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NOVELLEN. 1. Translate :

“ In unserer Hofgesellschaft unterhält man sich von einer Verlobung aus höchsten Kreisen, die binnen Kurzem stattfinden dürfte. Es heisst, dass der Erbgrossherzog von Baden die Tochter des ehemaligen Herzogs von Nassau, Prinzessin Hilda, als Gemahlin heimführen werde. Angeblich interessirt sich die Schwester des Herzogs, die Königin von Schweden und Schwiegermutter der Schwester des Erbgrossherzogs, besonders lebhaft für diese Verbindung. Man muss abarrten, ob die Gerüchte diesmal besser begründet sind, als vor Jahresfrist, wo sie mit gleicher Bestimmtheit aufgetaucht waren, alsbald aber dementirt wurden.

-Berliner Tageblatt, Dienstag, 22 Januar. Write out the Indicative Mood of the verbs in italics.

2. Translate :-Culturgeschichtliche Novellen, p. 10, 1. 23 to p. 12, 1. 3.

(i) Comment on the following :-heuer, im Nu, sollen. (i) Give the other cases of Amtmann, Huhn, die Federn, die Bänder, die Bitten; also decline, Frau, Zeug, Hund, der stumme Rathsherr, ein unbequemes Wort. (iii) Explain the term Rathsherr. (iv) From what source are these stories derived ? What do you know of the town Wetzslar ?

(vi) Give the English of :-es dünkte ihm, auf ein Haar, Hab' und Gut, heranschleichen, bitterböse, hinterdrein, Řeichstadt, Lünfte.

3. Translate into German : “The carriage gets overturned ; somebody screams ; others

; show more fortitude ; servants are alarmed ; the traces of the carriage have to be cut; and then it is discovered that, with the exception of a bruised face and a strained thumb, no harm has been done. .: On another occasion the luggage fails to arrive, and we ladies '-—it is the Queen who speaks—have to dine in our riding-habits.'

4. Give three sentences illustrating (i) the inversion of verb and subject ; (ii) the placing of the verb at the end of a sentence ; (iii) the use of the subjunctive mood.

5. What cases are respectively governed by vor, über, gegen, an; befehlen, gedenken, sagen, nachsetzen?

6. Supply the German words omitted in the following :“Mit [terrible] Schelten [were] sie (up to the] Mutter geschickt, und [both the boys] schon anderen Tages (to the] Schulmeister (for more severe) Zucht übergeben.

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HERMANN UND DOROTHEA. 1. Translate :-Culturgeschichtliche Novellen; p. 12, 1. 25 to p. 14, 1. 9.

(1) Comment on the words Reue, Busse, Süthnung. (ii) Give the other cases of Strassen, seinen richtigen Peitschenhieb Gast, Werkstatt, Gesellen, Schuld.

(iii) Give a short account of the rise of German Bürgertum.

(iv) Is durchzog (p. 13, 1. 2) separable or not? Account for subjunctive sei, 1. 24.

(v) Find out in the above passage three verbs conjugated with sein, three with haben. Write out in full the verb aufstehen. (vi) What do you know of the author of these stories ? 2. Translate :

“Um grosse Worte sind die Herren von der heutigen Regierungspartei nicht verlegen. Wenn technische Fragen der Gesetzgebung dadurch zu lösen wären, dass man vom nationalen Bewusstsein, vom praktischen Christenthum, vom sozialen Königthum und ähnlichen schönen Dingen in allgemeinen Deklamationen redet, dann würde Solon lauter ebenbürtige Kollegen auf der rechten Seite des preussischen Abgeordnetenhauses finden. Da man technische Fragen aber leider nicht mit Redensarten lösen kann, so sind die oratorisch allerdings höchst wirksamen Herren doch nur im Stande, auf Diejenigen überzeugend zu wirken, die sich dem Verhandlungsgegenstande gegenüber in voller Unschuld befinden.”-Berliner Tageblatt

. Decline the nouns in italics.

3. Translate :-Hermann und Dorothea, Terpsichore, nun Hermann geendet," etc. and following forty lines.

(i) Comment on the words manch, Morgens, tadle.

(ii) Give six nouns taking the same plural as Provisor, and explain why they do so.

4. Write down any rules (which you are in the habit of using) for deciding the gender of nouns.

5. Junior Paper, No. 3.
6. Translate :

I should not have been able to come sooner, even if I had received your letter yesterday. This is indeed unfortunate! We were just going to start for Italy when we heard of my father's death. It was not a question of money. At what time does the ball open ?

7. Give the principal parts of sieden, laden, verbieten, messen, einschliessen.

6 Als

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1. Translate:

“Die Franzosen marschirten in Tongking ohne Kriegeserklärung ein, bombardirten Hue ohne Kriegeserklärung, und sind jetzt auf dem Punkte, Bacninh anzugreifen, welches eines der wichtigsten Thore Chinas bildet, abermals ohne Kriegeserklärung. Diese letzteren sind ausser Mode gekommen ; Herolde verkünden heutzutage nicht mehr, dass zwischen zwei Ländern Krieg ausgebrochen ist. Es ist wahr, dass bedeutende chinesische Truppenmengen sich in Bacninh befinden, die diesen Platz vertheidigen werden, welchen China als eine der wichtigsten Grenzfestungenansieht. Die chinesischen Truppen haben Befehl, mit aller Macht Bacninh und Umgebung zu vertheidigen, und die Franzosen zurückzutreiben.”Berliner Tageblatt.

(i) What originated the introduction of such words as bombardirten and marschirten, into the German language ?

(ii) Write in full the passive form of the verb zurückzutreiben.

2. Decline Tragödie, Motiv, Bauer, Handschuh, Gut, Hemd, Tochter, Kronprinz, Claudius. · Are any of these exceptions to rules ?

3. Translate :

“Yet in natural advantages France is pre-eminent. Her climate is the finest in Europe, and she has a soil so fertile that not only does she produce oil and wine in abundance, but she stands second to America alone as a corn-producing country. At the same time the people are worse paid, harder worked, more taxed, worse clothed, and worse fed than the same classes are in this country. They are watched far more closely by the police, interfered with far more by Government officials, are subject to a grinding law of conscription, and political liberty, as it is understood in this country, is absolutely denied them.”

4. Translate :-Die Piccolomini, Act I., Sc. 2.

Of what drama does the above form a part ? Give a brief analysis of the whole, and criticise its merit as a literary production.

5. Write a short account of Lessing, and give in tabular form (with dates) a list of his works.

6. What do you understand by the term “die Romantische Schule" ? Describe fully the causes which led to its rise, and the effect it produced on the literature of this period. By what writers is this school represented ?

7. Senior Paper, Nos. 4 and 6.


Junior, Senior, and Higher Local.

Junior Work, Nos. 1-9 inclusive.
Senior Work, Nos. 4–12 inclusive,
Higher Local Work, Nos. 6–17 inclusive.

1. Express in words 534,917,286,532,714. What is the place of a digit representing (i) billions, (ii) tens of millions, (iii) hundreds of thousands?

2. Show that a number is exactly divisible by 9, when the sum of its digits is divisible by 9. How could you see that a sum was exactly divisible by 8 ?

3. Reduce 23,048,771 square inches to acres. What is the cost of 1 oz, if a cwt..cost £18 13s. 4d. ?

4. Find the value of of £27 2s. 8d. + of £150 8s. O d. +of 5s. 9d.

5. Find by Practice the value of 12 cwt. 3 qr. 22 lb. 12 oz. at £1 198. 1d. per cwt. 6. Simplify :

(i) .00746 .006235 x .02.
(ii) •00000357+.00007.
(iii) •123456:16.

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8. If, of of a ship cost £1,685, what share can be bought for £3,033 ?

9. Express 3s. 10d. as the fraction of 4s. 7d., and 6 furlongs 16 poles as the fraction of 7 miles.

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10. (i) Find the present worth of £2,700, due 3 years hence: at 41 %.

(ü) On what sum is £651 7s, the simple interest for 5 years at 4 %?

(iii) At what rate per cent. did the simple interest on £380 4s. 2d, amount to £5 11s. 61d. in 119 days ?

11. When wheat is 60s. per qr. the price of a loaf is 64d., what. is the value of wheat when the price sinks to 5d. per

loaf ? 12. A and B can do a piece of work in 4 days, B and C.can do it in 54 days, and C can do it in 14 days, how long would it take A and C to do it together?

13. 4 oxen are of the same value as 1 horse: if 6 sheep 10 oxen and 3 horses cost £345, and 50 sheep 4 oxen and 6 horses cost £545, what is the value of 1 sheep? of 1 ox? and 1 horse ?

14. (i) Three-fourths of the cube root of a certain number is 24. What is that number?

(ii) Divide 288 into two such parts that of the one is less than the other by 68.

15. Find the cost of papering a room 18 ft. long, 14 ft. broad, 12 ft. high, with paper 22 inches wide, at 1s. 4d. per yard ;. allowing for a fire-place 5 ft. 3 in. by 44 ft., a door 71 ft. by 4 ft.. and 3 windows, each 7 ft. by 32 ft.

16. Find 321952000.
17. Find a mean proportional between 16 and 36.




1. 89994569883167.

2. 817. 3. 2d. per lb. gain. 4. 37. 5. 11220, 7315, 1089, 5292, 2376

; united value 6,823 41580 6. (i) 1329003; (ii) 58157; (iii) 37433

7. £128 3s. 103d. 8. £583 158.5d. 9. (i) 260600; (ii) •074 ; (iii) 13.1807664 ; (iv) 17.750236. 10. 3 yrs. 4 months.

11. £3,945,

12. (i) 76.42; (ii) 217. 13. £501 ls. 14. 6 people. 15. 164 days. 16. 56 ft. 8 inches..

17. 26 days.

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