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39, b.

119, P.

Sanctified in Christ Jesus, what it

Testimony of God, (1 Cor. ii.)
109, m.

what it signifies,

85, a.

Theatre, how St. Paul alludes to it,
Saved, (Rom. xi.) what it means,

257, r.

in the words set forth last, 100,r.
(Ephes. ii.) the import of Things that are not, the import of

413, z.
that expression,

83, c.
Scribe, (1 Cor. i.) what, and why

that pertain to God, what
mentioned by the apostle, 81, a.

this phrase signifies,

379, b.

Time is short, what it may refer
Sealed, (2 Cor. i.) what it signifies,

192, c.

118, 1.
Secular times, what St. Paul means

Truth of the Gospel, (Galat. ii.)
by that phrase, 385, k.

what it signifies,

42, a.
Seemed to be somewhat, (Gal. ii.)

how to be understood,
Set forth last, (1 Cor. iv.) what it

Vessel to honour, meaning of it,
alludes to,
100, r.

342, x
Simplicity that is in Christ, ex-

Virgin, (1 Cor. vii. 37) seems to

228, b.

signify a single state,
Sin not imputed, (Rom. v.) what it

Unbelief, in what sense charged on

293, b.

Jews and Gentiles, 358, x.
what it is to serve sin, 303, d.

Unclothed, and clothed upon, (2
how it has no dominion over

Cor. v. 4) what they mean,

305, m.
what meant by its being ex-
ceeding sinful,

-how it is condemned in the

325, o. Wages of sin, (Rom. vi.) that
Sinners, (Gal. ii. 17) means un meant by,

308, v.
justified sinners,

43, a.

Walk not after the flesh, but after
So let him eat, how to be under the spirit, what it means, 323,

145, f.
Sovereignty of God's justice, in Weakness, the meaning of through

casting off the Jews, 341, w, weakness, (2 Cor. xiii.) 241, b.
Speaking unknown tongues, why

Wisdom of God in a mystery,
the apostles insisted on it, in (1 Cor. ii.) how to be under-
writing to the Corinthians, 163,0. stood,

88, f.
Spirit, the Gospel usually called so Witnesses, what St. Paul means by
by St. Paul,

two or three witnesses, 240, a.
Such an one, who St. Paul means Women, of their behaviour in
by it,

194, k.

Christian assemblies, 136, a.
Supper, how eating one's own sup Workmanship of God, created,
per (1 Cor. xi.) is to be under-

what it means,

416, a.

143, a. Works, how excluded by the Go-

352, d.

206, f.

318, 8

e. g

62, d.



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