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reports affirm that the rising is headed by the chieftain Rumaliza, and others, that a son and nephew of Tippu Tib were leaders. Another account says that these men had nothing to do with the rising, but that its instigator was an Arab from Kasonga. Further tidings must be awaited before we can know what has actually happened, though the situation there is undoubtedly very grave.

DEFEAT OF SLAVE-TRADERS. Prince Henri de Croy, one of the Congo Free State Commissaries, reports to his government a successful attack upon a slave-trading caravan in his district of Loulouaburg. On the eleventh of last February he was informed that this caravan, led by one Antonio Alvaz, was approaching from Bihé, and as he had only forty soldiers at his command, he undertook to surprise it by night. Reaching the slave camp at four o'clock A.M. he found it was of a triangular form, each side being about 300 metres long. He could not therefore surround it, and unhappily an alarm was given and in ten minutes all the caravan was on the defensive. Never. theless Prince Henri began the attack, and in forty-six minutes of a hot fight, which the darkness made yet more difficult, the Bihé men were in full retreat, abandoning thirty slaves and a quantity of powder and guns. All the slaves were taken next das to the station, and, adds Prince Henri, “ Nothing can give an idea of the condition of these unfortunates."

MASHONALAND. — We have received, as yet, no tidings from the members of the East Central African Mission, who are by this time, we trust, already established in some portion of Gazaland. It is interesting to learn that Mr. Rhodes, the South African Premier, who has recently passed through Gazaland into Mashonaland, speaks with the utmost confidence of the future of this whole region. He says that it is less an Eldorado than a country that will afford a fine field for agricultural settlers.


Clark, and are written with his usual Our Sirty Sacred Books: How they came to us and

felicity of style. They touch in a most what they are. A popular handbook for Colleges, Sunday-schools, Normal Classes, and Students, on the practical way, and oftentimes with great origin, authorship, preservation, character, and divine delicacy, upon a multitude of topics about authority of the Christian Scriptures. Third revised

which it is well for young people to read. edition, with analysis and questions. By Edwin W. Rice, D.D. Philadelphia: The American Sunday. Florence Nightingale, the Wounded Soldieri' school Union, 1122 Chestnut Street.

Friend. By Eliza F. Pollard. New York and ChiThis volume of 160 pages gives in

cago: F. H. Revell Company. condensed but clear form most valuable This volume is uniform in size and style information concerning the greatest of with the series of missionary biographies books. It is both interesting and timely. published by the Revell Company, and It would be a most helpful handbook to it has a fitting place in that list. For our missionaries in foreign lands.

though Florence Nightingale was not techLooking Out on Life. A book for girls. On prac nically a missionary, she yet ministered in

tical subjects, based on many letters from wise a most Christlike way to human needs. mothers. By Rev. F. E. Clark, D.D., President of the United Society of Christian Endeavor. Boston :

BOOKS RECEIVED. D. Lothrop Company.

The Epistle to the Ephesians. By Rev. Professor Some Christian Endeavor Saints. With

G. G. Findlay, Headingley College, Leeds. Ser Golden Rule Recipes, Golden Rule Sermons;

York: A. C. Armstrong & Son. 1892.
Golden Rule Epistles, Pictures from Real Life.
By Francis E. Clark, D.D. Boston and Chicago: Con-

The Epistles to the Thessalonians. By Rev. Progregational Sunday-school and Publishing Society.

fessor G. G. Findlay. New York: A, C. Armstron:

& Son. $1.25. These two volumes, issued so nearly

Arrows for the King's Archers. By Rev. Henry

W. Little. New York: Thomas Whittaker, Bubk together, illustrate the versatility of Dr. House, 1892.


Earnest Thoughts for Every Day. By the author

of “ Thoughts for Weary Hours." New York: T. Whittaker.

Also, in paper covers, the following :: The Story of the Token, as belonging to the Sacra

ment of the Lord's Supper. By Robart Shiells,

New York: John Ireland, 1197 Broadway.
Good Characler: what it is and how to form it.

By William M. Taylor, D.D. New York: A. D. F.
Randolph & Co.

Not on Calvary. A Layman's plea for Meditation in the Temptation in the Wilderness. New York: C. T. Dillingham & Co., 718 and 720 Broadway.

Notes for the Month.


For the approaching Annual Meeting of the Board: that the Master of assemblies will be

present; that his Spirit may rest upon his disciples in its fulness, making them of one heart and mind and inspiring them with new zeal and devotion for the redemption of the world.


August 16. From San Francisco, Miss Martha J. Barrows and Miss Cora A. Stone, returning

to the Japan Mission,
August 27. From New York, Rev. Henry T. Perry and wife, for the Western Turkey Mission.

Mr. Perry was formerly connected with this mission and now returns to Sivas.
August 27. From New York, Miss Emily McCallum, returning to the Western Turkey

September 6. From San Francisco, Rev. Charles A. Nelson and wife, to join the South China

Mission at Hong Kong.
September 6. From San Francisco, Dr. A. P. Peck and wife, returning to the North China

September 10. From Boston, Miss Anna F. Webb, Miss Alice H. Bushee, and Miss Mary L.

Page, all under appointment to the Mission to Spain. Miss Page is transferred to Spain

from the Western Turkey Mission, September 18. From Vancouver, Willis C. Noble, M.D., and wife, to rejoin the North China



June 26. At Durban, Natal, Dr. B. N. Bridgman and wife, of the Zulu Mission.


August 15. At New York, Rev. J. H. House, D.D., and wife, of the European Turkey Mission,
August 15. At Boston, Rev. Charles H. Brooks and wife, of the Western Turkey Mission.
August 22. At Boston, Rev. John A. Ainslie and wife, of the Eastern Turkey Mission.

September 3. At Boston, Rev. Charles W. Holbrook and wife, of the Zulu Mission.

May 24. At Fen-chow-fu, Shansi, Donald Edward, second son of Rev, and Mrs. Charles W.

June 23. At Baiboort, Eastern Turkey, Helen Rose, infant daughter of Rev, and Mrs. David

A, Richardson, of Erzroom.
July 28. At Kaawaloa, Hawaii, Rev. John D, Paris, formerly a missionary of the American

Board. He was born in Staunton, Va., September 2, 1809; after his graduation at Bangor
Seminary, in 1839, he embarked from Boston, with Messrs. Bond and Dole, November 14,
1840, under appointment to the Oregon Mission; but the urgent call for laborers at the

Sandwich Islands detained Mr. Paris there. A faithful and true minister of the gospel. August 19. At Lincoln, Neb., Rev. Charles Little, formerly a missionary of the American

Board connected with the Madura Mission. He was born in Columbia, Conn., September 26, 1818, and after graduating at New Haven Seminary he reached Madras in 1848 and was stationed at Tirumangalam and afterward at Tirupuvanam. He was released from his connection with the Board in 1860 and has since resided at the West,

for the Monthly Concert.

1. A missionary arrested. (Page 406.) 2. Syrian villages. (Page 408.) 3. Persecutions in Madura. (Page 408.) 4. Sabbath-keeping and benevolence. (Page 410.) 5. A memorable occasion at Foochow. (Page 410.) 6. Chinese literati. (Page 412.) 7. Attitude of the people in Shansi, Western China. (Page 413.) 8. A convert in China. (Page 414.) 9. Items from Africa. (Page 415.)

Donations Received in August.


8 00

Plaistow and North Haverhill, Cong. ch. and so.

173 57 Seabrook and Hampton Falls, ist Cong. ch.

15 84---310 11 Strafford county Aux. Wolfeboro, ist Cong. ch.

22 47 Sullivan county. Newport, Cong. ch. and so.


450 00

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Aroostook county:

Sherman Mills, Washburn
Cumberland county.
Auburn, High-st. Cong. ch.

50 00 Falmouth, Members of 1st Cong. ch. 13 00 Portland, State-st. Cong. ch., 200;

"E.," 250, South Freeport, Cong. ch. and so.

53 00 Standish, Cong. ch. and so.

7 35 Woodfords, Cong. ch. and so. 43 00—-616 35 Hancock county.

Blue Hill, Cong. ch. and so.
Orland, Miss'y Soc. of ist Cong. ch.

4 5014 50 Kennebec county: Centre Sidney, Rev. Henry S. Lor

5 00 Lincoln and Sagadahoc counties. Edgecomb, Cong. ch. and so.

IL OO Penobscot county. Brewer, ist Cong. ch.

7 75 Somerset county. Norridgewock, Cong. ch. and so.

34 00 Washington county. Robbinston, Cong. ch. and so.

10 00 York county.

Lyman, Rev. James Richmond,
South Berwick, Cong. ch. and so.,

to const, Miss Lucy DILLINGHAM,
H. M.

100 00-105 00 A friend,

20 00


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16 00

10 0026 00

25 00 49 92-74 92

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Addison county.

Orwell, Cong. ch. and so.

Shoreham, Cong. ch, and so.
Bennington county.

Bennington Centre, ist Cong. ch.
Manchester, Cong. ch., of which 20

from Samuel G. Cone, North Bennington, Cong. ch. and so. Caledonia county.

St. Johnsbury, A friend, Grand Isle county.

Alburgh Springs, Cong. ch. and so.

South Hero, A friend, Lamoille county.

Johnson, ist Cong. ch.

Stowe, Cong. ch. and so.
Orange county:

Fairlee, A friend,
Strafford, Cong. ch. and so.

Williamstown, Cong. ch. and so.
Orleans county.

Newport, C. F. Ranney, Rutland county.

Fair Haven, ist Cong. ch. Rutland, Cong. ch. and so. Washington county.

Northfield, Cong. ch. and so. Waterbury, A friend, Windham county.

Bratıleboro, Centre Cong. ch., m. c. Wilmington, Cong. ch. and so. Windsor county.

Hartford, Norman Newton,
Ludlow, Cong. ch. and so.
Woodstock, Cong. ch. and so.

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1,922 60

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3 60

-56 80

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Cheshire co. Conf. of Ch's. W. H.

Spalter, Tr.
Jaffrey, Cong. ch. and so., m. c. 5 87
Walpole, Cong. ch. and so.

25 0-30 87 Grafton county.

Alton, Cong. ch. and so.
Hanover, Rev. S. C. Bartlett, D.D.
Piermont, Cong. ch. and so.

25 00
West Lebanon, Cong. ch. and so. 14 72 71
Hillsboro county.
Amherst, Edward D. Boylston, to

const. Mrs. LUCIA E. AUREYAN-
SEN, H. M.

100 00 Greenville, Cong. ch. and so.

26 00 Peterboro, Union Evan. ch.

19 00 Wilton, ad Cong. ch.

II 00--156 00 Merrimac county. Concord, X.

5 00 Franklin, Cong. ch. and so.

20 00

-25 00 Rockingham county.

Deerheld Centre,, and so. 42 25
Greenland, Cong. ch. and so. 78 44

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m. C.

568 95

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Worcester, Plymouth Cong.

68.95; Estate of Philip L. Moen,

500, Worcester co. South Conf. of Ch's.

Amos Armsby, Tr. Milford, Elliot B. Platt, Whitinsville, Cong. ch. and so. 2,208 82--2,209 82

6,393 46 Legacies. – Boston, Emily P. Eayrs, 2,500 OO Brockton, Miss Sarah Packard, by

R. H. Packard and Embert How-
ard, Ex'rs,

300 00 Marblehead, Miss Anna H. Dana,

by Israel T. Dana, Ex'r, 1,000 00 Milton, Miss Rachel Reed, by Mrs. M. E. Reed, Adm'x,

50 00 Newtonville, Fanny H. Lothrop, by J. F. Lothrop, Ex'r,

50 00 Whitinsville, Mrs. Charles P. Whitin, by Edward Whitin,

200 00--4,100 00

10,493 46

14 00 39 16

1 00


26 33

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25 85

173 00

22 80

Lee, ist Cong. ch., of which 84.02

560 00
Sheffield, Cong. ch. and so.
Southfield, Mrs. E. S. Canfield,
Stockbridge, A lady friend,

10 00—687 68
Bristol county.
Fall River, Thomas J. Borden, to

const. MARGARET BASSETT, H.M, 100 00 Norton, Trin. Cong. ch.

7 93107 93 Brookfield Association. Brookfield Cong. ch. and so.

3 31
Essex county.
Andover, South Cong. ch., add'l,

150 00
North Andover, Mrs. A. M. Rob-

1 00—151 00
Essex county, North.
Bradford, ist Cong. ch.

45 or
Haverhill, Y. P. S. C. E. of Center

Cong. ch., for preacher in Madura

40 00 Newburyport, Prospect-st. 75 00--161 OI Essex county, South.

Beverly, Dane-st. Cong. ch., m. c.
Boxford, ist Cong. ch.
Hamilton, Cong. ch. and so.
Salem, A deceased friend,

45 00 99 16 Franklinco. Aux. Society. Albert

M. Gleason, Tr.
Conway, Cong. ch. and so.
Northfield, Trin. Cong. ch.

14 00
South Deerfield, Cong. ch. and so. 57 09 97 42
Hampden county
Chicopee, ad Cong. ch.

59 34 Feeding Hills, Cong. ch.

17 00
Holyoke, 1st Cong. ch.

14 41
Longmeadow, Gentlemen's Benev.

55 00
Ludlow, ist Cong. ch.

18 58
Monson, Cong. ch. and so.
South Hadley Falls, Cong. ch.

10 35
Springfield, ist Cong. ch., 100; Oli-
vet Cong. ch., 38; Mrs. A.C.Hunt,

10; Rev. T. H. Hawks, 25,
West Springfield, ist Cong. ch., 23:

Ashley sch. and Charitable fund,

169 95—543 48 Hampshire county. Amherst, South Cong. ch.

16 00
Chesterfield, Cong. ch. and so. 20 00
Easthampton, A friend,
Greenwich, Cong. ch. and so. 41 00
Northampton, ist, 162.68;

Benev. Soc. of Edwards church,
99.36; A friend, 250; A friend, 5, 517 04
Plainfield, Cong. ch. and Sab. sch.
Westhampton, Cong. ch. and so. 18 304645 00
Middlesex county.

Framingham, Plymouth Cong. ch.
Lexington, Hancock Cong. ch.

45 00 Lowell, James Skilton,

50 00 Newton Center, S. F. Wilkins, for new work in Japan,

40 00 Reading, Cong. ch. and so.

10 00 Waltham, Cong. ch. and so. Winchester, ist Cong. ch., int. on

legacy of D. N. Skillings, 200 00—-450 61 Middlesex Union. Lancaster, Evan. Cong. ch.

19 06 Pepperell, Cong. ch. and so.

73 50 -92 56 Brookline, Annie T. Belcher, 15; Mrs. H. M. Cutts, 10,

25 00 Quincy, Cong. ch. and so., m. c. South Walpole, Missionary,

1 00—38 oo Old Colony Auxiliary.

New Bedford, Trin. Cong. ch.
Wareham, ist Cong. ch.

25 073 32 Plymouth county. Middleboro, Central Cong. ch., 76.95; Sinner's friend, 3,

79 95 Rockland, Cong. ch. and so.

40 00—119 95 Boston, Eliot ch., mite box, 8.58;

E., 20; Box in cabinet, 1.84; Miss
L. P. Kelly, X-cent-a-day plan,
1.84; Extra-Cent-a-Day band of
Cong'i House, for Wagolie school,

Worcester co. Central Ass'n. E. H.

Sanford, Tr.

1 00

100 00

31 66

90 00

Fairfield county.
Darien, Cong. ch. and so.

34 00
Norwalk, ist Cong. ch.
Ridgefield, ist Cong. ch.

25 78 Stratford, Cong. ch., of which 5.50

m. C., 35.50; Oronoque, m. c., 17, 52 50—135 08 Hartford co. W. W. Jacobs, Tr. East Hartford, Cong. ch. and so.

70 oo Farmington, ist Cong. ch., toward

salary of Rev. Geo. P. Knapp, Hartford, Roland Mather, 500; A

friend in Asylum Hill Cong. ch., 5, 505 00 Suffield, Cong. ch. and so.

41 71 Windsor Locks, Cong. ch., for work in “ Papal lands,"

43 59—760 30 Litchfield co. G. M. Woodruff, Tr. Ellsworth, Cong. ch. and so.

8 81 Harwinton, Cong. ch. and so.

8 69 Norfolk, Cong. ch. and so.

400 00 Thomaston, Cong. ch. and so.

5 00 Winchester, Cong. ch. and so. 26 00--448 50 Middlesex co. E. Č. Hungerford, Tr.

Centre Brook, Cong. ch. and so. 40 89
East Haddam, ist Cong. ch.
Haddam, ist Cong. ch.
Higganum, Cong. Sab. sch. sup't.

for preacher in Madura Mission, in

20 00—-143 08 New Haven county.

Middlebury, Cong. ch. and so., add'l, 16 04
New Haven, Davenport Cong. ch.,

m. c., 31.72; EDWARD A. ANKE
TELL, Church of the Redeemer, to
const. himself, H.M., 100; James

M. B. Dwight, 15,
North Madison Cong. ch. and so. 38 004-200 76
New London co. L. A. Hyde and

H. C. Learned, Tr's.
East Lyme, Cong. ch. and so.

14 00 New London, ist church of Christ,

16 78 North Stonington, Cong. ch. and so. 122 50 Preston, ist Cong. ch.

16 00

-109 38 Tolland co.

E. C. Chapman, Tr. Coventry, ist Cong. ch.

37 52 Somersville, Cong. ch. and so. 14 56—52 08 Windham county,

Danielsonville, Cong. ch. and so.

15 61

71 10

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900 00

25 00--1,15866

5 00

5 00

19 00

45 00

20 oo

16 24

43 56

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Legacies. - East River, Mrs. Caroline

Washburn, by Samuel H. Chittenden, Ex'r,

5,000 00 Kent, Mrs. Jane Spooner, by C. A. Eaton and J. W. King, Ex'rs,

500 00 New Haven, Sarah L. Maltby, for

educa. of Abiel Holmes Maltby,

Ceylon, by Henry White, Ex'r, Woodbury, Henry S. Curtiss, by Geo. M. Woodruff, Trustee, bal. 146 82--6,146 82

8,060 90 NEW YORK. Angola, A. H. Ames, Brockport, Miss Ellen P. Maynard,

for work at Bailundu, Brooklyn, Mrs. E. P. Thwing, for the So. China Mission,

2,743 00 Massena, ad Cong. ch., 14; Mrs. S. A.

Wooden, 5,
New York, D. Willis James, 5,000;

Z. Stiles Ely, 1,000; Mrs. R. A.
Wentworth Bowen, 300; G. G. Wil-
liams, 125: Cash, 100; W.C.C., 10,6,535 00
Riverhead, Cong. ch.
Syracuse, Plymouth Cong. ch.

13 00 Warsaw, Cong. ch., the am't ackn'd in

Scpt. Herald should have been 20.23. Williams Bridge, A friend, Williamson, “ Two poor women," 200--9,387 00

East Orange, ist Cong. ch. 33.56;

Mrs. E. R. Titus, 10,
New Brunswick, Miss Mary H. Par-

Orange, Mrs. C. D. Dill,

5 004

-58 56 PENNSYLVANIA. Conneaut, Cong. ch.

5 35 Lander, ist Cong. ch. Meadville, Park-ave. Cong. ch.

23 55 -40 go DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Washington, Y. P. S. C. E. of ist

Cong. ch., to support native preacher in Japan, 60.50: Rev. J. E. Rankin, D.D., 10; Edith G. Rankin, 10,

FLORIDA. Georgiana, F. W. Munson,

2 70 MISSOURI. Kansas City, Plymouth Cong. ch., 5.66; Olivet Cong. ch., 3.30,

8 96 Lamar, Cong. ch.

5 45 Sedalia, ad Cong. ch.

2 00—16 41

Ashtabula, ad Cong. ch.
Claridon, Cong. ch.
Cleveland, Irving-st. Cong. ch.
Cuyahoga Falls, ist Cong. ch.

21 10 East Liverpool, H. D. Kitchel,

50 00 Greenwich, Geo. H. Dekay,

I 04
Oberlin, Mrs. E. B. Clark,
Wellington, Cong. ch., 100; J. S.
Case, 10,

110 00--299 96 Legacies. – Mad River, Frances J.

Snodgrass, by G. B. Harman,
Trustee, add'l,

300 00 Painesville, William M. Pierson, by

Walter C. Tisdel, Ex'r, 2,500 00--2,800 00

6 25

12 00

4,267 00 MICHIGAN. Ann Arbor, ist Cong. ch.

49 75 Bancroft, Cong. ch.

585 Coloma, Cong. ch.

10 00 Columbus, Cong. ch.

10 20 Cooper, Cong. ch.

10 00 Detroit, ist Cong. ch.

90 95 Kendall, Cong. ch.

10 90 Laingsburg, Cong. ch.

300 Stockbridge, Mrs. R. W. Reynolds, I 00 Watervliet, Plymouth 29 69 West Adrian, ist Cong. ch.

10 50---231 84 WISCONSIN Darlington, Cong. ch.

15 00 Hartland, Cong. ch.

28 00 Menasha, Cong. ch.

50 00 Menominie, ist Cong. ch.

21 30 Racine, Welsh Cong. ch. Ripon, ist Cong. ch.

17 46--143 20

IOWA. Belle Plaine, Cong. ch.

3 10 Center, Cong. ch.

2 82 Creston Pilgrim Cong. ch. Eldora, Cong. ch.

roo 00 Fairfield, Cong. ch.

16 31 Genoa Bluffs, Cong. ch.

5 45 Hull, Rev. and Mrs. L. W. Brintnall, 5 00 Magnolia, Cong. ch.

10 00 Mt. Pleasant, Cong. ch.

12 00 Osceola, Stephen Baird, Rockville, Rev. and Mrs. Jas. Alder

son, Traer, Cong. ch.

111 87 -, A friend,

30 MINNESOTA. Benson,,

5 34
Mantorville, Cong. ch.
Minneapolis, Plymouth church, 36.07;
Two members Park-ave. Cong.

Ortonville, Cong. ch.
Wayzata, Cong. ch.

-63 m KANSAS. Atchison, Cong. ch.

15 00 Chapman, Cong. ch.

7 61 Lawrence, Plymouth Cong. ch. 71 25 Westmoreland, Cong. ch., of which 2 for W. C. Africa,

10 6--104

NEBRASKA. Harvard, ist Cong. ch.

5 24 Linwood, Cong. ch.

18 71 York, ist Cong. ch.

35 7379

CALIFORNIA. Oakland, Plymouth-ave. Cong. ch. 2 00 Pasadena, ist Cong. ch.

36 46 Redlands, Rev. J. M. R. Eaton, in memory of Mrs. Harriette D. Eaton,

late of Fitchburg, Mass. San Francisco, Chinese Cong'I Miss'y Soc.

11 88-7534 Legacies. – Riverside, Stephen B.

Robinson, by E. Kingman, Ex'r,

5 00

80 50

ch., 3,


8 00 87 50 12 32

10 00

[blocks in formation]

40 16


ILLINOIS. Batavia, Cong. ch. Beecher, Cong. ch., An absent member, 10 00 Byron, Cong. ch.

15 72 Chicago, South Cong. ch., 549.16; ist

Cong. ch., 79.94; Leavitt-st. Cong. ch., 15.28; U. P. Cong. ch., m. c., 6.25; Rev. E. P. Goodwin, D.D., 50; A. H. A.," 5,

705 63 Creston, Cong. c. Geneva, C. H. B. Glen Ellyn, Cong. ch.

5 80 Godley, Cong. ch.

40 00

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100 00

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