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The plan of a Theological Seminary adopted by the Gene

ral Assembly of the Presbyteriun Church in the United States of America, in their sessions of May last, A. D. 1811; together with the measures taken by them to carry the plan into effect,

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of the Library,

Section 1. To obtain, ultimately, a complete theological Library, shall be considered as a leading object of the Institution."

Sect. 2. It shall be the duty of the directors to present to the General Assembly, a catalogue of the most necessary books for the commencement of a library, and recommend the purchase of such a number as the state of the funds will permit. .

Sect. 3. It shall be the duty of the professors to procure and keep a large folio, to be denominated, The Prospectus of a Catalogue of a Theological Library. In this folio, divided into proper heads, each professor shall, at his pleasure, enter, in its proper place, the title of such books as he shall deliberately judge to be proper for the library. The board of directors, or the members of it individually, may do the same. From this folio, it shall be the duty of the directors, to select such books as they think most necessary, and as the sum appropriated for the current year will purchase, and recommend their purchase to the Assembly. The Assembly shall, annually, decide by vote, what sum of money, for the current year, shall be laid out in the purchase of books.

Sect. 4. A suitable room or apartment shall be assigned for the library. The shelves for the books, shall be divided into compartments or alcoves; and if any one of them be filled, or nearly so, by a donor, his name shall be conspicuously placed over it.

Sect. 5. A librarian shall be appointed by the Assembly,

Sect. 6. No book shall be permitted, on any occasion, to be carried from the Seminary.

* This Article is laid over for the consideration of the next Assembly,

Sect. 7. A book of donations shall be carefully kept by the librarian, in which shall be entered by him, the books given to the library, the time when, and the name of the donor.

Sect. 8. Regulations for the use of the library, not inconsistent with the provisions of this article, shall be detail. ed in a system of by-laws for that purpose; to be draughted by the first librarian, and occasionally modified and added to, as circumstances shall require, by his successors; which regulations, after being ratified by the board of directors, shall be authoritative.


Of the Funds. Section 1.' The funds of the Institution shall be kept at all times entirely distinct and separate from all other monies or funds whatsoever; and they shall be deposited in the hands of such corporation, or disposed of for safe keeping and improvement, in such other manner, as the General Assembly shall direct.

Sect. 2. The board of directors shall, from time to time, as they may see proper, lay before the Assembly plans for the improvement of the funds, and propositions for the appropriation of such sums as they may think necessary for particular purposes.

Sect. 3. No money shall, at any time, be drawn from the funds, but by an appropriation and order of the Assembly for the purpose.

Sect. 4. A fair statement shall annually be laid before the Assembly, by the proper officer, of the amount of the funds belonging to the Seminary, of the items which constitute that amount, and of the expenditures in detail for the preceding year.

Sect. 5. The intention and directions of testators or donors, in regard to monies or other property left or given to the Seminary, shall, at all times, be sacredly regarded. And if any individual, or any number of individuals, not greater than three, shall, by will, or during his or their lives, found or endow a professorship or professorships, a scholarship or scholarships, or a fund or funds, destined to special purposes, said professorships, scholarships, or funds, shall for ever afterwards be called and known by the name or names of those who founded or endowed them.

Sect. 6. After supporting the professors, and defraying the other necessary charges of the Seminary, the funds shall be applied, as far as circumstances will admit, to defray or

diminish the expenses of those students who may need pea cuniary aid, as well as to lessen generally, the expense of a residence at the Seminary.


Of the Theological Academy. Section 1. There shall be established, at the place of the Theological Seminary, and in connexion with it, an Institution, to be denominated, A Theological Academy. The board of directors shall have the same superintendance of this, as of the Theological Seminary, and the professors shall be chosen by the General Assembly.

Sect. 2. In this Academy, there shall be two professors; one of languages, and the other of mathematics and natural philosophy. It is not indispensable that these professors should be ministers of the Gospel; but they must be members of the Presbyterian Church, of exemplary piety, and they shall make the same subscription at the time of their inauguration, as the professors of the Seminary. The professors of the Academy shall be members of the faculty

Sect. 3. The studies and exercises of the Academy shall be calculated to prepare youth for the Theological Seminary, - • from the beginning to the end of their Academical course ; and the whole system of instruction shall be so devised and pursued, as shall appear most conducive and effectual to prepare and qualify the youth to enter on theological studies with the greatest advantage. The board of directors, (taking to their aid the professors of the Academy,) shall delineate and detail such a system, which shall be reduced to writing, and shall be strictly adhered to by the teachers of the Academy.

Sect. 4. The professors of the Academy shall be allow ed tutors or assistants, to aid them in their labours, when it shall be judged necessary by the board of directors.

Sect. 5. The tutors or assistants shall be appointed by the General Assembly, and shall be clothed with the same power in teaching and governing as the professors, but shall not be members of the faculty. They must be members in full communion with the Presbyterian Church, and must subscribe the same formula as the professors, changing only the term professor for tutor.

Sect. 6. The Hebrew language shall always form a part of the studies of the youth in the Academy, and this shali be taught by the professor of Oriental Literature and Biblia , * This article is likewise referred to the consideration of the noget Assembly.

cal Criticism in the Seminary. In like manner, the profes. sor of Divinity shall teach the subjects of logic, metaphy, sics, and moral philosophy in the Academy. And the pro. fessor of ecclesiastical history shall teach rhetoric and belles lettres in the Academy.

Sect. 7. Two thirds of the pupils of this Academy must consist of those who have made a public and credible profession of religion, by joining in communion with the Church, and maintaining a good standing with the same : and who shall explicitly avow it to be their object to devote themselves to the work of the Gospel Ministry. The six first months in the Academy, as in the Seminary, shall be considered as probationary.

Sect. 8. Though the Academy is intended for the education of youth for the Gospel Ministry, and all its instrucó tions must undeviatingly be directed to that object; yet there may be admitted into it, to the amount of one third of its numbers, youth of irreproachable moral character and good deportment, who do not publicly profess religion, nor avow it as their intention to study theology, but who only seek improvement in languages, arts, and sciences.

Sect. 9. All who are admitted into the Academy, must attend the morning and evening prayers of the Seminary, public worship on the Sabbath, and such other religious instruction and exercises as the professors and directors shall think conducive to their benefit.

Sect. 10. The professors of the Academy shall detail a system of rules and regulations for its benefit, relative to study, morals, and order, not inconsistent with this plan ; which they shall present to the board of directors as soon as practicable, and which being sanctioned by the board, shall be obligatory on all the pupils.

Sect. 11. All who are admitted into the Academy, must subscribe the following formula, viz. “ I do solemnly promise and engage, that while I remain a member of this Aca. demy, I will diligently and conscientiously pursue the stu• dies here prescribed, and promptly and cheerfully obey the laws and officers of the Institution, and will avoid all irreli. gious and immoral practices, books, and companions.".

THE committee appointed to confer with the committee of the Trustees of New-Jersey College, reported, among other things, That they deem it expedient, on the part of this Assembly, to appoint a committee with ample powers, to meet a committee on the part of the Trustees of the Col. lege of New Jersey, invested with similar powers; to frame the plan of a constitution for the Theological Seminary, .

containing the fundamental principles of a union with the Trustees of that College, and the Seminary already established by them, which shall never be changed or altered without the mutual consent of both parties; provided, that it should be deemed proper to locate the Assembly's Semi. nary at the same place with that of the College.

Resolved, that a committee for these purposes be appointed accordingly; and that said committee be further instructed, and invested with powers to receive any propositions which may be made to them for locating the said Seminary in any other situation, if it be found expedient : all which shall be fairly and fully reported to the next assembly. This report was adopted, and a resolution passed to elect said committee in the afternoon. · The subject of locating the Theological Seminary being discussed, it was determined by a vote of the Assembly, that the rivers Raritan and Potowmac be the limits within which the Seminary shall be located.

Agreeably to the resolution of the forenoon, an election was held for a committee to meet with a committee of the Trustees of New Jersey College ; and, the ballot being taken, Drs. Alexander, Wilson, and Milledoler, the Rev. Messrs. John McDowell and Janeway, and Messrs. Robert Ralston and Divie Bethune, were declared duly elected to compose said committee of the Assembly.

Resolved, that Dr. Alexander be the Chairman of this committee; that he have power to appoint the time and place of the first meeting of the committee, and that he give notice accordingly to the members.

Resolved, that the committee appointed to confer with a committee of the Trustees of the College of New Jersey be, and they hereby are, instructed to consider the several articles of the plan of a Theological Seminary, so far as the same are adopted by this Assembly, as their guide in the proposed conference, which they shall in no case be permitted to contravene.

The committee appointed to consider the propriety of appointing agents, and to take measures to make the monies collected for the Theological Seminary productive, brought in the following resolutions, which were adopted, viz.

1. That measures for obtaining contributions for the funds of the Theological Seminary, be vigorously prosecuted du. ring the ensuing year, through the whole bounds of the Ge. neral Assembly,

2. That the agents for soliciting contributions, who were appointed by the last Assembly, and who have not declined

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