Then "Peter said unto them, Repent and be baptiz'd every one of you in the Name of Jesus Christ, for the Remisliorrof Sins, Together with Abls%. 37. And %>hilip said, is thou believest with all thy Heart, thou mayst be baptiz'd. 6l9


Of the "Persons to be admitted to Baptism, from Æs 16. 33. And was baptiz'd, he and all his, straightway. <s8<

D 1 S C. IX.

Of the Sureties Engagement in Baptism, from Mark 16.16. He that believeth, and is baptized, shall be saved3 but he that believeth not, shall be damned. 692


Of the End of the Sacrament os the Lord's Supper, from 1 Cor. n. 24. This do in Remembrance of me. do8


Of the outward visible Sign of that Sacrament, from Mat. z6.part of Vers. 26, 27,28 Jesus took Bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to his Disciples, faying, Take eat, this is my Body: And he took the Cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, faying, Drink ye all of it, for this is my Blood. 705


Of the inwardPare or -Thing signify'd, from Zukez2. 19,20. This is my Body which is given for you; This Cup is the New Testament in my Blood, which is shed for you. 71a DISC. XIII.

Of the Benefit of that Holy Sacrament, from 'Phil. 4. 13. I can do all things thro'Christ that strengthened me. 718 DISC. XIV.

Of the Requisites to the worthy receiving it, from 1 Cor. 11. 28. Let a Man examine hmself, and so let him eat of that Bread, and drink of that Cup. 724

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