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The imprisonment of Satan, and the first Resurrection and Reign of Christ, &c.

PROM this triumph of " The Blessed Son Of God," the Prophet passes to the destruction of the loorld, the second resurrection, and the last judgment, which seem to be described as if they were to be in a manner contemporary events—events blessed and glorious indeed to those who shall, during- their probationary state in this life, have put their faith and hope in him, and " feared God and given glory to him" in spirit and in truth! but events awful and dreadful beyond all expression to those who have refused to hear his voice^ treated him as an impostor, and denied both "the Father and the Son," and shall have deluded their own souls to believe they cap live " without God in the world." The former he shallset on his right hand, and the others on the tyft. To the former he shall say, " Come, ye Vol. ii. A

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