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quality to entertain one approved by the presbytery for performing family. exercise. And in other families, where the head of the family is unfit, that another, constantly residing in the family, approved by the minister and session, may be employed in that service, wherein the minister and session are to be countable to the presbytery. And if a minister, by divine Provi. dence, be brought to any family, it is requisite that at no time he convene a part of the family for worship, secluding the rest, except in singular cases especially concerning these parties, which (in Christian prudence) need not, or ought not, to be imparted to others.

V. Let no idler, who hath no particular calling, or vagrant person under pretence of a calling, be suffered to perform worship in families, to or for the same; seeing persons tainted with errors, or aiming at division, may be ready (after that manner) to creep into houses, and lead captive silly and unstable souls.

VI. At family-worship, a special care is to be had that each family keep by themselves; neither requiring, inviting, nor admitting persons from divers families, unless it be those who are lodged with them, or at meals, or other. wise with them upon some lawful occasion.

VII. Whatsoever have been the effects and fruits of meetings of persons of divers families in the times of corruption or trouble, (in which cases many things are commendable, which otherwise are not tolerable,) yet, when God hath blessed us with peace and purity of the gospel, such meetings of persons of divers families (except in cases mentioned in these Directions) are to be disapproved, as tending to the hinderance of the religious exercise of each family by itself, to the prejudice of the publick ministry, to the rending of the families of particular congregations, and (in progress of time) of the whole kirk. Besides many offences which may come thereby, to the hardening of the hearts of carnal men, and grief of the godly.

VIII. On the Lord's day, after every one of the family apart, and the whole family together, have sought the Lord (in whose hands the preparation of men's hearts are) to fit them for the publick worship, and to bless to them the publick ordinances, the master of the family ought to take care that all within his charge repair to the publick worship, that he and they may join with the rest of the congregation: and the publick worship being finished, after prayer, he should take an account what they have heard; and thereafter, to spend the rest of the time which they may spare in catechising, and in spiritual conferences upon the word of God: or else (going apart) they ought to apply themselves to reading, meditation, and secret prayer, that they may confirm and increase their communion with God: that so the profit which they found in the publick ordinances may be cherished and promoved, and they more edified unto eternal life.

IX. So many as can conceive prayer, ought to make use of that gift of God; albeit those who are rude and weaker may begin at a set form of prayer, but so as they be not sluggish in stirring up in themselves (according to their daily necessities) the spirit of prayer, which is given to all the chil. dren of God in some measure: to which effect, they ought to be more fervent and frequent in secret prayer to God, for enabling of their hearts to conceive,

ongues to

nes to express, convenient desires to God for their family And, in the mean time, for their greater encouragement, let these materials of prayer be meditated upon, and made use of, as followeth.

“Let them confess to God how unworthy they are to come in his presence, “and how unfit to worship his Majesty; and therefore earnestly ask of God “ the spirit of prayer.

“They are to confess their sins, and the sins of the family; accusing, “ judging, and condemning themselves for them, till they bring their souls " to some measure of true humiliation.

“ They are to pour out their souls to God, in the name of Christ, by the “ Spirit, for forgiveness of sins; for grace to repent, to believe, and to live “soberly, righteously, and godly; and that they may serve God with joy “and delight, walking before him.

“ They are to give thanks to God for his many mercies to his people, and

“ to themselves, and especially for his love in Christ, and for the light of “ the gospel.

“ They are to pray for such particular benefits, spiritual and temporal, as " they stand in need of for the time, (whether it be morning or evening,) as “anent health or sickness, prosperity or adversity.

“ They ought to pray for the kirk of Christ in general, for all the reformed “ kirks, and for this kirk in particular, and for all that suffer for the name of Christ; for all our superiors, the king's majesty, the queen, and their “ children; for the magistrates, ministers, and whole body of the congrega• tion whereof they are members, as well for their neighbours absent in 6 their lawful affairs, as for those that are at home.

“ The prayer may be closed with an earnest desire that God may be glori. “ fied in the coming of the kingdom of his Son, and in doing of his will, and “ with assurance that themselves are accepted, and what they have asked “ according to his will shall be done."

X. These exercises ought to be performed in great sincerity, without delay, laying aside all exercises of worldly business or hinderances, notwithstanding the mockings of atheists and profane men; in respect of the great mercies of God to this land, and of his severe corrections wherewith lately he hath exercised us. And, to this effect, persons of eminency (and all elders of the kirk) not only ought to stir up themselves and families to diligence herein, but also to concur effectually, that in all other families, where they have power and charge, the said exercises be conscionably performed.

XI. Besides the ordinary duties in families, which are above mentioned, extraordinary duties, both of humiliation and thanksgiving, are to be carefully performed in families, when the Lord, by extraordinary occasions, (private or publick,) calleth for them. * XII. Seeing the word of God requireth that we should consider one another, to provoke unto love and good works; therefore, at all times, and specially in this time, wherein profanity abounds, and mockers, walking after their own lusts, think it strange that others run not with them to the same excess of riot; every member of this kirk ought to stir up themselves, and one another, to the duties of mutual edification, by instruction, admonition, rebuke; exhorting one another to manifest the grace of God' in denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, and in living godly, soberly, and righteously in this present world; by comforting the feeble-minded, and praying with or for one another. Which duties respectively are to be performed upon special occasions offered by Divine Providence; as, namely, when under any calamity, cross, or great difficulty, counsel or comfort is sought; or when an offender is to be reclaimed by private admonition, and if that be not effectual, by joining one or two more in the admonition, according to the rule of Christ, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.

XIII. And, because it is not given to every one to speak a word in season to a wearied or distressed conscience, it is expedient, that a person (in that case,) finding no ease, after the use of all ordinary means, private and publick, have their address to their own pastor, or some experienced Christian: but if the person troubled in conscience be of that condition, or of that sex, that discretion, modesty, or fear of scandal, requireth a godly, grave, and secret friend to be present with them in their said address, it is expedient that such a friend be present.

XIV. When persons of divers families are brought together by Divine Providence, being abroad upon their particular vocations, or any necessary occasions; as they would have the Lord their God with them whithersoever they go, they ought to walk with God, and not neglect the duties of prayer and thanksgiving, but take care that the same be performed by such as the company shall judge fittest. And that they likewise take heed that no corrupt communication proceed out of their mouths, but that which is good, to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace to the hearers.

The drift and scope of all these Directions is no other, but that, upon the one part, the power and practice of godliness, amongst all the ministers and members of this kirk, according to their several places and vocations, may be cherished and advanced, and all impiety and mocking of religious exercises suppressed : and, upon the other part, that, under the name and pretext of religious exercises, no such meetings or practices be allowed, as are apt to breed error, scandal, schism, contempt, or misregard of the publick ordi hances and ministers, or neglect of the duties of particular callings, or such other evils as are the works, not of the Spirit, but of the flesh, and are contrary to truth and peace.






Con, signifies the Confession of Faith. The first_number denotes the Chapter, the

following figures denote the Paragraphs. Cat. signifies the Larger Catechism, and the figures denote the numbers of the Questions.


Assurance of grace and salvation attainable ACCEPTANCE. The persons of believers in this life, con. xviii, 1, 2. cat. 80. With1 are accepted as righteous in the sight out extraordinary revelation, con. xviii. of God only for the obedience and satis- 3. cat. 80. · Upon what it is founded, con. faction of Christ, con. xi. 1. cat. 70. Which iii. 8. xviii. 2. cat. 80. It is strengthened is imputed to them by God, and received by good works, con. xvi. 2. Believers may by faith, con. xi. 1. cat. 70, 71, 72. How want it, con. xviii. 3. cat. 80, 172. They their good works are accepted in Christ, may have it diminished and intermitted ; con. xvi. 6. Acceptance in prayer through and be deprived of comfort, and the light Christ and his mediation, cat. 180.

of God's countenance, con. xi. 5. xvii. 3. Access. No access unto the presence of God xviii. 4. cat. 81. But they are never utterly

without the Mediator Jesus Christ, con. destitute of that seed of God, and life of xii. cat. 39, 55, 181. Who hath purchased faith and love, &c. out of which assurance for believers under the gospel a greater may, by the Spirit, be in due time revived, boldness of access to the throne of grace, con. xviii. 4. cat. 81. And by which, in than believers under the law did ordinarily the mean time, they are supported from partake of, con. xx. l.

utter despair, ib. It is the duty of all to Actions. God orders and governs all the endeavour after assurance, con. xviii. 3.

actions of his creatures by his most wise And to pray for it, cat. 194. The fruits of and holy providence, according to his in- it; it inclines not to looseless, con. xviii. 3. fallible foreknowledge and immutable de- Atheism, the denying or not having a God,

cree, con. v. 1. cat. 18. See Providence.. cat. 105. Actual sins proceed from the original cor- Attributes of God, con. ii. 1, 2. cat. 7, 8, 101.

ruption of nature, con. vi. 4. cat. 25. See Sin.

в Admonition of the church, con. xxx. 4. BAPTISM, what, con. xxviii. 1, 2. cat. 165. Adoption, the nature and privileges of it, To continue to the end of the world, con. com. xii. cat. 74.

xxviii. 1. cat. 176, But once to be admiAdultery, a just ground of divorce, con. nistered to any person, con. xxviii. 7. cat. xxiv. 5, 6.

177. By whom, con. xxvii. 4. xxviii. 2. Aggravations of sin, cat. 151.

cat. 176. To whom, con. xxviii. 4. cat. 166. Amen, the meaning of it, cat. 196.

Dipping not necessary in baptism : But it Angels, God's decree concerning them, con. may be rightly administered by sprink

iii. 3, 4. cat. 13. How created, cat. 16. ling, con. xxviii. 3. Baptism not necesGod's providence towards them, cat. 19. sary to salvation, yet it is a sin to neglect They are all employed at his pleasure in it, con. xxviii. 5. The efficacy of it, con. the administrations of his power, mercy, xxviii. 6. How to be improved, cat. 167. and justice, ib. Not to be worshipped, Wherein it agrees with the Lord's supcon. xxi. 2. cat. 105.

per, cat. 176. And wherein they differ, Antichrist, what, con. xxy. 6. The Pope is cat. 177. Antichrist, ib.

Believers. See Faith, Justification, AcceptAntiquity, no pretence for using the devices ance, Adoption, Sanctification, Union,

of men in the worship of God, cat. 109. Communion, Liberty, Works, PerseverAnxiety about the things of this life sinful, ance, Assurance. cat. 105, 136, 142.

Benefits which the members of the invisiThe Apocrypha, not being of divine inspira- ble church enjoy by Christ, cat. 65. The tion, is of no authority in the church, con. benefits of Christ's mediation, cat. 57, 58. i. 3.

The body of Christ, how present in the saImmodest Apparel forbidden, cat. 139.

crament, con. xxix. 7. cat. 170. Ascension of Christ, con. viii. 4. cat. 53. The mystical body of Christ. True believ. Assembly. See Councils.

ers are members of Christ's mystical body, Publick Assemblies for the worship of God con. xxix. i. cat. 168. Which is the whole not to be carelessly or wilfully neglected, number of the elect that have been, are, con, xxi. 6.

or shall be united to Christ as their head,

and justic strations of at his pleas

con. xxv. 1. What that union is, cat. 66. church visible, what, con. xxv. 2. cat. 62 See Communion.

Out of it no ordinary possibility of salva. The Bodies of the elect after death, and at tion, con. xxv. 2. Its privileges, con. xxv.

the resurrection, con. xxxii. 2, 3. cat. 86, 3. cat. 63. Particular churches more or 87. Of the wicked, ib.

less pure, con. xxv. 4. The purest suhLascivious books not to be read, cat. 139. ject to mixture and error, con. xxv. 5.

There shall always be a church on earth O

to worship God according to his will, ib. CALLING. See Effectual Calling. To have Church-censures. See Censures.

a lawful calling, and to be diligent in it, Church-government appointed by the Lord is a duty, cat. 141.

Jesus in the hand of church-officers, disVows of celibacy unlawful, co 2. xxii. 7. tinct from the civil magistrate, con, xxx. cat. 139.

1. cat. 45, 108. But they are not exempted Censures of the church, what, con. xxx. 2, from obedience to the magistrate, con.

4. Their use, con. xxx. 3. Who are to xxiii. 4. They have the power of the keys be proceeded against by the censures of committed to them, con. xxx. 2. What the church, con. xx. 4. xxix. 8. xxx. 2. that power is, and its use, con. xxx. 2, 3, They are to be managed according to the 4. They are not to be opposed in the lawnature of the crime, and the demerit of ful exercise of their powers upon pretence the person, con. xxx. 4. Penitent sinners of Christian liberty, con. xx. 4. See Counare to be absolved from censures, con. cils. There are some circumstances conXXX. 2.

cerning church-government, which are to Censuring. Rash, harsh, and partial cen be ordered by the light of nature and suring sinful, cat. 145.

Christian prudence, according to the geneCeremonial law. See Law.

ral rules of the word, con, i. 6. Charity towards our neighbour, wherein it Circumcision, one of the ordinances by

consists, cat. 135, 141, 144, 147. What con- which the covenant of grace was admi. trary to it, cat. 136, 142, 145, 148. Giving nistered unto the law, con. vii. 5. cat. 34. and lending freely according to our ability, Civil magistrate, or civil powers. See Maand the necessities of others, is a duty, gistrate. con. xxvi. 2. cat. 141.

The Ten Commandments are the sum of the Charms unlawful, cat. 113.

moral law, con. xix, 2. cat. 98. They are Chastity, cat. 138.

a perfect rule of righteousness, con. xix. Children that die in infancy, how saved, 2. Rules for understanding them, cat. 99.

con. x. 3. The children of such as pro The preface explained, cat. 101. The first fess the true religion are members of the Commandment, cat. 103–106. The second, visible church, con. xxv. 2. cat. 62. And cat. 107–110. The third, cat. 111-114. are to be baptized, con. xxviii. 4. cat. 166. The fourth, cat. 115-121. The fifth, cat. Christ, why so called, cat. 42. Is the only 123-133. The sixth, cat. 134-136. The Mediator between God and man, con. viii. seventh, cat. 137–139. The eighth, cat. 1. cat. 36. Who being very God, of one 140-142. The ninth, cat. 143-145. The substance, and equal with the Father, con. tenth, cat. 146–148. The sum of the first viii. 2. cat. 11, 36. In the fulness of time four commandments, which contain our became man, con, viii. 2. cat. 36, 37. The duty to God, cat. 102. The sum of the necessity of his being God and man, cat. other six, which contain our duty to man, 38, 39, 40. He was ordained by God from cat. 122. "No man is able to keep the cometernity to be Mediator, con. viii. 1. He mandments of God perfectly, cat. 149. was sanctified and anointed with the Holy The Communion. See The Lord's Supper. Spirit to execute the office of Mediator, Communion of Saints, wherein it consists, con. viii. 3. cat. 42. To which he was con. xxvi. 1, 2. The enjoyment of it is one called by the Father, con. viii, 3. And of the privileges of the visible church, cat. willingly undertook and discharged it, con. 63. In the Lord's supper communicants iv. 8. By his perfect obedience and sa testify their mutual love and fellowship crifice of himself, he purchased reconcilia each with other, cat. 168. That sacrament tion and eternal life for all the elect, con. being a bond and pledge of believers' viii. 5. cat 38. To whom, in all ages, the communion with Christ, and with each benefits of his mediation are effectually other, as members of his mystical body, applied, con. viii. 6, 8. Christ's offices of con. xxix. 1. The communion of saints prophet, priest, king, cat. 43, 44, 45. See doth not infringe a man's property in his Acceptance, Access, Body of Christ, Church, goods and possessions, con, xxvi. 3. Death of Christ, Exaltation, Expiation, Communion which the elect have with Humiliation, Imputation, Intercession, Christ, con. xxvi. 1. In this life, cat. 69, Judge, Merit, Messiah, Name of Christ, 83. Immediately after death, cat. 86. At Personal Union, Propitiation, Reconci the resurrection and day of judgment, cat. liation, Redemption, Resurrection, Righ. 87, 90. It is a consequence of their union teousness, Sacrifice, Salvation, Satisfac with him, con. xxvi. 1. It doth not make tion, Surety.

them partakers of his Godhead, nor equal Christian liberty. See Liberty.

with him, con. xxvi. 3. It is confirmed in The Church is the object of God's special the Lord's supper, cat. 168.

providence, con. v. 7. cat. 63. Christ the Unchaste company not to be kept, cat, 139, only head of it, con. viii. 1. xxv. 6. The Nor corrupt communications to be used or catholick church invisible, what, con. listened to, ib. xxv. 1. cat. 64. Given to Christ from all Condition. Perfect, personal, and perpetual eternity, con. viii. 1. The benefits which obedience, the condition of the covenant the members of it enjoy by Christ, cat. of works, con. vii. 2. xix. 1. cat. 20. God 65, 66, 69, 82, 83, 86, 90. The catholick requires faith as the condition to interest

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