Proceedings: Selected Papers [of The] Annual Meeting, Volumen50

National Conference on Social Welfare, 1923
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Página 162 - H. Brown, MD, Director, Child Health Demonstration, Mansfield, Ohio Old age should be the principal cause of death. We should be like that famous vehicle which, after a whole century of life, though there were indeed " traces of age in the one-hoss shay, a general flavor of mild decay," there was "nothing local as one may say!
Página 148 - Is a man sad? Give him money, say the Sahibs. Is he dishonored? Give him money, say the Sahibs. Hath he a wrong upon his head? Give him money, say the Sahibs." It is obvious that the Oriental's point is well taken. But it is not so obvious what
Página 67 - it is proper to mention again the absence of venereal diseases among Negroes on their advent to this country. Possibly one of the most unfortunate incidents in connection with the Negro's contact with the whites was the transmission, from the whites, of the curse of venereal diseases to the Negroes. The Young Men's Christian Association and the Young Women's Christian Association have also
Página 524 - in their stead. (In the (informal) discussions of the Conference speakers shall be limited to five minutes each, except by unanimous consent and shall not be allowed to speak twice on any subject until all others have had an opportunity to be heard.]
Página 479 - our attitudes, our way of interpreting facts, our way even of seeing facts. To quote this author: "Except where we deliberately keep prejudice in suspense, we do not study a man and judge him to be bad." .... "We see a bad man.
Página 522 - contributing members. State boards and commissions supporting the Conference through subscription to the Proceeding, the enlistment of memberships or otherwise financially, shall be designated "state members." State, district, and local conferences may become affiliated with the National Conference under such rules as may be established from time to time by the Executive Committee. Officers The officers of the Conference shall be a President, First, Second, and Third
Página 40 - local area of a large city have come together and worked together in one building with no important difficulties; health work in the demonstration area has been very nearly doubled in the space of a year and a half. MULBERRY HEALTH CENTER DEMONSTRATION John C. Gebhart, Director, Department of Social Welfare, New York Association for Improving the Condition
Página 62 - to foster co-operation and intelligent division of work between all public and private charitable and social agencies in the county or city to the end that public resources and charitable donations may be conserved and the needs of the county or city be adequately cared for.
Página 196 - rear of the barn to a small building, which might have afforded a degree of comfortable shelter, but it did not. About two thirds of the interior was filled with wood and peat; the other third was divided into two parts, one about six feet square contained a cylinder stove, in which was no
Página 147 - the value of a commercial contract, the value of use and occupation of land—such things may be measured in money. On the other hand, attempt to reach a definite measure of actual money compensation for a broken limb is at least difficult; and valuation of the feelings, the honor, the dignity of an injured

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