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ART. I. The Borough; a poem. In Twenty-four Letters. By

the Rev. G. Crabbe, LL.B.


II. The Natural Defence of an Insular Empire, earnestly re-

commended; with a Sketch of a Plan to attach real

Seamen to the Service of their Country. By Philip

Patten, Admiral of the White Squadron of His Ma-

jesty's Fleet


III. A Description of the Feroe Islands, containing an Ac-

count of their Situation, Climate, and Productions;

together with the Manners and Customs of the Inhabi-

tants, their Trade, &c. By the Rev. G. Landt


IV. Caledonia : or an Account Historical and Topographical

of North Britain, from the most ancient to the present

Times; with a Dictionary of Places chorographical and

philological. By Geo. Chalmers, F.R.S. and S. A. 342

V. The Conquest of the Miao-tsé; an Imperial Poem, by

Kien-Lung, entitled, a Choral Song of Harmony, for

the first part of the Spring. · By Stephen Weston,

F.R.S.S.A. From the Chinese


VI. Essays on the Picturesque, as compared with the Sub-

lime and the Beautiful; and on the Use of studying

Pictures for the purpose of improving real Landscape.

By Uvedale
ice, Esq.


VII. Musæ Cantabrigienses; seu Caimina quædam Numis-

mate aureo Cantabrigiæ urnata, et Procancellarii per-

missu edita


VIII. A Treatise on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry. By

Robert Woodhouse, A. M. F. R: 6. 'Fellow of Caius

College, Cambridge


IX. The State Papers and Letters of Sir Ralph Sadler,

Knight Banneret, edited by Arthur Clifford, Esq. To

which is added, A Memoir of the Life of Sir Ralph

Sadler, with Historical Notes by Walter Scott, Esq. 403

X. The Question concerning the Depreciation of our Cur-

rency, stated and examined. By W. Huskisson, Esq.



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