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upon this Foundation; using their best Endeavours to plant in them the Principles of Religion, and to sow the Seeds of Virtue betimes in their Heart Sy that they may the better grow up to the Service of God and their Country.

Moreover, all faithful Pastors are not only to regard their whole Plod, but more especially, td feed- the Lambs, which Christ, the Great ~Shep-. herdof the Sheep, hath made the greatest Mark of their Love, bVthfo him" ditd thetyif and therefore the Apostle wills them, as td have strong Meats for welhgrowri Christians \ so to provide Milk fat Babes, even the sincere Milk of the Word, that they may grow thereby ^ <«"'•."

Bui aboveall, it should be the Care aiid Wifdom of Superiors\ so to fettle and regulate inferior Schools^ that Children may not be poison'd by bad 'Principles" an Error" inthe first Education, as in she first CohcocJiohi b'eirig-rfery difficult to be cur1d or remov'd after.

In a word, nothing- tetids mbre to the Peace dnd 'Prosperity of if Kingdom, shan't he" well-training up the Members of it j and infilling good Princi* pies betimes into those, upon whom the Welfare and Huppi^fs of ii'rtiust depends

ThYs"ist&ewaytoputastop to the Overflowings' of Ungodliness, and to prevent that "Deluge of Im* piety that else must unavoidably break in upon us.

In short, this may help'to retrieve the Antient Piety and Simplicity of our Forefathers % and tb intend that inthe-tiext Age> which is amiss in this t Which is the hedrty^Desire and Prayer of a

true Well-wisher to hh Church and Cbuhiryi A A THE


The First Part.

7"* HE Introduction, shewing the Nature and'Necessity of
Catechizing in general; together with the Excellence
of the Church Catechism in particular. Page 3


Os the "Benefit and Usefulness of Catechizing, from Trov. 22.

6. Train up a Child in the way that he should go, and

when he is old he will not depart from it. o


In the first Qtiestion and Answer of the Catechism, two things

explain'd; First, the Occasion and Original of the Christian

Name, from Atls n. 3.6. The Disciples were call'd

Christians sirst at Antioch. 15


Of the Obligation of the Christian Name, from 2 'Tim. 2. 19.

Let every one that nameth the Name of Christ depart

from Iniquity. 22


In the second Question and Answer of the Catechism, three

things explain'd; First the 'Parties that give the Christian

Name: where, of the Reason and Use of God-fathers

and God-mothers, from Luke 1. 59. It came to pass on

the eighth day, they came to circumcise the Child, and

called him Zacharias, after the Name of his Father. 28


Of the "Duty of God-fathers and God-mothers, together with

the Qualifications of such as are to he made choice of for

that Office, from the fame Words. % 5


Secondly, of the Time of Giving the Christian Name, which

was at Circumcision under the Old 'Testament, and in our

Baptism tinder the New, from the same Words. 42'


Thirdly, the three great 'Benefits and 'Privileges hestow'd on
God's fart in our Baptism 5 wherein, first, we are made


the Members of Christ, from Eph. 5. 20. We are Members

of his Body. p. 48


Of the second great Privilege of "Baptism, "wherein we are

made the Children of God, from Rom. 8. 14. As many as

are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God.

And Verse the 16th, The Spirit witnesseth with our

Spirit, that we are the Children of God. 55

D I S C. IX.

Of the third great 'Privilege of Baptism, wherein we are

made Heirs, or Inheritors of the Kingdom of Heaven,

from Rom. 8.17. If Children, then Heirs; Heirs of God,

and Joint heirs with Christ. 6%


In the third Question and Answer of the Catechism are ex-

plain d the three great 'Duties or Conditions requir'd and

promts'd on our part, to entitle us to the three foremen-

tion'd Privileges : "The first whereof is, the renouncing the

three great Enemies of Christ and our own Salvation, the

Devil, the World, and the Flefb. Renouncing the 'Power

and Temptations of the Devil, explain''d from Jam. 4. 7.

Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you. 70


Of renouncing the Works of the Devil, from 1 John 3. 8.

For this purpofe was the Son of God manifested, to de-

stroy the Works of the Devil. 77


Of renouncing the second ghostly Enemy, the'Pomps and Va-

nities of this wicked World, from 1 John 2. 15. Love not

the World, nor the Things of the World; if any Man love

the World, the Love of the Father is not in him. 8l


Of renouncing the third ghostly Enemy, viz. all the sinful

Lusts of the Flefb, from 1 Pet. 2. n. Dearly beloved, I

beseech you, as Strangers and Pilgrims, abstain from

fleshly Lusts, which war against the Soul. 5>3


Of the second great Duty and Condition requir'dandpromis'd

in our Baptism, viz. to believe all the Articles of the

Christian Faith, from Mark 1. 15. Repent, and believe

the Gospel. ior


Of the third great Duty and Condition requir'd and engag'd

in our Baptism, viz. to keep God's holy Will and Command-


fl»#fr, amtiealk hi she Jame all the 2)ays of our Lives, from Mat. 19. It. If thou wilt enter into Lite) keep she Commandments. p. 108

D rsc: xvi.

the fourth J^tejBoK and Jnswr tf the Cateibisih, ttifee things explain'd: First, the Jblemh Recognition(of (mining 1H7& Baptismal'fm, made by Children in their riper Tears; together with their 'Promise and Resolution of performing it, in these words,. Yesverily; andby God's help so I will: I will pay thee my Vows. ntf"'

D'l'sc. ivii.

Qf the grateful Acknowledgment made by them,, of the gif eat Mercies and Privileges of Baptism, in these wbrds, I heartily thank our HeavenllTFather, who hath call'd-me, to this- State ofsalvation, from Rom. 7. a'l. I thvatik God, thro' Jesus' Ghrist'our Lord! i23

D r s c xrvin;

Easily, so ail this is added,hearty V fay er Unto God, for Grace to be enabled to persevere and'continue in this State to our Lives end-, from Psal. 5. a; Unto thee will I pray. 131

The Second Part, containing the Apostles Creed the Ten Commandments, and the Lord's Prayer.

The' Apostles Creed.

D I S C. L

©N 2 T'tm.1. Ijj* Hold' fast the Form' of Sound Words, which' thou hast heard of me, in Faith and Love, which is in Christ Jesus. 14$•

DISC. II." Mark. 9. 2a> Cord, I believe, help.m"y' Unbelief.' Mi

D t's" c: III.

Heb. 11. 6. He that cometh unto God, must believe that

heis.^e. 159 DISC, IV.

1 Cor: 8.V. To" us there is one Ged,.the Father: 166

D I S C7 V.

Rev. 1. 8. The Almighty. '175

D I S'VC/ yt:

Gen. 1. 1. In the Beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth'. 180 DISC. Vfl;

Mat. 1. 21. Thou /halt call his Name J ES U S, for he

sttall save his People from their Sins. p. 180"


John I. 41. We have found the Mejjiai ; which is, being

interpreted, The Christ. 19*


John 1.14. We beheld his Glory, the Glory as of the only

begotten of the Father. 199


a 'Tim. 1. 2. And Christ Jesus our LORD. 305


Mat. r. 2o. That which is conceiv'd in her is of the Holy

Ghost. a ix


Luke 2. 6", 7. While they were there, the Days were ac

complifli'd that she should bedeliver'd ; and /he brought

forth her First-born Son, ££?<;. a 19


I 'Pet. 3. 18. For Christ also once suffer'd for Sins, the Just

for the Unjust, that he might bring us unto God. 325

T. .-..-. D l g c XIy

Mark 15.15. So 'Pilate, willing to content the People, releas'd Barrabbas to them ; and deliver'd Jesus, when he had scourged him, to be crucisy'd. 233

DISC. XV. I Cor. 15. 3. Christ died for our Sins, according to the Scriptures. 240

DISC XVI. John 19. 40. Then took they the Body of Jesus and wound it in Linen Clothes, with, the Spices, as the manner of the Jews is to bury. 247

DISC. XVII. AQs 2. 27. Thou wilt not leave my Soul in Hell. 254

DISC. XVIII. 1 Cor. 15. 4. That he rose again the third Day, according to the Scriptures. z6t

DISC. XIX. Ephes. 4. 10. He that descended, is the same also that ascended up far above all Heavens, that he might sill all things.

270 DISC. XX. Mark itf. 19. And fat on the Right Hand of God. 377

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