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Fitchburg, Rollstone Cong. ch. I9 Shirley Village, Cong. ch. and so. II Norfolk county. Brainfree, 1st Cong. ch., 16.03; H. A. Johnson, 12, 28 Brookline, R. W. Shapleigh, Memo. und. 1,840 East Weymouth, Cong. ch. and so., to const. Rev. Daniel Evans, - *** - 5o Milton, Cong. ch. and so. 4 I North Weymouth, Pilgrim Cong. ch. 14 Norwood, Rev. A. L. Loder, for native preacher, Madura, Io Randolph, “New Year's Greeting,” 50 South Brain tree, Cong. ch. and so. 15 South Weymouth, 2d Cong. ch. 18 Walpole, Cong. ch. and so. 3o Wellesley Hills, Cong. ch. and so. 103

Old Colony Auxiliary.
New Bedford, Trin. Cong. ch.

Plymouth county.
Abington, 1st Cong. ch., E. G. Morris, 15

Campello. South Cong. ch. 3o Duxbury, Pilgrim Cong. ch. 5 Hanson, Cong. ch. and so. 5 Hingham, Cong. ch. and so. 2 Marion, n Io Rockland, Cong. ch. and so., 30; A friend, 5, 35

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Gardner, 1st Cong. ch. 50

Templeton, Trin. Cong. ch. 22 Worcester co. Central Asso'n. E. H.

Sanford, Tr.

Clinton, 1st Cong. ch. 63

Leicester, 1st Cong. ch. 85

Princeton, Cong. ch. and so. Io.2

Worcester, Salem-st. Cong. ch.,

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Legacies. -- Boston, Justin S. Am-
brose, by C. C. Coffin and A. S.
Lovett, Ex'rs, add'I, 4,000
Poston, Mrs. Betsey R. Lang, by
L. S. Ward, Trustee,
East Charlemont, Mrs. A. P. Leav-

itt, by C. H. Leavitt, Ex'r, in
art. 2,000
itman, Caroline H. Whitman,
by Wm.

R. Vining, Ex'r (previously received ...; 1,500


Kingston, Cong. ch. and so. 37
Little Compton, United Cong. ch. 17
Newport, United Cong. ch. I42
Pawtucket, Cong. ch. and so. 29
Providence, Plymouth Cong. ch.,
ros. 81 : Union ch., Io; Miss Eliza-
beth Carlile, 9; A friend, for Africa,
5, 129

13,031 77

oo--7,575 co

20,606 77

52 28 ol.

81–356 ot


Fairfield county.
Bethel, Cong. ch. and so.
Bridgeport, Theo. H. Quittmeyer,
Brookfield Centre, Cong. ch. and so.
Danbury, 1st Cong. ch., to const.
137.45; 2d Cong. ch., 8.79,
Long Ridge, Cong. ch. and so.
Newtown, Cong. ch. and so.
North Greenwich, Round Hill
Cong. ch.
Norwalk, 1st Cong. ch.
Stamford, 1st Cong. ch.
Wilton, Cong. ch., of which 21 add's
toward support of Rev. Willis P.
Hartford county. W. W. Jacobs, Tr.
Farmington, Cong. ch. and so.
Glastonbury, Frederick Welles,
Hartford, 1st Cong. ch., of which
35.25 from the Hawes Fund,
oz.33: 4th Cong. ch., to const.
§. HARM on G. Howe, H. M.,
122.20; Asylum Hill Cong. ch., of
which 25 from L. T. Frisbie,
Kensington, Cong. ch. and so.,
19.95; William Upson, Io,
Newington, Agnes W. Belden,
Rock Hill, Cong. ch. and so.
South Windsor, 1st Cong. ch., 47.7o;
2d Cong. ch., 23. 14,
West Hartford, §. E. W. Morris,
Windsor Locks, Lend-a-Hand,
Litchfield co. G. M. Woodruff, Tr.
Cornwall, 1st Cong. ch.
Morris, Cong. ch. and so.
New Milford, James Hine, Io; L.
M. T., in memory of J. S. Turrill,

Norfolk Cong. ch. and so., 1oo: A
friend, 20,
Plymouth, 1st Cong. ch.,
reorge Langdon, 8.64,
Salisbury, Cong. ch. and so.
Terryville, Cong. ch. and so.
Thomaston, Cong. ch. and so.
Middlesex co. E. C. Hungerford, Tr.
Cromwell, Cong. ch. and so.
Killingworth, Cong. ch. and so.
Middletown, Cong. ch. and so.
Old Saybrook, Cong. ch. and so.
Saybrook, Mrs. Lucy B. Ward,
ew Haven county.
Ansonia, Cong. ch. and Sab. sch.
#...'. E. M. Brewster,
Fairhaven, 2d Cong. ch., to const.
C. A. BRAY, H. M.
New Haven, College-st. Cong. ch.,
164.98: 1st Cong. ch., m. c., 4.23;
A friend in Dwight-pl. Cong. ch.,
16; Students in Yale Divinity
School, 52.5o,
North Haven, Cong. ch. and so.
Orange, Cong. ch. and so.
Oxford, Cong. ch., A. I. H.
Tracy, Elias Sanford,
West Haven, Cong. ch. and so.
Wolcott, Cong. ch. and so.
New London co., L. A. Hyde and
H. C. Learned, Tr's.
The amounts acknowledged in De-
cember Herald from Groton
(19.34) and from New London
(72) should be reversed.
East Lyme, Cong. ch. and so.
ewett City, 2d Cong. ch.
dyard, Cong. ch. and so.
Montville, 1st Cong. ch.
Mystic, Cong. ch. and so.
ew London, 1st ch. of Christ, ot
which 28.5o for the extra Iod,ooo
fund and 1.30 for China, to const.
CHARLEs M. H.Atch Ell, H. M.,
146.18; do... m. c., 14.69: Teacher
and Chinese scholar, for Hong
Kong, 4: 1st Cong. ch., A friend,
5o; Rev. Henry Upson, 5,

1 12;



71 CO



9 oo–554 51

219 87

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MISSOURI. Bevier, Welsh Cong. ch. 6 La Grange, German Cong. ch. I Lebanon, Cong. ch. 28 Meadville, Cong. ch. 9 Springfield, 1st Cong. ch., to const. William M. SMITH, H. M. 127 St. Louis, 1st Cong. ch., 132.42: Aubert-pl. Cong. ch., 18.58; Pilgrim Cong, ch., 129.44, 28o OHIO. Andover, Cong. ch. ro Atwater, Cong. ch. 25 Bradner, Mrs. L. F. Mahony, lo Brookfield, English Cong. ch. and Sab. sch. 8 Chagrin Falls, First Cong. ch. 19 Cincinnati, Columbia Cong. ch. 34 Cleveland, East Madison-ave. Cong. ch., 6.68; Jennings-ave. Cong. ch., 50; Plymouth ch., 12, 6S Delaware, William Bevan, 5 Kent, George O. Rice, Io North Amherst, Cong. ch. 13 North Monroeville, Cong. ch. and Sab. sch. 4. Oberlin, 1st Cong. ch., 71.62; do., Mrs. Finney, 29; 2d Cong. ch., 88.11, 179 Painesville, 1st Cong. ch. 5o Salem, Rev. David A. Allen, 25 Springfield, Lagonda-ave. Cong. ch. 14 Thomaston, Cong. ch. 5 Unionville, Rev. J. C. Burnell, 5 York, Cong. ch., add’l, 4. ILLINOIS. Albion, 1st Cong. ch. 6 Annawan, 1st Cong. ch. 2.

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- Foc, 2 Topeka, Central Cong. ch. i i Udall, Cong. i. 8 NEBRASKA. Ainsworth. A friend, Bloomfield, Cong. ch. Chadron, Cong. ch., 15; Chas. E. 1Ce, 5, 2O Friend, German Cong. ch. 2 Moline, Cong. ch. I Wymore, Cong. ch. 9 CALIFORNIA. Oakland, 1st Cong. ch., 167.20; Class of '93, Pacific Theol. Sem., by Harry Perks, for theol. student, Tung-cho, care of Rev. D. Z. Sheffield, 12.60, 179 Redlands, Lugonia Terrace ch. 8o San Diego, S. P. Jones, 25 San Francisco, Olivet Cong. ch. 23 South Riverside, Cong. ch. 16 Woodbridge, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. lo

Skey, 5; Mrs. Margaret Skey, 5,

OREGON. East Portland, 1st Cong. ch. I Portland, 1st Cong. ch., to const. C. L. FAY, H. M. IQQ COLORADO. Coal Creek, Cong. ch. 5 Greeley, Cong. ch. 46 WASHINGTON. Almira, C&ng. ch. SOUTH FDAKOTA. Armour, Cong. ch. to Aurora, Cong. ch. 5


Helena, 1st Cong. ch.

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Austria, Prague, Prague and Wemberg churches, for Rev. Mr. Kingman's work in China, 75.35: Stupitz ch.,

4.52, . 79 Nova Scotia, Auburn, B. Musgrave, 2 Syria, Beirut, Rev. Dean A. Walker, 20 Turkey, Constantinople, Kouzoujouk

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Bowen, Cong. ch. 7 oo
Canton, 1st Cong. ch. 25 of
Chicago, Sedgewick-st. chapel Y. P.
S. C. E., for outfit and passage of
Rev. and Mrs. E. A. Bell, 25; Mem-
bers of South Park Cong. ch., for do.,
83: Lincoln Park Cong. ch., roo:
Kenwood Evang, ch., 472.43: Union
Park Cong. ch., 520.35; Clarence S.
Pellet, 25; Friends, 4oo, 1,622 78
Delavan, R. Hoghton, 20 Go
Earlville, J. A. D. 25 od
Evanston, Cong. ch. 16 6o
Galesburg, 1st Cong. ch. 87 co
Hamilton, Margaret Fairbairn, 4 co
Harvey, Cong. ch. 12 5o
Hyde Park, Mrs. Martha L. Curtis,
to const. Rev. Edward L. CURTIs,
- - - - - Ioo oo
Naperville, 1st Cong. ch. 2 OO
Seward, 1st Cong. ch., 20; 2d Cong.
ch. , 4o, Oo
Somonauk, Cong. ch. 27 75
Streator, Mrs. Edward Atkinson, IQ Oo
Sycamore, Henry Wood, in memory -
of Albert C. Wood, 50 Co
Western Springs, Cong. ch. IO CO.
Wheaton, 1st Cong. ch., 8: do., Mrs.
W. K. Guild, 5; Prof. and Mrs.
Straw, for support of catechist,
adura, 35: Students' Volunteer
and of Wheaton College, 6.25, 54 25
Woodburn, Cong. ch. (of which 5o
from A. L. Sturges), to const. Rev.
CHARLEs SLATER. H. M. 52 50--2,264 97
Legacies. – Galva, J. F. Hyde, by
B. S. Eldridge, Ex'r, 947 42
3,212 39
Addison, Cong. ch. 8 65
Hancock, Cong. ch. 125 jo

Stockbridge. Mrs. R. W. Reynolds,

——, .N. ;


Beloit, 2d Cong, ch.
Black Earth, Rev. Wm. Stoddard,
Clear Lake, Swedish Cong. ch.
Clinton, Cong. ch.
Clintonville, Cong. ch.
Fifield, Cong. ch. .
Harnino:d, Cong. ch.
Koshkonong, Cong. ch.
Lake Geneva, 1st Cong. ch.
Menasha, 1st Cong. ch.
Menomonie, 1st Cong. ch.
Mukwonago, Cong. ch.
Ripon. 1st Cong. ch.
Sun Prairie, Cong. ch.
Whitewater, Cong. ch.


Blairstown, Mrs. J. H. French,
Burlington, Cong. ch.
Cedar Rapids, C. F. Kent,
Chester Centre. Cong. ch.
Les Moines. North Park Cong. ch.
I inlap, Cong. ch.
Farmington, M. H. Cooley,
Ft. Atkinson, German Cong. ch.
Glenwood, Cong. ch.
Grinnell, Cong. ch.
Iowa City, Cong. ch., add’l,
Lakeside, Cong. ch.
Mitchell, Cong. ch.
New Hampton, Cong. ch.
Orient, Ladies' Aid Soc. of Cong. ch.
Pilgrim, Rev. J. R. Beard,
Riceville. 1st Cong. ch.
Shelby, Rev. Andrew Kern,
Toledo, Cong. ch.
Waterloo, Rev. Moses K. Cross,
Legacier. — Des Moines, Mrs. Harriet
L. Rollins, rent, per S. A. Merrill,

5 Go
1oo oo-238 65

86—262 66

2 6o
9 o'7

5 Oo
14 50

2 50
26 2.1
20 oo—218 34

14 of

232 4o

Brothers, 29.04; Harpoot, A “thank

offering from the Wheeler family

to help make up that $1,000,ooo,"

30, 59


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Miss Emily C. Wheeler, Harpoot, 9.61; Conway, Cong. ch., for chapel at Guadalajara, 27.92; Dedham, Miss Martha C. Burgess, for use of Miss Nancy Jones, E. C. Africa, 1o; Milton, M. L. §: for new work care Rev. and Mrs. Henry Fairbank, Marathi, 1oo; do., for support of native preacher, care Rev. H. C. §.e. Madura, 4Q: Natick, 1st Cong., ch., for Industrial Dep’t Bardezag o school, 65; Newburyport, the Misses Wiggin, for Mr. Imaizumi, 5o; Newton Centre, Extra-cent-a-day Band of 1st Cong. ch., for work of Rev. A. W. Clark, so; do., for native catechist, Madura, 40; Peabody, Primary class in Cong. Sab. sch., for school care Miss H. West, Qorsa, 2; Princeton, Rev. and Mrs. C. A. White, for support of native preacher, Madura, care Rev. James C. Perkins, 60; Williamstown, Rev. J. H. Denison, for o dep't Anatolia College, too: Worcester, Y. P. S. C. E. of Union ch., for use of Mr. Christie, Marash, so.55, CoNNECTIcut. — Birmingham, Children's Soc. in Cong. ch., for support of girl, care Miss Emily Bissell, 10; Danielsonville, Westfield Cong. Sab. sch., for chapel at Guadalajara, 28; do., Miss Emily Danielson, 25; Simeon Danielson, 25; each one window in do.; East Windsor, Y. P. S. C. E., for support of boy at Pasumalai, care of Rev. J. C. Perkins, 7.50; Meriden, Cong. Sab. sch., for work of Mrs. Eaton, Mexico, 15: New Haven, Y. P. S. C. E. of Davenport Cong. ch., for the Doshisha, 19.65: Newington, Young Men's Mission Circle, for pupil at Anatolia College, 1.4: ew ndon, Sab. sch. of 1st ch. o Christ, for Okayama Orphan Asylum, care. Mr. Ishi, 52.35 New York. — Buffalo. V. P. S. C. E. of 1st Cong. ch., for Okayama Orphan Asylum, 6.09: Canaan Four Corners, Cong. ch., for work of Zoropopel, Erzroom, 5.1o; New Lebanon, Cong. ch., for do., 7.41; New York, Mrs. Isaac G. Bliss, for Hible wo. man, care of Mrs. Henry O. Dwight, 5; do., Sab. sch. of Wilson Mission Chapel, for work of Rev. Alexander MacLachlan, Smyrna, 5o; Richmond Hill, class in Cong. Sab. sch., for work of Rev. J. E. Tracy, 2.70; Rochester, Mission Circle of North Presb. ch., for Okayama Orphan Asylum, 20; do., Mrs. E. M. Lyon, 25, Dr. Deering, - * for work of Misses Fletcher and Smith, MARYLAND. — Mt. Washington, Ladies' Societies of Presb. ch., for work of Rev. J. P. Jones, by Rev. E. A. Lawrence VIRGIN.I.A. – Hampton, H. B. Frissell, for Okayama Orphan Asylum, District of Columbia. —Washington, O. F. Presbrey, for boy in Anatolia College,

From Wom AN's BoARD of Missions.
Miss Ellen Carruth, Boston, Treasurer.

For several missions in part, 9,714 24
For salary of Miss Anna F. Webb, in
part, 2OO oo--9,914 24
From Woman's BoARD of Missions of the
Mrs. J. B. Leake, Chicago, Illinois,
Treasurer. 3,000 oo
From Wom AN's BoARD of Missions for the
Mrs. R. E. Cole, Oakland, California,
For outfit and salary of Miss Alice E.
Harwood to Jan. 1, 1892, 381 25


MAINE. —Castine, Cong. Sab. sch. 5: East
Otisfield, Y P. S. C. E., for pupil at Erz-
room High School, 6; Gorham, Y. P. S.
C. E., 17; Lewiston, Y. P. S. C. E. of
Cong. ch., 35: North Edgecomb, Y. P. S.
. E., 5oc.; South Berwick, Y. P. S. C. E.
of Cong. ch., 15.37, 78 87
NEw HAMPs HIRE. — Derry, 1st Cong. Sab.
sch., for Japan, 10.78; Hollis, Y. P. § C. E.
of Cong. ch., 13.52; Lyme, Cong. Sab. sch.,
8; Pembroke, Cong. Sab. sch., 14.48; San-
bornton, Mission Band of Cong. ch., 7.5o, 54 28
VERMosT. – Barnet, Cong. Sab. sch., 13.34;
Barton Landing, Y. P. S. C. E., for India,
5: Greensboro, Cong. Sab. sch., for Mission
schools, 7.83; North Bennington, Junior
P. S. C. #. of Cong. ch., 1
MAssAchusetts. – Blackstone, Y. P.S. C. E.
of Cong. ch., for Pasumalai Sem., 6; Bos-
ton, oil. Cong. Sab. sch., 13.37; do.,
Y. P. S. C. E. of 1st ch. (Charlestown), 12;
do., Stone Mission Circle § ponset), 5;
Everett, Mystic Cong. Sab. sch., 3.23;
Saundersville, Extra-cent-a-day Band, 4.26;
Whitinsville, Sab. sch. of Village Cong. ch.,
50, 93 86

27 17


MAINE. — Norridgewock, Cong. Sab. sch. 1 s od
VERMonr. — Brookfield, 2d Cong. Sab. sch. § 2O
CoNNEcticut. — Plainfield, Cong. Sab. sch. IO. O.O.
New York. — New York, Two little girls, I OO
NEw Jersey. — Upper Montclair, Christian
Union Cong. Sab. sch. 17 66
PENNsylvania. — Mahanoy City, E. Jenkins, 5o
MARYLAND. — Baltimore, M. L. Pendleton, Io
Ohio. — Tallmadge, Cong. Sab. sch. 13 86

CA Lifornia. —Crockett, Cong. Sab. sch.,
13.60; Grass Valley, Cong. Sab. sch., 1;



New HAMPs HIRE. – Gilmanton Iron Works,
Children's Nickel Soc., for use of Miss
M. E. Price, Zulu, 6.33; Hollis, King's
Daughters, for support of child in Oka-
rama Orphan Asylum, zo; Plymouth,
X. Alfred Stanley, for Micronesia, 22, 48 33

VERMoNT. — Chelsea, Cong. ch., for work of
Rev. James H. Pettee, Japan, 22.46:
East Peacham, Bessie Varnum, for Oka-
sama Orphan Asylum, 5; Rutland, Rev.
}. E. Aiken, for Tung-cho college, 5, 32 46

MAssachusetts. – Boston, Mrs. Wm. Ap-
leton, for printing-office, Samokov, loo;
}. ch. (Dorchester), by Hiram Or-
cutt, LL.D., for school, Cesarea, 20; Mrs.
C. A. Ufford's Sab. sch. class in 20 ch.
(Dorchester), for work of Miss Dudley,
1o; Cong. ch., Roslindale, for girls' school,
Köbe, 8; Cambridgeport, Sab. sch. of
Hope Cong. ch., for work of Rev. James
H. Roberts, Kalgan, 25; d.o., for work of
Rev. J. K. Browne io, 25; Cam-
pello, South Cong. Šab. sch., for use of

52 84

12 o Co.

Io Cao

15 co

118 77

23 98

18 42

zo To

IoT 4:

773 &

ALAba M.A. – Talladega, Little Helpers, towards support of girl at Marsovan, ILLINois. so i B. Khungian, for

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Collect ED BY REv. Cyrus HAMLIN, D.D.

Maine. — Bangor, Miss H., 1; Brewer, Mr.
., 5: Brunswick, George T. Little, 15;
Norridgewock, Rev. Benj. Tappan, 1o;
W.o.w. Bassett, 5,
VERMonT. — St. Johnsbury, Prof. Henry
Fairbanks, Ph.D.
MAssac H. UserTs.— Bedford, A. D. Smith, 5:
Billerica, Harriet B. Rogers, 12; Boston,
Mrs. Helen G. Coburn, 1,000; J. W. Davis,
Io; J. N. Denison, 1oo; Samuel Johnson,
25o; Mrs. S. D. Warren, 250; So. Boston,
An Episcopalian, 10; D&chester, B. C.
Hardwick, 1oo; Second Cong. ch., 222.22;
Framingham, A friend, 1oo; Franklin, A
friend, 2: Lowell, Ladies' Miss'y Soc'y of
Kirk-st. Cong. ch., 6o; New Bià...
Emily H. Bourne, 5o; Newburyport, E.T.,
1 : Springfield, Homer Merriam, 175; Rev.
C. so Spear, deceased, 1oo; Worcester, P.
L. Moen, 5o; , J. M. N., 450,
Rhode Island. – Providence, Hon. A. C.
Cor; NEc-ric UT, -Hartford, J. M. Allen, 1oo;
. B. Cooley, 1oo; Albert Curtis, 5oo;
acob L. Greene, 1oo; C. A. Jewell, 25;
Theodore Lyman, 5o; Roland Mather, roo;
Mrs. H. A. Perkins, 5oo; H. P. Stearns,
25: Rev. J. H. Twichell and friends, 18:1
New Haven (Mrs. Lorin M. Hall, 1oo, ac-

36 oo


2,947 22

Ioo oo

knowledged in amount credited to Christian Union); Rockville, J. N. Stickney, 25; Southport, Elbert B. Monroe, 5oo, New York. - Brooklyn, Rev. R. S. Storrs, D.D., 75; G. H. S., 1 ; Buffalo, Miss M. S. Pond, 30; Geneseo, Rev. Geo. W. Wood, D.D., 25; Newburgh, Miss Mackie, 20; New York, Mrs. Francis N. Ayres, 5o; Cornelius #liss, 100; A friend, 15; William Bryan, 5; Peter Carter, Io; By Christian Union, 474; Mrs. M. P. Dodge, 5oo; William E. o * Rev. D. Stuart Dodge, 1oo; Mrs. E. G. Ellingwood, 20; “F.,” 1,351:.A. I). F. Hamlin, 25; Mrs. Hoe, 5oo: John Lindley, 150; Mrs. W. Y. Mortimer, o; Pilgrim Cong. ch., 33; Rev. W. W.

2,043 oo

and, 15; J. Starr, 1oo; Egbert Starr,

o; Rey. Charles A. Stoddard, D.D., 50,
Springfield, Mrs. Rachel C. Merriam, 50, 4,049 oo

NEyw Jersey. — Englewood, Mrs. David
Hoadley, IOO oo

MINNesota. — Northfield, Rev. J. W.
Strong, 5 od
OREGON.— Yaquina, “H. M.” 1 50

Cali For N1A.— Berkeley, Mrs. B. F. Shat

tuck, 2, ackldg. in amt credited to Chris

tian Union.

9,381 72


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