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being ashamed of Him, and of bis words, S ? R M. in an adulterous and perverse generation. The remaining particulars included in this Duty of confessing God with our mouths, are, speaking honourably of him, or reverencing his Name, in all private converfation; and paying him Solemn Worship in publick. And These Instances of Duty, will not easily be neglected by Such persons, whole Minds have made natural to themselves the fore-mentioned Habits of Virtue. For in like manner as our Saviour argues in Another case, Mark ix. 39. There is no man which shall do a Miracle in my Name, that can lightly speak Evil of Me; so here likewise, there is no man who habitually loves Truth and Virtue, that can easily speak dishonourably of God, the Supreme Good, or lightly take his Name in vain,, or that will not take pleasure in promoting his Publick Honour and Worship. But

idly, and lastly: The Worship of God, as it denotes the Regard we are to bear to him in the Affections of our Minds, and in the Expressions of our Mouths j so it includes likewise, and That principally and chiefly, the Honour we are to pay him

S E R M. In all the Aclions of our Lives. It includes This, I fay, principally and chiefly. For, worshipping God with our Lips, unless accompanied with Obedience in our Lives, is nothing more than a Solemn Hypocrisy, and is an Abomination before God. And the Regard we bear to him in the Affections of our Minds, can by this only Proof be shewn either to Others or to Ourselves, to be real and sincere; if it causes us to . imitate him, and to endeavour to please him, by a Life of Virtue and true Holiness, For by the Fruit only, as our Saviour directs, can we possibly make a right judgment of the Goodness of the Tree. The Sacrifice therefore mofi acceptable unto God, is that which St Paul elegantly stiles, Rom. xii. i. the presenting Our selves a Living Sacrifice, Holy, acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable Service. Other things are not to be left undone, and the external Worship of God is by no means to be neglected; But the End and Great Design of All, is the uniform Practice of Virtue and Righteousness, in the whole Course of our Lives. In all comparative Speaking, Behold, to obey, is better than


Sacrifice; and to hearken, than the Fat of Si Rm.
Rams: Or, as it is expressed by the Scribe, JrL.
whom our Lord commends, in the Gospel,
Mark xii. 33. To love God with all the

Heart, and his Neighbour as himself, is

more than all whole burnt-offerings and Sacrifices.

And Now, having thus largely and distinctly explained, [ ijl the Supposition laid down in the Text; that there is One, and One Only, True God or Supreme Lord of all things; and zdly, What That Duty towards him is, which is expressed in ] these words, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God: I should in the

III. Next place, from the following words, And him Only shalt thou serve, have proceeded to explain the nature of the several Species of Idolatry: Which is the Great Breach of this fundamental Commandment. But the Time will not perme to enter upon the Consideration of This matter, till a further opportunity.


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Os the Unity os GOD.

Matt. iv. i o. latter part.

7%ou Jhalt worship the Lord thy God, and Him only Jhalt thou serve.

N discoursing upon these ^m*gEr M portant words of our Savi- ^\\' our; I proposed, ifl, to con- t^vNJ sider the Supposition laid down in the Text; that there is One, and One only, True God or Supreme Lord of all things; The Lord thy God. 2dly, to show What That Duty towards him is, which is expressed in


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