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be certain and established as a first Prin-S E R M.
ciple, as a fundamental Pule of interpre- XVI.
tation, to which every thing else must of ^
necessity be understood to agree; 'viz. that
God, without respect of persons, judgeth , pet -u
acording to every marts work. 17'

And this is the first particular, included in the Notion of divine Justice; an Impartiality with regard to Persons. The second, is an Equity of distribution, with regard to Things; That is, the observing an exact proportion in the several parti- cular degrees of Reward and Punishment, as well as an Impartiality in determining what persons shall be in general rewarded or punished. But the inlargement upon This Head, must be referred to a farther opportunity.

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Of the JusTicE of GOD.

Job xxxiv. 10, n, 12.

therefore hearken unto Me, ye men of Understanding: Far be it from God, that He should do wickedness; and from the Almighty, that He should commit iniquity: For the work of a Man Jhall he render unto him, and cause every man to find according to his Ways: Tea, surely God will not do wickedly, neither will the Almighty pervert Judgment.

N my last Discourse Ipropo-^Erm. fed to treat of the Divine, _' Justice after the following Method: 1st, to prove that God it and cannot but be Just j zdly% to explain wherein the Nature



SErm.of that Justice consists: ^dly, to remove XVl1- the Objections arising from particular *^V>^ cases against this general Truth: And finally, to apply what shall he faid, by some useful Inferences in Practice. In the Jirjl place, that God is and cannot but be Just, I have already proved at large: Secondly, in explaining wherein the Nature of this Divine Justice consists, I observed that it includes, ( ist ) an Impartiality with regard to Persons, and {zdly) an Equity of Distribution, with regard to Things. Concerning the Impartiality of the divine Justice with regard to Persons, I have already discoursed. That which I am now to proceed to in the next place, according to the Method proposed, i6 to show that it denotes likewise an Equity of distribution with regard to Things. That is to fay; it includes the observing an exact proportion in the several particular degrees of Reward and Punishment, as well as an Impartiality in determining what Persons shall be in general rewarded or punished. And of This, the Scripture gives us a yer ry clear and distinct Account: Assuring Dan.xii.3 us, tbsit they that be noise} that is, who Jhemjtlw obey the cornwaflj&»en*s jf

God, Jhall slnne as the Brightness of /^serm. Firmament; and they that turn many to XVII. righteousness, which is still a more excellent pitch of Virtue, shall be as the Stars, the distinguished Glory of the Firmament itself, for ever and ever: And that, even among These, as one star differeth from a- 1 Cor. xv. pother star in glory, so shall it be also at4'" the Resurrection of the dead: That, one man shall receive a Prcphefs reward ;Matz.4i. and another, the reward of a righteous man j and a third, in a rank still inferiour to Both of these, yet for giving to 4rink but a cup of cold water to one of Christ's little ones, that is, to a person any way persecuted for conscience fake, shall in no wise lose his Reward; That, according to men's different improvements of the Talents committed to their charge, One shall be made Ruler over five Cities, Luk. xix. and another over ten: That, every njan\7Qor ... Jhall receive his own reward, according to%his own labour j reaping sparingly or bcun- 2"Cor. i* tifully, accordingly, as he hath sparingly b' or bountifully sown: or, if he has built 1 Cor. iii. hay and fiubble, that is, needless and un-13* profitable Doctrines upon the foundation pf Christ 5 so as in great measure to lose

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