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Published by W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationers' Hall Court, Ludgate Street, and Sold by all Booksellers.


THE LATIN READER: from the 5th German Edition. By FREDERIC JACOBS, Professor of Ancient Literature at Gotha; Editor of the Greek Anthology, the Greek Reader, &c. &c. 3«. bound.

2. The LATIN READER, second Part: from the 4th German

Edition. By Professor JACOBS. With Explanatory Notes by T. W. C. EDWARDS, M.A. 3*. 6d. bound.

These works of Professor Jacobs abound both with instruction and entertainment, are full of interest, and have passed through several editions in many parts of the Continent of Europe and States of America.

3. The ETON LATIN GRAMMAR, with the Addition of many

useful Notes and Observations, and also of the accents and quantity; together with an entirely new Version of all the Latin Rules and Examples. By T. W. C. EDWARDS, M.A. 3d Edit. 2s. 6rf. bound.

This grammar is accented throughout. The Notes are entirely original, very copious, and most lucid; the construing is altogether new, and not only more literal, but clearer and more intelligible than in any other edition of the Eton Grammar ever yet published.

4. LATIN DELECTUS; or, First Lessons in Construing, adapted throughout to the Rules of Syntax of the Eton Latin Grammar. Rule by Rule, with a Directrix, a Clavis Verborum, and Claris of Proper Names. 2d Edit. By T. W. C. EDWARDS, M.A. It. 6d. bound.

In this work all the accents and quantities are marked, precisely as in Edwards's Eton Latin Grammar.

5. ELEMENTS of LATIN HEXAMETERS and PENTAMETERS. By the late Rev. ROBERT BLAND. Seventh Edit. 3». bound.

6. SYNTACTICAL EXAMINATION; or Questions and Examples adapted to the Syntax of the Latin Grammar. 2nd Edit. It. bound.

7. SENTENTI^E SELECTEE; or Select Latin Sentences for

Progressive Lessons in Latin Construing, being a Sequel to Edwahds's Latin DeLectus, and a convenient Cla-,s-Book for the middle forms of Schools. By T. W. C. EDWARDS, M.A. It. 6d. bound.

In this work the quantity of the penult of every word of more than two syllables is marked throughout, without exception, to regulate the pronunciation :—but the quantity of the other syllables, and the accents of the words, are not marked.

8 An INTRODUCTION to LATIN CONSTRUING; or, easy and progressive lessons for Reading, to be used by the Pupil as soon as the first Declension has been committed to memory, adapted to the most popular Grammars, but more particularly to that used in the College at Eton. By the Rev. J. BOSWORTH, M.A., F.R.L.S. &c. The second Edition, it. 6d. bound.

9. LATIN CONSTRUING ; or easy and progressive Lessons from

Classical Authors, with Rules for translating Latin into English, designed to teach the Analysis of simple and compound Sentences, and the method of construing Phrrdrus and Nepos. as well as the higher ( lassies, without the help of an English translation. By the Rev. J. EOSVVORTH, M.A. &c. Second Edition. It. 6d. hound.

. 10. LATIN VERSIFICATION SIMPLIFIED. By John CAREY, LL.D. 2«. bound. The Key, it. 6d. bound.

(simpkin and Marshall's School-Bookscontinued.)

11. EXEMPLA Grjeca MINORA; or, first series of examples to be turned from English into Greek: forming easy and progressive exercises, illustrative of the Rules of Syntax of the Eton Greek Grammar, rule by rule. To which is added, in English and Greek, a Vocabulary or Lexicon of all the Words. By T. W. C. EDWARDS, M.A. 2s.6d. bound.

12. A SKETCH of the GREEK ACCIDENCE, arranged in a

manner convenient for Transcription; by means of which learners may be assisted in committing to memory. The second Edition. By JOHN HODGKIN. 2s. 6^. sewed, 3«. bound.

13. The ETON GREEK GRAMMAR, as used at the College at

Eton; with the quantity of the doubtful penultimate Vowels, on which the pronunciation depends, both in Latin and Greek, and numerous explanatory Notes in English, incorporating the most important improvements of the Port Royal, Matthia?, Jones, Valpy, and others ; with the justly-esteemed and well-established Eton Plah : for the use of Schools and private learners. From the Manuscript of a late Member of the University of Cambridge, by his brother, the Rev. J. BOSWORTH, M.A., F.A.S., and Author of Latin Construing, &c. 5«. bound.

14. GREEK DELECTUS; or, First Lessons in Greek Construing; adapted to the Rules of Syntax of the Eton Greek Grammar. With Note9 on some peculiar Passages, and a Lexicon Verborum. By T. W. C. EDWARDS, M.A. 3j. 6d. bound.

15. A KEY to the GREEK TESTAMENT; being: a selection of Chapters philologically explained: for the use of young men designed for the ministry. By CHARLES HOOK, Author of a Synopsis of Latin Grammar, and Steps to Latin Verses. 3j. fid. boards.



FRENCH LANGUAGES, abridged from Alberti's; enriched with the technical terms of the Arts and Sciences, and the conjugations of regular and irregular verbs, for the use of both Italians and Ficnch, and of Schools. By JOSEPH MARTINELLI. A new Edition, corrected and revised by M. SANTAGNELLO, Author of a Dictionary of the "Peculiarities of the Italian Language,11 &c. 2 vols. 10s. sewed.


and irregular, by which the formation of any Tense or Person required, may be immediately found. Executed by R ZOTTI, after the French Plan laid down by R. Juigne, in his Table of French Verbs. A new Edition, corrected and improved by C.BRUNO. Coloured, 3*. fid.

18. The CHILD'S FRENCH FRIEND: being Grammar, Ex

ercises, and Vocabulary for the use of Childten from four to eight years of age. By M. A. ALLISON, Auihor of Questions on the Grammar of the French Language. 2s. half-bound.

19. A SEQUEL to the CHILD's FRENCH FRIEND : in the

press; nearly ready.

20. HISTOIRE de CHARLES XII. Roi de Suede. Par M.

VOLTAIRE. Nouvellc Edition stereotype, soignenseinent revue et corrigee sur lea mcilleures impressions. Par M. CATTY, Premier Mailre de Langue Francoise a 1'Acaderoie Royale et Militaire de Woolwich. 4». bound.

21. A GENERAL TABLE of the FRENCH VERBS, regular and irregular, by which the forinaiion of any Tense or Person required may be immediately found. By R. JUIGNE, M.A.,oiUie University of Puis. Coloured, it.

(simpkin and Marshall's School-Bookscontinued.)


CHRIST. Imprint sur l'Edition de Paris, de l'Annee 1805. Edition stereotype revue et corrigee, avcc soin d'apres le texte Grec. 4t. fid. bound.

23. ELISABETH, ou les EXILES de SIBERIE. Par Mad.

COTTIN. Onziemc edition, avec des Notes explicatives, historiques et geographiques. ParR. JUIGNE. 3«. bound.

24. A COMPENDIOUS SAXON GRAMMAR of the primitive

English or Anglo-Saxon Language; being chiefly a selection of what is most valuable and practical in "The Elements of the Anglo-Saxon Grammar," with some additional observations. By the Rev. J. BOSWORTH, M.A., F.A.S., K.R.S L., Honorary Member of the Copenhagen Society for Ancient Literature of the North, and Vicar of Little Horwood, Bucks. 5». boards.


25. The GEOGRAPHY of the GLOBE, containing a description

of its several Divisions of Laud aud Water. To which are added, Problems on the Terrestrial and Celestial Globes, and a Series of Questions for Examination. By JOHN OLDING BUTLER, Teacher of Writing, Arithmetic, and Geography. 4». 6rf. bd. "We can recommend this as an excellent school-book."—Eclectic Review, May, 182G.

26. QUESTIONS in ROMAN HISTORY, with Geographical Illustrations and Maps; to which are prefixed. Sketches of the Manners, Customs, and Institutions of the Romans. By JOHN OLDING BUTLER. 5». fid. bound.

"We can safely recommend these 'Questions' as an almost essential appendage to the School Library."—Gentleman't Mag. Oct. 1827.


with Instructions for Sketching from Nature, comprising the whole process of Watercoloured Drawing, familiarly exemplified in Drawing, Shadowing, and Tinting a complete Landscape, in all its progressive stages; and directions for compounding and using Colours, Sepia, Indian Ink, Bister, &C. By J. HASSEL. 5*. boards.

28. A KEY to KElTH's TREATISE on the GLOBES: con

taining near One Thousand Solutions, worked out to the nicest accuracy, and in so explicit a manner as to enable the Student to gain a complete and scientific knowledge of both Globes, without any instruction from a master. Second Edition. By C. VINES, Mathematician and Nautical Astronomer. 4t. boards.


Biographical, Chronological, and Historical Notes; and seven neat illustrative Maps: designed as an easy Introduction to the Rev. Dr. Butler's Sketch of Ancient Geography, with the Names of Persons and Places carefully accented, to direct the Pronunciation. By W. BOND. 4a. 6</. boards.

"An unassuming, but very useful, little work, containing a clear and comprehensive summary of ancient and modern geography."—Gentleman's Magazine.

30. A COMPENDIUM of ALGEBRA, with Notes and Demonstrations, shew ing the reason of every Rule, designed for the use of Schools, and those persons who have not the advantage of a Preceptor; the whole arranged on a Plan calculated to abridge the labour of the Master, and facilitate the improvement of the Pupil. By GEORGE PHILLIPS, of Queen's College, Cambridge. 3«. bound.—A Ksv, for the use of private Students. 3«. boards.

"This is a clever compendium of a most useful branch of mathematical science."— Literary Chronicle.

31. A NEW INTRODUCTION to BOOK-KEEPING, after the Italian method of Debtor and Creditor, By the Rev, R. TURNER, LL.D. If, sewed.

(simpkin and Marshall's School-Bookscontinued.)

32. The NEW SPEAKER; or Selections from the most esteemed Authors, in Prose and Verse. By HESTER HEWLETT. The second Edition. At. bound.

This Work includes valuable extracts from the works of Cowper, Hurdis, Foster, H. More, Scott, Taylor, &c. Sec. In its pages instruction and entertainment will be found so combined as to render it at once acceptable and profitable to those for whose use it is immediately designed.

33. The COMPLETE CORESPONDENT; consisting of Letters adapted to every age and situation of Life; together with various useful forms of Business and Compliment; the best directions for Epistolary Writing, and more than fifty specimens of real correspondence, selected from the best writers in the English Language, as Addison, Cowper, Gay, Johnson, Pope, Lady Hertford, Lady Wortley Montague, Mrs. Rowe, &c, and some translations from the Latin Classics, and celebrated French writers. It. sewed—It. 6d. bound.


including the fundamental principles of Etymology, Syntax, and Prosody: in which it is attempted, by a new arrangement of the Verb, to remove the perplexity and confusion hitherto found in several Tenses of the Potential Mood, and the Future of the Indicative: With Notes and Illustrations, critical and explanatory. ByT. O. CHURCHILL, Translator of Herder's "Philosophy of History," and Bossut's " History of Mathematics." 12mo. St. bound.

"This work frequently deserves consultation, and will tend to a critical acquisition of our language."—Monthly Review.

35. GRAMMATICAL INSTITUTES; or, an Easy Introduction to Dr. Lowth's English Grammar. By JOHN ASH, LL.D. A new edition, It. bd.


ELOCUTION, in four Parts. By JOHN CAREY, LL.D. Author of Practical English Prosody and Versification, &c. &c. At. bound.

This volume presents to the reader the most simple, easy, and rational introduction to English composition, that has ever yet appeared.


37. The SCHOLAR'S GUIDE to ARITHMETIC; or, a com

plete Exercise Book, for the use of Schools; with Notes, containing the reason of every rule, deduced from the most simple and evident Principles. Thirteenth edition. By JOHN BONNYCASTLE, Professor of Mathematics in the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. St. 6J. bound.

38. A KEY to the above. 4s. 6d. bound.

By the same Author,

39. AN INTRODUCTION to ALGEBRA, with Notes and

Observations, designed for the use of Schools, and other places of public education. Thirteenth edition. To which is now first given, an Addenda on the Solution of Equations by Approximation, a subject of great importance in Algebra, containing an entirely new method for that purpose. By CHARLES BONNYCASTLE, Civil Engineer, Chatham. Price it. bound.

40. A KEY to the above. As. 6d. bound.

41. AN INTRODUCTION to ARITHMETIC; or, a complete

Exercise Book, for the use both of Teachers anil Students; being the First Part of a general Course of Mathematics. 8vo. price 8». boards.


(simpkin and Marshall's School-Bookscontinued.)


TICAL GEOMETRY, with Notes, containing the reason of every Rule. Thirteenth
edition. Price 4*. 6J. bound.

43. A KEY to the above. Price 4s. bound.

44. A TREATISE on ALGEBRA, Practice and Theory, with

Notes and Illustrations; containing a variety of particulars relating to the discoveries

and improvements that have been made in this branch of Analysis. Second edition.

2 vols. 8vo., price 25*. boards.


METRY, with the most useful practical Application. 8vo., price 12«. boards.

46. ELEMENTS of GEOMETRY, containing the principal

Propositions in the first Six and the Eleventh and Twelfth Books of Euclid, with Criti-

cal Notes; and an Appendix, containing various particulars relating to the higher parts

of the Sciences. Sixth edition. Price 1C». 6d. boards.

47. AN INTRODUCTION to ASTRONOMY, in a Series of

Letters from a Preceptor to his Pupil, in which the most useful and interesting parts of
the Science are clearly and familiarly explained. Illustrated with copper-plates.
Eighth edition. 8vo., price 12». boards.

*»* Every succeeding edition of the late Professor Bonnycastle's Works have the
particular care of a competent and vigilant Editor, to prevent errors in passing through
the press, and to incorporate every improvement.

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