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of the Actions of the Persons, from their Actions. · This Idea of Glory, or Gravity, is taken from the Light in Irradiation, from the Fire of the Sun to the Circumference; fo 'tis used also for one of the Names, the Light, the eftablished Emblem, which emblenjatically represents that Person. And 'tis also used for a supernatural Appearance, a Representation of that Type in Miniature several Times, if not always, with a personal Similitude, with distinguishing Insignia : And 'tis used in the several Parts of Speech for the Actions of that Per fon, and for the Actions of the established Emblem. I am to shew or prove what the established Emblem was, and is;' what the supernatural Reprefentations were ; what was typically predicted or exhibited by them ; who was and is that Person ; what the Actions of the Person were, and are ; what he has done, and does, and what he is to do ; what the established Embleni did and does ; and I am to shew how exactly the supernatural Emblein exhibited the Person, and how the established Emblem represents that Person, and how its Actions suit the Actions of that person. And to thew that the


primary Actions were attributed by the sacred Scriptures, and Believers, by Prediction, and Completion, and what is yet to come, to the Original, that Person. And that the typical Actions were attributed by the Scriptures, and both by believers and Imaginers to the established Type ; and that the Imaginers also attributed to the Type what belonged to the Original; and that what Light was to the Gentiles, Glory was to the People of If rael. And that giving Vision is but one Part of the Action of this Type, that it is the Ruler, the chief Agent in every Action in Matter, and that even giving of Vision, and all the rest, are performed by its Irradiation, and consequently by Expanfion, and thence by Compression.

Marius l. “ 723 its Signification, and that of its Derivatives is, Fatigue, Weariness, a Burden, or what causes Fatigue or Weariness; a Multitude, or the Pain in Child-birth ; as a Verb to gravitate, make heavy, to gravitate in the material Sense of the Word, to fatigue, to labour--Hipbil, to make or cause to be heavy or gravitate; to load, burden, to harden-to be increased or multiplied; heavy, weighty, ponderous, wealthy, rich,great, manifold, numerous, copious, hard. 111. It signifies Glory,

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MagMagnificence, and whatever Words are formed from thence, to become honourable, glorious, famous, noble- to glorify, to honour, Honour, Glory, Majesty.

Chaldee, to be heavy, or weighty, or glorious, in Quantity or Quality ; in Mag. nitude or Multitude ; in Weight or Number; in Riches, Honour or Glory." Cocceius, “72) Excellency; and, absolutely speaking, the greatest in Degree; which is like a Weight, with which one compared to another preponderates or outweighs him:” Castel. « a heavy, increased in Growth, or Weight, or Hardness, in Number, Riches, Honour or Glory wit is opposite to 557 light, abject, easily thrown afide. S. Contempt.” Job vi. 3. It would be heavier than the Sand of the Sea. Prov. viii. 24. When there were no Fountains of Waters raised by Compressure. Ibid. xxvii. 3. A Stone is heavy, and Sand 503 (Castel. Projection or Depression) depresèd; but a Fool's Wrath is heavier than them both. Nah. iii. 3. A Weight of Carcafes. 2 Sam. xiv. 26. It was heavy on him, therefore he polled it. Pfal. xxxviii. 5. an heavy xoen Burden, they are too heavy for me. Ifa. xxxii. 2. The Shadow of a heavy Rock. Exod. xiv. 25. They drove them


heavily. Exod. xix. 16. A heavy Cloud upon the Mount. 723 Glory, Gravity, is put in Opposition to 5p and op Malediētion, Levity, Contempt, materially and spiritually. Fob. xxxix. 34. I am light, what pall I answer thee? Hof. iv. 7. I will change their Glory (or Gravity). into Ignominy, (or Levity). Hab. ii. 16. Thou art filled with Ignominy (or Levity) for Glory (or Gravity)...

Glory does not appear to be a Root, or. have a separate Idea ; but to imply that the Root of Weight is applied to beneficial Purposes, or to valuable A&tions, or Things, so Glory, in the highest Sense, is the Name for that person, who, as Glory or Light, one of the emblematical Names in a lower material and mechanical Sense, manifestly diffuses Beneficence every way, gives that Life, the Power of Vision, Stability, Strength, Motion, proper Tendency, bc. included under the Word Gravity to Man, and what is for his Support and Benefit to other Things in this Syftem. But as each Agent has a Name expreslive of each different Action, so the Name for the Light, as it performs this A&ion, to give Weight, to press, to make hard, so compress : And as the Compresfure near the Earth is always weaker on

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that Side, to over-press, over-weigh, overbalance, and so give Tendency or Motion that Way: As Compression, of which Grávity is the Difference, gives Adhesion to Atoms of Solids,"fo Solidity, Stability; builds up strong; and all the Conditions which fit them for Use or Benefit, too many to enumerate; so the Glory of Bodies, in opposition to Unstability, the Condition of Water, Fluid ; applied in each Sense to Men, Weight, Firmness, Expansion of the Fluids within, fo Strength to the Mind, Resolution, and ultimately to God, Gen. xlix. 4. do al. 10. James i. 8. dixotaçaTQ, inconstant, keep not their Figure, Place, buc. 2 Pet. ii. 14. dsneix765, ibid. iii. 16. ja seis rai için extol, unlearned and unstable.

- As Weight is the idea of material Power, and as Prevalence, to what weighs against it, is the Superiority of that Power; and as overcoming in Power, in performing Actions of Beneficence, is the Glory of the Agent; so, that which, emblematically in that Sense, prevails is the Glory: Hence he, whom that Emblem represents, and who in that Sense fpiritually prevails, is emblematically called the Glory.

The Natural Idea is always to be preferyed; as a Verb, it is to compreis, ana

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