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was determined to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ to the end of his life. Mr. Andrew speaks of him as a remarkable young man, specially so in prayer, having undaunted courage and great force of character. On Sunday, May 15, a crowd began to gather around the mission house, and the fatherof the young man and a number of Hindus came with a request to see the youth. The father was admitted, but the entrance of the others was forbidden. The crowd to the number of a hundred broke in, refusing to leave, and the father and a Brahman friend commenced to drag the young man out of the house against his will. Violent treatment was also given the missionary, but later, when the police arrived, the rioters took to their heels. The respectable Hindus of Chingleput are said to be much ashamed over the persecution. Though deploring the conversion of the Brahman youth, they denounce the attack made upon the missionary and the convert. This incident well illustrates the attitude of the people in many parts of India. A later report affirms that the young man returned to his father's home under the promise that he should be allowed to hold fast to his Christian faith, but that subsequently he yielded to the tremendous pressure brought to bear upon him not to break caste. W bether this report is true or not, no doubt he has been subjected to trials of which those in Christian lands can have little conception.


The correspondent of The English Independent, in Northern India, reports an interview with Dr. Thorold, who accompanied Captain Bower in his recent famous expedition across Tibet to Western China. Dr. Thorold made a special study of the religious life of the Tibetans, and he declares that they hold a form of Buddhism which has all moral life sifted out of it. He speaks of the people not so much as immoral as unmoral, apparently having no conception of virtue. Another obstacle to the conversion of these people is the fact that the lamas, or Buddhist priests, hold the only positions of influence, and they will resist to the utmost the coming of any wbo will destroy the faith of the people in their power.

FIJI. It seems that there are over 10,000 coolies from India now working in the Fiji Islands. Strange to say the immoralities of these coolies have seriously affected the Fijians, and the Wesleyan Missionary Society has sought for and at last found a catechist in India to go to Fiji as missionary to his countrymen.

Notes for the Month.


For the health of missionaries: that they may be strengthened for the special labors which

press upon them; that those who for Christ's sake are constrained to live in surroundings unfavorable to physical vigor may be delivered from the power of disease; that those whose labors are increased by the failing health of associates may not be overborne; and that those who are now kept from their fields of labor by reason of impaired health may be

restored to the work they love, DEPARTURES.

July 16. From New York, Rev. John E. Chandler and Miss Eva Swift, returning to the Madura

Mission, and Miss Mary L. Noyes, daughter of Rev. Joseph T. Noyes, to join the same

mission. July 23. From New York, Mrs. Henry S. Barnum, returning to the Western Turkey Mission:

also, Miss Grace N. Kimball, M.D., returning to, and Miss Katherine B. Fraser to jo:1. the Eastern Turkey Mission.

July 30. From Boston, Rev. C. F. Gates and wife, returning to the Eastern Turkey Mission ;

Mrs. Catherine Parsons and Miss Laura Farnham, returning to the Western Turkey
Mission, and Miss Susan D. Riggs to join the same mission; also, Mrs. Emily R. Mont-

gomery, returning to the Central Turkey Mission.
August 7. From Vancouver, Rev. E. R. Atwater and wife, to join the Shansi Mission; also, Miss

Mary E. Andrews, to rejoin the North China Mission.

August 1o. From New York, Miss Isabella F. Dodd, returning to the Western Turkey Mission. ARRIVALS IN THE UNITED STATES,

July 8. At San Francisco, Henry T. Whitney, M.D., and wife, of the Foochow Mission.
July 22. At New York, Miss Marion E. Sheldon, of the Western Turkey Mission.

July 30. At Boston, Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Clowe, of the West Central African Mission. ARRIVAL AT STATION.

July 1o. At Kobe, Japan, Miss Abbie M. Colby. MARRIAGES.

June — At Okayama, Japan, Rev. Schuyler S. White to Miss Ida A. McLennan.

July 12. At Kobe, Japan, Rev. Claude M. Severance to Miss Almona Gill. DEATH. July 23. At Oberlin, Ohio, Mrs. Laurana W. (Fairbank) Mellen, widow of the Rev. William

Mellen, formerly of the Zulu Mission. Mrs. Mellen was born at Oakham, Mass., July 12, 1829, and sailed with her husband for the Zulu Mission in 1851, returning to the United States in 1874. During the latter portion of their united lives Mr. and Mrs. Mellen resided at Oberlin, caring as best they might for missionary children, Mrs. Mellen was a woman of great excellence of character, wise and devout, and her praises will be spoken by all who knew her.

For the Monthly Concert.
[Topics based on information given in this number of the Herald.]
1. Call for another missionary vessel. (Page 356.)
2. The present attitude of the Hindus. (Page 363.)
3. Religious interest in Jaffna College. (Page 369.)
4. A happy family in Ceylon. (Page 370.)
5. The work of the schools in Southern India. (Page 366.)
6. A Christian leper. (Page 367.)
7. A great fair in China. (Page 370.)
8. Evangelistic work in Japan. (Page 371.)

Donations Received in July.

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MAINE. roostook county. Island Falls, Cong. ch. and so. Patien, Cong. ch. and so. imberland county. Lewiston, Pine-st. Cong. ch. Portland, A friend, ancock county: Deer Isle, ist Cong. ch. Ellsworth, Friends, ncoln and Sagadahoc counties. Woolwich, merset county. Norridgewock, A friend, lion Conf. of churches. Bridgton, ist Cong. ch. ushington county. lachias, Centre-st. Cong. ch. rk county: l'ork, ist

Orfordville, Cong. ch. and so.


7 00-
Hillsboro county:
Hollis, Cong. ch. and so.

25 00 Merrimac county.

Concord, Rev. N. F. Carter,
Hooksett, Union Cong. ch.

15 25
Salisbury, Cong. ch, and so.

2 65—27 90
Rockingham county.
Exeter, ist Cong. ch., 83: Na-

thaniel Gordon, for Tung-cho
Theol. Sem., 62.50,

145 50
Kingston, Cong. ch. and so.

14 87 Raymond, Cong. ch, and so.

13 00173 37 Strafford county Aux.

Somersworth, ist Cong. ch.

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20 00

12 50

280 27

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NEW HAMPSHIRE. afton county. Orford, Cong. ch. and so.

27 00

15 95

57 54

20 00 2 og

[blocks in formation]

Chittenden county.

Burlington, College-st. Cong. ch. Orange county.

Chelsea, Cong. ch. and so.

Randolph, ist Cong. ch. Orleans county.

Newport, ist Cong. ch.

North Craftsbury, Cong. ch. and so. Rutland county. Castleton, Y. P. S. C. E., for

preacher in Madura Mission, Washington county: Montpelier, Bethany Cong. ch.,

21.45; George W. Scott, to const. Rev. GEORGE W. GALLAGHER,

5 0020 80

10 50

100 00

H. M., 50,

71 45

307 11 Legacies. - Barre, Josiah Wood, by

H. 0. Worthen, Adm'r, balance, 334 54
Westminster, Jacob Chapin, by R.
S. Salford, Adm'r,

800 10--1,134 64

Medfield, ad Cong. ch.

26 88 Medway, Village Cong. ch.

55 oo
South Braintree, Cong. ch. and so.
South Walpole, Missionary,"
South Wey mouth, Mr. and Mrs.
A. O. Crawford,

15 00 Wellesley Hills, Cong. ch. and so. 58 98 B. C.

IOO 00309 61 Old Colony Auxiliary. East Wareham, Two friends,

5 00 Fairhaven, ist Cong. ch., with other

dona., to const. Rev. H. B.

40 00
Lakeville, Precinct Cong. ch.
Matrapoisett, Mrs. P. G. Hubbard, 5 00-150 00
Plymouth county.
Brockton, Porter Evang. Cong. ch.,

to const. James W. Wheelex,
H, M.

191 51 Kingston, Mayflower Cong. ch. 25 00—176 52 Boston, Old South ch., 525; 2d ch.

(Dorchester), 349.72; Union ch.,
256.90; South Evang. ch. (West
Roxbury), 20.20; Berkeley Tem-

ple, 10; H. N. P., Trustee, 50, Worcester county,

North. Hubbardston, Cong. ch. and so.

13 14 Worcester co. Central Ass'n. E. H.

Sanford, Tr.
Clinton, C. L. Swan,
Leicester, ist Cong. ch.

46 16 Oxford, Cong. ch. and so., to const.

Miss G. M. WHEELOCK, H. M. 100 OO Webster, ist Cong. ch.

50 00-206 15 Worcester co. South Conf. of ch's.

Amos Armsby, Tr. Grafton, A friend, Millbury, ist Cong. ch.

78 41483 4

Suffolk county

1,211 82

164 70

77 35

JOO oo

10 00

16 00

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8 64

5.058 r.

13 86

20 00

1,441 75 MASSACHUSETTS. Berkshire county.

Dalton, ist Cong. ch.
Hinsdale, Cong. ch. and so., 72.85;

Cong. Sab. sch., for í'urkish
Brigade, 3: do., for Chinese Bri-
gade, 1.50,
West Stockbridge, Village Cong. ch. 26 42--268 47
Bristol county.
Raynham, ist Cong. ch.

21 69 Taunton, Winslow Cong. ch.

102 15 Westport, Pacific Union Cong. ch. 1300--136 84 Essex county: Andover, A friend,

30 00 Essex county, North.

Groveland, Cong. ch. and so.
Haverhill, Centre Cong. ch., 95:

Algernon P. Nichols, for the
Theol. Sem. of the Mission to
Mexico, 1,000,

1,095 00--1,11 00 Essex county, South.

Beverly, Dane-st. Cong. ch., m. c.

Gloucester, Trinity Cong. ch. 50 00M-58 64 Franklin co. Aux. Society. Albert

M. Gleason, Tr. Ashfield, Cong. ch.

I 34 Bernardston, Cong. ch. and so.

8 86 Greenfield, 2d Cong. ch.

65 02-75 22 Hampden county:

Huntington, 2d Cong. ch.
Monson, Cong. ch. and so.

29 37
Palmer, 2d Cong. ch.
Springfield, Olivet Cong. ch., for

Harpoot, 30; South Cong. ch.,
125; White-st. Cong. ch., 5,

160 00
West Springfield, Park-st. Cong. ch. 5 00--228 23
Hampshire county.
Amherst, College ch. (of wh. 36.10,

m.c.), 141.16; ist, 125;
North Cong. ch., to const. EDWIN
H. DICKINSON, H. M., 100; ad
Cong. ch., 7.05,

373 21
Goshen, Cong. ch. and so.
Hatfield, Cong. ch. and so,
Northampton, Percie Drabble, for
Chinese Brigade,

25-476 31 Middlesex county.

Billerica, Cong. ch. and so.
Cambridgepori, Pilgrim Cong. ch. 45 07
Melrose Highlands, Cong. ch. and
Newton, Eliot S. S., for Chinese

Brigade, 29.25; do., for Turkish
Brigade, 37.75,

67 00 Newton Centre, ist Cong. ch.,

135.15; Extra-cent-a-day Band of
do., for preacher in Madura Mis-
sion, 40,

175 15
Saxonville, Cong. ch. and so.
Wakefield, Cong. ch. and so.

-428 40 Middlesex Union.

Harvard, Rev.C. C. Torrey, Lunenburg, Cong. sh. and so.

14 35-24 35 Noriolk County,

Braintree, isi Cong. ch.
Foxboro, Cong. ch. and so.

21 75

Legacies. - Boston, Mrs.

Betsey R.
Lang, by L. S. Ward, Trustee, 75;
Elizabeth Carter, by Baily L.

Page, Adm'r, bal., 132.38, 207 38
Cambridge, A. E. Hildreth, by E. A.

and S. B. Hildreth, Ex's, add'l, 250 00 Cambridgeport, Mrs. Caroline A. Wood,

by W. A. Bullard, Trustee, bal.

2,500 00 Fitchburg, Catherine Fuller, by

Thomas R. B. Dole, Adm'r, 181 66 Georgetown, Luther P. Palmer, by

Henry Hilliard, Ex'r, avails of

Real Estate, less expenses, 748 96 Ipswich, Mrs. Miriam G. Burrows, by F. W. Coburn, Ex'r, add'l,

75 00 West Springfield, Marcia M. Hois.

ington, by L. E. Hitchcock, Ex's, 1,000 00 Wrentham, Jemima Hawes, by Samuel Warner, Ex'r,

37,758 50-42,721

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RHODE ISLAND, Barrington Centre, Cong. ch. and so. Providence, Pilgrim Cong. ch., 20; Rev, N. W. Williams, 25,

CONNECTICUT. Fairfield county: Southport, Cong. ch. and so.. to const. CYRUS SHERWOOD BRADLEY, SAMUEL BRADBURY, EMMA

Hartford county. W. W. Jacobs, Tr.

Buckingham, Cong. ch. and so.
Collinsville, Cong. ch, and so.
Farmington, ist Cong. ch.
Hartford, Asylum Hill Cong. ch.,

Three friends,
Kensington, Miss F. A. Robbins,
Marlborough, Cong. ch. and so.
Simsbury, ist ch. of Christ,
Wethersfield, ist Cong. ch.

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45 00

206 93

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Litchfield co. G. M. Woodruff, Tr.
New Hartford, ist Cong. ch.

24 50 North Canaan, Pilgrim Cong. ch. 15 51 Salisbury, Cong. ch. and so., to

const. John L. Merwin, H. M.,
131.12; “ The Home Class,” 2,

133 12 Terryville,, A. S. Gaylord,

for support of native preacher,

40 00
Thomaston, Cong. ch. and so. 8 61-221 74
Middlesex co. E. C. Hungerford, Tr.
East Haddam, A friend,

5 00 Higganum, Cong. Sab. sch., for na

tive preacher, Madura, 40; S. W.

Noyes, 5,
Middletown, ist Cong. ch.
Millington, Cong. ch. and so.

Old Say brook, Cong. ch. and so. 39 16—_298 og
New Haven county:
Branford, Cong. ch. and so.

47 03 Meriden, Centre Cong. ch.

50 00 New Haven, Dwight-pl. Cong. ch.,

103.17; E Woolsey, 45, North Guilford, Cong. ch. and so.

15 00 North Haven, Elihu Dickerman, 2 00 Waterbury, ad Cong. ch.

48 83_-311 03 New London co. L. A. Hyde and

H C. Learned, Tr's. Franklin, Cong. ch. Griswold, ist Cong. ch.

52 25 New London, ist ch. of Christ, m. c. 11 16 Norwich, A friend,

5 00 A lady,

30 06-108 41 Tolland co. E.C. Chapman, Tr.

Vernon Centre, “S." Windham county. Plainfield, ist Cong. ch.

32 31 Thompson, Cong, ch, and so.

42 38
Voluntown and Sterling, Cong. ch.

and so.
Wauregan, Cong. ch. and so.

18 00 Woodstock, Cong. ch. and so. 36 26—139 95 , A friend,

300 00 A friend,

50 00


148 17

[blocks in formation]

10 00

GEORGIA. Woodviile, Pilgrim Cong. ch.

FLORIDA. Inter Lachen, ist Cong. ch.

TENNESSEE. Knoxville, A friend, Pilgrim Cong. ch.

4 10

2 00

25 00


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2,123 22 Less am't ack'd in March Herald from

A. W. Belden, Newington, but intended for the $100,000 fund,

5 00 Less amn't ack'd in May Herald from

J. V. Stickney, Rockville (in Union ch. collection), but intended for the $100,000 sund,

500 00--505 00

1,618 22 Legacies. - Fairfield, Miss Abby B.

Nichols, by E. Burr, Jr., Adm'r, 100 00 Litchfield, Phebe M. Farnam, to

const. Amos C. BENTON, H. M., by Geo. M. Woodruff, Manchester, Nancy S. Barnes, by John B. Spencer, Ex'r,

500 00-700 00

MISSOURI. Amity, Cong. ch.

5 oo Kansas City, Clyde Cong. ch.

25 00 30 00

OHIO. Cleveland, Pilgrim Cong. ch., 78.63; Bethlehem Cong. ch., 50,

128 63 Columbus, South, for Japan, 7 32 Greenwich, 1st Cong. ch.

3 50 Litchfield, Cong. ch. Oberlin, ist, 67.82; A friend,

for training theol. students, Mexico, TOO,

167 82 Ruggles, Cong. ch.

54 05 Toledo, ist Cong. ch., toward sup. of

Mrs. M. M. Webster and Rev. J.
L. Barton,

250 -614 90 Legacies. -Oberlin, Rev. C.V. Spear, by George N. Spear, Ex'r,

2,500 00

3 58

100 00

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3,114 90 ILLINOIS, Aurora, Mrs. J. L. Greenfield,

5 00 Chicago, Kenwood Evang. ch., 464.8o;

Friends, 500; U.P. Cong. ch., m. c., 6.17,

970 97 Earlville, J. A. D.

25 00 Elgin, Rev. Geo. R. Milton, Evanston, Cong. ch.

50 00 Granville, Cong. ch.

41 62 Jackson ville, Cong. ch.

41 00 La Grange, Cong. ch.

58 00 Lee Centre, Cong. ch.

7 00 Morris, Cong. ch.

21 25
Ottawa, J. W. Huett,
Payson, Cong. ch.
Plainfield, Cong. ch.

13 00 Rockford, ad Cong. ch.

52 75 Rollo, Cong. ch. Wenona, Rev. L. Taylor,

Central Conf. of Free Evang. churches,

10 30--1,338 39 Legacies. – Galva, J. F. Hyde, by

M. M. Ford, Trustee,

2,318 22 NEW YORK. Albany, A friend,

50 00 Angola, Miss A, H. Ames,

5 00 Bridgewater, Cong. ch.

19 00 Brockport, Rev. J. Wadhams,

5 00 Brooklyn, Clinton-ave. Cong. ch.,

1,085.20; South Cong. ch., ; Ch.
of the Pilgrims, 50; Cent. Cong.
Sab. sch., for two Bible readers, Ma-

1,231 20 Busti, Eli Curtiss,

5 00 Canandaigua, 1st Cong. ch.

43 74 Dunnsville, Willard G. Davis, Holley, Rev. J. W. Fenner,

3 00 Lowville, Lydia C. Hough, to const. Rev. J. WESTBY EARNSHAW, H. M.

50 00 Mt. Sinai, Cong. ch., with other dona., to const. Rev. E. A. HAZELTINE, H. M.

24 09 Mt Morris, Rev. Geo. W. Wood, D.D. 25 00 New York, H. E. Parkhurst, to aid

Theol. student in Kyoto, 125; O.W.
Coc, 50,

175 00
South Salem, Elizabeth Beers,
Warsaw, Cong. ch.
- A friend,

10 00--1,757 03

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50 00 2 38

10 00

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Livingston, E. H. Talcott,

Cour d'Alene, Harold Winter Val-

entine, for Chinese Brigade, 25€.;
do., for Turkish Brigade, 25C.

Vinita, Cong. ch.

Bulgaria, Samokov, Rev. Wm. P.

Clarke, England, London, E. B. T., of which 50 for Japan,


From WOMAN'S BOARD OF Missions.

Miss Elien Carruth, Boston, Treasurer. For several missions in part,


Mrs. J. B. Leake, Chicago, Illinois,

4,000 00 For Miss Searle's refit,

100 oo For Miss L. A. Day,

75 00- 4,175 50

5 co

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90 36

21 00

72 00

10 00

MICHIGAN. Allegan, ist Cong. ch.

74 oo Alpena,

5 00 Ann Arbor, A friend in ist Cong. ch.,

with other dona., to const. Kev. W.
E. Caldwell and Rev. A. ). Co-

Breckenridge, Cong. ch., add'l,
Chase, Maggie Furniss,

3 00 Detroit, ist Cong. ch.

345 24 Eaton Rapids, ist Cong. ch. Flint, ist Cong. ch.

17 95 Grand Blanc, ist Cong. ch.

16 oo Lansing, C. B. Stebbins, Olivet, Cong. ch.

32 14 Stockbridge, Mrs. R. W. Reynolds, West Bay City, John Bourn, for W.C.

Africa, and to const. MARTIN M.

ANDREWS, H. M. Ypsilanti, ist Cong. ch.

22 65 A friend,

50 OM-732 36 WISCONSIN. Beloit, ist Cong. ch. Lake Geneva, Cong. ch. Milwaukee, Grand-ave. Cong. ch., 52;

Pilgrim Cong. ch., add'l, 20, Mukwonago, Cong. ch. Whitewater, ist Cong. ch.

20 00--213 36

IOWA. Denmark, Cong. ch.

25 00 Ft. Dodge, Cong. ch.

9 35 Grinnell, College students, toward sal

ary of Rev. G. D. Marsh, 22.50; “An aged one," 10,

32 50 Jefferson, D. B. Eells,

15 00 Milford, Cong. ch.

4 53 Monticello, Henry D. Smith, with

other dona., to const. Rev. PALMER LITTS, H. M.

30 00 Rockford, ist Cong. ch.

35 24 Spencer, Cong. ch. Vancleve, Logan Cong. cn.

13 85—177 92 MINNESOTA. Medford, Cong. ch. Minneapolis, Thank-offering from H."

25 00 Northfield, MIRON WINSLOW SKINNER, to const. himself, H. M.

100 00—145 00

Boston Mills, J. Hubbard,
Douglass, Cong. ch.
Kansas City, 1st Cong. ch.

24 00 Topeka, Central Cong. ch.

17 2447 24 NEBRASKA. Hemingford, Cong. ch., m. c.

1 76 Lincoln, ist Cong. ch.

46 33—4809 CALIFORNIA. Clarksville, A friend, Fort Jones, A friend, Grass Valley, Cong. ch., 51.14; Edward Coleman, 100,

151 14 San Bernandino, Cong. ch. San Mateo, Cong. ch. Stockton, Řev. John C. Holbrook, D.D. 17 50--216 44

COLORADO. Denver, ad Cong. ch.

WASHINGTON. Shokomish, Cong. ch.

SOUTH DAKOTA. Aurora, Cong. ch.

2 75 Vermillion, Cong. ch.

16 80-19 55

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12 45

20 00

4 00

183 82

2 00

MISSION SCHOOL ENTERPRISE. Maine. -Calais, Y. P. S. C. E. of ist Cong.

ch., for pupil in Micronesia, New HAMPSHIRE. – Raymond, Cong. Sab.

sch., 1; Temple, Cong. Sab. sch., 5.25, MASSACHUSETTS. - Ashfield, Y. P. S. C. E.,

4; Bernardston, Y. P. S. C. E., 2.25; Bos. ton, Y. P. S.C. E. of 1st ch. (Charlestown), 5.50: Easton, Y. P. S. C. E. (of which 6.25 for Japan), 22.75: Hopkinton, Y. P. S. C. E., 22.93; Malden, Y. P. S. C. E., 22.02; Shrewsbury; Y. P.'S. C. E., 14.56: Springfield, Y. P. S. C. E. of memorial ch., for Volunteer Fund, 20; Sutton, Y.P.S.C. E., 18.22; West Newton, Cong. Sab. sch.. 25: West Peabody, Children's Mission Circle, 2.25; Worcester, Y. P. S. C. E. of Sum

mer-st. Cong. ch., 24.34,
CONNECTICUT. - New Britain, “Standard

Bearers," South Cong. ch., 20; North Wood-
stock, Cong. Sab. sch., 2.75; Saugatuck,
Cong: Sab. sch., 2.5!,
New York. – Cambria Centre. Cong. Sab.

sch., 10; Ithaca, ist Cong. Sab. sch., toward sup. of student at Harpoot, 31.75; Richmond Hill, Y. P. S. C. E., 10; Walton Mountain, Y. P. S. C. E., 4,

55 75 MARYLAND. - Baltimore, Canton Cong. Sab.

sch. MISSOURI. Kansas City, Clyde Cong. Sab.

sch. ILLINOIS. - Des Moines, Pilgrim Cong. Sab.

sch., 2.42; Highland, Y. P. S. C. E., 5; Morgan Park, Y. P. S. C. E., 2.87, MICHIGAN. — Essexville, Cong. Sab. sch. WISCONSIN. - Hayward, Y, P. S.C. E., 2.16; Milwaukee, Y. P.S. C, E. of Pilgrim Cong.

5 et MINNESOTA.- Excelsior, Cong. Sab. sch.

1 50 KANSAS. - - Cornet, Children's offering, Cong.

Sab. sch.
NEBRASKA. – Ulysses, Junior Y. P. S. C. E.

20 00 10 00


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OH10. - Berea, Cong. Sab. sch., 5; Ruggles, class, Edwards Cong. Sab, sch.

5 00 Cong. che, 3.10, CONNECTICUT. — Brooklyn, Miss Adams' Sab.

ILLINOIS. Roseville, Cong. Sab. sch. sch. class, 3.50; Plainfield, Cong. Sab. sch., 10.832

14 33 New York. Flushing, Cong. Sab. sch.

50 00

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