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October 17. At Garner, Iowa, Rev. Otis C. Olds, of the Mission to Mexico, to Miss Helen S.


November 30. At West Brattleboro, Vt., Rev. James Herrick, of the Madura Mission. (See

page 1o.) November 10. At Hampden Ohio, Rev. William Potter, who for several years has been the

oldest living person on the list of those who have served as missionaries of the American
Board. Mr. Potter was born at Lisbon, Conn., February 1, 1796, and was, therefore, nearly
ninety-six years


at the time of his death. He did not receive training in college or seminary, but was ordained at Killingly, Conn., in 1820, and went at once to labor among the Cherokees in Georgia. On their being driven to the Indian Territory, Mr. Potter labored with them there, and subsequently for a year or two acted as agent of the Board in Tennessee and Alabama. He was released from his connection with the Board in 1844.

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21 09

Chester, Miss Emily J. Hazleton,
East Derry, ist Cong. ch. and so.
Greenland, Mrs. G. W. D.
Newington, Cong. ch. and so.

15 00

72 04

6 36 58 45

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Cumberland county.

Brunswick, ist Cong. ch. and so.
Kennebec county.

Augusta, Cong. ch. and so.
Winslow, Cong. ch. and so.
Lincoln and Sagadahoc counties.
Bath, Winter-st. Cong ch., of which

18.20, m. c.
Boothbay Harbor, Cong ch, and so.
Rockland,, and so.

Waldoboro, Ladies' Aux. Oxford county:

Bethel, ist Cong. ch. and so. Penobscot county:

Bangor, Central Cong. ch.

Brewer, ist Cong. ch. and so. Union Conf. of Churches.

Bridgton, ist Cong. ch. York county:

Saco, ist Cong. ch. and so.

528 48
14 15
36 00
1300-591 63

353 90


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42 52
5 00—47 52

15 66

1,500 00

21 49

20 00

865 18

II 9-31 91


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Bennington county.
Bennington, Friends, for Tung-cho

Manchester, Miss E. J. Kellogg,
Caledonia county.

St. Johnsbury, South ch., by H. F.
Chittenden county.

Charlotte, Cong. ch. and so.
Colchester Centre, Cong. ch. and

Franklin county.

Bakersfield, Cong. ch. and so.
Orange county.

Newbury, ist Cong. ch. and so.
Orange, Cong. ch.

and so.
West Randolph,, and so.
Orleans county.

Barton, Cong. ch. and so.
Coventry, Cong. ch. and so.

Newport, ist Cong. ch. and so.
Windham county.

Brattleboro, Centre Cong. ch., m. c.
Cambridgeport, Cong. ch. and so.
Saxton's River, Cong. ch. and so.

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20 00

Suffolk county:
Boston, Phillips ch., 86.70; Eliot

ch., m. c., 8; Centralch. (Jamaica
Plain), 111; A friend in do., I;
Y.G., 15; A. T., 5,

116 81 Chelsea, Central Cong. ch., add'l,

31.20; 3d Cong. ch., 17.66, 48 86--165 67 Worcester county, North.

Athol, Cong. ch. and so.
Worcester co, Central Ass'n. E, H.

Sanford, Tr.
Holden, Cong. ch. and so.

14 00 Shrewsbury, Cong. ch. and so.

18 00 West Boylston,, and so. Worcester, Plymouth Cong. ch., to

const. Dr. J. K. WARREN, H. M. 141 27-200 92 Worcester co. South Conf. of Ch's.

Amos Armsby, Tr. Saundersville, Cong. ch. and so. Worcester South Conference,


27 65

II 22

35 16

200 00

5,490 33 Legacies. – Hadley, Mrs. Lois

Wheeler, by F. P. Wheeler, Exec'r, 50 00 Sudbury, Mary Wheeler, by Clinton

Viles and Dea. Benj. H. Richardson, Exec's,

1,961 00 Wrentham, Jemima Hawes, by Samuel Warner, Exec'r,

1,950 00--3,961 00

14 66

20 00

9,451 33

4 46

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28 03

42 oo

Berkshire county.
Great Barrington, ist Cong. and so. 107 73
Mill River, Rev. S. R. Butler,
Southfield, Cong. ch. and so.

IO 00-137 73
Bristol county.
Easton, Cong. ch. and so.

II 85 Fall River, Central Cong. ch., of which 39:32, m. c.

300 52 Norton, Irin. Cong. ch. and so. 6 62 Taunton, Winslow Cong. ch.

74 864-393 85 Brookfield Association. Sturbridge, Cong. ch. and so.

43 75 Ware, ist Cong. ch., 44.50; East

Cong. ch., of which 100 from J. A.
Cummings, to const. William H.
HALL, H. M., 757-39,

801 89 Warren, Cong. ch. and so., to const.

Rev. Harris G. HALE, H. M. 76 00-921 64 Essex county, North.

Amesbury, Main-st. Cong. ch.
Georgetown, Estate of Mrs. Catha-
rine T. Palmer,

300 00
Ipswich, ist Cong. ch. and so.
West Newbury, ist Cong. ch. and

1300-347 66 Essex county, South.

Beverly, Dane-st. Cong. ch., m. c.
Danvers, Pastor's class, Maple-st.
Sab. sch., extra,

13 00 Essex, Cong. ch. and so.

38 00 Marblehead, ist Cong. ch. and so.

57 00 Salem, Tabernacle Cong. ch. 170 48---282 94 Franklin co. Aux. Society. Albert M.

Gleason, Tr.
Pernardston, Miss L, M, Newcomb,

for educa. and sup. of native

preachers and helpers in India, 1,000 00 Buckland, Cong. ch. and so. Orange, Cong. ch. and so.

8 74 Turner's Falls, ist Cong. ch.and so. 16 55--1,053 32 Hampden county:

Monson, E. F. Morris,
Hampshire county,
Amherst, South Cong. ch.

16 00 Belchertown, Cong: ch., to const.


H. M.
Chesterfield,, and so.

TO 54
Cummington, Village Cong. ch.

23 75 Hatfield, Cong. ch. and so.

43 17--157 66 Middlesex county. Auburndale, Cong. ch. and


23 77
Burlington, Cong. ch. and so.
Hopkinton, ist Cong. ch. and so.
Lowell, Highland Cong. ch. 165 00
Marlboro, Union Cong. ch., to

coast, CLINTON S. Howe, H.'M.
Mediord, Mystic Cong. ch.
Reading, Cong. ch. and so.
Winchester, ist Cong. ch.

400 004-967 77 Middlesex Union. Ashby, Cong. ch. and so.

9 54
Ayer, ist Cong. ch. and so.
Boxborough, Cong. ch. and so.
Pepperell, Cong. ch. and so.

10 58 48 41 Nortolk county.

Brookline, Rev. J. Taylor, D.D.
Lurer, Cong. ch. and so.

7 84
Holbrook, Winthrop Cong. ch.
Norvood, A. L. Loder, for native
preacher in Madura,

IO oo South Walpole, Missionary,1; W.,1,

South Weymouth, Union Cong. ch. 22 91-63 75 Old Colony Auxiliary.

Fairhaven, ist Cong. ch. and so. 42 27
Mattapoisett, Mrs. P. G. Hubbard,

44 27 Plymouth county. Brockton, Chinese Sab. sch. of Por

ter Cong. ch., for Hong Kong, Middieboro, A friend,


300 00

10 00

62 20

221 08

m. C.

9 00

26 02

61 85

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Fairfield county.
Bridgeport, ist Cong. ch. and so.,
500.30; A friend, 10,

510 30
Huntington, Cong. ch. and so.
New Canaan, Cong. ch. and so. 80 84
Stamford, ist Cong. ch., for support

of Rev. W. P. Elwood, Madura, 20 90--654 04 Hartford county. W. W. Jacobs, Tr.

Berlin, H, N. Wilcox,
Canton Centre, Cong. ch. and so. 23 26
Collinsville, Cong. ch. and so.

30 00 East Hartford, Catharine Kingsbury, 1 00 Hartford, Windsor-ave. Cong. ch.

38 25 New Britain, South Cong. ch., to

const. ROBBINS FLEMING and ALICE C. Tuck, H. M. Newington, Cong. ch. and so.

24 00 West Suffield, Cong. ch. and so. Windsor Locks, Cong. ch. and so.

90004463 61 Litchfield co. G. M. Woodruff, Tr.

Colebrook, Cong. ch. and so.
Kent,, and so.

35 73 Litchfield, ist Cong. ch., add'l,

5 00 New Preston, Village Cong. ch. 18 00 Salisbury, Cong. ch. and so., of which 4.57, mn. C.

142 73 Torrington, 3d Cong. ch.

30 10 Watertown, Cong. ch. and so.

40 25 West Winsted, ad Cong. ch.

Winchester, Cong. ch. and so. i 96/310 85 Middlesex co. E.C. Hungerford, Tr. Essex, ist Cong. ch. and so.

32 70 Higganum, Cong. ch, and so.

25 00 Middletown, South Cong. chi,

35.79; 1st Cong. ch., A friend, 15, 50 79 Saybrook, Mrs. Ann A. Pratt, 50 00158 49 New Haven county:

Cheshire, Cong. ch. and so.
Derby, ist Cong. ch. and so.

28 oo
Mount Carmel, Cong. ch. and so.
New Haven, ist Cong. ch. and so.

516.c6; Davenport Cong. ch., of
which 18.47, m. C., 156.35: Dwight
PI. Cong. ch., 67.87; C. E. O.,

860 284-946 47

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5 00

New London co. L. A. Hyde and

H. C. Learned, Tr's.
New London, ist ch. of Christ, of

which 1.30 for China, 236.14; do.,
m. c., 17.26,

253 40 Norwich, Broadway Cong. ch. 155 90 Stonington, ad Cong. ch.

58 45--467 75 Windham county. Chaplin, C. Edwin Griggs, deceased,

5 00

60 00

Y. P. S. C. E. (13), Union Workers (5), Women's Miss'y. Soc. (4.30),

(of which 30 for catechist, Madura), 33 61 Columbus, Rev. Benj. Talbot, Hampden, Cong. ch.

4 07 Kent, Cong. ch. Marietta, ist Cong. ch., 1975; do.,

toward support of Rev. Edward B. Haskell, 44.20; Harmar Cong. ch., 56.27,

275 47 Olmstead, 2d Cong. ch. Tallmadge, Cong. ch.

15 25 Wellington, Edward West,

20 00-539 57

6 17

3,006 21 Legacies. - Washington, Mrs. Mary

Eliza Frisbie, by Henry J.
Church, Ex'r,

25 00 Woodstock, Emily J. Bowen, add'l, 2,000 00--2,025 00


5,031 21


30 50 13 OI

I 00 200 00 10 00

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Alton, Ch. of the Redeemer,
Brighton, Cong. ch.
Byron, Cong. ch., add'l,
Knoxville, Hezekiah Rowles,
La Grange, Cong. ch.
Ottawa, ist Cong. ch.
Peoria, Plymouth Cong. ch.
Ridgeland, Cong. ch.
Summer Hill, Cong. ch.
Legacies. - Chicago, Rev. Ephraim

W. Clark, by Henry M. Lyman
and Albert W. Clark, Ex's,

18 47 48 91

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100 00

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486 71

61 23

16 25

Binghampton, Mrs. Edward Taylor,
Brockport, Rev. J. Wadhams,
Brooklyn, Ch. of the Pilgrims,

4,000.21; Plymouth Cong. ch.,457, 4,517 2I Buffalo, A friend, to const. William

H. KEELER, and Mrs. ELLEN M.
Clayville, Pilgrim Cong. ch.
Deansville, Women's Miss'y and Aid
Soc. of Cong. ch.

7 02
East Rockaway, Cong. ch.
Flushing, Cong. ch.

32 98
Gloversville, Cong. ch., add'l,
Ithaca, ist Cong. ch.
Lysander, Cong. ch.

3 68
Norwood, Cong. ch.
Orient, Miss'y Circle,

25 00 Oswego, ist Cong. ch.

165 57 Rensselaer Falls, Cong. ch.

5 47 Remsen, Bethel Welsh Cong. ch.

18 00 Walton, ist Cong. ch., add'l,

40 44--5,133 85 Legacies, – Nineveh, Mrs. Mary B.

Lovejoy, by Charles S. Smith and
R. T. Peck, Ex's, balance,

1,001 37

6,135 22 NEW JERSEY. Montclair, isl Cong. ch.and Sab. sch.,

toward salary of Mr. Eaton, Mexico, 490 05
Orange, Orange Valley Cong. ch.
Plainfield, Mrs. Sarah'F. Johnson,
Rutherford, Rev. T. B. Hascall,

2 40 Vineland, F. C. Van Keuren,

500-713 98

MICHIGAN. Benzonia, A. Waters,

20 00 Carson City, Cong. ch.

6 79 Cheboygan, ist Cong. ch., add'l,

I OO Custer, Rev. P. M. Crips,

5 00 Greenville, Cong. ch.

45 00 Pontiac, Cong. ch.

22 00 Stanton, ist Cong. ch.

41 00 West Bay City, John Bourn, for West

Cent. Africa, and to const. Mrs.

100 00
A friend,

go 00-330 79

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For Miss Denton's salary, to const.

Mrs. J. I. MCFADDEN and Mrs. LUCY D. MORE, H. M.

200 00

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24 58

IO 25 25 00-93 40

37 68

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MISSION SCHOOL ENTERPRISE. MAINE. – Bath, Winter-st. Cong. Sab. sch.,

120; Bridgeton, Y. P. S. C. E. of ist Cong. ch., 5.50; Norridgewock, Y. P. S. C. E., 7.50,

133 00 New HamPSHIRE. – Epping, “The Pansies,”

2.50; Franklin, Y. P. S. C. E., for Japan,
1.08; Peterboro, Extra-Cent-a-Day Band
and Y. P. S. C. E., toward village sch, in
Madura, 11; Wolfeboro, T. C. Jerome,
Union Y. P. S. C. E., for pupil at Erzroom,

VERMONT. - Barnet, Y.P. S. C. E., 3; Brat-

tleboro, Cong. Sab. sch., for mission sch., India, 25; Dummerston, Y. P. S. C. E., 1.18; Saxton's River, Y. P. S. C. E., 5; Weybridge, Coral Workers, 3.50, MASSACHUSETTS. Abington, ist Cong. Sab.

sch., for sup. of student in the Doshisha, 15.88; Boston, Y. P.S. C. E. (Roslindale), for Japan, 2; Bradford, Y. P. S. C. E. of ist Cong. ch., 12.20; Grafton Center, Y. P. S. C. E., 12,50; Newburyport, Y. P. S. C. E. of North Cong. ch., 7.80; North Leominster, Y. P. S. C. E., for theol, student at Adams, South Africa, 15; South Hadley, Y. P. S. C. E., 5; Templeton, Y. P. S. C. E., 11.52; Webster, Y. P. S. C. E., for mission school in India, 10; Worcester, Y. P. S. C. E. of Pilgrim Cong. ch., Io,

IOI 90 CONNECTICUT. Bridgeport, Marshall' w.

Hovey, for scholar at Erzroom (in part), 5; Danbury, ist Cong. Sab. sch., for student at Pasumalai, 10.15; Norwich, Y. P.S.C. E. of Park Cong. ch., for scholarship in Zulu, 30; Salisbury, Cong. Sab, sch., 10,

55 15 New YORK. - Olean, ist Cong. ch., for boy

at Erzroom, NEW JERSEY. – Newark, Belleville-ave. Y. P. S. C. E., for theol, student, Japan,

5 oo Missouri. – Kansas City, 1st Cong. Sab. sch.,

toward support of student at Pasumalai, 6 50 Ohio. — Cleveland, Y. P. S. C. E, of ist

Cong. ch., 3.95; Collinwood, Y. P. S. C. E., for China, 10; Cuyahoga Falls, Cong. Sab. sch., 18.58; Dayton, Central Cong: Sab. sch., 8.42; Medina, Y. P. S. C. E., 10; Tallmadge, Cong. Sab, sch., 21,

71 95 ILLINOIS, – Aurora, Y. P. S. C. E., for sch.

in India, 4.30; Glencoe, Y. P. Ś. C. E.,

12, MICHIGAN, — Chase, Cong. Sab. sch., 3;

Galesburg, Young people of Cong. ch., for village sch, in Madura, 12.50,,

15 50 WISCONSIN, - Byron, Cong. Sab. sch., 1,11; New Richmond, Y. P. S. C. E., 10.63,

II 74
Iowa. - Clay, Cong. Sab. sch.
MINNESOTA. – Anoka, Cong. Sab. sch., 3;

Brownton, Y. P. S. C. E., 1.25; Hancock,
Cong. Sab. sch., 2.30,

6 55 NEBRASKA. - - Farnam, Cong. Sab. sch.

4 IO COLORADO. - Denver, Swedish Evang. Free ch. Sab. sch.

2 45 UTAH.

Ogden, Y. P. S. C. E. of Cong. ch., 3.65; Provo, Y. P. S, C. E., for China, 4, 765 CHINA.- Tung-cho, Young Men’s Missy Soc.

22 85

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16 30


2 21

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530 II


7 94 18 80

174 60

CONNECTICUT. – Torrington, Cong. Sab. sch. Nex YORK. - Buffalo, ist Cong. Sab. sch. Received as below by E. P. Flint, for cabin

of “Morning Star, Cong. Sabbath-schools as follows: CALIFORNIA - Alameda, 10; Benicia, 16.15;

Clayton, 5; Cloverdale, 5; Escondido, 3.83; Grass Valley, 6.29; Green Valley, 6.50; Hyde Park, 5; Lewiston, 65c.; Lincoin, 7.80; Lodi, 6.15; Los Guilicos, 1.25; Oakland, Market-st., 3.40; Palermo, 2;

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50 20

60 00

66 00

OHIO. - Cleveland, Mrs. Fanny W. Low, for

mission work in Peking, care of Mrs. w. S. Ament, 10; Oberlin, 2d Cong. Sab. sch., for support of Japanese girl, care of Mrs. C. A. Clarke, Kābe, 36; Painesville, Cong: Sab. sch., for Niigata station, 10; South New Lyme, Young Ladies' Miss'y Soc. of New Lyme Institute, for Hiuga Library,

care of Rev. C. A. Clark, 10, ILLINOIS. - Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. A. L.

Coe, for student at Anatolia College, 25; do., W. E. Hale, for Boys' High School, Mardin, care of Rev. W. C. Dewey, 60; Elgin, W. H. Cofhn's Sab, sch. class, for “Genzel,” care of Rev. T. D. Christie, 3; Oak Park, 1st Cong. ch., William Spooner's Bible class, for work of Dr. Davis, Kyoto, 25; Ravenswood, Cong. ch., for hospital cots, care of Dr. Frank Van Allen, Madura, 60; Ridgeland, Paul Blatchford, for church

site, Chihuahua, 25, Iowa. --Cedar Falls, Miss Lucy Leavitt, for

work of Mr. White, Marsovan, MINNESOTA. - A friend, for church

at Mosul, care of Rev. J. A. Ainslee, CALIFORNIA. – Fresno, Armenian Colony and

friends, for church in Farkin, 35; Mills College, Mrs. S. L. Mills, for school, care of Rev. J.C. Perkins, 20; Santa Cruz, George Ford, for pupil, care of Mrs. M. E. Bissell,

Ahmednagar, 30, OREGON. - Eugene, Mrs. Henry Bates, for

pupil, care of Rev. F. W. Bates, Zulu, CANADA. - Pine Grove, Ladies' Aux. of

Woman's Board, for harness for Rev. F. W. Macallum,

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NEW HAMPSHIRE. — Nashua, ist Cong. ch.,

by Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Albee, for work of

Rev. J. E. Abbott, VERMONT. — St. Johnsbury, A friend, to aid

student in evangelistic work, care of Rey. J. D. Davis, 25; West Brattleboro, A friend, for work of Mr. Pixley, South Africa, 30;

Caledonia Co., A friend, for use of Mrs. F. M. Newell, 5, MASSACHUSETTS. — Andover, by W. F.

Draper, for work in Marash, care of Rev. T. D. Christie, 50; Boston, Chinese Sab. sch. in Mt. Vernon ch., for native preacher, Hong Kong, 53.80; Berkeley Temple, for work of Rev. W. A. Farnsworth, 25; Highland ch., for Boys' High School, Bardezag, 10; Bridgewater, S. T. B. S., for use of Rev. S. S. White, Japan, 10; Chelsea, A friend, for use of Miss Ellen M, Stone, 15; Conway, Cong; ch., for church building, care of Rev. John Howland, 25.36; Foxboro, Cong. ch., for use of Rev. James H. Roberts, Kalgan, 25; Haverhill, North ch., Chinese Sab. sch., for native preacher in Hong Kong Mission, 50; Lynn, Y. P. S. C. E. of ist Cong. ch., for student, care of Rev. L. S. Crawford, 5; Mattapoisett, Rev. C. H. Phelps, for Armenag Bedrosian, care of Rev. G. F. Herrick, Marsovan, 25: Newton Highlands, Mrs. Margeret J. Guild, for work of Rev. E. G. Tewksbury, North China, 100; Plympton, Extra-Cent-a-Day Band, for boy at Anatolia College, 14; do., Mrs. A. M. Whittemore, for do., 2; Springfield, Chinese Sab. sch., for native helper, Hong Kong, care of Rev. J. R. Taylor. 13.11; do., Y. P. S.C. E. of Park Cong. ch., for use of Rev. C. A. Clark, Japan, 11; do., A friend, for church at Kodi Kanal, 50; Wayland, Mire boxes of Cong. ch., for work of Miss Emily C. Wheeler, 7.50: Webster, Hattie L. Goddard, for books for blind man, care of Mr. Pettee, Japan, 2; Woburn, ist

Cong. Sab. sch., for use of Rev. James L. CONNECTICUT. – Burrville, Mrs. John M.

Burr, toward scholarship, care of Rev. G. H. Gregorian, 10; Middletown, Junior Y.P. S. C. E., for Sab. sch. work, care of Mr. Tracy, Madura, 13; Stamford, Y. P. S. C. E., for support of Bible-reader, care of Mr. Tracy, Madura, 18: Wethersfield, George W. Harris, for work of Rev. James

H. Roberts, Kalgan, to, New York. – New York, William Mc

Latchie, Calvary Presb. ch., for work of Zoropopel, Erzroom, 25; do., Rev. John B. Devins, for pupil at Pasumalai, 25; do., D. Stuart Dodge, for Industrial sch., care of Dr. Kingsbury, Samokov, 25; Oxford, Dr. and Mrs. Ensign, for “Preacher and Prayer House," Madura, 70; Rochester, Miss Bradbury, for student at Anatolia Cola lege, 25; Schenectady, Mrs. Elcanor W'. Veeder, for hospital work, care of Dr. Clowe, West Cent. Aírica, 50; Smyrna, Friends, for self-help dep't, Anatolia College, 5.90; do, Friends, for Marsovan Hospital, 11.25: Spencerport, Cong. Sab. sch.,

for the Doshisha, 10, NEW JERSEY. - Bayonne, Presb. Sab. sch.,

for student at Aintab College, 50: Bound Brook, Cong. ch., for Chihuahua church building, 170.02; Plainfield, Cong. Sab. sch., for scholarship at Anatolia College,

care of Rev. J. F. Smith, 30, DELAWARE - Miliord, Mrs. Margaret I. Gil

christ, for Shikao Yamaki, care of Miss

Stone, Köbe, North CAROLINA, – All Healing, Miss Lil

ian S. Cathcart, for native helper, care of Rev. D. Z. Sheffield,

60 00 16 00

Fowle, 50,

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