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Lately published by the Editor; and to be had of all principal

Booksellers :


The WHOLE WORKS OF BISHOP HALL, now first collected, 10 vols. demy, boards -------- 4

ditto, royal -...---.- 6

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Likewise the following Select Works of Bishop Hall : CONTEMPLATIONS ON THE OLD AND NÉW TESTAMENTS, . 2 vols. demy, boards ------- -- 0 18 0

ditto, royal ---- .--.--1 6 0 PRACTICAL WORKS, 2 vols. demy, boards -

- 0 18 0 - ditto, royal -----------1 6 0 DEVOTIONAL WORKS, 1 vol. demy, boards - - -0.90 ; - ditto, royal -------

- - 0 130 The Divine RIGHT OF EPISCOPACY, boards - .0 3 6

VENANTS, boards..


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Preparing for the Press, in 4 Vols. 8vo. The WHOLE WORKS OF BISHOP REYNOLDS, now first


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Bishop Hopkins himself published none of the pieces, now collected for the first time; except the SERMON ON THE DEATH OF MR. GREVILL, in 1663, and again in. 1685; the Treatise on the VANITY OF THE WORLD in 1668, and the SERMON ON SUBMISSION TO Rulers in 1071 : being “ endowed," as a former Editor observes, “ with so great modesty and humility,” and entertaining such “ mean and low thoughts of himself and his own performances, that the world, while he lived, had very little knowledge of him from the press; he having published nothing but what he was constrained to, either by the restless importunity of friends, or the commands of those who were some time his superiors.".

In 1692, two years after the death of our author, the Bishop of Cork and Posse published, in 1 vol. 4to., the EXPOSITION OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, WITH OTHER Sermons. These Sermons were the two on John vii. 19. and'on Gal. iii. 10. placed at the beginning of Vol. ii. of this edition. It appears from the Editor's preface, dated Peckham-Place, July 3d, 1691, (See Voi. i. of this edition, p. 269) that this, like most of our author's pieces, was not originally intended for the press, but only as a part

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