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APPOINTMENTS,-Mr. CoxuEAD, from Hampstead, to Devizes Town School.
Miss L. BAVEY, of Horham, to Hemsley, Great Yarmouth.
Mr. J. COOMBES, from Southampton, to the Goldsmiths' Company's Grammar School, Stockport.
Mr. W. BLAND, to the Duffield Endowed School, Derby.

From the Whitelands Training Institution.

Name of Mistress. Allen, Susan . Avis, Hannah


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Situation of School. Inf. Sch. Whitelands T. S. Alresford, Lord Ashbur

ton's. Doncaster. Thorn Faulcon, Taunton. Peterborough. Tavistock. 3d Governess, Whitelands. Iver, Uxbridge. Witham. Huntingdon Inf. School. Brafield, Little Houghton. Rochester. Aberdare. Heanor, Belpu. Halifax, St. James's. Harrietsham. Wentworth, Rotherham, Heanor, near Belper, Inf.S. Cheadle. Lee, Kent. Christ Church, Kilndown.

Barrett, Mary Bateman, Jemima Berry, Elizabeth Bettam, Hannah Burr, Annie Burton, Jane. Clarke, Mary Ann Clarke, Annie E. Coldham, Maria Coleman, Emma Davies, Eliza Dawe, Mary Ann Dingley, Harriett Driver, Sarah Fielden, Matilda Glover, Catherine Goostry, Margaret Green, Margaret Harris, Ann

Name of Mistress.

Situation of School, Herbert, Mary Ann. Banbury. Holyoak, Elizabeth. Redditch, near Tardebigge. Jenkinson, Catherine Lincoln. Johns, Emma Moneton, near Ramsgate. Killick, Alice Bristol, St. John's. Kirkup, Harriett

Buckley, Mold. Knowles, Emily. Dunchurch, Rugby. Last, Jane.

Dulwich. Lates, Maria Helmesley, Yorkshire. Nettleton, Ruth Woodhouse, Huddersfield. Parks, Elizabeth West Malling, Kent. Peach, Harriett Eastbourne. Rees, Elizabeth Folkestone. Riley, Harriett Stockton-on-Tees. Skyrone, Jane

Whitelands Nat. School. Scuter, Frances. Wandsworth. Spriggs, Elizabeth

Southampton. Taylor, Esther Carlisle. Thompson, Sarah A. Banbury Infant School. Warde, Sarah. Newbold. Warming, Louisa Huntingdon, St. Mary's. Wells, Emily. Hammersmith.

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From Battersea Training College.

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Name of Master.

Situation of School. *Adams, E.

N.S. Hitchin, Herts. Anscomb, W. N.S. Thurlaston, Hinckley. Ashton, E.

N.S. Ascot Heath, Chertsey. Baldry, w.

N.S. Grasmere. Ball, E.

N.S. Waltham, Melton Mow

bray. Barnard, W.

St. Mary's N.S. Beverley,

Yorks. Baxter, J.

N.S. Wirksworth, Derby. Bell, w.

N.S. Crosby - upon - Eden,

Carlisle. Benford, T.. N.S. Conway, North Wales. Best, J..

N.S. Halton, Holgate, Linc. Bickle, G.

N.S. Middlewich. Brown, A. D. N.S. West Derby, Liverpool. Brown, J.

N.S.Forest Hill, Marlborough Bryant, w.

Assistant Master, Training

College, Battersea. Carey, G. T.

N.S. Gawthorpe, Burnley. Chapman, W. N.S. Folkestone. *Daffen, T.

N.S. Northampton. De Pennington, J. N.S. Rawtenstall, Manches

ter. * Easton, W.. ScudamoreSchools, Hereford Edghill, J.

St.Mark's N.S. Whitechapel. Emerson, T. N.S. Milton, Skipton. Gore, T.,

N.S. Redenhall, Harleston,

Norfolk. Gough, J.

NS. Rockcliff, Carlisle. Hall, G..

N.S. Winchfield, Hants. Hancock, R. N.S. Nettlecombe, Taunton. Holmes, J.

N.S. Little Eaton, Derby. Hudson, w. N.S. Bromley, Kent. James, G.

N.S. Hentland, Ross. Jennings, J. N.S. Kidsgrove, Stoke

upon-Trent. Jennings, A. Union Sch., Cockermouth. Johnson, P. N.S. Bradford.

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Name of Master.

Situation of School Kirkman, L. N.S. Gringley-on-the Hill,

Bawtrey. •Latham, T. N.S. Hampstead. Lee, A.

N.S. Maidstone. Legg, A..

N.S. Esrick, York. Lewis, J.

N.S. St.Giles, Northampton, Little, J. W. N.S. Gt. Waltham, Chelms

ford, * Loader, E.

N.S. Maynard, W. N.S. Loughton, Essex. Marsland, J. N.S. Preston. Moreton, F. Assistant Master, Granville

Trade School, Cobridge,

Hanley, Stafford. Morris, R.

St. Matthew's N.S. Beth

nal Green. Molineux, M. N.S. Hindley, Wigan. Nettleingham, J. N.S. Clay Cross, Derby. Norman, E. N.S. Downe, Bromley, Kent. *Olivant, B.. N.S. Wreay, Carlisle. Pegler, H. T. . N.S.HucknalTorkard, Notts. Price, J..

Trade S. Hockerill, Bishop

Stortford. Proffitt, W. . N.S. Barkestone, Bottesford,

Notts. *Purseglove, T. N.S.Hurstmonceux, Sussex. "Saxton, J. L. Trade School, Mildenhall. Shackleton, J. N.S. Broughton, Banbury. Smith, H.

N.S. East Tytherley, Hants. Stevens, H.

N.S, Hulme, Manchester, Trigg, T.

Blind School, Southwark. Watson, S. T. Eastern C.'s Railway Works'

School, Stratford. West, H..

N.S. Ashford, Staines. Whitwell, w. N.S. Wymeswold, Lough

borough. Wood, W. F. Assistant Master, Colston's

Hospital, Bristol.

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* Those marked with an asterisk have removed from other situations.

From the Carmarthen Training College.
JOHN COLSTON MEREDITH, to St. Thomas's Parochial School, Ferryside.


PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL SOCIETY. Summary of the Historical Books of the Old Testament. 32 pages, 18mo, paper cover, price 1s. 4d. per dozen.

Contents: From the creation of the world to the call of Abram - From the call of Abram to the departure out of Egypt — From the departure out of Egypt to reign of SolomonTable of the kings of Judah and Israel-From the death of Solomon to the captivity of Judah-From the captivity to the close of the Old Testament history - Table of the Prophets-History of Judæa, from the close of the Old Testament to the birth of Christ.

By LONGMAN AND Co. Experimental Chemistry, for the Use of Beginners, by Thomas Tate, F.R.A.S., forming part of Gleig's School Series. 102 pages, 12mo, with illustrations, stiff paper cover, price ls.

Contents : Nature of chemistry - Familiar experimental illustrations of the properties and compounds of some of the most important simple substances-Metals and metallic oxides-Doctrine of equivalents-Experiments conducted on a larger scale, or with a more complete apparatus-Vegetable substances-Composition of soils-Improvement of soils.

Mechanics. The Steam-Engine for the Use of Beginners, by Thomas Tate, forming part of Gleig's School Series. 92 pages, 12mo, with illustrations, stiff paper cover, price 1s. Contents : Laws of matter and motion-Properties of matter --Laws of motion-Labouring forces--Mechanical powersThe steam-engine-Different forms of the steam-engine.

Books, &c. received. A Course of Eight Lessons on the Litany, by W. M‘Donald, Certificated Master of Trinity School, Ripon. S. Hill, Ripon.

What shall I learn first? A plain and easy Method to read well at Sight, by William Cost. Ed. Howell, Liverpool.

The Cry of Education, by William Cost. Ed. Howell, Liverpool.



We cannot undertake to notice anonymous communications, nor to insert letters or information received after the 20th. The name and address of our correspondents should always be sent, though not necessarily for publication.

“Wrawby," we are sorry to decline your interesting account; but were we to insert it, we should be overwhelmed with accounts of similar meetings.

“ W. M.” we think you should consult with the managers of your school. We cannot afford space for the inquiry.

“W. P.," T. Mondey," you will observe that another correspondent has written on the subject of your respective communications. We perceive that a Book having a title somewhat similar to the one you wrote about is advertised in our columns this month, see page 32.

“H. W. B.," the subject of your letter is hardly adapted for public inquiry. Should you not consult with the managers of your school, whose province it would seem to be to protect you from aunoyance in the discharge of your duty ?

J. M.," the National Society does not send teachers to the Colonies except on special application. We do not know of an expected vacancy. You should apply to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 79 Pall Mall; and the Church Missionary Society, Salisbury Square, London.

"W. P.,” we have inserted your letter. Thanks for the essay ; but it is too long for our space, and we think hardly adapted for schools.

“ C. J.” is thanked, but we do not think the publication of his letter will promote the object he has at heart.

"S. M.,” your suggestions shall have our best consideration, though we shall be precluded from devoting any space to the subject before we have inserted the whole of the Examination Papers for the year.

“H. Humphreys," "J. Home." The excellent paper you have sent us is published and sold by Jackson and Walford, St. Paul's Churchyard, and, therefore, we conclude that we are not at liberty to insert it in our pages.

“A. R." It means in accordance with the terms of a Minute passed by the Committee of Council on Education, 23d July, 1852. See Minutes 1852-3. Your letter came to hand long after its date.

“G. M." We conclude that the Committee of Council on Education would announce the fact of failure or success.

“A Westminster Mistress" will observe that we have made the inquiry she wishes. If the country booksellers fail to procure the Society's Books, it would perhaps answer the purpose to have them direct from the Depository at Westminster. A letter to the superintendent would meet with attention. We fear that it would not answer the purpose to hire the instrument you want, unless you could procure one from an adjoining country town.

The Canterbury Board Report is in type, as well as some letters not noticed above. We hope to find room for them in our

Numerou communications have to hand after the 20th, too late to receive attention this month.

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The Meetings of the Committee of the National Society have been attended during the last month by his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Earl of Roinney, the Bishops of London, Oxford, and St. David's; Rev. Lord John Thynne, Rev. Sir H. Thompson, Bart. ; Vice-Chancellor Sir Page Wood, Sir Thomas Phillips, Ven. Archdeacon Sinclair, and Rev. Canon Wordsworth.

The Welsh Education Committee has been attended by Lord Dynevor, Viscount Emlyn, M.P., R. Goring Thomas, jun., Esq., C. A. Wood, Esq., and other members included in the above list.

The late Joshua Watson, Esq. The following is a brief notice of this much-lamented layman, taken from the Guardian :

The Church of England has lost some of its most venerable members within the last few weeks. The learned President of Magdalen, full of years and of honours, has departed from us ; the grave has closed over the head of the munificent Dr. Warnefold; and now we have to mourn the loss

of a third-not unworthy to be commemo. rated with the other two-Joshua Watson, Esq., D.C.L., who died at Clapton, Hackney, on the afternoon of Tuesday, the 30th, in the eighty-fourth year of his age. They who are familiar with the history of the Church of England, both at home and in the colonies, during the last half-century, need not be reminded of his exemplary piety, his unwearied zeal, his wisdom and clearness of judgment, his dutiful reverence to au. thority, his devotion in mind, body, and estate, to the cause of Christ and His Church. He will be remembered as one of the founders and first treasurer of the National Society, and also of the Additional Curates' Fund; as one of the most judicious friends and benefactors of the Clergy Orphan Society; as the founder of a beautiful church at Homerton, as editor of one of the most scriptural and comprehensive manuals of devotion in the English language-Hele's Offices of Devotion. His private acts of kindness and bene. ficence can never be known in this world ; and the quiet and holy influence of his life and conversation cannot be described. His name will descend to posterity with those of Walton, Evelyn, and Robert Nelson, and other pious laymen, who served God faithfully and zealously in their generations ; indeed, we might almost say, that there are few who have ever realised more fully the genius and spirit of the Church of England, or exhibited in a more beautiful light her peculiar graces and excellences, or understood more clearly her doctrine and polity, or promoted more wisely and nobly her honour and welfare than Joshua Watson."

Building Grants. The Treasurer has been authorised to pay the Grants voted to Schools in the following places : Southampton, Trinity Church. Sutton, Surrey.

Jersey, Trinity Church. Cockermouth.

Hucknall Forkard.

Blurton, Staffordshire.
Dane Bridge, Cheshire.
Higham, Kent.

Clerkenwell, St. Mark's.
Frisby, Leicestershire.

Northampton, All Saints.
Folkestone, St. Mary.
Steeple Bumpstead.

Peterfield, Hants.
Llandefailog, Carmarthen. Plymouth, Trinity Church, Driffield, Yorks.



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New Subscriptions. The following Donations and new Annual Subscriptions have been contributed since the last announcement, and are hereby thankfully acknowledged. The List is made up to the 20th February. Secretan, Rev. C. F. Westminster 1 1 0 Ingram, Rev. H. Bussage

1 Barry, E. M. Esq. Paluce Yard, ditto

Lax, Mrs. Wells (increased to)

2 0 0 Metcalf, Rev. W. L. West Camel St. John's, Westminster, small contri

Graves, Rev. J. Frome butions

1 4 Kirton-in-Lindsay Sch., Trustees of a. Ditto, Offertory, St. Mary's, Vincent Sq. i 5 Percy, Mrs. Heber, Market Draylon a. Barnwell, F. L. Esq. Russell Sq. (in

Turnock, Rev. J. Stafford

010 creased to)

2 2 0 Wyatt, Rev. R. E. The Croft, Sheen a. 1 Bennett, Miss, sioane' st. (increased

Vaughan, Rev. C. L. St. Ncot's

1 0 to) 2 2 0 Fryer, Miss, Chatteris

1 1 0 Carthew, Mr. and Mrs. Kensington (in

Walpole Church Association, per Rev. creased to) 3 3 0 P. S. Bagge

3 12 Horrocks, John, Esq. Prince's Gate,

Watson, Miss, Windermere

0 5 0 Hyde Park

1 0 Temple, Rev. R. The Lache, near ChesWalpole, Rev. R. Harewood Streei 1 1 0 ter

1 1

Wilkinson, Rev. T. H. Grosmont. 2 2 Atlee, Mrs. Dorking

0 19 0 Willoughby De Broke, Lady, Kineton a. 1 1 0 Tilley, Mrs. ditto 0 5 0 Wynn, R. L. Esq. Ruthin

0 10 Frederick, Miss, Tooting 02 Neale, Mrs. Woodhouse.

O 10 Forbes, Mrs. Madeira

2 10 0 Barford, Rev. H. .

1 0

Newark. Blencowe, Mrs. Perries Head, Reynold

M'Dowall, Rev. R. S.

0 10 6 stone 10 A Friend

0 10 Milford, Rt. Hon. Lady, Picion Castle,

Newbold, H. Esq.

0 10 Pembrokeshire

1 0 Cartwright, G. Esq. Lyme Regis 0 Maclure, J. W. Esq. Manchester

0 10 6 Harrison, Mrs. James, Bury, Lanc. 1 0 Freeman, H. Esq. Ardwick

a. 0 5 0




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Contributions may be paid to Messrs. DRUMMOND, Bankers, Charing Cross; to MR. HENRY STRETTON, the Society's Receiver, 67 Lincoln's Inn Fields, to whom all Remittances should be made; or they will be received at the National Society's Office, Sanctuary, Westminster, or by any of the Local Treasurers to the Society, or by the Society': Travelling Agents.

Westminster Institution. Candidates for admission into the Female Institution at Lady-day are requested to make early application to the Matron, 15 Smith Square, who will furnish them with all requisite particulars.

Training Schools.

NUMBER OF QUEEN'S SCHOLARS ADMITTED. DEAR SIR-In November last was published in the National Society's Monthly Paper, a very useful list of the vacancies, &c. in each training school in England. I conceive that some good practical results would follow if each principal would inform you how many Queen's Scholars have been admitted into each school since Christmas ; and if you would publish that list in the same manner as you kindly did in the other case, I imagine that the result would show that the Pupil-teachers do not flock to the training schools in sufficient numbers to fill the vacant benches in them. From the November list it appeared that in the male schools there were upwards of 330 vacancies, and the Queen's Scholar List, issued by Government, contains only about 170 names; which seems to imply that the training schools could have accommodated about 160 more Queen's Scholars if they could have got them.

It seems to me that there must be something wrong in the system that provides so few candidates from the 500 or 600 schools under Government Inspection. We had fifteen vacancies, and secured only six Queen's Scholars. With many apologies for encroaching upon you.-I am, &c.

F. G. CROMWELL. To Rev. J.-G. Lonsdale, Secretary, &c.

(We shall be happy to give the required particulars if we are favoured with the informat on from the several Training Institutions.-ED. M.P.)

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Canterbury Diocesan Board. The following is the Report of this Board :

Fifteen years have now elapsed since the Canterbury Diocesan Board of Education commenced their labours. In those fifteen years the Board have, from the funds placed at their disposal, distributed 14,8501. Or this sum 75701. has been paid in grants in aid of building or improving schoolrooms and teachers' houses in 101 parishes, leading to an additional expenditure within the diocese for this object only, of not less than 63,5641. 48. 9d. School-accommodation has thus been provided for 16,000 children. The Board have expended 18681. in providing for the maintenance of an improved system of education in model schools, and in various ways promoting the efficiency of schools in the Diocese as, for instance, by grants in aid of school funds, by the payment of monitors, &c. The Board have spent 26001. in training schoolmasters and schoolmistresses, and since October 1850 they have expended 3811. 88. 10d. in payment of the expenses incurred in the inspection of schools under the direction of his Grace the Archbishop. Grants amounting to 6641. 38. 10d. have been voted by the Board during the past year. (A list is given showing the grants for building, enlarging, maintenance, &c.) Notices of applications for grants to the amount of 4601., for the purpose of building, enlarging, and fitting up schools, now stand on the minute-book.

The Board, having received certificates of the completion of the school-buildings of the following parishes, have authorised the treasurers to pay the respective grants, amounting to 4801., viz. at St. George's, Canterbury; Edenbridge; Trinity, Margate (add.); Bapchild; St. James', Croydon; Harbledown; Trotterscliffe ; Ide Hill; Ightham ; Wateringbury.

Inspection. During the past year the Rev. B. F. Smith, the Diocesan Inspector, has visited 150 schools in the deaneries of Dartford, Shoreham, and North and South Malling. He states that a great and most encouraging improvement has taken place in a considerable number of the schools lately revisited by him after the interval of three years. Amongst the schools lately visited, fourteen have been established since the year 1851. Twenty-one schoolrooms have been newly built, and eleven enlarged for schools previously existing. Almost universally the inspector has found the schools better provided with books, fittings, and educational materials. A general staten:ent of the results of the inspection of the whole diocese has been presented by him to his Grace the Archbishop.

The following gentlemen were appointed by the Archbishop Ruridecanal Inspectors:
The Rev. R. Billing,

The Rev. C. Beardsworth,
E. Hammond,
} Bridge Deanery.

C. Hilton,

} Ospringe.
G. H. Curteis, Canterbury.

T. Polehampton, Sandwich.
A. Oxenden, 1 East Charing

J. M. Holland, Sittingbourne,
C. G. Barlow, S & Lympne.

E. K. Burney, with T.
S. Robins, Dover.

Harrison, and subsequently the Sutton.
C. Chapman, Elham.

Rev. D. D. Stewart, J. C. Burton, Lympne. The Board learnt with sympathy and regret the sudden removal from this world of the Rev. R Billing, one of the inspectors. They are informed that he had made arrangements for proceeding with the inspection of schools in his district, when his course of usefulness was thus closed.

In a communication addressed to the Board in August last, the Archbishop has stated that the Ruridecanal Inspectors' reports received by him “are all, in a great measure, satisfactory."

One inspector had reported to his Grace a decided improvement since the inspection of 1851, and mentioned an experiment recently commenced of an industrial school, with the view of retaining the children to a later age than usual. They are exercised by the master in garden-work at a regular rate of payment. The advantage of dismissing an incompetent master has been strikingly exemplified in a school in the same deanery, where the change has resulted in an attendance of sixty instead of eighteen scholars:

Another inspector represents himself as much struck with the great improvement in the class of teachers, especially the schoolmistresses. He is favourably impressed with the religious instruction of the children, while the standard of secular instruction still needs to be raised. Elsewhere, the neglect of private prayers on the part of the children, and the consequent desirableness of attention to this point in the management ofschools, have been subjects of remark in the Inspectors' reports to the Archbishop.

His Grace concludes his communication to the Diocesan Board thus: “I have every reason to believe that the system is working well and proving useful. All the inspectors speak in warm terms of the kindness and attention which they have received from the clergy of the several parishes which they have visited, and I trust that the Board will concur with me in a sense of the obligation which these gentlemen have conferred upon the diocese by the efficient discharge of their ofñce as inspectors." In this acknowledgment of their valuable services the Board fully concur.

Training.-The Board have expended 661. 10s. 6d. for training purposes. Four schoolmasters and six schoolmistresses have completed their training at the several institutions of the National Society; and the Board have continued to receive with pleasure highly satisfactory accounts of the good conduct of those who have been assisted by their grants. Two schoolmistresses who have received their instruction in the Model Schools at Maidstone, and one at Canterbury, have been appointed to the charge of schools. There are at present five exhibitioners of the Board at Whitelands, one at St. Mark's, two at Battersea, and one at the Rochester Training Institution. One young woman is also receiving instructions as a schoolmistress at Maidstone.

Commercial Schools.-In pursuance of the proposed arrangement reported at the annual meeting of the Society, holden 4th October, 1853, Mr. E. G. Sadler has been appointed Master of the Canterbury Commercial School, which is to be carried on under his control and at his responsibility, but to be subject to inspection and examination under the direction of the Diocesan Board. Since his appointment the number of pupils has increased from 32 to 41.

The Board have paid 301. towards the Ramsgate Commercial School, admitted last year into union with the Board. The number of pupils is 35, and the school appears to be proceeding satisfactorily. The number of scholars at the Tunbridge Wells Classical and Commercial School, conducted by the Rev. W. Earle, M.A., has increased from 95 to 109, of whom 72 are boarders. The school was examined at Midsummer by the Rev. M. Wilkinson, late Head Master of Marlborough School, whose report is highly favourable.

The Board continue impressed with a sense both of the difficulty and of the importance of providing in commercial schools an education based upon Christian truth, and conducted in a religious spirit,

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