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S E R M. unto the third and fourth generation; That - 16, Upon a People under a national cove

^"^^nant, and Blessed or beloved (as St Paul speaks ) for the Fathers sakes, he would for their national irreligion, fend down very Long temporal Judgments. And This threatning has actually been fulfilled upon them in such a captivity and such a dispersion, as never happened to any other nation upon the Face of the Earth.

Among Cfjristians, (for the greater part even of Those also who call themselves Christians, have for many Ages been Idolaters, as the Kingdom of -srael had been before;) Among Christians, I fay, the introducing This Vice, has not only corrupted the Simplicity of the Gospel, but has also greatly encouraged all immorality, by making Superstition an equivalent instead of a virtuous Life; and particularly it has been the cause of infinite Cruelties and Persecutions among Christians, in order to support tyranny and Superstition; insomuch that even of the Christian Church it is prophesied in Scripture, that hi her should be found the blood of Saints and of Prophets, andSerm. of all that are slain upon the Earth. For HI. our deliverance from this tyranny by the<-r^rN*' Reformation, we can never be too thankful; nor ever sufficiently careful, to guard against every appearance of approaching towards it again.

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Rev. i. 8.

J am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, faith the Lord; which is, and which was, and which is to come, The Almighty.

H E S E words are a deserip-g E r m. tion of the Person of the IV. God and Father of All, from<-^V>J the Primary Attributes of his Nature, and from the Part which he is represented to bear peculiarly ia delivering This Prophecy.


Serm.ih the giving 0f This Prophecy, he is ys-^j Jlfipba and Omega, the First Author and the last End of all. For the whole Prophecy is, The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God, [that is, the Father,] gave unto htm, ver. 10. And the manner of his giving it, is very elegantly described, ch. iv. and v. by a representation of God sitting upon a Throne, Supreme over all; and giving unto the Lamb a Book, which none other but He, in Heaven or on Earth, was worthy to open. Likewise absolutely, with regard to his Proper Nature, the primary Attributes of the God and Father of All, are; He is Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the first Author and Fountain from whom all things originally proceed, and the ultimate End in whom all things finally terminate; He is, " which is, and which was, and "which "is to come" eternal of himself by absolute necessity of Nature, being derived from None, begotten of None, proceeding from None. Lastly, He is, The Almighty, Supreme absolutely over all \ For so the word in the Original Properly signifies; including every one of

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